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Multi Agency
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Arrangements in

2006 - 2007

Foreword 2

Introduction 3

Key Achievements 4

How the MAPPA Operate Locally 9

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Business Plan 2007-2008 20

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 1

1 Foreword

These are the sixth MAPPA annual reports, personal relationship and who has regular
and the first with a foreword by the Ministry unsupervised access to their child. If that
of Justice. I want, first of all, to underline person has convictions for child sex offences
the Government’s continued commitment to and the child is at risk, there will be a
these arrangements. Protecting the public presumption that the offences will be
from dangerous offenders is a core aim for disclosed to the parent.
the new Department. Just as the
effectiveness of MAPPA locally depends on Secondly, as MAPPA has developed over the
the quality of working relationships, we will past 6 years, best practice models have
work with the Home Office, the Police, and been identified which show that specific
others, to develop the best possible roles and approaches are required to ensure
framework within which the MAPPA can it is managed effectively. We are committed
operate. to strengthening MAPPA arrangements and
ensuring that robust performance
On 13 June, the Government published a management is in place. To achieve this, we
Review of the Protection of Children from intend to introduce new national standards,
Sex Offenders. This sets out a programme which will ensure a consistent approach
of actions which include developing the use across Areas and we will be making
of drug treatment for sex offenders and available £1.2 million to support Areas in
piloting the use of compulsory polygraph implementing the standards.
testing as a risk management tool,
enhancements to the regime operating at We aim to do everything that can
Approved Premises, and also a range of reasonably be done to protect people from
actions impacting directly upon the way the known, dangerous offenders. We know that
MAPPA work. I want to highlight two of there is always room for improvement. I
them here. commend this annual report to you as an
indication of the commitment, skills and
Firstly, research tells us that the achievements of the professionals, and lay
arrangements are already used successfully advisers, in managing and monitoring this
to disclose information about dangerous essential, often difficult area of business.
offenders but we think this can be improved
upon. MAPPA agencies will be required to
consider disclosure in every case. We will
pilot a scheme where parents will be able to
register a child-protection interest in a Maria Eagle MP
named individual with whom they have a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 2

2 Introduction

While it will never be possible to eliminate Victim Liaison Unit, so that the needs and
the risk of re-offending entirely, the Multi concerns of victims are always given
Agency Public Protection Arrangements paramount consideration.
(MAPPA) in Luton and Bedfordshire
continue to develop, with greater Collaboration this year has also embraced
collaboration both between the three working with the newly established Child
agencies at the forefront of this work in Exploitation and Online Protection centre,
Bedfordshire – police, probation, and the CEOP. This central government agency
prison service – and with our partner which specialises in tracking sex offenders
agencies. The Arrangements ensure that nationally and internationally has provided
the management of the highest risk Luton and Bedfordshire with a wealth of
offenders is given the highest priority. operational and intelligence expertise which
has been an invaluable resource in
April 2006 saw the creation of the overseeing and monitoring those child sex
probation service Public Protection Team offenders who pose the greatest risk.
which manages the small number of cases
assessed to be high risk. Staff work Violent and sexual offences are crimes that
intensively with the offenders and with hugely affect the lives of victims and their
other agencies to ensure that the best families, and raise deep concerns in local
possible protection measures are in place to communities. Only a very small proportion
safeguard the public. This specialist of the total number of offenders dealt with
probation team is co-located with the in Bedfordshire pose a risk that merits
Bedfordshire Police Sex Offender referral to the MAPPA panels, but the
Management Team to ensure closer liaison Arrangements continue to ensure that
and constant vigilance. Both teams also protection of the public is given the highest
work alongside the Bedfordshire Probation priority.

