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Let me start by wishing you a happy New Year with many sixes and great booster picks.

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B y N e u r a l D r e a m name in the forumini. For those who don’t know, he recently published two photo books on weed identification (for gardeners, farmers, etc.), “Weeds of the South” and “Weeds of Midwestern US and Central Canada”. Hence, weeds rock too! Finally, a big thanks to the sponsors of the forumini: MiniatureMarket, FieldMarshalGames and TrollAndToad. Check the last page of this issue for their wishes for the New Year and some special discounts that are exclusive to the foruminians.

Foruminian of the Year: weedsrock2 Review of the Polish troops in AAM and the US carriers in WAS The new banner An AAM scenario Review of the Dice Turret Special discounts by our sponsors

2009 was a great year for Axis & Allies miniatures. Despite rumours that the games were to be cancelled by WoTC, we had the pleasure to see the release of two new AAM and two new WAS sets. For this we need to acknowledge the hard work of the WoTC employees who continued supporting these games even voluntarily at some points. Part of this success must also be attributed to our very active community that supported the game and helped it stay alive during the grim days of WoTC job cuts. In the first weeks of 2010, I

asked you to vote for the Foruminian of the Year. It is with great pleasure that I announce that the winner was weedsrock2. Some of the reasons most commonly mentioned by the voters: Invaluable support to the Forumini Navies project as the lead card maker A voice of reason in every debate For having founded IJNCVLF to lobby for more Japanese carriers in WAS, and for offering an IJNCVLF diorama to the lead designer of WAS, WoTC_RichBaker. ... and let me add one more: For having the coolest user-

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My good friend Armchair General is to Polishness what Chicago is to corruption, Tiger Woods is to philandering, and Pamela Anderson is to fake breasts. (Sorry, but if I didn’t put in something naughty, the W@S guys might stop reading.) Ever since he started playing, it’s been nothing but Poles, Poles, Poles. The Cromwells are crewed by Poles, every Humber driver is named Stosh and each Destroyed marker is just another road sign on the way back to Warsaw. If we play a 200 point 1944 limit game, he fields 15 Polish Cavalry, 20 Mausers and 10 7dpw

tanks even if he has to use buttons and pennies for proxies. Thus, you can imagine that the arrival of Early War was quite a thrill for him. (By the way, please accept his apologies for the lack of Polish tanks and officers on the singles market.) AG can finally field a halfway decent army in a 1939 battle since the set jumped Poland to the forefront of the Allied minors. I’m not quite as sanguine as my pierogi-laden pal, however. I believe that Poland presents more of a mixed bag. The Polish Cavalry is among the best of

the best in AAM. Obviously, it can’t win a game on its own, but as a role player it can’t be beat. The ability to move fast and then strike home in the Second Player Assault Phase makes it a hay-powered, Hamsterseeking missile. After shedding the face-up Disruption in the Casualty Phase, the Hauptsturmfuhrer, sniper or MG is hopelessly pinned and ripe for destruction under a flurry of saber blows. (Armchair General stipulates that his troopers only use lances, but that’s another

