How I found the edge of PHI first: I remember hearing on the radio that scientists had calculated PI to its

end. It was one of those moments where you see something invented and say: "I thought of that". The difference is in how we arrived at the same conclusion. WE dont have the luxury of quantum computers or huge mainframes running thermonuclear cores. Nothing created by a humanoid can possibly matc I found the old piece of graph paper, circa 2002 where I sketched it up. I scanned it and placed it in this document.

I got the idea from looking at the franklin magic square, which is not a true magic square. The franklin magic square interested me because it is comprised of the numbers 1 through 64. Thirteen is in fact a lucky number. Its the number nine that is unlucky. This is another crabtree's foil moment. Just because most people think the number 9 is lucky does not make it so. We have several examples of cultures that agree one a very simple proposition, that the number nine is unlucky and lo and behold. They all had knowlege of base 2, base 10 and base 60. Occams razor fails because the proposition: "When you hear galloping think

horses not zebras". Well, there are no horses in south-east asia. Think water buffalo. In africa you think zebra's. In tibet you think yak's. This kind of elementary school logic still exists in adults even today. The same logic tells us that "Pink is not a color". Pink is a color. Its not a primary color. Primary colors, taught ostensibly in primary school are gross contexts. "Pink is light red" cannot be formulated with the gross contexts of simpleton computational logic and so it is "not logical". It matters not. Pink exists. Its a color, and its "light red". A rose by any other name.... If you notice the center number is 13. You realize that this pandiagnal magic square hints that it should be thusly repeatead in 8 directions. Indicated by the arrows. 8 in chinese means Omnidirectional. This means the rectilinear and equalinear exist in different spacial terms. We have the ordinary north-south-east-west and a seperate set of protocols the diagnols. We have two different things going on with two seperate sets of equivalent protocols (up-down vs. Diagnol), a "topological complex analogue of an ellipsoidal, prolated spheroid and torus". Real magic squares are toruses meaning the edges connect to the center. This defines liminocentricity. The center and the boundary are connected. Yet, the edge of the heluo and the diagnols, which are broken yin lines, do not exist inside in the ordinary sense. They exist outside. Think compartmentalization. They are adjacent and "displaced" from the three dimentional. The fourth dimension of mantra's is Yantra. A yantra is quite simply a four dimensional structure rendered to two dimensions, but the medium is usually one dimensional. A so-called oriental rug. Theoretically these are not simply compass directions of ordinary magnetism. A person with a brain in their head knows which way is up. And down. After you repeat the diagram in 8 directions, I ran out of room on my graph paper and it was a moot point. Whats OUTSIDE the graph repeated in 8 directions? 13. The magic donut. Whats inside a donut? Nothing. Air. Whats outside the donut? Nothing. Air. Whats between the spaces of the atoms of the donut? Nothing. Air. The number 13 in base 2 is (1,0,3). In Base 10 it is (1,10,3) 10 is read as "One zero) and 100 would be (1, 100, 3)

100 would be read as (Two zeros). The mathematical method of finding the "end" of pi is liken to counting the bumps on a track on a record until you fall off the edge. Or from the edge to the hole in the middle. Something I am adding now as I finish this up as I just got around to cropping the edges from my graph off on another computer (Thank you very little windows 8). I will cover this more extensivly on the subject of the elements, dimensions and the anti-entropy and anti-thermodynamic themes required for usage of the information. The element "Air" is not space. The point that extends to form a line illustrates a few things. Briefly, it is extension that we must focus our attention on. For extension is the formal opposite of nothing. Or should we say, at this stage, extension is the opposite of nothing, which is space. Where is this space that we are extending in? Why can we only extend so far as a cube in this space? I'll deal with this later on. What you must understand is with our "topological complex analogue of an ellipsoidal, prolated spheroid and torus" is that the donut exists inside an encapsulation and outside that encapsulation is something slightly different than what is inside. Not so much a universe-within-a-universe but a megaverse-containing-anmniverse-containing-a-universe. Those who know their salt know that I am alluding to the decimal point and the zero. I have found the "end of phi" not by calculating or rote memorization but simple common sense. Phi has an end, and the number repeated is 13 over and over and over which to some people should be quite spooky. If we were take the shape of air which is a circle, and we were to change it to a square the shape for earth we can begin to understand the situation. If we are to pixelate something we can arrange these pixels in various configurations at higher dimensions of special representation, such as the 5th dimension and yet, these pixels will always arrange themselves to reassemble the original form exactly in the lower dimension(s). Our original point is simply the frame-of-reference of "spacetime" which is not the fourth dimension. The ancient chinese (and others) symbolized spacetime as the zero dimension. Why is the number unlucky and primeval? Is it not obvious? The number nine represents a dog chasing its own tail. The western mind. Calculation and computation.

In technical terms: Wood declines in the 9th branch (Shen) the 9th star is the tail of the big dipper, and the 9th branch counteracts the 3rd branch. The number that "comes after" nine is 10. 10 "sounds" like death. Not the death of 4 but in the context of the above "after death". Something wilting, something dying and something being mourned. These are different processes with an outcome but the outcome death, has things occuring after the fact. The number 13 is comprised of 1, 0 and 3. The binary tree of 1 and 0 to the power of 6 forms all the combinations of 1 and 0 forming a triangle (3).

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