Gillian Parker Ian Blakeman Linda Hennigan

Chief Constable Acting Governor Chief Officer
Bedfordshire Police Bedford Prison National Probation Service
HM Prison Service Bedfordshire

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 3

3 Key Achievements

MAPPA has continued to be underpinned in Luton and

Bedfordshire by a clear commitment of agencies and staff at
all levels to share information about offenders both formally
at regular review meetings (called Panel meetings), and
informally as necessary.
The co-location of the MAPPA co-ordinator VISOR & the Police Sex Offender
and administrator with the Probation Victim Management Team
Liaison Unit and the Police Sex Offender VISOR (Violent and Sex Offenders Register)
Management Team continues to facilitate has been operating in Bedfordshire since
regular – often daily – information 2004 and is a police computerised national
exchange, so that information sharing is intelligence database that records all
often immediate. The last 12 months in the offenders on the Sex Offender Register. The
life of MAPPA in Bedfordshire has been a Bedfordshire Police Sex Offender
busy one, with many challenges and Management Team (SOMT) is co-located
developments, examples of which are with the MAPPA Public Protection Team and
outlined below. the Bedfordshire Probation Victim Liaison
The Probation
Public Protection Team VISOR is used to manage all registered sex
Bedfordshire Probation Area has a county- offenders locally through home visits and
wide Public Protection Team (PPT) which the development of risk management plans,
was created in April 2006. This team and nationally when offenders move
managed a small number of cases which between police force areas. At present
have been assessed to be “high risk” VISOR is a police-based database, but an
offenders, and they work intensively with implementation timetable is being
these offenders and with other agencies developed so that the probation service and
that need to be involved in protecting the the prison service will also have access to
public. Additionally, the PPT has access to VISOR in the future.
the services of a trainee forensic
psychologist who can assist in providing Involvement with CEOP
more detailed assessments and treatment The Child Exploitation and Online Protection
plans for such offenders. This work often centre, CEOP, has been working with
starts while the offender is still in prison, so Bedfordshire MAPPA on a pilot basis, for the
that on release there are already plans in last six months.
place for the continuation of treatment, or
attendance at a suitable programme.

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 4

Key Achievements - Continued

This newly established central government Approved Premises

agency specialises in tracking sex offenders (Probation Hostels)
nationally and internationally. CEOP works Approved Premises, formerly known as
with the MAPPA Strategic Management probation hostels, provide accommodation
Board and with the MAPPA operational together with a structured programme of
panels to assist in overseeing Level Three supervision and monitoring, activities which
child sex offenders. are aimed at changing the behaviour of the
residents and providing enhanced public
CEOP has proved immensely valuable to the protection. Probation hostels provide
MAPPA, as it provides staff with very high accommodation combined with strict
levels of specialist operational and supervision for offenders. This is far safer
intelligence expertise, which are unlikely to and more effective than allowing potentially
be available to all local police forces, and it high risk people to live unsupported in the
has access to intelligence resources community, and this residential supervision
nationwide. is carried out by the probation service in
close co-operation with police.
Bedfordshire has therefore been able to
access expertise in providing intelligence In January 2007, Bedford Approved
and information regarding several high risk Premises became an all female facility for
cases which has helped to build up a profile the East of England region. The change is
of an offender and their behaviour and one of the measures being taken to meet
lifestyle, which is often key to ensuring concerns about the number of women
better risk management and protection of being sent to prison, which has increased
the public. (See Case Studies section for an over the last decade, and is expected to
example.) continue rising in line with an increase in
the number of women dealt with by the

Statistics show that two thirds of women

prisoners enter custody on remand – but
more than half of them go on to receive a
non-custodial sentence, and research by the
Prison Reform Trust has indicated that
women are often remanded in custody
because of a failure of support within the

