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3D Game The story (tutorial) should begin with a small boy (the player) being taught by his father

the ways of hunting and surviving. At the end of the tutorial, the father gets killed and now the boy has grown up and must kill for survival. Scene 1 Scene 1 should start out in a small town that is located in the wilderness on the edge of a large fishing lake. There should be an introduction video clip that tells some information about the town that is narrated and the text version of the narration will appear in the form of subtitles. The script should say the following: Nazareth is a small town located in the wilderness and only consists of a few thousand people. The citizens of Nazareth rely primarily on farming and fishing to survive. The townspeople are tormented on a regular basis by wild animals such as wolves and bears that enter their town and attack the townspeople. These wild animals make it difficult for the townspeople to lead normal lives because they live in a constant state of fear. (At this time there should be a video of the town being attacked, but then Sagar fights the wild animals off and they retreat into the wilderness). There is one man who goes by the name of Sagar The Great who protects the towns people from all of the wild animals. However, the townspeople are worried because recently the frequency of the attacks have been increasing and Sagar The Great has been having a difficult time protecting all of the citizens. Recently a small boy was eaten by a wolf because Sagar did not have any help. Luckily, Sagar has a son who is being trained by Sagar to become a great warrior. His name is Drake and he is the only hope that the townspeople have for protecting their village. (He should be shown watching his father fight off the animals). Sagar must also do this for survival because he knows that if he cannot protect the village farmers then the entire town will starve! Scene 2 Now that the wild animals have retreated into the wilderness the boys father explains to him that he is getting old and that the boy must learn to defend the village on his own. The boys father tells him that they will begin training immediately. It is the night time and the scene ends with the boy and his father retreating to their cottage to go to bed. Scene 3 - Bow and Arrow Training Scene This should be the scene where the boy learns how to use a bow and arrow from his father while hunting animals. Scene 4 - Knife Training Scene This should be the scene where the boy learns how to use a knife from his father while hunting animals. Scene 5 - Gun Training Scene This should be the scene where the boy learns how to use guns such as pistols, snipers, and rifles

from his father while hunting animals. At the end of this theme, the father dies and the boy must learn to fend for himself.

Characters: - please suggest some characters ayan 1. Boy: Drake 2. Father: Sagar 3. Village Elder: Chief 4. Village Doctor: Doctor Ross (male) 5. Village nurse 1: Nurse Ethica (female) 6. Village Nurse 2: Nurse Emily (female) 7. Townsperson 1: Do not name them, refer to them as townsperson 8. Townsperson 2: 9. Townsperson 3: 10. Small Boy 1: Refer to them as small boy 11. Small Boy 2: 12. Small Boy 3: 13. Small Girl 1: Refer to them as small girl 14. Small Girl 2: 15. Small Girl 3: Wild Animals: 1. Wolf (15 points/kill) Unlocks after 600 points: 2. Bear (20 points/kill) - Unlocks after 1000 points: 3. Bat (2 points/kill): 4. Gayal (3 points/kill): 5. Tiger (23 points/kill) Unlocks after 400 points: 6. Rhino (18 points/kill) Unlocks after 50 points:

7. Lion (25 points/kill) Unlocks after 100 points: 8. Snow Leopard (22 points/kill) Unlocks after 300 points: 9. Boar (15 points/kill) Unlocks after 80 points: 10. Coyote (20 points/kill) Unlocks after 50 points: 11. Deer (8 points/kill): 12. Cougars (23 points/kill) Unlocks after 800 points: 13. Eagles (6 points/kill): 14. Snake (2 points/kill): 15. Crow (1 point/kill): Harmless, just flies around 16. Monkey (5 points/kill): Harmless, steals supplies rarely 17. Yeti (30 points/kill) Unlocks after 10,000 points: Extremely dangerous and very intelligent Skills/Attacking Methods 1. Bow and Arrow 2. Knife 3. Guns: Pistol, Rifle, Sniper Notes: 1. Do not be afraid to use some violent words in the scenes.

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