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Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW : 1882 - 1962), Saturday 8 June 1895, page 6

stopped. Finally, pretty long chase in the paddook and by the river, the mysterious light vanished, and was seen that no more night.


they stood

still, it a





after leading them





excited mnob of a ghost. appearanoe named Some years ago, a man Vickery, a who had in his possession large sum of is alleged to have left one Singleton money, at Bulga, and to have night for his home been seen for the last time when going down to the river near Fawcett's paddocks. He reached home, and his disappearance never is altogether up to the present moment unaccounted for. Since Viokery vanished of strange lights there have been rumors apparitions about the locality in which he It is Baid that a well last seen alive. was resident, known while walking along the road one evening in the gloaming, overtook, thought, and ho a personal friend, as he tapped this supposed friend on the shoulder, only to find that his hand met no resistance, but went through something unsubstantial. he tried to The wraith or form, which vanished. touch, immediately During the or laBt month two it is asserted that strange lights have been seen hovering about in a paddock near the spot which is said to be and these their lights make haunted, at 8.85 p.m. appearance

The town the supposed

of Singleton


A party of over 100 people, on horse and out on Monday foot and in buggies, were night. They watched for a long time, saw and most of them to nothing, returned who remained later assert, a few but town, however, that thev aeain saw the mvaterious


last, a party of six or including Mr. Flayford and his son seven, and Mr. Moran, employees at the railway station, went for the light. to watch At the hour expected, a light suddenly mad* its appearance in a paddock nearly opposite first the light the cemetery. When seen, size about the which would be emitted was fram a hand lantern, but different from that in appearance, being thin and diffused, It was a a without very definite centre. little above ground, and moved towards the party of watchers, apparently without the After it had travelled aid of human agency. within 100 yards or so of the observers, it to The stopped. watchers then began " will light, o' the a when regular approach the ohase commenced. As the wisp" pursuers approaohed the light, which had gained considerably in size, it began to retreat at a rate exactly regulated to the of the followers. If they ran, it movements quickly, and kept pace with moved very If they walked, it went at a slower them. if it stood rate


Friday night


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