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 5

Key Achievements - Continued

In addition, a recent Home Office survey As a consequence of this decision, the

showed that 38% of women prisoners had MAPPA Strategic Management Board wrote
no suitable accommodation on release, and a letter to the Home Office Minister to
31% of women prisoners who rented or express their concern at the management
owned property before custody had lost it difficulties such a decision would cause.
while in prison. Whilst the Minister’s office was sympathetic
to our difficulties, it was made clear that
The changes in accommodation at Bedford due consideration had to be given to public
Hostel are therefore designed to address perceptions and opinion, to try to strike a
these issues, and the hostel will be serving difficult balance.
the six counties within the East of England
region, as well as taking referrals from It should be noted that since the last
further afield. MAPPA annual report, no residents within
Approved Premises in Bedfordshire have
Luton Approved Premises continues to been charged with serious further offences.
provide a structured environment for a
small group of male offenders who benefit
from the 24 hour supervision and oversight
provided by staff. As the result of a decision
made by the Home Office in 2006, a new
restriction to the admission of offenders at
the Luton premises was introduced, so that
no offender convicted of a sexual offence
against a child under the age of 16 could
be admitted there.

As Luton is in close proximity to a nursery,

the hostel had operated its own, locally
agreed admission restriction for many years,
ensuring that no offenders who may have
posed a risk to that age group of children
were admitted. This extension of the
restriction, with limited time for
implementation, caused the area some
difficulties in securing suitable supervised
accommodation for such offenders locally,
thus becoming dependent on other
Approved Premises for assistance.

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 6

Key Achievements - Continued

New Developments: updates the assessment and, in

Bedfordshire Police consultation with a prison-based colleague,
Bedfordshire Police has recently prepares a detailed sentence plan.
incorporated the Sex Offender Management
Team into its newly formed force-wide The plan sets out action that needs to be
Public Protection Unit (PPU) so that it now taken during the course of the prison
benefits from an enlarged management sentence, to address the offender’s
team headed by a Detective Chief Inspector. behaviour and to protect the public in the
This, together with an increase in dedicated future. This may involve a range of
staffing resources in the Sex Offender interventions - for example, the prisoner
Management Team, provides more support may attend an Offending Behaviour
to team members and will benefit the Programme and participate in activities
MAPPA through faster, easier access to aimed at improving skills. This work will
other police resources to assist in risk continue under the supervision of the
management plans on a case by case basis. probation service when the offender is
released on licence.
New Developments:
End to End Offender Management A key benefit of this approach is that the
Offenders who come under MAPPA offender manager has oversight of the
arrangements within Bedfordshire and are offender whilst in custody and on release,
currently serving prison sentences of 12 enabling a continuum of supervision,
months or more are included in the target support and monitoring from the beginning
group for what is known as Offender of the sentence at court, through prison,
Management: Phase 2, or ‘end to end’ and to the final expiry of the sentence in
offender management. This means that the the community.
offender has the same Offender Manager
(probation officer) responsible for his or her Future developments: Circles of Support
supervision throughout the entire sentence, The Strategic Management Board and
ensuring continuity between experience in Bedfordshire Probation Area are very
prison and what happens after release. committed to implementing “Circles of
Support and Accountability”, and members
The involvement of the offender manager of the Strategic Management Board have
(probation officer) will usually start before been working to identify funding that will
sentence, with a thorough assessment of enable a “Circle” to be established locally
the offender, his or her needs, and the risks within the next 12 months.
to the public. Details are presented to the This will represent a valuable addition to
court in the form of a probation report.
After sentence, the offender manager

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 7

Key Achievements - Continued

the work of the MAPPA locally, as these oversight and monitoring of the offender’s
“Circles” provide a close knit support behaviour, which assists the supervising
network. Their volunteers work with an probation officer to ensure that they are
offender who may be identified as keeping to the terms of their licence or
especially vulnerable to re-offending, but court order.
who is living within the community. An
offender may be very isolated, for example, Bedfordshire is represented on the National
so that this small group of volunteers, who Implementation Steering Group by the
are fully briefed about the nature of the Public Protection Team Manager, which has
offender’s previous behaviour, can work enabled the Bedfordshire MAPPA to keep
closely with the individual to give them abreast of national developments in this
support and encouragement in their area.
attempts to resettle into the community.
The volunteers also provide some extra

