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Anjar Trilaksono Kelas : 12 PSIA 3 No The Ancient Universe One ancient eastern legend said that the world was flat, and rested on the backs of four elephant. The elephants all stood on an even bigger serpent. And the serpent floated on the surface of endless ocean. In ancient India, people also believed that the earth was flat and stood on twelve enormous pillars. Each night, after crossing the sky, the sun disappeared under the earth. The ancient Egyptians believed that the universe was shaped like a long, rectangular box. At each corner, the sky was held up by huge pillars. Between the pillars ran long mountain chains, and at the foot of the mountains there was a sacred river. Great boats carried the god of sun and all the other gods, sailing endlessly round the rectangular universe on the river. The ancient Chinese thought when the moon passed between the earth and the sun, causing an eclipse. They believed that if everyone made a lot of noise, the dragon would leave the sun alone. And of course, it always did. 1. What is the genre of the text? A. Narrative B. Recount C. Descriptive D. Spoof E. Anecdote 2. What is the social function of the text? A. To describe universe B. To entertain the readers C. To retell a series of past events D. To inform the readers about a legend E. To share an amusing incident 3. What carried the god of sun and all other gods? A. Bigger serpent B. Great elephant C. So narrow boats : 15

Satisfy .. The moon passed between the earth and the sun D. They passed between the earth and the sun 6.. The world was smooth and level C.. The moon is between the earth and the sun Text 2 The morning we have very tiring day at school. They had to sacrifice something E. he found the room was dirty and 9..for being late.. The strong angels 4. The universe was shaped like a long rectangular box E. Staring at me. What did the ancient eastern legend say about the universe? A.... 8. 7.. They kept silent B.. They had to be noisy C.... The world is fun B.... The ancient Chinese thought that an eclipse happened when. Unfortunately.... The earth passed between the moon and the sun E. A..... He was angry at me..... What did people have to do to make the dragon leave the sun? A. They carried the gods see many things done carelessly.. Very large boats E.. he asked my 10.. The moon and the earth passed the sun C.. I came late to the classroom and my teacher saw me. I said that I missed the bus and I was trapped in a traffic jam during the way.D.... A. The earth stood on twelve enormous pillars 5.. Our teacher was very 7. The sun passed the earth and the moon B. The world rested on the backs of four serpents D.he got into the classroom. ...

C. C. Up set D. A. After Before Since But 9.B. E. B. C. D. A. A. E. When B. Tidy Messy Neat Clean Cozy 10. Friend Problems Difficulty Excuse Cases . B. Worried C. D. E. D. Sad 8. Glad E.

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