and CLOSE ASSAULT. but so do all your 3 point infantry. I’m not sure if it deserves any more Attack Dice. since overall inventories don’t figure into AAM. The armor on both is weak.Pa ge 2 R ang ing Sh ots matter. WoTC revised the cards and made the Polish Determined Infantry only available after 1940. a whopping one more than the Kuomintang Officer which is overpriced at 5 points. this was an army used to tragedy. to give the players a chance to command a Polish force that behaved similarly to the historical Polish Army and they came up with this monstrosity. Hasn’t Poland suffered enough?” . they kept on fighting. the uhlans are vulnerable to aircraft. Its double-turreted counterpart is excellent for softening up dug-in infantry for the cavalry to finish off.33 with a 20mm FK cannon. The only question here is why the Polish 7dpw gets ALL GUNS BLAZING instead of DOUBLE SHOT like the Panzer I. even when ordered. I’ll always remember the tear rolling down Armchair General’s cheek as he read the card for the first time.) Raising the stacking limit to three only increased the cavalry’s usefulness. The Bofors antitank gun is another Polish unit that doesn’t get its proper due in the game. My Big Picture Book of World War II or whatever they use for research out in Washington. Excuse me. it does raise the question of who thinks that the Polish Army was exactly the same as the German Army? The great tragedy of the Polish Army in AAM (And believe me.) is that there is absolutely nothing that makes it Polish. It has stats identical to the PaK 36 (from the revised card set). They marched across a continent out of Russian POW camps just to fight more. you can send all the 5/5 SS Infantry you want into Poland. My best guess is the TKS wz. pesky little vehicle that can flank the slower German vehicles. but it would have been a blessing in this case. (Maybe in set CXIV. there were several models of this vehicle and it’s not clear which one the game piece represents. the Polish player can field an armored force equal to the Germans. Both tanks feature a reasonable cost and good weaponry. For 7 points. ground under the heel of the Russians for 40 years and now this. Nevertheless. The Polish Mauser is identical to the German Mauser. The German 20mm AA has 9/8/7 against soldiers. Unfortunately. historians have changed their opinion of the Polish Army.) At six points. it provides a fast. it does have +2 Initiative. they dug in to hold the Falaise pocket closed. These men fought like lions in an increasingly hopeless situation. there are numerous instances of the Poles refusing to retreat. the Germans’ numerical superiority in artillery and aircraft made sure that fair fights rarely occurred. The designers had an opportunity to add some character into the game. Evidently. Instead. The Ursus tankette certainly doesn’t hurt him either. the same cost as a Hauptsturmfuhrer or a Red Devil Captain. especially since the Poles won’t be getting another commander this century. Over the years. we come to the Polish Officer. Poland’s armor also does well in early war battles. a strong candidate for the worst unit in the game. They don’t need any more. how many German invasions. It’s truly a shame. didn’t have a chapter on the Podhale Rifles or Sosabowski’s 21st Regiment or the 36th Academic Legion or the 10th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade. Even when they lost their country. Finally. but was actually a little better. Probably get a couple of reprints first. you get a piece that does absolutely nothing. Giving COORDINATED FIRE to a commander with only a short range attack and costing him at 7 points is some kind of sick joke. Poland’s armed forces are no longer considered a bunch of bumblers waging medieval warfare against the technologically-advanced German Blitzkrieg. it has become apparent that Poland’s infantry could stand toe-to-toe with the Wehrmacht in a fair fight. Still. but God forbid that the Poles have any welltrained troops to oppose them. Katyn Forest. the tankette probably has the wrong stats and with its current ratings is costed a point too high. Sure. (Incidentally. As the myths dissipate. and continuing to fight as long as they had a chance of taking a German with them. AAM’s Polish infantry doesn’t sell the country short. While this doesn’t place the Polish player at any disadvantage. My problems with it are why should the 20mm autocannon have such low Attack Dice against soldiers and why the Polish unit has both fewer dice than the Panzer II and no DOUBLE SHOT. but extending its medium range to 5 or giving it a small Special Ability would have been appropriate. The Poles stormed Monte Cassino. We can only hope. “Three partitions.) I truly dislike the practice of recycling Command Abilities. terror bombing of Warsaw. so why does putting it into a vehicle as the main weapon cause such a drop off? Over all. they jumped into Arnhem and there’s absolutely nothing anybody at WoTC can think of that distinguishes the Poles? Just to twist the knife a little more. Like all Polish units. The 7tpw outclasses the Panzer Is and IIs against vehicles and is cheaper than the early Panzer IVs. especially as they wind their way across the map during the initial turns. but they are cheap enough to afford to lose a few out of your swarm in exchange for taking out the German tanks.

