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May 21 2013

Second Letter URGENT

REF: G4S COMPASS HOUSING CONTRACT Dear Mr Howcroft Further to my letter sent via the permanent secretary last week I note that I have not yet had the courtesy of a reply. In light of very recent information about G4S and Serco double billing the ministry of justice for the electronic monitoring contract, it seems to me that an urgent response is now required from to the concerns I raised in my last letter. I note that the Secretary of State has taken this issue so seriously that the ministry of justice have called in Price Waterhouse Coopers to investigate. Clearly, this compounds the concerns I previously brought to your attention and legitimises my request that you either rescind the contract forthwith or take urgent and public measures to enforce the terms of the contract, including punitive clauses, to ensure that you can maintain public confidence in the process. Today the social cohesion manager for G4S Yorkshire and the north east, Duncan Wells has resigned and the company is descending into utter chaos. Information has come to light this afternoon about the relationships between G4s and its landlords which are deteriorating with 1500 properties involved and over 100 jobs at risk in the subcontracting firms. Apparently the two subcontractors claim to be owed over £1m each and G4S is threatening to take ‘in house’ all housing workers on new contracts whilst keeping the two companies simply as letting agencies. You cannot allow this situation to continue unchecked, people will lose their homes. Unless I hear from you within 14 days that you are actually taking steps to protect public assets and people's homes, I will place the matter before the Administrative Court for the purpose of a judicial review. Please note that I will have no difficulty affirming standing. If the home office does not agree to this we will seek this decision to be considered under judicial review. I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency Regards Farah Damji Kazuri Properties CiC

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