Continuation of Counseling Form

Snuffy, Joe A. 2nd Platoon, B Battery, 1 - 1 ADA Bn

PVT / E-1

123-45-6789 SGT Mark Levy, Squad Leader

1 January 2005

To: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Welcome PVT Snuffy as a member of the team. Conduct initial counseling. Encourage open communications. Provide the Soldier the opportunity to surface any issues that have arisen since his/her reception counseling. Review the reception/integration process (search for ways to improve the process/identify sustain areas).      

Job Description: See Note Section under Key Points of Discussion Appearance: You will maintain the standards outlined in AR 670-1. Take pride in your uniform and be an example for other Soldiers. Remember, first impressions can at times be lasting impressions.       Physical Fitness: I expect you to maintain your physical conditioning. You will ensure that you are capable of passing the APFT and maintaining the standards set forth in AR 600-9. As a Soldier you will be called upon to instruct physical training sessions. You will be given ample time to prepare. I will review the PT session with you to ensure you are properly prepared.       Formations: You will be present for all required formations. Should a situation arise in which you cannot attend a formation, ensure that I am notified as soon as possible. Failure to be on time, like all other issues, will be dealt with according to the severity of the situation. A simple rule to follow is “if you can’t be on time, be early.”       Leadership: As a JOB TITLE you will deal with Soldiers and senior personnel on a daily basis. Ensure that you maintain your professionalism. Should a situation arise in which you feel uncomfortable or are confronted with a delicate situation, immediately notify your immediate supervisor. Do not become disrespectful or unprofessional with other Soldiers.      

Signature of Soldier

Soldier will initial after the last word on each page of the continuation of counseling.


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ArmyCounselingOnline.0 .             Signature of Counselor       Page 2 www.Continuation of Counseling Form See Example Plan of Action in Note Section             Ensure that the Soldier receives proper training in all areas of job performance and that the training is properly documented Provide additional training should it be required Provide an environment to learn and grow             Signature of Soldier Soldier will initial after the last word on each page of the continuation of CQv2.

and education. Emergencies are understood (they should be the exception – not the rule). Make your appointments and return to duty promptly. I expect you to maintain good standards of self-discipline and your military bearing. others will require execution. We can achieve much more working together as a team than as individuals. My phone number is (555) 123-4567.       Education: I encourage all Soldiers to take advantage of the educational opportunities within the military.       Accountability/Responsibility: Always know the status of your equipment and personnel.       Drugs and Alcohol: I will not tolerate any abuse of drugs or alcohol. areas that require improvement.Continuation of Counseling Form Date of Counseling:       Subject:       for: SPC       SSN:       Discipline: Discipline takes many forms.0 .ArmyCounselingOnline.       Counseling: You will be counseled on a monthly basis. areas that need to be sustained. it only wastes valuable time and destroys the team. upcoming events.       Your Expectations: I would like you to take this opportunity to provide me with some information of what you expect from a leader and any issues that you would like to address. Fix the problem and deal with the failure of responsibility in a professional manner. I expect you to be upfront and honest with me.       Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment: I will not tolerate violations in this area. even when no one is watching. you are charged with the duty and responsibility to report it to the chain of command and take the appropriate action. Some issues will be open for discussion.       I look forward to serving with you and would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. as I will be with you. Signature of Counselor Page 3 www.       Communication: As Soldiers it is critical that we communicate effectively. We learn from each other. Your views and opinions are important and I expect you to share them with me. promotion potential.       Appointments: You will bring appointments to my attention at least 48 hours in advance so that I may plan the workload for when you will be absent. Do no attempt to blame others or divert attention from an incident. If you are made aware of a situation or observe an CQv2. Set your goals and achieve them. The true measure of discipline is doing the right thing. We all have different approaches and methods. The standard areas will include: positive attributes or accomplishments. Accept responsibility for your actions. ___________ (Soldiers initials) Signature of Soldier Soldier will initial after the last word on each page of the continuation of counseling. My door is always open. Should you have any question or problems do not hesitate to contact me day or night. Do not participate in the blame game.