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Local arrangements in the Cambridgeshire area began

with a pilot project in Peterborough in September 1997
to set up Dangerous Offender Conferences between
the local Senior Probation Officer and the Detective
Inspector for the Divisional Intelligence Unit at which
offenders who had committed serious sexual or violent
offences could be discussed. The conferences were
also attended by Probation Officers who had
supervisory responsibility for working with such
offenders and by the local Police Officer responsible for
the Registration of Sex Offenders under the Sex
Offenders Act 1997. The success of this pilot project
led to similar regular conferences being introduced on a
county wide basis under a protocol agreed between the
Cambridgeshire Probation Service and the
Cambridgeshire Constabulary in September 1998. With
the advent of the new statutory duty these Dangerous
Offender Conferences were officially redesignated as
“MAPPPs” (Multi Agency Public Protection Panels) and
the initial protocols between Police and Probation have
been replicated with other agencies so that Social
Services, Youth Offending Teams, Health Services and
a range of Housing authorities and providers are now
also involved. These protocols set out local
arrangements for the assessment and management of
sex offenders and other potentially dangerous
offenders and this document will give further details of
those arrangements.

In January 2002 a document was Hereward Housing Association Ltd

drawn up which sets out the Huntingdon Housing Partnership All the agencies who are parties to
arrangements for Multi-Agency Cambridgeshire Health Authority. the 2002 arrangements have agreed
Public Protection Panels in the area the need to identify potentially
served by the Cambridgeshire (The current restructuring of local dangerous offenders who come
Constabulary and the National NHS Trusts will lead to a review and within their remit. Moreover, all these
Probation Service, Cambridgeshire. transfer of the health protocols as Services recognize the need for
The current list of partners to this appropriate) effective multi-agency working,
arrangement is as follows: involving themselves and others, in
Protocols signed by the partnership managing the risk posed by
National Probation Service – agencies enable relevant staff from potentially dangerous offenders who
Cambridgeshire Area these agencies to attend where this may cause serious harm. The
Cambridgeshire Constabulary will assist the management of risk in parties recognize the need to work
Cambridgeshire Social Services a particular case. Police and within existing protocols and policies
Department Probation staff will always be for child protection and mental health
Peterborough Social Services present at every discussion and in and in particular have agreed that
Department the Peterborough meetings there is they will work to promote and
Peterborough Youth Offending Team already a consistent input from safeguard children’s interests as
Cambridgeshire Youth Offending Social Services and the City Housing required by the Children Act. The
Team Department. In the Cambridge parties recognize that the normal
Peterborough City Council Housing Division there has been a input on a rules of confidentiality may need to
Department case by case basis by staff from be overridden in order to protect the
Cambridge City Council Housing other agencies and further work to public in respect of potentially
Department identify the particular agency staff dangerous offenders. However any
East Cambridgeshire District Council who should either attend on a information exchanged will be
Housing Department regular basis, or be invited as the subject to strict control and remains
South Cambridgeshire District case circumstances dictate, is confidential between the agencies
Council Housing Department currently being undertaken by the unless agreed otherwise.
Fenland District Council Housing newly appointed MAPPP Manager
Department whose role is described below. This
Huntingdonshire District Council work is also being undertaken in the
Housing Department Mid-Cambs area.



In addition to the day to day work of practitioners, backed by agency exchange of information between the
police and probation services, as policies that set down the two agencies. The role of the
outlined in the Home Office report, parameters of confidentiality and MAPPP Manager is to coordinate
Cambridgeshire has developed multi disclosure. For the highest risk and manage the Multi Agency Public
agency arrangements so that, offenders there can be a referral by Protection Panels on behalf of the
whenever a joint or multi agency any agency to the MAPPP participating agencies. A regular
approach would improve public conferencing system. monthly meeting is held in each of
protection, Police, Probation and any the three police divisions, chaired by
other relevant agencies will share In Cambridgeshire the system is the MAPPP manager, who can also
information and develop joint action managed by a MAPPP Manager, call an emergency meeting at short
plans if necessary. Formal child who is a seconded Senior Probation notice if, for example, a dangerous
protection conferences have long Officer based at police headquarters offender is known to have moved
been one of the major ways that who took up appointment on March into the area. The MAPPP Manager
agencies come together in this kind 4 2002. The MAPPP Manager is a central point of reference for all
of work but there are a range of works alongside the Force Sex subscribing agencies and will ensure
informal contacts that build on the Offender Intelligence Officer so there that there is a consistent and
day to day networks of local can now be a particularly effective effective approach to the
management of individuals who are will identify who is to do what and in consultation with all parties
considered potentially dangerous. what time scale. The date of review concerned and in any case with the
will be set at the conclusion of the MAPPP manager.
The MAPPP manager holds a meeting and must never exceed
central register of registered three months (most offenders are In the case of very high risk
offenders and liaises with those reviewed more frequently.) offenders where there are significant
responsible for the Child Protection Decisions are recorded in written accommodation or victim concerns
Register and the Social Services minutes that are circulated to the on release, or where there is
database of Schedule One relevant parties and the main expected to be significant media
Offenders (Offenders convicted of agencies all have procedures for interest in the case, the MAPPP
offences against children.) At a making it clear on their individual manager will liaise with the
MAPPP meeting on an offender, recording systems when someone Dangerous Offender Unit of the
information will be shared and an has been registered to help inform Home Office which takes an interest
assessment of risk to individuals and any subsequent operational in the proposed arrangements under
the community, based on all the decisions. All are strictly bound by an “Early Warning” Scheme that has
information, will be made and a the confidentiality rules. Any action been in place since 1999.
decision reached as to registration. considered outside of the agreed
An action plan will be formulated and plan should only be conducted after



