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Integrity Stimulus Plan Introduction
A Transpartisan Master Plan for Solving America’s Problems and Establishing the United States as the World’s Integrity Leader
Money is not the root of all evil. Confusion about what creates life fulfillment is. Power doesn’t corrupt. Distortions about what creates life fulfillment does. A misguided quest for life fulfillment has compromised our economy, our constitution, our wellbeing as individual citizens, our relationships with one another, and much more. An economic stimulus plan means little without an integrity stimulus plan that re-connects the dots between integrity, life fulfillment, profitability and social responsibility. The Integrity Stimulus Plan is a common-sense blueprint showing everyday people to world leaders how to re-connect those dots. For our own sakes, for our relationships and for our communities. The Integrity Stimulus Plan is transpartisan: because its principles are being embraced across the entire political spectrum, this plan can mend our political and cultural divide. The Integrity Stimulus Plan is interfaith: it does not tell you what religious or spiritual beliefs to hold. But, neither does it support the illusion of moral relativism. Instead, it articulates a core set of universal ethics compatible with all of the world's major religious, spiritual and secular paths. The Integrity Stimulus Plan includes five key interconnected themes: life fulfillment, health, money, citizenship and problem-solving. Theme 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Life Fulfillment Health Money Citizenship Problem-Solving The Problem
Today’s problems were created by separating life fulfillment & integrity Health care will remain unaffordable as long as it over-focuses on illness management and under-focuses on preventive and optimal health Our financial meltdown was created by greed & severely over-using debt Self-serving people have subverted “America’s Mission Statement” Over-using coercion & compromise, and indulging political polarization & ideological fanaticism, stops sustainable solutions from emerging

The Solution
The life fulfillment formula natural developers use A comprehensive cost-effective approach to health, including illness prevention, optimal health, illness management and restorative health Focus on creating financial sustainability and “enoughness” The U.S. Constitution’s framework for patriotism & social responsibility The problem-solving method of choice for couples, communities, politics and international relations is synergy, not coercion or compromise

This Integrity Stimulus Plan overview document summarizes each of these five ingredients and includes an Integrity Pledge Creator. You CAN help bring about the change we REALLY need. Please send this Integrity Stimulus Plan introduction to everyone you know. For the complete Integrity Stimulus Plan, including “Other Ways to Spread the Word,” corporate sponsorship opportunities and much more, go to
Integrity Stimulus Plan Summary  Full details at  © 2009 Dr. David Gruder

Integrity Stimulus Plan Summary
A Master Plan for Reconnecting Integrity, Life Fulfillment, Abundance, & Social Responsibility

Life Fulfillment Integrity

Health Integrity

Money Integrity

Citizen Integrity

ProblemSolving Integrity

The Five Ingredients (Full details at
Ingredient The Problem
Pursuing a faulty life fulfillment formula is the root cause source of today’s problems: Life Fulfillment = Wealth + Lifestyle… …Where attaining wealth + lifestyle requires sacrificing integrity, people and social responsibility. Even though pursuing wealth and a desired lifestyle are wonderful goals, they are not what creates sustainable life fulfillment. Despite the highest health care costs in the world, health in the U.S. is among the worst in the industrialized world. The key causes: 1. Conventional medicine’s largest profit centers are illness management (surgery and prescription medications), not illness prevention & optimal/restorative health. 2. Food production is largely focused on health-damaging foods generating the highest demand and the greatest profits. 3. Business profitability has too often been at the expense of environmental stewardship and employee wellbeing. Our economic collapse was created by two false money formulas that distorted our sense of “financial enoughness:” 1. Addiction to the false life fulfillment formula (described in ingredient #1 above) by stakeholders and executives resulted in reckless pursuit of short term profits at the expense of integrity, people, social responsibility and longterm sustainability. 2. Debtism replaced Capitalism: Debtism is an unsustainable economic strategy in which an uncertain future is far too extensively borrowed against in order to create the illusion of profitability in the present. We have looked to money to provide us with far more happiness than it can buy.