RvM 25 -. Carrion 10 45 35 30 25 25 25 20 10 N e w s f r o m t h e c o m m u n i t y Woodgateski got engaged and is now working on a date for the wedding! Kondors_Over_Dakota is expecting his firstborn in June 2010! In February. Snippersly 22 8. drittal 24 6. Whoopsie81 20 5. Raevski 10 -. IJN_Fuso 50 2. CmdrClint -. RvM 3. Captain Morevo just turned 22. Capt. and General Hoth’s Έlias both just turned two. Name Vittorio Veneto Littorio Giulio Cesare Bolzano Gorizia Zara Eugenio Di Savoia Duca D’Aosta Luca Tarigo Ugolino Vivaldi Pegaso Ambra Sparviero Folgore Picchiatelli Aquila Pronunciation vee-TOH-ree-oh VE-ne-to lee-TOH-ree-oh gee-OO-lee-oh CHE-za-reh bol-CHAH-noh go-REE-chee-ah ZAH-rah eh-oo-JE-nee-oh dee sah-VOH-ee-ah DOO-kah d’ ah-OS-tah LOO-kah tah-REE-goh oo-goh-LEE-noh vee-VAL-dee PEH-gah-soh AM-bra spar-vee-EH-roh fol-GOH-reh pee-kia-TEH-lee AH-kwee-lah Meaning an Italian city near Venice lictor (a class of Roman civil servant) Julius Caesar an Italian city and a famous mathematician an Italian town near the Slovenian borders the Italian name of Croatian city Zadar Austrian Habsburg military leader Duke of the region of Aosta (in NW Italy) Genoese explorer of the 14th century Genoese explorer of the 13th century pegasus amber sparrow lightning crazy (plural) eagle L a t e s t Creativity (finished) 1. GreyhSeer 8. TheLuckyY 27 5. Strange and his partners are opening their second restaurant in DC. Carrion’s Jonas (photo). Bondboy 20 F o r u m i n i Quiz (finished) 1. I compiled a list of the Italian units of War At Sea with the meaning and pronunciation of each name. Packertim 10 S c o r e s Pre-selected Armies (finished) 1. Raevski 20 -. TheMightyA 10 -. Snippersly’s daughter. TheLuckyY -. FrugalBob 7. RvM 22 -. RedBaron 36 3. turns one year old on Jan 30. Greyh Seer 20 5. Greyh Seer 10 -. Lykos 25 3. drittal 2. Swarbs 10 -. POtRN 4. Snippersly 10 -. Grimreaper O l y m p i c s WAS DM (finished) 1. Carrion 29 4. Sarah Serenity. DaJudge 40 3.I s su e 1 Pa ge 3 H o w t o p r o n o u n c e t h e I t a l i a n B y S h i p s N e u r a l D r e a m Isn’t it embarrassing when you are talking about one of your favourite units and someone points out that you are pronouncing it incorrectly? Hoping that this will help. . called the Liberty Tree. Raevski 45 2. The Tirpitz 30 4. Clamzoni 10 -.