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 8

4 How the MAPPA
Operate Locally

On average the operational MAPPA panels meet in Luton

and in Bedford on a weekly basis. The former serves Luton
and South Bedfordshire, while the latter covers the rest of
the county.
All meetings are chaired by the MAPPA Co- The aim of the panel meeting is to provide
ordinator, a Senior Probation Officer, and a confidential forum for information to be
each agency is represented either via a exchanged about the offender, their
standing member or by invitation when an progress, and what measures are in place
agency is involved in a specific case. The for the protection of the victim, if this is
MAPPA Co-ordinator’s post is one which is needed.
currently jointly funded by both police and
the probation area locally. Each discussion ensures that up to date
information is exchanged across all
agencies, and suitable adaptations made to
the risk management plan so that the
public is protected in a sustained and
ongoing way.

Meetings will also identify any positive

developments which will help to plan for
the offender’s future supervision. The case
studies below illustrate the ways in which
the panels work in Bedfordshire, and the
close collaboration between all agencies.

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 9

How the MAPPA Operate Locally - Continued

CASE STUDY ONE: A violent offender

A 39 year old man was due to be released from prison having served a lengthy custodial
sentence for a violent offence. He had assaulted a neighbour as a result of an ongoing dispute
between his family and the neighbours. The offence involved the use of a weapon, and the
neighbour had effectively been held hostage in her own home for a considerable period of time.

The man’s mood at the time of the offence had been very depressed, and he was diagnosed as
having a severe personality disorder which was not treatable by the mental health services
(assessments had been undertaken at sentence and during the course of the prison sentence,
and there were plans to assess him again on release from prison).

Risk Assessment
The panel assessed that there was a risk to the neighbour and her family on release. The
offender had attempted to send threatening letters to the victim and her family whilst in prison
which had been intercepted by prison security staff, and passed to police. They were not
sufficiently explicit to lead to further charges, but provided the panel with information regarding
the offender’s state of mind and intentions towards the victim.

Risk Management
The court had imposed a 10 year Restriction Order prohibiting the offender from contacting the
victim. The probation service Victim Liaison Officer had worked closely with the victim previously
and with a housing association, to enable the victim and her family to move to a new location,
which was highlighted on police systems. The offender was to be released from prison on a post
custody licence that barred him from contact with the victim and her family. He was required to
live in an Approved Premises (probation hostel) and to report to staff during the day at various
times to give hostel staff the opportunity to monitor his mood during the course of each day.

The offender complied fully with the terms of his licence for the majority of its term and showed
no signs of wishing to find the victim or her family. However, while the panel had asked him to
look for suitable accommodation before the end of his licence, he made no attempt to do so,
and his mood began to become increasingly strange. He was assessed again by mental health
services but was again diagnosed as having an untreatable personality disorder. As a
consequence of his moods he became involved in a conflict with another hostel resident and was
recalled to prison. The process of assessment and monitoring will begin again when he is
released on licence in the future.

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 10

How the MAPPA Operate Locally - Continued

CASE STUDY TWO: Sex offences against children

A 42 year old man with a history of committing sex offences abroad was serving a UK
prison sentence for fraud. He had no convictions for sex offences in Britain and was
facing possible deportation. There were concerns he would commit further offences
against children as he had openly stated to prison staff that he saw nothing wrong in
sexual activity with children. Given his extensive contacts with known sex offenders
abroad there were concerns that he would immediately abscond from the UK if he was
not deported, and continue to commit offences against children.

Risk Assessment
The risk assessment concluded the offender would try to get access to children of any
age to commit sexual offences regardless of the country to which he was released, and
the panel had initially very limited experience of dealing with foreign authorities.

Risk Management
The panel decided to refer the case to the newly established central government agency
CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) which specialises in tracking sex
offenders internationally. CEOP were able to alert authorities in four countries that the
offender might arrive, and ensure that the offender would be registered and tracked by
the relevant authorities. If the offender was to stay in Britain, the MAPPA panel had
arranged for him to be monitored closely by police because of concerns that he would
leave prison and immediately go missing. Contingency plans were drawn up, which
included sending him directly to an Approved Premises (probation hostel) so that he
could be supervised closely.

