Friday, May 17, 2013

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K a m l o o p s , B . C The third annual edition of a national conference on atheism and rationality is featuring a well-known Canadian star of stage and screen who is bucking the associations many have with his on-screen persona. William B. Davis, known for his roles on the popular paranormal series’ The X-Files and Continuum, will be giving a talk at Imagine No Religion 3 that will take place in Kamloops, May 17-19. The conference, now in its third year, boasts an impressive list of speakers who will be talking about the social, political, and economic consequences of irrationality and faith-based policy-making for Canada and the world. Davis’ talk is entitled “Living with Belief: From rural Ontario to the X-Files,” and documents his personal and professional journey to atheism and skepticism. While Davis’ inclusion in the roster may seem a surprise to the uninitiated, fans of the actor and skepticism, have long been aware of his passion for all things skeptical and rational. “I’ve long been a ‘skeptic’, and I’ve always been very forthcoming about that. Being an actor on paranormal shows and a skeptic are not exclusive states of being,” explains Davis when asked about how fans view his involvement with organizations like the Center for Inquiry, “In fact, the fans of X-Files and Continuum tend to be extremely intelligent people who have a firm grasp on the importance of skepticism and critical thought.” The actor has been extremely vocal about his concerns regarding the importance of rationality when it comes to policy-making generally, and climate change, specifically. “These are serious issues we’re facing. We tend to think that issues of faith or irrationality-based policy-making are more an issue down South, but there are just as pertinent here at home in Canada. I really can’t understate how important it is that we approach these issues with the highest level of critical assessment and rationality possible. Politicians have been exploiting the tiniest bit of scientific uncertainty to justify inaction, and we’re paying a serious price for that.”

Imagine No Religion 3 is open to the public with registration details available on their website: For more information on William B. Davis and his recently penned memoir, Where There’s Smoke…Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, visit

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