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“Let there be charity, so that other people

may share my family’s prosperity....”
- P S Govindaswamy Naidu

A man of vision, faith and integrity, whose initials

P S G have become a living legend at Coimbatore.

At a time when education remained an unfulfilled dream for most Indians, one
man’s vision set out to make that dream a reality. In one visionary statement,
Mr. P.S. Govindaswamy Naidu shaped the destinies of hundreds of thousands of aspiring
learners in Coimbatore. On 25th January 1926, a Trust under the name and style of
P.S. Govindaswamy Naidu & Sons’ Charities was founded. This trust is dedicated entirely to
the growth and development of education, training, industry and social upliftment.

Under the able guidance of illustrious Managing Trustees, Late G.R. Govindarajulu,
Late Dr. G.R. Damodaran, Late G. Varadharaj, Sri. G.R. Karthikeyan, Sri. V. Rajan and
Sri. G. Rangaswamy the college is standing as a landmark in the field of technical
education in the country.


Our Mission as an institution is to provide world-class
engineering education, foster research and development, evolve innovative
applications of technology, encourage entrepreneurship and ultimately
mould young men and women capable of assuming leadership of the
society for the betterment of the country.
PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, an institution of Council at the college level. These statutory bodies are
academic excellence, was founded in the year 1951 by PSG constituted as per the guidelines of the All India Council
& Sons' Charities Trust. The emphasis of the Trust was on for Technical Education. A separate examination section
vocational education & production oriented industrial headed by a Controller of Examinations conducts the
training. In order to achieve these objectives, the founders examinations.
wisely decided to locate the college in the same campus PSG College of Technology an AICTE approved institution
as the PSG Industrial Institute, which is a pioneer today in is affiliated to Anna University and ISO 9001 certified.
the manufacture of several engineering products, like Most of our programmes have been accredited by
process and agricultural pumps, industrial motors & high National Board of Accreditation (NBA). Sedulous progress
quality speciality castings. One unique feature at PSG has been the hallmark of PSG Tech. The growth and
College of Technology is the close collaboration of development of the college owed much to the untiring
educational institution and industry, resulting in the cross efforts of Dr. G.R. Damodaran, Founder Principal of
fertilization of theory with practice. The undergraduate PSG College of Technology. Presently Dr. R. Rudramoorthy
engineering students are required to spend half a day is the Principal of the institution.
every week in the PSG Industrial Institute which enables
them to study the actual production processes and gives PSG College of Technology now has a student strength of
them an opportunity to observe the working of industry. nearly 5400 and has the following departments :
This scheme has been hailed as a unique approach to • Civil Engineering
inculcate industry culture among the students. In addition, • Mechanical Engineering
a large number of projects, which the students undertake
in collaboration with the PSG industrial institute and other • Production Engineering
industries meet the R & D requirements of industry. • Automobile Engineering
The College has been in the vanguard of innovation in • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
technical education, and over the years has taken giant • Electronics and Communication Engineering
strides and transformed itself into a prestigious centre for • Computer Science and Engineering
advanced studies in several faculties of Engineering, • Information Technology
Technology, Applied Sciences, Management Studies and • Metallurgical Engineering
Computer Science & Applications.
• Textile Technology
Recognizing the excellent facilities, faculty, progressive • Biotechnology
outlook, high academic standards and record performance,
• Management Sciences
the University of Madras reposed abundant confidence in
the capabilities of the College, and PSG College of • Mathematics and Computer Applications
Technology was conferred Autonomous Status in the year • Physics
1978, to update its own programmes and curriculum, to • Chemistry
devise and conduct examinations, and to evaluate students' • English
performance based on a system of continuous assessment.
• Humanities
The academic programmes are designed and updated by a
Board of Studies at the department level and Academic The college has a state-of-the-art computing facility with
wi-fi enabled 8 Mbps leased line internet connectivity.
Programmes offered
Programmes offered

Undergraduate Programmes
B.E. / B.Tech. (4 years) • Fashion Technology
• Civil Engineering • Biomedical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering B.E. (Sandwich) programmes (5 years)
• Production Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Automobile Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering • Production Engineering
• Electronics and Communication Engineering
• Computer Science andEngineering B.Sc. (3 years)
• Information Technology • Applied Sciences
• Metallurgical Engineering • Computer Technology
• Textile Technology • Information Technology
• Biotechnology • Apparel and Fashion Technology

