Culture Values Pakistani Culture International Trade Theories 1. Mercantilism 2. Absolute Advantage 3. Comparative advantage 4.

Product Life-Cycle 5. New trade theory 6. National competitive advantage a. Factors adornments b. Demand conditions
c. Related and supporting industries d. Firm strategy, structure & rivalry

WTO and Pakistan Foreign Direct Investment Flow of FDI Stock of FDI Out Flow In Flow Cost and Benefits of FDI Levels of Economic Integration Regional Eco Integration Costumers Union Common Market Economic Union Political Unit Third world Debt Rescheduling of Debt Entry Modes to do International Business Big Projects Joint Venture Franchising Holy Subsidies Licensing Agreements International Strategic Management MVOST

e. MVOST f. Org Structure Instruments of International Trade Tariffs Specific Tariffs Ad Valorem Tariffs Subsidy Import Quotas VER Local Content Requirements Anti-Dumping Policy Administrator Policies Protecting Jobs & Industries National Security Issues Retaliation Protecting Consumers Furthering Foreign Policy Objectives Protecting Human rights

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