The Solution
Integrity-centered life fulfillment is attained through fulfilling our three core drives: 1. Authenticity: Being who you truly are – this translates into self-integrity. 2. Connection: Bonding with others – this translates into relationship integrity. 3. Impact: Positively influencing the world around you – this translates into societal integrity. Comprehensive health is much more than integrating mind, body and spirit. It includes: 1. Illness Prevention: Daily exercise, sufficient sleep, environmental health, food health and energy system health. 2. Optimal Health: Nutritional supplements, health-supporting relationships, work-life balance and passion, and proper life experience digestion. 3. Illness Management: Conventional medicine, through providing surgery and drugs. 4. Health Restoration: Integrative healing approaches focusing on restoring health. Restore orientation to financial “enoughness:” Individuals: Pursue a lifestyle that supports building financial independence and doesn’t rely on consumer debt (beyond a financially responsible home loan, car payments and education loans). Businesses: Generate profits by providing socially responsible goods & services in environmentally sustainable ways. Principle-driven leadership and purpose-driven staff development inspires maximum productivity, loyalty and integrity. Government: Balance the budget and eliminate debt. Reward integrity-centered businesses and citizen income generation. Don’t run projects that the private sector can implement more costeffectively. Regulate as little as is necessary to protect the common good. Maximize utilization of tax revenues through sound business practices.

Life Fulfillment



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America’s Mission Statement (the U.S. Constitution’s preamble) established a government that is a servant to its citizens and that is charged with governing at the intersection of preserving individual freedom and promoting the common good. Disregarding America’s Mission Statement has caused citizens, businesses and politicians to become narcissistic and politically polarized. Citizens too often defy America’s Mission Statement through “learned helplessness” and through believing they are entitled to freedom and privileges without having to be self-sufficient and socially responsible. Businesses too often defy America’s Mission Statement through believing they are entitled to maximum profits with minimum social responsibility (this is self-serving greed). Special interests too often defy America’s Mission Statement by pursuing their own self-serving agendas or ideological convictions without regard for their impact on others and society. Politicians too often perpetuate polarizing partisan politics instead of serving America’s Mission Statement. Of the three problem-solving styles that exist, coercion is used most often, compromise is used when coercion doesn’t work and synergy is rarely used. Coercion is most useful when containment is necessary in emergency situations or when dealing with a genuine threat to safety or security that is not responsive to negotiations. The price of coercion is short term containment at the expense of long-term resentment. Compromise is most useful as a backup plan when the best-facilitated efforts at synergy fail. Even the most successful compromises have two costs: symptom control rather than root cause solutions, and everyone feeling equally ripped off by their agreements. Synergy is rarely used as a problem-solving strategy, let alone as the first choice strategy it needs to be. This is because the ‘price’ of synergy is that it takes time, new skills and excellent facilitation to use. Synergy also requires a willingness to see beyond our own preconceptions, and this tends to feel threatening to ideologues and other special interests.

True patriotism is not merely saluting the flag or loving your country. It is living in integrity with America’s Mission Statement, day in and day out. Freesponsible Citizens: End entitlement attitudes. Maximize work productivity and health. Stop tolerating political polarization and special interests. Assume responsibility as an activist requiring businesses and government to function in integrity with America’s Mission Statement. Freesponsible Businesses: Embrace being a good corporate citizen by committing to the triple bottom line of profitability as described in the Economic Integrity section in ingredient #3 (profitably providing socially responsible goods and services in environmentally sustainable ways by enhancing employee job fulfillment. Freesponsible Politicians: Create legislation and policies that align with America’s Mission Statement rather erode it. Freesponsible Bureaucrats: Government employees remember that their job is to serve citizens not make life more difficult for them. They excel at customer service, remembering that serving citizens is a sacred trust, not an entitlement to do as little as possible until retirement. Synergy is:  The solution to political polarization, ideological coercion, and compromises that temporarily control symptoms instead of resolving a problem’s root causes.  The only problem-solving strategy capable of creating sustainable solutions to complex problems in an interconnected world. Synergy requires co-creating creative solutions based on co-discovering a more complete understanding of an issue than any one personal or party has. It requires willingness to discover a more complete picture than any one person or party sees. This willingness depends upon humility, discernment, and creativity: 1. Humility: Understanding that no one person or party accurately sees the complete picture and that each party is more attuned to parts of that picture than other parties might be. 2. Discernment: Finding the honorable core intentions beneath proposed solutions or rigid positions so a complete picture of the issue is revealed. 3. Creativity: Building solutions that connect the dots between each party’s core intention.