Pa ge 4 R ang ing Sh ots T h e When building a fleet. Ultimately. The question that I will examine in this article. and each one of those gives greater toughness or capacity than Enterprise. Intrepid. The newest of the US carriers to be introduced into War at Sea. Helldivers flying off Enterprise can destroy battleships. There were also notable submarines. including 218 submarines. though. there is the iconic USS Enterprise. the Soviet submarines did not see much action.. and its cost 26 is balanced by it serving as a quasi-cruiser in your fleet. Its primary advantage over Enterprise is in cost. It does have slightly better defensive stats than the Yorktown class. I know that when I reach into my tackle box to design a US carrier fleet. Its three expert abilities create more boost potential than any other US carrier. It signals the direction that the rest of the fleet will be going in. It gives up Enterprise’s Expert Bomber 2. Reducing the cost from 25 to 23 opens up a lot of flexibility in the rest of your fleet. and Enterprise also has a strong defensive ability with Survivor. and no other US carrier can match its ability to boost dive bombers with Expert Bomber 2. However.484-ton Wilhelm Gustloff and the General Steuben. we’ll examine USS Yorktown. First. Third. and its vital armour of 12 beats the Yorktown class carriers by 2. With only one expert ability. The major disadvantage to Enterprise is its cost. we’ll look at the USS Intrepid. a carrier is only as good as the aircraft that are on it. a carrier resting on the bottom does your aircraft no good. then chances are you’re building a battleship fleet. and that is its lack of Expert abilities. The Red Navy operated also a few lend lease ships. Prior to 1945. but arrived too late to be of use. Some love it. The same story for USS Milwaukee that became Murmansk. 3 battleships and 7 cruisers. but instead which carrier should be the first one out of your box. Voroshilov. After all. Unfortunately. its anti-air value of 6 makes Yorktown look like an anti-air fortress by comparison. Fourth and finally. Intrepid simply doesn’t have the boost power you look for in most aircraft carriers. its real strength is in its capacity of four. Its major advantage. Captain Marinesko’s S-13 sank the 25. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Its antiair value of 7 is subpar on a US fleet carrier. C a r r i e r Q u e s t i o n B y J f k z i e g l e r Second. then chances are it’s about to be followed up by some fighters and some bombers. and leaves Yorktown open to threats from its primary opponent. Even its paltry antiair rating of 6 means less when one considers that even if an enemy dive bomber gets through. While it lacks the Expert Bomber 2 than Enterprise has and the Expert Dogfighter 2 that Yorktown has. Saratoga will be the first unit I pull out. with a higher vital armour and Torpedo Defense 1 to boot. Saratoga does have two weaknesses. Second. although they could have saved thousands of Allied soldiers and sailors. both used to evacuate German soldiers in 1945. Intrepid has generated a lot of controversy. it comes in strong with Expert Torpedoes. and Intrepid can base more aircraft than any other carrier in the game. First.. Next issue: Soviet naval aviation. we are going to keep this article limited to the most powerful carrier nation. However. HMS Sovereign became Arkhangelsk in 1944. For the sake of simplicity. Its armour value of 5 beats the Yorktown class carriers by 1. Its hull of 5 is also a major bonus. and Saratoga cost more amongst aircraft carriers. The US essentially has four fleet carriers which might vie for being the centerpiece of your carrier fleet. it isn’t likely to do much damage to Saratoga. Only Akagi. Intrepid does have a major weakness. Among the most modern of them were the Kirov class cruisers (Kirov. its cost of 26 can be prohibitive on a capacity three carrier. then chances are it’s about to be followed up by a bunch more submarines. The Soviets operated an extensive but somewhat inefficient force of over 700 vessels. . It also has guns that make it able to go toe to toe (or maybe hull to hull?) with most cruisers. So. but replaces it with the even better Expert Dogfighter 2. is its durability. The Soviet navy is often ignored in history books although it played a major part in WW2. This ability is so powerful that it allows your Hellcats to take down even fighters with ease (Advanced Fighter doesn’t hurt. Japanese airpower. what’s the verdict? Which aircraft carrier should be the first unit to come out of your tackle box? This author thinks it should be the USS Saratoga. Its ability to absorb punishment and stay on the board also provides a major benefit. T h e S o v i e t N a v y D u r i n g t h e G r e a t P a t r i o t i c W a r ( p a r t 1 ) B y A r i s a k a 9 9 These were used with some success. If that first piece is a carrier. the first piece you pull out of your tackle box is often the most important. If that first piece is the U-510. Yorktown does have one major disadvantage. we’ll look at the USS Saratoga. Maxim Gorkiy. the United States. however. especially for bombardment of coastal positions. either). Perhaps in future installments we will examine the Japanese and British fleets. is not which type of fleet you should build. Unfortunately. Kaganovich and Kalinin). or in some cases both. If that first piece is the USS Iowa. Molotov. some hate it. It gives you a big boost in the initiative role with its Flag 2.