Initial arrangements for the creation East Cambridgeshire District d) approve the Annual Report.
and funding of the MAPPP manager Council Housing Department
post in Cambridgeshire have arisen South Cambridgeshire District A complaints procedure has been
through a joint Police and Probation Council Housing Department agreed in relation to process and
Initiative but in order to broaden the Fenland District Council Housing procedural issues, which will be
ownership of the arrangements a Department referred to the MAPPP Manager in
Steering Group has been Huntingdonshire District Council the first instance. Where the
established comprising Housing Department complaint is about the MAPPP
National Probation Service – Cambridgeshire Health Authority Manager this will be investigated by
Cambridgeshire Area Hereward Housing Association Ltd his or her line manager but if this
Cambridgeshire Constabulary Huntingdonshire Housing proves unsuccessful the case will be
Cambridgeshire Social Services Partnership referred to the Steering Group for
Department Nene Housing Society Limited resolution.
Peterborough Social Services
Department The Steering Group meets every The Steering Group will also ensure
Peterborough Youth Offending six months to: that a programme of training and
Team development is made available for
Cambridgeshire Youth Offending a) monitor the performance of all relevant members of subscribing
Team Multi-Agency Public agencies.
Peterborough City Council Protection Panels
Housing Departments b) identify and disseminate
Cambridge City Council Housing best practice ______________________________________
Department c) review the arrangements
The Cambridgeshire MAPPP offences was authorised to a through the prison system and use
meetings will consider the need for member of an offender’s family who made of pre-release conferencing to
disclosure according to existing had not been fully informed of the clearly establish the special
powers (see National document), nature of those offences. Disclosure conditions or other legal restrictions
and this discretion will be exercised was made to a number of publicans which can assist in reducing and
where necessary. Examples to date about a dangerous offender who had managing risk. Disclosure will be an
include specific disclosure to the a condition on his licence not to important element in the work of the
parents of a young boy identified as enter a public house so that MAPPP’s but is only one part of an
a potential target for a sex offender. information could be passed to the effective strategy which must also
In this case the parents were relevant authorities. make use of opportunities for police
informed of the sexual offences surveillance and monitoring activity
previously committed by the These examples of the work done by and the gathering of intelligence from
individual who had gained access to the MAPPP to identify and good inter-professional commun-
their home and Social Services were specifically address the risks posed ication and community contacts.
involved to assess the family’s ability by the individual are in addition to
to protect the child concerned. In the conditions on licences that are When an offender has been
another case there was concern often used by the Probation Service registered under the MAPPP system,
about the relationship between a in relation to preventing sex a decision must be taken as to
young woman in residential care offenders living or working with whether or not this may be disclosed
with learning difficulties and a children. This work will also be to the individual concerned. There is
potentially violent offender who might assisted by the increasing use of the a presumption that offenders will be
have been intending to contact her Sex Offender Order to bar sex informed of their registration unless
on release. Disclosure about the offenders from any kind of risky to do so will increase the risk that
situation was made to the Manager activity or course of conduct that they pose or otherwise act against
of the Project where she lived so that may lead to opportunities to reoffend the interests of public protection.
protection could be put in place for and by the use of Restraining Orders Each case is decided on an
her. Disclosures have been made to that can be imposed at the time of individual basis and information may
volunteer staff in a local project in conviction and which can last for be given either verbally or in writing
relation to the risks posed by a five years after release. as appropriate.
specific sex offender who was
thought to be likely to use their Under the MAPPP system offenders
services. A disclosure of sex will be more effectively tracked ______________________________________