The offender was deported and placed on the sex offender register in that country.
CEOP then reported that he had tried to make contact with a vulnerable family to
obtain access to a child but had been stopped by the authorities as a direct consequence
of the information that had been passed to them from Britain.

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 11

How the MAPPA Operate Locally - Continued

CASE STUDY THREE: Sex offences against an adult

A 54 year old male had committed a series of daytime rapes on adult female strangers,
which were linked to consumption of alcohol. The offences took place over a number of
years, and the offender had been sent to prison on each occasion, but within weeks of
leaving custody had committed similar offences.

Risk assessment
Although the offender had completed the prison sex offender programmes from which
he received good reports, he was untested in the community. Given his history, the
panel was concerned that he might repeat his offences, despite the progress made in
addressing his behaviour while in custody.

Risk Management
When the panel was first involved in the case, the offender was being considered for
release on parole. The panel recommended that release was not supported prior to the
offender being given a series of temporary releases to an Approved Premises (probation
hostel) where he could prove he was able to resist consuming alcohol, and demonstrate
that he was able to put into practice the methods he had learned from completing
courses in custody.

The panel proposed that release would be supported if these temporary releases were
successful. The release from custody would be to a Probation Hostel. There would be
conditions on the post custody licence to comply with random breathalyser tests and it
would be made clear to the offender that any failure to pass these tests would result in
recall to custody.

The offender was not released as the Parole Board agreed that, given his history of
offending soon after release, he needed a year of temporary releases to test his resolve.
Subsequently he was released on three occasions for 48 hour periods and has passed a
breathalyser test on each occasions. Police have been made aware of his temporary
release, and he is required to report to probation hostel staff every two hours. If he
continues to progress it is expected that he will be release on a post custody licence
within the next year to a probation hostel, when similar conditions will apply.

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 12

How the MAPPA Operate Locally - Continued

CASE STUDY FOUR: Dealing with a young offender

A 17 year old youth returned to the local area having previously been in local authority
care, where he assaulted his four year old brother and attacked another youth and
stabbed him with a knife. With an extensive history of assaults against social workers
and staff, he was extremely intimidating to professionals, and threatened to attack his
worker from the Youth Offending Team, and to burn down the Youth Offending Team

Risk Assessment
He was assessed by the panel as a high risk to staff and members of the public, and as a
child protection risk to his brother.

Risk Management
The offender had absconded from court and was wanted by police for the assault with
a knife. All professionals who had dealt with him over a number of years attended a
MAPPA meeting, and the police were able to compile a number of possible addresses to
search in order to find him.

Child protection proceedings had started but the main concern was that the offender,
while on the run from police, would return home and his brother would be at risk.
Arrangements were made for the family to call the police if he appeared. All
professionals involved in the case were advised to call the police if he contacted them or
attended their office. Police intended to block any bail application at court once he was

One of the addresses provided at the MAPPA meeting led police to arrest the offender.
Bail was refused, and he then received a lengthy custodial sentence for Grievous Bodily
Harm. He remains in custody and will be referred to the MAPPA on release. It is likely
that, as a young adult, he will be sent to a probation hostel, and conditions will be
attached to his release forbidding any contact with his brother or the victim of the
assault. Child protection proceedings can be restarted on release, should this be

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 13

5 Statistical Information

There remains a consistent number of registered sex

offenders (RSOs) in the community compared to the figures
reported in 2005/06.