Google and BoardGameGeek. After the voting I got busy making adjustments according to the feedback that was posted. there is a lot to be said. Thanks for everyone else who submitted (for not trying what I thought would be great so I'd do it myself) and to everyone who voted.wikidot. Her AA is decent and her armor and vital are average for a ship of this cost. the images in the panels were switched out to better reflect more nations in the game. Keep them at range 3 until you win initiative. The result of that is what we have now. Secondly these men didn’t carry bulky equipment and Yamashiro (by Lobukia) While hardly the best Axis battleship or a real game breaker. John Miller's original concept but modernized. the quality of the paintwork has declined in the Eastern Front version of the miniature (right photo). while this unit hunts all other surface ships. the layers have all been preserved for future changes. Antitank Grenadier (by Raevski) During the initial stages of Operation Barbarossa. the Germans supplied observers to teach this fine art. don’t feel slighted. main guns and flag). Its not as wide so that the B a n n e r D e s i g n B y d o g a n p c Wiki Link can fit up there with it. she will do fine with a little finesse. When stacked up against USS Tennessee or USS California. . becomes a real barrier for enemy armour. which mixed with other infantry can win battles. this is an excellent unit. if ever. Hence the AT grenadier. Tactics include infantry rush (an attempt to swamp the objective with infantry). In gaming terms. one armed with a SMG and the other with a pistol and grenades. The Yamashiro will do just fine. it is a welcome unit in the Romanian army. the Yamashiro is one of my favorite units. It depicts the figure throwing the grenade. It appears in two sets. which will work against an armour-heavy force. Versus cruisers. If you think your opponent will be taking a 50+ point allied battleship. Also. They often hid and waited for tanks to pass then pounce on them AT grenades. These were highly trained individuals that used grenade bundles and TNT on recognized weak spots of enemy tanks to disable them. carried rifles. So. go get the Nagato (better vital. Yamashiro really has excellent anti-destroyer guns and will stand up well while trying to capture objectives.I s su e 1 Pa ge 5 R e v i e w s o f A A M a n d W A S u n i t s This is just a taste of the hundreds of unit reviews that you can find in the Forumini Wiki: forumini. The cost of four points make this unit a valuable addition. I highly recommend IJN planes to attack Allied battleships. but they carried pistols and SMGs instead. which mixed with transport. The model is almost totally incorrect. use some other means of facing it or at least knock out its Extended Range before closing to range 4. and then rush in range 2 or closer for a fairly even fight. These were normally two-man teams. I was hoping to find the images from the original (staying true to concept) but when that failed I resorted to the Forumini Gallery. but best of all. Speaking of secondaries. If you can bring just one IJN destroyer with you. N e w When I originally saw the contest I had the idea for something similar to Cpt. you need to careful against infantry-heavy armies. if you are purchasing online try to secure set 2 versions. Some things to be cautious for. So. the standard Romanian infantryman had no personal antitank weapons. but if you can’t. Out of a need to train infantry in antitank tactics. In terms of the miniature itself. The card looks nicer though. the American ships have very weak secondaries and an Isokaze can really tip the scales. The AT grenadier has low anti-infantry value. which is silly as the grenades needed to be placed on recognised weak spots. One could easily take pictures of Condition Zebra/ Set X miniatures and change the panels to reflect the current excitement of the forums. If you can free up five points.

1st and 2nd panzer division were to pass Rethel in force and then advance towards the town of Juniville. Maps: South-map F1. roll for initiative. French units set up within five hexes from the south side. Victory conditions: At the end of turn 7: .The French player wins if he denies a German victory or if he occupies at least one city hex on map 8. Juniville would see the last large tank engagement from the French forces.Pa ge 6 R ang ing Sh ots B r e a k i n g t h e W e y g a n d l i n e . So the French leadership gathered anything it could to stop the Germans and at Juniville it could count on the newly constituted 7th light cavalry division equipped with brand new Somuas. But the French having learned their lesson were now concentrating their forces around key positions such as woods or cities instead of open ground. except the spotter. He has succeeded in retaking parts of Juniville. German units set up within five hexes from the north side.The Weygand line has been broken and the German player wins if he occupies the three city hexes on map F1. G e n e r a l H o t h When the first part of the French campaign had been successfully completed. 1 0 t h J u n e 1 9 4 0 A n A A M S c e n a r i o B y J u n i v i l l e . Sources: Phillip Mason’s “Guderian” General Guderian’s “Panzer Leader” 1st Panzer Division: SS haupsturmfuhrer Motorized schutzen x5 Motorcycle recon x4 (Finnish) MG 34 team light mortar x2 Pak 38 x2 Kubelwagen x2 Opel blitz Sdkfz 251 x2 Panzer IB Panzer II ausf F Panzer III ausf F x2 Panzer IV ausf E Panzerjager I Stuka B x2 7th Light Cavalry Division: Bold captain (UK) Concealed forward observer (set up anywhere on map F1) MAS rifle x5 Lebel grenadier x2 Hotchkiss Mg team (Belgium) Bicycle troops x3 Canon de 75 x2 P107 halftrack x2 (UK) Bedford truck Somua S35 x2 Hotchkiss H39 x2 Panhard P178 x2 Morane Saulnier . he can set up anywhere on 8. Turn 1. .North See the map (courtesy of Carrion). Guderian was ordered to break the next line of French resistance known as the Weygand line. Half hexes are in play.