Post Graduate Programmes

M.E. / M.Tech. (2 years) M.C.A. (3 years)
• Structural Engineering M.B.A. (2 years)
• Infrastructure Engineering M.Sc. (2 years)
• Computer Integrated Manufacturing
• Applied Mathematics
• Product Design and Commerce • Materials Science
• Engineering Design • Computer Technology
• Energy Engineering • Applied Chemistry
• Industrial Engineering • Medical Physics
• Production Engineering
M.Sc. Software Engineering (5 years)
• Applied Electronics
• Control Systems Research Programmes
• Power Electronics and Drives
• Communication Systems
• Applied Mathematics
• VLSI Design
• Applied Physics
• Computer Science and Engineering
• Applied Chemistry
• Industrial Metallurgy
• Computer Science
• Textile Technology
• Information Technology M.S. by Research in all the disciplines
of Engineering / Technology.
• Lean Manufacturing
• Biopharmaceutical Technology Ph.D. in all the disciplines.

CAD/CAM Centre become Industrial Associates of PSG College of
CAD/CAM Centre provides the Original Equipment Technology and use the library facilities and also offers
Manufacturers with state-of-the-art Computer Aided concession in testing charges.
Design, Tooling and Manufacturing technologies to
evolve cutting edge and cost effective solutions for
PSG Centre for Non-formal
developing products of international quality standards.
and Continuing Education
The centre also provides training comparable to world
class standards to the Engineers and Product Designers The main function of the centre is to plan to disseminate

with the latest CAD, CAM & CAE tools for innovative latest explosion of knowledge and developments in

product development. The mission of the centre is to various fields of Science and Technology for the benefit

serve the customers with the latest technology by of the executives and other working professionals in

continuous value addition to the resources. various business and industrial organizations, faculty and
students community of educational institutions and public
at large by organizing regular well planned and job
PSG Centre for Sponsored oriented part-time and full-time short duration
Research and Consultancy programmes.
The Centre coordinates the consultancy, research and
Also training programmes on specific request as per
testing activities carried out for several Government and
industry / organization requirements at its campus /
Private Industries and Organisations by various
PSG Tech campus are conducted.
Departments and Centres of the College.

The centre provides the facility

to Manufacturing & Processing
Industries and Organisations to
Centre for Technology Management entrepreneurs to develop their own manufacturing

The Centre for Technology Management is sponsored by units. As a TNEB certified department it regularly carries

the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, out Energy Audits in Textile Mills, Foundries and other
Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi. Founded Engineering Units. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
in the year 2000 the centre is first of its kind in India. It Lab has facilities with CFD softwares to carryout the
is engaged in creating awareness about importance of design of fluid and thermal systems.
technology management and offer guidance to industries
fostering sustainable development.
FESTO PSG Centre for
The Centre acts as a hub in this region to facilitate
Pneumatic Automation
industries for the technological requirements such as,
The Centre was setup in collaboration with FESTO KG,
technology upgradations, identifying and sourcing of
Germany in the year 1994. It imparts a state-of-the-art
technology and provides guidance and information on
hands on training in Pneumatics, Electro-Pneumatics
patenting, joint ventures and collaborations. The centre
& Automation with Hydraulics for students, teachers,
also offers guidance to corporates in intellectual
& industrial participants. The centre is equipped with
property rights related matters.
Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electro-
Hydraulic components. Cut section models of Pneumatic
Educational Technology Centre components & display charts are available for a
The Educational Technology Centre was established in comprehensive understanding of their basic working
the year 1991 with a view to equipping teaching faculty principles. The simulation & control software running on
with the required skills. It has the following objectives : PC-Pentium platforms are available for conducting tutorial
sessions on computer simulation & control of Proportional
• To invite the attention of the teaching fraternity to
Electro-Pneumatic and PLC based Electro-Pneumatic
the general principles of teaching
systems. The centre is also providing consultancy and
• To achieve quality improvement in faculty and staff testing and execution of sponsored projects for Industries
• To introduce innovative applications of teaching and Government organizations.