In terms of the MAPPA cases themselves, the figures highlight an increase in the numbers of
offenders convicted for offences of violence who are managed at Level 2, since last year’s
report. Locally, this appears to be linked to the implementation of the Home Office policy
regarding sex offender admittance to Approved Premises (probation hostels) as referred to in
Section 3 of this report. As referrals for offenders convicted of sexual offending have
reduced, Approved Premises places will now be allocated to other offenders who have been
convicted of different types of offences.


i. The number of registered sex offenders living in Bedfordshire on 31 March 2007 323

ia. The number of RSOs per 100,000 head of population 70

ib. The number of RSOs within each Basic Command Unit (BCU)
North Beds 232
Central Luton 91

ii. The number of sex offenders having a registration requirement who were either
cautioned or convicted for breaches of the requirement, between 1 April 2006
and 31 March 2007 6

iii. The number of a) Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOPOs) applied for a) 0
(b) interim SOPOs granted and c) full SOPOs imposed by the courts between b) 0
1 April 2006 and 31 March 2007 c) 30

iv. The number of a) Notification Orders applied for (b) interim Notification Orders a) 1
granted and c) full Notification Orders imposed by the courts between b) 0
1 April 2006 and 31 March 2007 c) 1

v. The number of Foreign Travel Orders a) applied for and b) imposed by the courts a) 0
between 1 April 2006 and 31 March 2007 b) 0

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 14

Statistical Information - Continued


vi. The number of violent and other sexual offenders (as defined by Section 327
[3], [4] and [5]) of the Criminal Justice Act 2003) living in the Area between
1 April 2006 and 31 March 2007 128

vii. The number of “other offenders” as defined by Section 325 (2)(b) of the
Criminal Justice Act (2003) between 1 April 2006 and 31 March 2007 3


viii. The number of MAPPA offenders in each of the three LEVEL 3 LEVEL 2
categories managed through Level 3 and through local RSO 8 34
inter-agency risk management (Level 2) between V&O 10 65
1 April 2006 and 31 March 2007 Other 0 3

ix. Of the cases managed at Levels 3 or 2 between 1 April 2006 and

31 March 2007, the number managed who:
a) Were returned to custody for a breach of licence 4 27
b) Returned to custody for a breach of a restraining order or
sexual offences prevention order 0 0
c) Charged with a serious sexual or violent offence 1 0

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 15

6 Strategic Management

The Strategic Management Board (SMB) continues to meet

on a quarterly basis, and is co-chaired by Probation and
Police senior managers.

A sub-group of the SMB has been created At each quarterly meeting of the SMB,
within the last 12 months, whose role is to members are given statistical information by
provide an audit and performance function the MAPPA co-ordinator on the number of
for the cases being managed through the offenders managed under the MAPPA
MAPPA process. process, and how many are managed at
Level 2 or Level 3. Further information
This is intended to assess the effectiveness sharing links have been developed with the
of the multi-agency contribution to the risk Regional Offender Manager’s office this
management of individual offenders, and to year, and statistics will be provided to them
make specific recommendations of change to give an up-to-date picture of offenders in
where appropriate. The sub-group will also Bedfordshire and Luton. The Regional
undertake its own review of any individual Offender Manager also plans to attend a
case where an offender being managed MAPPA operational panel meeting in the
within the MAPPA process has been near future, to see Bedfordshire panel
charged with committing a serious offence. meetings in action.
The aim of audits such as these is to help all
agencies to improve their practice in
managing these offenders, reviewing the
way in which agencies have worked ❛❛ In the past Bedford Prison considered
together, and identifying good practice itself isolated in the management of risk
which can be shared across other posed by some of our more dangerous
practitioners and agencies. offenders... In 2003 the Prison Service
became part of the Responsible Authority
Members of the SMB and representatives
for MAPPA and now sit on the Strategic
from several core agencies have also been
able to take advantage of training offered Management Board.
to them over the last 12 months, to assist in We have, over a relatively short period of
providing further understanding of the work
time, managed to forge links with other
of the MAPPA, and ensuring that they are
agencies... Ongoing intelligence is now
better informed when assessing cases and
working within the sub-group as described
more readily available to MAPPA panels. ❜❜