that it would also inform the multi imprisonment - and to contact
In developing its response to the agency work, such as that done victims of offenders who are
new requirements for victim contact through the MAPPP system. In supervised by other areas, at their
also introduced by the Criminal many of these cases, particularly request. The Victim Contact
Justice and Court Services Act 2000, those that involve sexual offences Coordinator acts as the central
the Cambridgeshire Probation within the family, close liaison with contact point for liaison with other
Service decided that it would Social Services is of great Services and is also responsible for
continue to require the Supervising significance. continuing contact with victims where
Probation Officer to offer face-to-face other Services have responsibility for
contact to the victims of all those To deal with the increased volume of the offender. This addresses the
sentenced to 4 years or more. In work in other cases, a new post, of new statutory duty which requires
these cases, the most serious, it was Victim Contact Coordinator was the Probation Board in which the
felt that much would be gained by created from 1st April 2001 to offer victim lives (if different from the
continuing efforts to integrate the face-to-face contact primarily with Board responsible for the offender)
work with victims into the daily the victims of those sentenced to to notify the victims of release
experience of Probation staff and between one and four years conditions and pass relevant
information back to the Supervising between one and four years but 252a Lincoln Road, Millfield,
Board. again the figures show that the 85% Peterborough, PE1 2ND.
level was in fact exceeded in the Tel 01733 349897
A new data base has been second and third quarters of the
developed by the Cambridgeshire year.
Probation Service to keep victims’
details separate from those of Victim Support is the national charity
offenders and to ensure that their for people affected by crime. It is an
views and wishes as to future independent organisation, offering a
contact during the course of the free and confidential service,
perpetrators sentence are clearly whether or not a crime has been
recorded and acted upon. reported. Training staff and
The purpose of the Service's work volunteers at local branches offer
with victims continues to be to: information and support to victims,
witnesses, their families and friends.
• provide victims with general
information about criminal justice Victim Support provides the Witness
and custodial processes. Service, based in every criminal
court in England and Wales, to offer
• consult victims about whether assistance before, during and after a
they wish to provide information trial. You can also call the Victim
which may be relevant to the Support line 0845 30 30 900 – for
consideration of any information and support and details
requirements or licence of local services and other relevant
conditions placed upon the organisations.
offender on his release from
custody. Contact numbers for local victim
support services are as follows:
• consult victims about whether
they wish to be informed about
those licence conditions. LOCAL VICTIM SUPPORT
• transmit any such information
put forward by victims to the
The Bath House, Gwydir Street,
authority considering the
offender's conditions of release. Cambridge CB1 2LW.
Tel: 01223 329000
• inform the victim of any
conditions or requirements ELY & DISTRICT VICTIM
attached to the offender's SUPPORT
release which are relevant to 41 Fore Hill, Ely, Cambridge
contact with the victim or his CB7 4AA.
family, and any other Tel: 01353 666641
The Probation Service has been set March Business Centre, Old School
targets for contacting the victims of Buildings, Dartford Road, March,
relevant crimes within eight weeks of PE15 8AN.
sentence. For 2001 – 2002 the target Tel: 01354 658231
set was that 85 % of the victims of
those sentenced to four years or HUNTINGDON VICTIM SUPPORT
more should be contacted within P.O. Box 99, Huntingdon, PE17 3PL
eight weeks. Cambridgeshire has Tel: 01480 417600
met that target in the second and
third quarters of the year. There was PETERBOROUGH VICTIM
no target set in relation to contact SUPPORT
with victims of those sentenced to
7. STATISTICAL INFORMATION Number of offenders

The number of registered sex offenders in Cambridgeshire on 31/3/02. 266

The number of sex offenders in Cambridgeshire having a registration 10

requirement who were either cautioned or convicted for breaches of the
requirement, between 01/04/01 and 31/03/02.

The number of Sex Offender Orders applied for and gained between 1
April 2001 and 31 March 2002.

(a) The total number applied for 2

(b) The number granted 2

(c) The number not granted 0

(d) The number of applications still in progress 1

The number of offenders considered under the arrangements prescribed

by section 67 and 68 of the Act between 1 April 2001 and 31 March

• All offenders who fall within section 68 (3) on or after 1 April 2001 up to 433
and including 31 March 2002 (unless they already feature as a
registered sex offender)

• Any other offenders considered under the local multi-agency 24

arrangements because they were assessed as posing a high risk of
serious harm to the public (but who did not fall within either of the two
categories immediately above).

• Number of sex offenders per 100,000 of the population. 36


Probation Police Other Agencies Total

Board £’000
£’000 £’000 £’000

Staff costs £16,600 £16,600 0

Other costs £5,000 £4,000 0

Total £21,600 £20,600 0


Income 0 0 0

Net Expenditure £21,600 £20,600 0

Set up costs
included in net

Andrew Powell Carol Ashford SPO

Assistant Chief Probation Officer Multi-Agency Public Protection Manager
Cambridgeshire Probation Area Cambridgeshire Probation Area

Cambridgeshire Probation Area Address Phone

Name: Andrew Powell Probation Headquarters 01223 712345

Job Title: Assistant Chief Probation Officer 1 Brooklands Avenue
email address: Cambridge

Name: Carol Ashford Cambridgeshire Constabulary 01480 422672

Job Title: Multi Agency Public Protection Panel Manager Hinchingbrooke Park
email address: Huntingdon
PE18 8NP

Name: Fran Johnstone c/o Probation Headquarters 0789 9852722

Job Title: Press Officer (External) 1 Brooklands Avenue
email address: Cambridge

Cambridgeshire Police Address Phone

Name: Paul Phillipson Cambridgeshire Constabulary 01480 456111

Job Title: Head of Force Investigations Bureau Hinchingbrooke Park
email address: Huntingdon
PE18 8NP