The Centre periodically conducts Induction Training PSG - Infineon Embedded Systems Lab
Programmes and Faculty/Staff Development Programmes.
PSG Infineon Embedded Systems Lab is a State-of-
The Centre is supported by a core group of experts
the-Art Center of Excellence for developing Automotive
comprising of senior professors from PSG College of
and Industrial Electronics Applications, established with
Technology and other leading educational institutions/
the joint venture of Infineon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
consultants and executives from the industry.
Bangalore. The facilities available at the center include :
Infineon’s Advanced 16-bit Microcontroller Kits,
School of Energy KEIL Integrated Development Environment (IDE),
An energy park was established with a biomass power Pentium-IV Systems with appropriate Sensors etc.
plant and solar systems to demonstrate the application The center is promoting hands-on experience to
of renewable energy technologies and also help the students, professionals and researchers in the real-time

embedded systems such as Automotive Electronics and The centre is also used by Industries like machine tools,
other Industrial Applications. automotive, instrumentation, computer and other
electrical installations for consultancy and testing
Laser Centre
Calibration of high quality and sophisticated machinery,
CMMs etc. can be done using the Renishaw LASER PSG-L&T Centre for Excellence
Interferometer available with the LASER centre. Nd:YAG in LV Switchgears
LASER system is also used for processing of metals.
This Centre, established in 2005 in collaboration with
Larsen & Toubro Limited company (Electrical Division)
displays their products for exhibition at the centre along
PSG-LAPP centre for Excellence
with the trainer kits. Training courses for students and
in Cable Technology
industrial engineers are conducted at the centre. The
Worldwide the LAPP Group is one of the leading
centre carries out testing and servicing of L&T
manufacturers of cables, wires, cable accessories, cable
switchgears for industries.
handling machines, communication technology and
connectors. In collaboration with LAPP Group, this
centre was established in 2005 and it is first of its kind Media Lab
in this field in India. The Media Lab was set up by the Alumni of PSG Tech
The centre resources are used in imparting training to during its Golden Jubilee year to provide facilities for
the graduate and post graduate students of the college. research, consultancy and also training students with

the latest technology in computing field. Media lab has NCJD PSG Jute Service Centre
apple machines working on MAC Operating System and This Centre is sponsored by National Centre for Jute
is completely wireless networked. This lab is also used Diversification, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.
by students for regular courses in Multimedia, Its functions include :
Programming. It serves as a hub for free software
• Holding awareness workshops
• Training for JDPs
• Organising Buyer and Seller Meet
Metal Testing and Research Centre
• Publication of Manuals/Brochures
Metal Testing and Research Centre was established in
• Display of JDPs
July 1997.
• Technical and Marketing advice to entrepreneurs
The purpose of the Centre is to • New product design and Development
• Develop facilities for testing and characterization of • Build Linkages with Govt. and other agencies
materials • Monitor NCJD assisted projects

• Foster the development of advanced materials and This centre is regularly organising programmes as stated
technologies for advanced processing techniques above through DRDA, TNCDW (Tamilnadu Corporation for
Development of Women Limited), DIC, Women self-help
• Educate our students and engineers employed in
groups (SHG's), NGO's and other Govt. agencies.
local industries in fracture and failure investigations
of metallic systems for improving product quality

• Help local industries to design better products by PSG - RF Design Centre

utilizing better materials and processes PSG RF Design Centre is an RF design centre
• Update metallurgical engineering educational established in view with the promotion of the design
programme to global standards and developmental activities (Hardware / Software) in
the areas of RF Engineering. The Centre has excellent
• Enable local industries to substantially raise their
simulation facilities with powerful modeling tools
productivity, product quality and reliability, increasing
such as Advanced Design Suite 2005A & Two-
their yield and to reduce rejection rates
Channel 500 MHz Mega-Zoom Oscilloscopes from
Agilent with in-built spectral analysis capabilities. It
Jute Diversified Products also has a portable Spectrum analyzer (100kHz to
Development Centre 3GHz). The proposed centre is to cater to the basic
Jute Diversified Products Development Centre has been needs of UG PG curricula, research and development
established with the Sponsorship from Ministry of activities in RF.
Textiles, GOI and funding from PSG Management under
UNDP assisted Jute Diversified Product Development
PSG-Rockwell Centre of Excellence in
project. This Centre has facilities to manufacture jute
Industrial Automation
yarns of fine variety and to produce jute based particle
board and jute non-wovens. It will be a nodal centre for This centre started in collaboration with Rockwell
entrepreneurs to develop new samples and also to train Automation is a state-of-the-art facility that teaches
their operators. students advanced concepts of Industrial Automation.