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 16

Strategic Management Board - Continued

Working in partnership
Bedfordshire SMB has forged many strategic
links with other agencies and structures to
❛❛ The arrangements between the MAPPA
and Luton Youth Offending Service continue
strengthen its work and information sharing
to work well. All Youth Offending Service
across the area. The SMB provides updates
staff are aware of risk of serious harm issues,
on its progress and MAPPA developments
via the attendance of one of the co-chairs and are proactive in using the MAPPA in
at strategic meetings of the two Local appropriate cases. Level 2 panels are held at
Safeguarding Children Boards, to ensure this the Youth Offending Service office, chaired
link remains consistent and active. Over the by the Deputy Head of Service in co-
next 12 months, the SMB will seek to operation with the MAPPA Coordinator;
further develop and enhance this link, with while Level 3 panels are managed by the
presentations to the LSCB planned, and the
MAPPA Coordinator. These positive working
possible develo pment of a link on the LSCB
relationships help to successfully protect the
website to the work of MAPPA in
Bedfordshire. people of Luton. ❜❜


Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 17

Strategic Management Board - Continued

Bedfordshire continues to benefit from assurance functions properly. It also serves

advice and contributions from the Lay to provide a more in-depth understanding
Advisors; who not only attend SMB and awareness of the complexity of the
meetings, but have also visited and work being undertaken by those within the
observed panel meetings to better inform MAPPA operational panels.
them of the work of the operational MAPPA
panels, and some of the cases being A small group of SMB representatives
managed. attended the regional East of England
conference on MAPPA and its developments
Over the last 12 months, both Lay Advisors in March 2007. One of the Bedfordshire Lay
spent a day reviewing a case in depth. Advisors provided an account to the
Although not managed within the MAPPA conference of her own experiences of being
process at the time of the offence, it was a involved in the MAPPA process as a member
very complex case, with considerable (25 of the SMB, and her ideas for the
years) multi-agency knowledge and input, development of the role in the future. Over
and would become a MAPPA managed case the next 12 months, the SMB anticipates a
after the offender was sentenced. revision of the national MAPPA guidance,
which will outline further developments for
Such detailed analysis of cases is essential if the Lay Advisor role, amongst other
the SMB is to fulfil its audit and quality changes.

❛❛ Prisoners can be returned to Bedford Prison towards the end of their sentence,
making the instigation of release plans more acceptable to prisoner and overseeing
authority. Specific risk assessments can be formulated and put into operation at the
time of release thus helping to reduce the risk posed to the general public. So we now
have joined up working. We will continue to work together with our partners and self
evaluate past experiences, hoping to improve and progress better working practices in
the protection of the public. ❜❜

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 18

7 Contact

Bedfordshire Probation Area Address Phone

Lis Pace Bedfordshire Probation Area 01234 213541

Director of Operations Head Office 3 St Peter’s Street
Bedford MK40 2PN

Chris DeSouza Bedfordshire Probation Area 01234 213541

MAPPA Co-ordinator Head Office 3 St Peter’s Street
Bedford MK40 2PN

Bedfordshire Police Address Phone

Debbie Simpson Bedfordshire Police 01234 842343

Detective Chief Superintendent Police Headquarters Woburn Road
Bedford MK43 9AX

Force Co-ordinator Sex & Dangerous Offenders Unit 01234 842356

Bedfordshire Police
Police Headquarters
Woburn Road
Bedford MK43 9AX

HM Prison Bedford Address Phone

Peter Clarke HMP Bedford 01234 373011

Head of Custody St Loyes
Bedford MK40 1HG

Dave Midlane HMP Bedford 01234 373195

Public Protection Officer St Loyes
Bedford MK40 1HG

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 19

8 Bedfordshire Area Business Plan 2007-2008

1. MAPPA Development Strategy

Objectives Delivery Plan Milestones Resource Outcome Progress
a) To implement SMB to produce Publication of To be identified Implementation
new draft implementation new guidelines of new
guidelines plan within guidelines
three months of
publication of
new guidelines

