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DTEK establishes trading company

Gloucester awards $350 M Duralie coal contract

TEK has formed DTEK Trading Ltd, to undertake its coal trading operations. DTEKs coal is currently consumed by thermal power plants, coking and chemical plants and steel mills in Ukraine, as well as being exported to power plants in Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Lebanon. The current surplus of

coal in Ukraine provides an incentive for DTEK to be proactive in the export markets. DTEKs coal meets international standards calorific value 6,000 kcal/kg and sulphur content below 1%. By the end of this year, the company plans to have exported about 1 Mt of coal, compared with 160,000 t in 2008.

loucester Coal has awarded a new contract which allows for the extension of mining at the Duralie site, NSW, Australia. The $350 M, seven year mining contract was awarded to the existing contractor, Leighton Mining, who will conduct planning, surface mining operations, maintenance and site rehabilitation work at the

Duralie mine. Gloucester Coal CEO Mr Barry Tudor said, the Duralie mine is an open-cut coal operation producing around 1.8 Mt of high quality coking and thermal coal each year. This exciting project continues to underpin Gloucester Coals long term mining operations within the Gloucester Basin.

German filter elements for the Asian market

rckner Holding Gesmbh and the Seebach GmbH formed the joint venture Brckner Seebach Filter Solutions India Pvt Ltd with head office in Pune, India. The joint venture will produce filter elements with Seebachs production methods for the Asian

market in the sectors of polymer production, oil production and refinement, general industry and mining. Within its sales and service organisation Brckner will be responsible for the sale of those products for Brckner, Barmag and Cellier Film lines worldwide.

Shrikrishna Amlekar, general manager of Brckner Seebach Filter Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (right) , Uwe P. Thnniss, general manager of Brckner Servtec GmbH and Dr Thomas Grimm-Bosbach, general manager of Seebach GmbH (left), at the official inauguration ceremony.

Wyoming open pit coal mine expands ActiveMine wireless Wi-Fi network

ctive Control Technology Inc has received a second ActiveMine purchase order by a Wyoming open pit coal mine. The mine, which deployed an ActiveMine wireless Wi-Fi network earlier this year, will expand its network coverage area with additional wireless Wi-Fi nodes and other equipment. The customer, who has requested that its name and value of the transaction not be
Coal International July/August 2009

disclosed, seeks additional network coverage to support productivityenhancing applications, to be deployed over the coming months. Planned applications include systems to monitor heavy machinery diagnostics and production. The customer is also looking to use ActiveMine to support a sediment management system. A key feature driving the new purchase order is ActiveMines open standards-based

network, which enables the deployment of a wide array of new and existing IP-based mine applications and protects the original investment by enabling future applications as they are developed. The opportunity for Active Control will be in providing 3D-Ps Intelligent Endpoints for numerous units of equipment. While the US MINER Act is the immediate value driver for ActiveMine sales to underground coal mines today, data

applications are the key long-term value driver for our network in both surface and underground environments, the company said. The operating area of the Wyoming mine is approximately 14 miles (22 km) in length. Like most surface mines, it requires a lower density of ActiveMine wireless nodes compared with underground mines because of the greater range of above-ground nodes.