The facilities include Allen Bradley controllers Through this centre the student learns about the
CONTROL LOGIX, COMPACT LOGIX, FLEXLOGIX AND basics of logic control of PLC based machineries and
MICROLOGIX, through which concepts of Logic Control, processes. Through SCADA software the student
Process Control and Motion Control are learnt. The learns plant wide process monitoring and control. The
concept of Integrated Architecture through which basics of CNC interfacing and drive control is also
seamless plant wide communication starting from learnt through 802 series CNC system. Apart from
device level to enterprise level are taught in this training regular students, this centre has embarked
centre. Research works on industrial communication, on training practicing engineers through sponsored
plant control are undertaken in this centre. The programmes.
concepts of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
are also taught in this centre. The centre can be said PSG-Science and Technology
to be a unique centre in the country. Consultancy and Entrepreneurial Park (PSG-STEP)
testing activities are also undertaken in the centre
PSG STEP was established in the year 1998 in
apart from training activities.
association with the Department of Science &
Technology (DST), Government of India and All India
PSG-SIEMENS Centre of Excellence Financial Institutions such as IDBI to promote
in Automation technology based enterprises in the areas of Software,
This centre setup in collaboration with SIEMENS Ltd has Electronic Products, Hi-tech Mechanical Products, Eco-
facilities for training in PLC based factory automation. friendly Textile Products & Bio-technology using the core
The facilities include Programmable Logic Controllers strengths of PSG College of Technology.
of S7 family, Human Machine
Interfaces, Industrial Net-working
and Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition (SCADA) systems.
PSG-STEP has the distinction of having pioneered the selected by TIFAC to set up a Centre of Relevance and
country's largest IT Incubator cum Software Park Excellence in product design, optimization and
attached to an educational institution and has so far collaborative product commerce. This centre provides
assisted about 85 technology based ventures. academic training of very high standard in collaborative
product design, integrating a broad range of IT tools
across a variety of platforms covering activities like
PSG-TCS Centre of Excellence CAD/CAM, Rapid Prototyping, product data
in Software Engineering management, visual simulation, virtual assembly
The objective of this centre is to help the faculty and planning and cost and risk analysis. The centre has got
student community for learning the practical aspects strong industry linkage with the support from PRICOL,
of Software Engineering and also for conducting an automobile giant and PTC, world's largest software
research in Software Engineering. vendor in CAD/CAM and PDM.

TCS Centre of Excellence in Software Engineering is

equipped with TCS sponsored IBM File Server along Thin Film Centre
with “MASTERCRAFT” which is a popular software
Thin film research has now become a major thrust
Engineering tool developed by TCS. This tool helps in
area of applied and materials research programme.
carrying out the software engineering activities
The centre focuses on research activities in thin
namely, Requirements Analysis, Design, Modeling and
films for high efficiency solar cells, MEMS and high
Code Construction. This tool helps to cut down the
density data storage applications. The centre is
cost and time while carrying out these activities. TCS
equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities for
is also planning to install their tools for performing
physical vapour deposition and characterisation of
other software engineering activities like Testing,
thin films. The various devices developed in the
Documentation, Configuration Management and
centre are thin film solar cells, thin film strain
Change Control.
gauges, shape memory alloys and materials for
digital recording on compact discs. The centre
also undertakes industrial research projects in
TIFAC CORE in Product Design
these areas.
and Optimisation and Collaborative
Product Commerce
Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment VLSI Design Centre
Council (TIFAC) is an autonomous body under the VLSI Design Centre has been started in the year 2000
Department of Science and Technology (DST). Under under the “Special Manpower Development Programme
the broad umbrella of Technology Vision -2020, TIFAC for VLSI Design & Related Software”. This Project is
has launched an ambitious mission called REACH sponsored by Department of Information Technology,
(RELEVANCE AND EXCELLENCE IN ACHIEVING NEW Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, New
HEIGHTS IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS). The Delhi. The objective of the project is to enhance
foundation of this mission rests firmly on the triangular manpower training in the area of VLSI Design. The VLSI
linkage between the academic institution, industry and Design centre is equipped with the sophisticated VLSI
government. PSG College of Technology has been Design tools such as CADENCE, SYNOPSYS, TANNER PRO,