Problem Solving

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Integrity Pledge Creator (Your Personal Integrity Stimulus Plan)
My Master Plan for Reconnecting Integrity, Life Fulfillment, Abundance, & Social Responsibility

Name: ______________________________________ Date: __________

Life Fulfillment Integrity

Health Integrity

Money Integrity

Citizen Integrity

ProblemSolving Integrity

Specific Actions I Have Selected as Part of My Pledge
(See next page for instructions and for full details)


To Become the Change I Will...
(Select one action for each ingredient)

To Impact My World I Will...
(Select one action for each ingredient )

Integrity with Your Three Core Drives

Integrity with Optimal Health

Integrity with Sustainable Abundance (Enoughness)

Integrity with Being Freesponsible

Integrity with SynergyCentered Problem Solving

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Instructions for Creating Your Integrity Pledge Integrity Pledge Overview
 The Integrity Pledge is your personal commitment to embody in your life the Integrity Stimulus Plan principles ( Your Pledge lists what you will do for yourself and in the world to reconnect the dots between integrity, life fulfillment, love, abundance, social responsibility, and leadership. Your Integrity Pledge includes two forms of action: 1) Becoming the change you want to see in the world by embodying the Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredients; and 2) Impacting your world by bringing the people and organizations you can influence into alignment with the Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredients. What to Select: The actions you include in your Integrity Pledge are up to you. No one can or should try to do everything. Limit your selections to one “becoming the change” action and one “impacting your world” action for each Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient. Trust that as each of us takes inner and outer action with the changes we feel most passionate about, we will collectively have positive impact on everything needing change.

Becoming the Change You Want to See in the World (Being a Role-Model)
1. Review the Integrity Stimulus Plan: After each Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient description at you are invited to answer some questions about your relationship to that ingredient (in the “Becoming the Change” section). You are then shown how to select one action you will take to become the change you want to see in the world regarding that Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient. For each of the five Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredients, transfer into the corresponding box in your Integrity Pledge Creator the “Becoming the Change” action you select.


Impacting Your Corner of the World by Facilitating Integrity in Others
1. Review the Integrity Stimulus Plan: After each Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient description at you are invited to select one action category you are most passionate about having impact (in the “Impacting Your World” section). You then select one action you are most drawn to take in that action category in order to have impact in the world regarding that Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient. For each of the five Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredients, transfer to the corresponding box on your Integrity Pledge Creator the “Impacting Your World” action you selected. Here is a summary of the list of Action Categories you will select from (the specific wording varies somewhat for each of the five Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredients)…  Family: Select one change you will make in your family’s priorities and/or in how you will have positive impact on the children in your family, regarding this Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient.

2. 3.

 Media: Select one media outlet you will lobby regarding this Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient, and one   
action you will take with that outlet, such as writing letters to the editor, writing articles, contacting show producers to suggest a program theme, calling in to talk shows, etc. Schools: Select one school in your community (from elementary through graduate school), or that you work at, or that you are otherwise connected with, to lobby about the importance of educating students in this Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient. Community, Social or Religious Organizations: Select an organization you are affiliated with and get it to provide to its members, those it serves and/or the broader community, programs educating people about this Integrity Stimulus Plan ingredient. Businesses: Select a business you are connected with as an owner, executive, employee, vendor, stakeholder or customer, to provide staff development regarding this aspect of the Integrity Stimulus Plan and/or to sponsor community education programs as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. take a more active leadership role in promoting this aspect of the Integrity Stimulus Plan. Or appear before a government body of your choice to get them to do this as a group.

 Government: Select a representative to your local, regional and national government and get him/her to  Internet: Select an internet pipeline through which you will promote awareness about this aspect of the 
Integrity Stimulus Plan, such as e-mailing people you know, providing information on your website, blogging on other websites, posting on social networking sites to which you belong, etc.). Other: You specify.

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