b) To ensure •1 Continue to Publication of Co-ordinator Analysis of

MAPPA Co- evaluate the new guidelines resourcing
ordination & workload and (date as yet implications of
Administration resources match unknown) any policy
capacity is change
•2 SMB to fund SMB identify
capable of
any identified dedicated
adapting to new
gap in resource. funding to
developments in
support Co-
national policy
ordinator role if
more resource is

b) Full Comply with Deployment of SMB to ensure Full access to

implementation national VISOR to co- resources VISOR for all
of VISOR use by guidelines for ordinators available to Co- MAPPA team
MAPPA team deployment of ordinator to members and
VISOR across effectively increased access
probation areas populate and to Offender
and MAPPA use VISOR Managers

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 20

Bedfordshire Area Business Plan 2007-2008 - Continued

2. Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy

Objectives Delivery Plan Milestones Resource Outcome Progress

• Publish Probation lead August 2007 Probation PR Increased public

Annual Report agency assisted officer, Lay awareness of
supported by by DTC agencies advisors MAPPA locally
lay advisors

• to monitor Quarterly report Sept 2007 Co-ordinator •1 Improved

attendance at to include and attendance
all level 2/3 attendance administrator. at level 2/3
meetings figures SMB members meetings
to hold their
agencies to
account for

• To audit Development of Oct 2007 Co-ordinator Specific

MAPPA cases audit criteria and sub group recommen-
biannually and an agreed of SMB dations on
against agreed process for audit individual cases
audit criteria. of cases audited and
overall improved
management of
MAPPA cases
and inform
selection of
specific targets.

• 1 to Ahead of October 2007 SMB members Improved

development of National agreed MAPPA
multi-agency performance performance
public indicators SMB against selected
protection to agree three indicators and
performance performance overall quality
indicators indicators for improvement.
07-08 and
indicators not
produced in

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 21

Bedfordshire Area Business Plan 2007-2008 - Continued

3. Communication & Strategic Partnerships Strategy

Objectives Delivery Plan Milestones Resource Outcome Progress
a) The RA sub group to Sept 2007 RA /Probation Public
Responsible monitor PR/ Police PR confidence
Authority for effectiveness of agenda
MAPPA to current enhanced
revise current communication through
communication Strategy and publication and
strategy. revise where engagement
required. with media of
MAPPA annual
reports and of
local press

b) Integration of RA sub group to April 08 RA sub-group Integration of

MAPPA annual review Agency MAPPA business
business plan Business Plans plan with
into RA agency and propose Agency Plans.
business plans possible
objectives to
incorporate into
RA agency
business plans
for 2007 -2008
e) Clear Incorporation July 2007 RA Consistent
statement of of this dissemination of
commitment of commitment information to
SMB and into key operational
operational communication MAPPA leaders
staff to attend strategy for responsible
national authority,
conferences and Lay Advisors
disseminate and duty to
good practice in co-operate
their agencies agencies

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 22

Bedfordshire Area Business Plan 2007-2008 - Continued

4. Training Strategy
Objectives Delivery Plan Milestones Resource Outcome Progress
a) To update Briefing sessions Within three Co-ordinator Implementation
SMB agencies for all agencies months of of new
on new publication of guidelines
guidelines guidelines

b) Attend Co-ordinator to April 2008 MAPPA Co-

National MAPPA attend national ordinators and
Co-ordinators conference: SMB SMB members
conference and members to informed of best
regional MAPPA attend regional practice and
conference conference improve local
aware of
that support

c) Training Probation Chair April 2007 SMB to agree Improved

Strategy and Co- training budget knowledge and
including : ordinator to for MAPPA skills of all
devise training MAPPA staff at
• An introduction
plan for 2007- strategic and
to the audit
2008 operational
process and
criteria for SMB
involved in audit

• Implications
of any
National policy

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007 PAGE 23

Published 2007 by Bedfordshire Probation Area • 3 St Peters Street • Bedford MK40 2PN

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Bedfordshire 2006–2007