XILINX and SABER and Hardware facilities. The VLSI NI-PSG Virtual Instrumentation Centre
Design centre is being upgraded with additional hardware The NI-PSG Virtual Instrumentation Centre is a
and software in the second phase of the project. centralised facility for all disciplines of Engineering,
Science and Technology. The centre was setup in

Virtual Reality Centre collaboration with M/s. National Instruments, USA. The
centre is equipped with various National Instruments
Virtual Reality centre aims at providing the Original
hardware and software used for developing design,
Equipment Manufacturers with product design to
control and test systems. Engineers and Scientists
launch highly customized products at mass production
price levels by innovations and value added services of worldwide have relied on LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual

cross functional teams throughout the product lifecycle, Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) graphical
leveraging the power of Information Technology, CAD/ development for projects throughout the product design
CAM/CAE and Digital prototyping. The centre also cycle, gaining improved quality and greater engineering
imparts skills on building digital prototypes of products and manufacturing efficiency. The centre conducts
to practicing engineers and students of engineering continuing education programme on Basics of LabVIEW
and technology enabling to evaluate the product for engineering college students, industries and research
designs for customer specifications organisations.

facilities for PPT, written test, group discussion
and interviews and has rapidly progressed over the
years in enhancing the placement potential
Placement effectively. It plays a very important and key role
in counseling and guiding students of the college
PSG College of Technology has an independent for their successful career placement, which is a
Placement Office devoted to cater to the needs of crucial interface for the students between the
organisations in conducting campus interviews for stages of completion of academic programme of
placements. It is headed by a Professor designated studies and entry into a suitable employment. This
as a Placement Officer and supported by a office also coordinates various activities related to
Placement Coordinator. The office is also assisted by the career of the students along with the industrial
student Placement Coordinators who lead a team of training. More than 100 reputed national and
placement representatives from various courses of multinational companies visit the college for
study. The Placement Office ensures and provides campus recruitment annually. Over 90% of the
the best arrangements and hospitality for visiting students secure job offers before they complete
companies' officials. Placement Office functions in a their programmes
separate air conditioned block with all audio visual of study.

Our Patrons
1 24/7 Customer, Bangalore 35 Delphi TVS Diesel Systems Ltd., Chennai
2 Aarvee Associates, Hyderabad 36 Doshi Ion Exchange & Chemical Industries Ltd., Chennai
3 ABB Limited, Bangalore 37 Dresser Valve India Limited, Coimbatore
4 Accenture Services Pvt Ltd., Bangalore 38 DSL Software Ltd., Bangalore
5 Aditi Technologies pvt Ltd., Bangalore 39 Eicher Goodearth Limited, Delhi
6 ADP Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad 40 Elgi Equipments Limited, Coimbatore
7 Alstom, Chennai 41 Ennore Foundries Limited, Chennai
8 Amada Soft (India) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai 42 Essar Group, Hazira
9 ANZ IT, Bangalore 43 FCG Software Services (India) Pvt Limited
10 Aravind Mills Ltd., Ahmedabad 44 FirstApex Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
11 ArisGlobal Software Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 45 Future Software Limited, Chennai
12 Ashok Leyland Ltd., Chennai 46 Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd., Chennai
13 Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pune 47 GDA Technologies, Chennai
14 Best Group, Tirupur 48 GE India Technology Centre, Bangalore
15 Bharat Forge Ltd., Pune 49 Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., Mumbai
16 Bharat Silks, Bangalore 50 Godrej and Boyce, Chennai
17 Birlasoft Limited, Chennai 51 Goldman Sachs, Bangalore
18 Blue Star Limited, Chennai 52 Gomathi Mills, Viravanallur
19 Brakes India, Chennai 53 Google Online India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
20 Brakes India, Foundry Division, Sholingur 54 Groz-Beckert Asia Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh
21 Bristlecone India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 55 Harita Infoserve Ltd., Bangalore
22 Caritor (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 56 HCL Infosystems, Chennai
23 Caterpillar India Private Limited, Chennai 57 HCL Technologies Ltd, Chennai
24 Celstream Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 58 Hewlett Packard, Bangalore
25 Cheslind Textiles Ltd., Hosur 59 Hexaware Technologies Ltd, Chennai
26 Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited, Bangalore 60 Hindustan Construction Company Limited, Mumbai
27 Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai 61 Hindustan Motors Ltd., Chennai
28 Computer Associates, Hyderabad 62 Honeywell, Bangalore
29 Computer Science Corporation, Noida 63 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Bangalore
30 Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd., Chennai 64 Hyundai Motor India Ltd., Chennai
31 Crystalline Exports, Tirupur 65 IBM India Ltd., Bangalore
32 D E Shaw, Hyderabad 66 IDEA Ltd., Chennai
33 Deloitte, Hyderabad 67 iflex solutions ltd., Bangalore
34 Delphi Technical Center India, Bangalore 68 iGATE Global Solutions Ltd., Bangalore