or hot glue. I was afraid that I would cut the dice tower pieces while I was cutting the box open. I was offered this product for free by Brian of www. and nothing was damaged during shipment. then this seems like a perfectly good tower to with $4. It took Drittal over a week to create and is probably the most complex and most detailed War at Sea miniature ever made. I bet it saves money on printing costs. Not very fancy. it seems that I don't roll as well as I usually do. I guess that it depends if you are a "dice tower" or a "handful of dice" person. Apparently. and the camouflaged ones cost $10. As for functionality. but economical. Snippersly’’s beautifully painted Brummbar was sold to an unknown buyer. The tower does pull apart from the tray. There are some ingenious folds in the Dice Turret's construction that hold the entire thing together without any tape. and the opening appears large enough to do so.thediceturret. The Dice Turret is visually appealing enough. however. It was fairly obvious. instead of watching all the way through first.99 (available through www. I would imagine they would work great as prizes in any tournaments you have with your gaming group. For some reason.99. I suppose. went to Lobukia. the video was very clear on how to fold and assemble the Dice Turret. especially with the upgraded camo scheme on it. although maybe not of a high a quality as the other wood and felt ones out there. the USS New York scratch-built. An incredibly detailed miniature with rotating main and casemate secondary guns. Inside were three large pieces of cardboard and one smaller piece. Reading all the instructions first has never appealed to me. If you are the former. but there were 3 very high quality business cards which I will probably pin up at the local game store. I saw that there was some printing on one of them. you have to go the Dice Turret's website and watch a Youtube video of how to make your tower. I decided that I would try to put the tower together as I watched the 5minute video.I s su e 1 Pa ge 7 A R e v i e w o f t h e D i c e T u r r e t B y A q u a r i u s space between the tower and the sides of the tray that it sits in. Drittal and Snippersly sold two of their creations on ebay and donated the earnings to the forumini. there is some fairly obvious "blank" A B i g T h a n k s t o D r i t t a l a n d a l l S n i p p e r s l y F o r u m i n i a n s B y As many of you already know. I guess. and again. each pre-scored in a myriad of lines and printed with a very nice camouflage pattern. The one bit of confusion I had was that the video was made before the camo Turret came out. Lobukia must be very proud of his purchase and the forumini is very lucky to have Drittal and Snippersly among its members. Easy (brian@thediceturret. Drittal’s pride. but there was plenty of room in between the edge and where the Dice Turret in exchange for a fair and detailed review of. the 6-sided dice that came with the War at Sea starters work just fine in it. Anyway. I was a bit puzzled by the lack of instructions included with the turret. .00 shipping to the United States). As for whether I would buy it or not. which I was able to do without pausing the video. As I sat looking at the pieces trying to figure out how they went together. so the the Dice Turret must be doing a good job of randomizing them. and it was easy to reverse the last step of construction to put the piece in. and as such does not include the 4th small piece. staples. as well as hand drilled portholes. The plain Dice Turret costs $5. The video on the Dice Turret's website shows all different sizes of dice going through it just fine. Drittal’s USS New Yotk had won this year’s forumini Olympic challenge for best custom miniature. I received my Dice Turret in the mail today.thediceturret. sealed in a piece of cardboard folded in half and taped closed. that the 4th piece was merely a decorative covering for the dice tray. as do "standard" dice you find in board games and such. for ease of transport. However.

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