Over the course of the past 2 weeks, I have developed an understanding of the Quaker Nutri-Poha market.

I have become familiar with the distribution channel and terminologies related to Modern Trade. In the past 1 week (April 22nd to April 27th), I visited 111 stores across Gurgaon, South Delhi, West Delhi and Faridabad. Through my market visits, I came across the following observations: Out of 111 stores, 17 stores did not have the product range listed. These include SRS Value Bazaar and Spencer’s in Faridabad, Big Apple and More in Malviya Nagar to name a few. Out of the listed stores (94 stores), 10.64% stores were stocked out of FMH where as 22.34% had a balanced mix of all the variants. It was found that HS Poha is not available in 57.45% stores, GC Poha was not available in 39.36% stores, HS Upma was not available in 15.96% stores and OT Upma was not available in 39.36% stores. In around 80% stores, the latest stock of HS Upma was dated Dec-January whereas for HS Poha, the latest stock was dated between March-April. According to store managers, both the variants of Poha are more in demand compared to Upma. Reasons contributing to stock out of the variants - In a few of the SAMTs, the products were out of stock due to irregular supply. Also, these SAMTs keep a low MBQ. In 24/7 Convenience Store and Easy Day, the stock is not available in their central warehouse itself. Strong demand of the products also leads to stock out. Geographical Findings  Majority of the stores in West Delhi have Upma and are stocked out of Poha. The store managers are upset with irregular supply.  In South Delhi, no issues with supply. There is more demand of Poha than Upma. Quaker Poha-Upma is not listed in big stores like ‘More’ and ‘Big Apple’. HS Poha is out of stock in over 60% stores visited in this region.  Gurgaon - 47 stores covered. Reliance Fresh across Gurgaon stocked out of OT Upma. 50% of the stores are stocked out on both OT Upma and HS Poha. Poha and Upma are preferred equally.  In Faridabad, over 50% of the stores don’t have the products listed or the products are out of stock. This region needs immediate attention.

Learning from the internship so far

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quality and the fact that it is very convenient to cook. all the three are really happy with the product. One respondent is a repeater of both Upma and Poha and the other two were aware non-triers. Two of the three respondents would prefer smaller packs priced in the range Rs10-15. I also attended 3 depth interviews. They love the product’s taste. According to the respondents.In the past week. Two of the three respondents suggested that more dehydrated vegetables should be added within the Upma packs. Overall. they will definitely start buying the product. Learning from the internship so far Page 2 . They said that if the consumers get to taste the product. The repeater of the products suggested that the poha should be thick so that lumps are not formed. the product might not be doing well in the market because the advertisements are not being able to generate familiarity among consumers.

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