69 iNautix Technologies India Private Limited, Chennai 121 Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Hyderabad
70 Infosys Technologies Ltd., Bangalore 122 Satyam-Venture Engineering Services, Hyderabad
71 Ingersoll- Rand (India) Limited, Bangalore 122 SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd., Mumbai
72 Integra Microsystems, Bangalore 124 Scape Velocity, Chennai
73 Intel Technologies, Bangalore 125 SCT Software, Bangalore
74 iSOFT Product Development Centre, Chennai 126 Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd., Erode
75 ITC Infotech Ltd., Bangalore 127 Shobha Developers, Bangalore
76 Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd., Chennai 128 Siemens Ltd., Chennai
77 Jasmin Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Chennai 129 Simulation Technology Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
78 Juno Online Services Development Pvt. Ltd. 130 SoCrates Software (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
79 K G Denim Limited, Coimbatore 131 Sonata Software Ltd., Bangalore
80 Kanbay Software (I) Pvt. Ltd., Pune 132 Sri Ranganathar Industries (P) Ltd., Coimbatore
81 K G Garments, Coimbatore 133 Srinivasa Associates, Coimbatore
82 L&T ECC, Chennai 134 Sterlite Copper India Ltd., Tuticorin
83 L&T Infotech, Chennai 135 STMicroelectronics, Noida
84 L&T Valdel Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 136 Stoll Textile Service Centre Pvt. Ltd, Noida
85 Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd., Coimbatore 137 Sundaram-Clayton Ltd., Chennai
86 Larsen & Toubro Limited, Mumbai 138 Sundram Fasteners Limited, Chennai
87 Link Apparels, Tirupur 139 Symphony Service, Bangalore
88 Loyal Textile Mills Ltd., Kovilpatti 140 Syntel (I) Ltd., Chennai
89 Lucas-TVS Ltd., Chennai 141 TaeguTec India Pvt. Limited, Bangalore
90 Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Nasik 142 Tasman Networks Private Limited, Bangalore
91 Microsoft India Development Centre, Hyderabad 143 Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai
92 MindTree Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 144 Tata Elxsi, Bangalore
93 Motorola India Limited, Bangalore 145 Tata Motors Limited, Pune
94 MphasiS BFL Limited., Bangalore 146 Tavant Technologies, Bangalore
95 Murugappa Group, Chennai 147 TCE Consulting Engineers Limited, Mumbai
96 National Instruments, Bangalore 148 Tesco Stores Limited, Bangalore
97 NEG Micon (India) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai 149 Texas Instruments, Bangalore
98 Nelcast Limited, Chennai 150 The Times of India Group, Mumbai
99 (India) Pvt. Ltd, Thiruvananthapuram 151 Titan Industries, Hosur
100 Novell Software Development (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 152 Torry Harris Business Solutions, Bangalore
101 On Mobile System, Bangalore 153 Tractors And Farm Equipment Limited, Bangalore
102 Oracle India Private Limited, Bangalore 154 Triad Software Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
103 Patni Computer Systems (P) Ltd., Mumbai 155 Trilogy E-Business Software India Pvt.Ltd., BanQalore
104 Paxonet Communications (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 156 TVS Electronics, Chennai
105 Perot Systems TSI (India) Limited, Bangalore 157 TVS Motor Company Ltd., Hosur
106 Polaris Software Lab Ltd., Chennai 158 TVS Srichakra Ltd., Madurai
107 Premier Fine Yarns, Coimbatore 159 Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd., Chennai
108 Premier Evolvics Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore 160 URC Construction (P) Ltd., Erode
109 Pricol Ltd., Coimbatore 161 US Technologies
110 Quantech Global Services Ltd., Bangalore 162 VA TECH WABAG, Chennai
111 Ramco Systems Ltd., Chennai 163 Verizon Data Services, Chennai
112 Rane Engine Valves Ltd., Chennai 164 Vetri Engineers, Coimbatore
113 Rane Steering Systems, Chennai 165 Virtusa India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
114 Raymond Ltd., Thane 166 Voltas Ltd., Coimbatore
115 Royal Classic Mills (P) Ltd., Tirupur 167 Voltas Ltd., Mumbai
116 Royal Enfield, Chennai 168 Welspun India Ltd, Mumbai
117 Sameer Centre for Electromagnetics, Chennai 169 Wep Peripherals Ltd., Bangalore
118 Sanmar Groups, Chennai 170 Wipro Technologies, Chennai
119 Sara Elgi Fashions, Coimbatore 171 Xansa India Ltd., Chennai
120 Sasken Communication Technologies Limited, Bangalore 172 Yahoo! Software Development India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

