Queensland Country Life (Qld.

: 1900 - 1954), Thursday 10 December 1953, page 16




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than half a century, people of been Boulia district have intrigued and mystified by that strange phenomenon, Min the mysterious "Min It has Light." the legend of stations become from Warenda to Mafcunda has sent cold Downs, and a shivers down man's spine, besides many of cattle. It stampeding travelling mobs derives its name from the fact that it first its appearance made in the vicinity of the

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tike ahuge bait of-fIre which lights up the plains across for miles, it races the downs at a jspeed of hour. 30 to 40 miles an Despite all explanations as its origin, no to satisfac tory conclusions have been its reached as to appear and disappearance. ance the Some opinion it hold is a kind of night bird or phosphorus that travels at certain periods, as It Is for months. Then not seen suddenly it appears in all
its glory.

pub, from the Middleton and in leaving .his son of charge the waggons, walked up to the pub. On arriving back at midnight the' boy was missing. Dad began to shout his name
a nervous a



two Luck nbw Station qt a set of jdards. fire miles south of I the station where de -of livered a raob sheep that day. It has the power to on direction, as the change I was occasion second watching a mob of cattle bore and Makunda at about midnight it appeared racing straight for the bul expecting the locks. I was I have
seen on





'tarpaulin said: "Here I am dad" matter, "What's the son?" be asked. "I've seen the light, dad. It taoed over the waggons. too, broke gone, Bluey's bush." his chain and went light was Min The Min intriguing an mystery to so remains then, and this day. under

as worst, their on

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slowly and ringing, bellowing In their state, when nervous sud It veered to the denly were south. The bullocks restless of for a couple hours, then settled down to




chased it on car. horseback and One unfortunate chap crashed Into a fence, his falling and horse breaking his leg. In his time he was reputed to have chased it quites a few times on horseback and although he reassure timid would people as to its harmless he' regarded It with ness, suspicion and.caution as, Hen
have foot, he thought he often when was closing on it, It would suddenly behind appear him. carrier of A well-known horse the team days coiiple a of miles camped pub, from the Middleton

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