Historic Italy Press Conference: Whistleblowers Kevin Annett and Francesco Zanardi together for the first time

in Italy to expose Vatican Crimes
Kevin Annett, nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, will travel to Savona to meet with renowned speaker Francesco Zanardi for a historic press conference on May 23 to expose global child trafficking scheme, abuse and assassinations committed by the Vatican worldwide.

SAVONA, ITALY - Kevin Annett, who has led a twenty year campaign denouncing the trafficking of children committed by the Vatican State (otherwise known as the Catholic Church) and has filed claims against this criminal organization and other churches, will be present in a historic Thursday May 23 Press Conference at 11 a.m. at Savona, Italy, in the Librería UBIK Savona (Corso Italy 116 r Savona, 17100 Tel: 0198386659).

Last month, Kevin Annett has been nominated fo the Nobel Peace Prize by U.S. and Canadian academics "in honor of his tireless efforts on behalf of children and other victims of crimes against humanity". During the past weeks, as part of his job as Secretary of the International Tribunal of the crimes of the Church and the State (ITCCS), Kevin is in Europe-wide tour to unite victims of the violence committed by the Catholic Church. In addition, Kevin has organized protests outside the Vatican since October 2 009 together with victims of abuse of priests and nuns. In February of this year, Mr. Annett also participated in organizing the global event to bring the former Pope, Benedict XVI, to justice before the International Common Law Court of Justice and other officials of the Catholic Church.

This week’s historic event is one long in the making. A meeting strongly desired by Kevin Annett and the official spokesman f or Rete L' abuse, Francesco Zanardi, who for years have been at the forefront of this movement fighting for human rights.

It is the first time that the two will come together with the purpose of uniting forces to denounce crimes against humanity c ommitted by the Vatican, and to continue a line of ongoing positive collaboration that has been achieve from abroad up until today.

Francesco Zanardi is an activist that has dealt with fighting for human rights for over 13 years. In 2008, he founded the Italian Foundation known as Rette L' abuse, to speak out against clergy abuse in Italy. Among his non-violent, peaceful initiatives, in 2009 Zanardi initiated Italy’s first -ever hunger strike against the Vatican, to fight for both civil rights and the rights of pedophile priest victims, lasting for 35 days and ending in front of the Embassy of the Vatican State in Rome, for denying rights to the homosexuals, women, and children.

In 2010, Zanardi became notorious for uncovering the scandal of paedophiles priests and the atrocities committed by the clerg y in Italy. He caught international attention, as well as Italy-wide since the Italian population blindly believed these scandals had only occurred abroad and not in the homeland of the Vatican.

In 2011, Zanardi further makes a pilgrimage journey of 570 miles, walking from Savona to Rome, protesting the silence and cover up by the Catholic Church - the organization guilty of never taking concrete steps to stop the rampant phenomenon of pedophile priests in Europe, much less in Italy. Once Francesco arrived at Vatican as spokesman of Italian victims, then-Pope Benedict XVI refused to receive him. For the first time in Italian history, Zanardi managed to get Italian justice to investigate the Roma n Catholic Diocese of Savona in 2012, where the judges verified documents that show the systematic crimes of the catholic bishops, covering up pedophile priests, just like these criminals did in the United States. In 2013, in collaboration with America’s SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) organization, Zanardi denounced the Bishops participating in the conclave to elect the new Pope, for covering up pedophilia. Zanardi denounced Italian Bishops and initiated a worldwide petition which gathered over 15,000 signa tures supporting the fact that in this conclave there were many representatives unworthy of participating for the crimes they have committed, and when he arrived at the Vatican to hand in this historic petition, Vatica n police stopped him brutally. They released him after several hours but the Vatican refused to remove these cardinals from participating, denied the exclusion of the Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, despite the thousands of signatures presented. Francesco Zanardi’s Rete L' Abuse Foundation is the only real organization in Italian territory actively combatting this canc er, the cancer of clergy pedophilia, and for this reason they have been the one and only entity in Italy to interview the famous and accredited journalist Silvia Luzi for producing a documentary exposing Vatican Crimes in Italy which will be broadcast all around the world this upcoming June but unfortunately, in Italy nobody can see it. It is censored to the Italian public.

For more information contact Kevin Annett at hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com or www.itccs.org, and local Italy contacts: retelabuso@gmail.com , www.retelabuso.com www.francescozanardi.org

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