PSG Tech library is one of the best equipped in terms PSG College of Technology offers residential
of the number of books, back volumes and current accommodation to nearly 4000 students. There are 7
journals subscribed. Apart from catering to the needs hostels for men and 2 hostels for ladies. A guesthouse
of the faculty and students, the library allows access caters to the requirements of the guests and visiting
to industrial associates of PSG College of Technology. faculty of the college. Facilities are provided for the
recreation and extra-curricular activities of the students.
As on date, the vital statistics are : These include a student's union centre, indoor recreation
facilities and courts for various games. There is also an
No. of Books : 1,56,468
open-air stadium for sports activities.
No. of Journals : 493

The library has a good collection of CD-ROMs and PSG TECH ALUMNI
Digital Library, to which students have free access. The The training given in the college focuses on
services of the library are fully automated. To have entrepreneurship, communication skills, leadership and
Universal access a digital library facility is setup and interpersonal qualities apart from exposure to the
the students are having free access of E-Journal and state-of-the-art technology. PSG Tech has produced
E-Books. In addition to this, each department maintains several thousands of entrepreneurs who have setup
its own well-equipped library catering to the needs of small, medium and large scale industries. Many Alumni
its students. of PSG Tech occupy top positions in prestigious
organizations in India and abroad.

PSG Institutions

• PSG Sarva Jana Higher Secondary School 1924

• PSG Industrial Institute 1926
• PSG Polytechnic College 1939
• PSG High School, Vedapatti 1941
• PSG Primary School 1943
• PSG College of Arts & Science 1947
• PSG College of Technology 1951
• PSG Rural Health Centre, Vedapatti 1961
Neelambur 1985
Vellalore 1998
• PSG & Sons' Charities Metallurgy and Foundry Division 1974
• PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research 1985
• PSG Industrial Training Centre 1986
• PSG Hospitals 1989
• PSG Centre for Sponsored Research and Consultancy 1989
• PSG Centre for Non-formal & Continuing Education 1989
• PSG Urban Health Centre 1993
• PSG Institute of Management 1994
• PSG College of Nursing 1994
• PSG Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park (STEP) 1998
• PSG College of Paramedical Sciences 1999
• PSG College of Pharmacy 2001
• PSG Centre for Advertising & Communication 2001
• PSG Children's School 2002
• PSG Offshore Healthcare Management Services 2003
• PSG Institute of Advanced Studies 2006

PSG Institutions host 18,000 students to

achieve academic excellence in various disciplines.
0422 - 2561500

PSG College of Technology

(Govt. Aided Autonomous Institution & ISO 9001:2000 Certified)
PB No. 1611, Peelamedu, Coimbatore 641 004, India
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