Written by Craig McInnes

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FADE IN: EXT. NEW YORK APARTMENT BUILDING EMERGENCY STAIRS- WINTERDAY MCCLANE races up a decrepit emergency exit in the rain, looking up at an armed ASSAILANT climb towards the roof. Out of breath, MCCLANE looks up and sighs. MCCLANE: Slow down you piece of shit! The ASSAILANT slows his climb and looks down at MCCLANE. He is gaining ground. The ASSAILANT pulls a beat-up looking .38 special and fires. The shot hits a few inches above MCCLANE. Startled, he loses his grip on the wet railing, falling down the stairs to the landing platform and over the edge. MCCLANE struggles to pull himself up. The rain has picked up. MCCLANE flops onto the platform onto his back. MCCLANE draws his service weapon, aims it and looks up at the ASSAILANT. MCCLANE NYPD! Stay where you are! The ASSAILANT looks at MCCLANE, his hand on the ladder. MCCLANE watches. He fires a shot. It lands an inch from the ASSAILANT'S right hand. The ASSAILANT snatches it back quickly. He draws his .38 upon MCCLANE once more. MCCLANE I'm a much better shot than you Trevor. Drop that old piece of shit before it blows your fucking hand up! The ASSAILANT is now known as TREVOR. TREVOR lowers his hoodie, irritated. He is middle-aged, with a scruffy beard and gold teeth. Rain pours. TREVOR throws his pistol off the platform into the alley below. MCCLANE climbs the remainder of the way, aiming at TREVOR. MCCLANE sees TREVOR glance at the ladder again. MCCLANE Don't even think about it. Because if I shoot you, I’m gonna' have to do a fuck-load of paperwork. (MORE)

2. (CONT'D) It's Saturday. It's poker night for me. Now hands behind your back.

MCCLANE puts on plasti-cuffs, zipping them up aggressively. TREVOR winces. TREVOR Yo fuck you, pig! I didn't do shit! And my name ain't Trevor, it's BMCCLANE hits TREVOR hard on the back with his elbow. TREVOR buckles, falling to his knees. MCCLANE Bad T. Yeah I know who you are. MCCLANE helps TREVOR to his feet. He escorts TREVOR down the stairway. MCCLANE Trevor Winston Jones. 36. Wanted for armed robbery and possible homicide. A fine upstanding citizen like yourself must know your rights off by heart, I'll bet. Or would you like me to read to you, you know, to jog your memory? TREVOR I didn't know you could teach a fuckin' pig to read. MCCLANE laughs, then pushes TREVOR down the stairs. TREVOR falls hard, grunting in pain. MCCLANE You never read Animal Farm, I guess. Or Babe. I fucking love that movie. Used to watch it with my kids. MCCLANE helps TREVOR back onto his feet, and the descent continues. TREVOR I'm filing for police brutality! My lawyer will be on your ass for beatin' on a nigga! TREVOR laughs at MCCLANE. MCCLANE laughs also. MCCLANE Watch your step.


MCCLANE suddenly lunges and pushes TREVOR over again. TREVOR tumbles down another flight of stairs. TREVOR yells in pain. TREVOR Fuck you man! I think my arm is broke! MCCLANE picks TREVOR up roughly and sets him walking down the stairs once more. MCCLANE In my police report, extreme weather will play as a factor in how you got hurt trying to evade arrest. But nice try. Keep moving. Now, I'm gonna’ ask you again, do you know your rights? Or should I read them to you? TREVOR (Quietly) I don't remember them all. MCCLANE rubs his temple in sudden pain/discomfort. Blood trickles from his nose. MCCLANE You have the right to remain… MCCLANE'S voice trails off. He loses balance and his left knee buckles. His ears pitch and ring, and his peripheral grows fuzzy. TREVOR perks up and laughs. TREVOR What's the matter, super cop? Ya'll feel shitty? His vision blurred, MCCLANE throws his pistol over the railing. Ringing in his ears has him grasp his head. TREVOR knees MCCLANE and collapses against the railing. TREVOR Not so fucking tough now, are you? TREVOR stomp kicks MCCLANE in the chest. MCCLANE tumbles over the guard rail and into the alley garbage below, passing out.



FADE IN: INT. EMERGENCY WARD. BROOKLYN HOSPITAL CENTRE, NYC. DUSK. MCCLANE is asleep, and has an IV in his arm and a ventilator fed to his nose. ZEUS CARVER sits by MCCLANE'S bedside, slouched in a chair. he is reading a well-worn copy of "The Detective" by Roderick Thorpe. The ward room is divided by a curtain. A young male DOCTOR peels it away, walking in. He has a file folder tucked under his arm. DOCTOR Knock knock. ZEUS puts his book down. ZEUS reaches out to shake the DOCTOR'S hand. The DOCTOR takes it, shaking it firmly. ZEUS Hello, Dr.? DOCTOR Gruber. James Gruber. ZEUS reacts to his name slightly, but tries to not show it. The DOCTOR notices ZEUS’ reaction. DR. GRUBER I'm sensing a familiarity of my name. Zeus takes off his glasses and cleans them. ZEUS Yeah, we uh, ran into one in Harlem a while back. Oh, 10 years thereabouts. Simon. We toured the city. Played some games. DR. GRUBER Games? Like Simon says? DR. GRUBER laughs warmly and ZEUS joins in. ZEUS Yeah, something like that.


ZEUS puts his glasses back on and DR. GRUBER turns his attention to MCCLANE, who stirs. He moves toward his bedside. ZEUS catches his arm and attention. ZEUS (Quietly) Hey Doc, John and Simon didn't really see eye to eye. Things got pretty heated and I don't think he'll be forgiving him any time soon. Do us both a favour and uh… Don't say your last name. DR. GRUBER nods and ZEUS pats him on the arm gratefully. DR. GRUBER approaches MCCLANE in his bed. DR. GRUBER Hello there John. My name is Dr. James. How are you feeling? MCCLANE is awake and is looking around the room. He winces a at the lights and shields his eyes. MCCLANE Sore. Besides falling off a building I'm doing okay. Can you turn the lights down? It's bright. DR. GRUBER goes to the lights over his bed and shuts them off. DR. GRUBER Is that better, John? MCCLANE A little. Yeah. Thanks. Got any aspirin? DR. GRUBER starts to make notes. DR. GRUBER Sensitivity to light? I take it you have a headache? I won't test your papillary reflex. No need to rile you up. Any other pain? MCCLANE shifts in bed, trying to sit upright. He winces slightly, letting out a breath. MCCLANE Feels like I got hit by a truck. My body aches, but I feel okay I guess. I've had worse. ZEUS scoffs.


ZEUS I can vouch for that. This guy is a nutcase. DR. GRUBER laughs. MCCLANE reaches his bedside and takes a few gulps of water from a paper cup. MCCLANE Doc, can you tell me what happened? One minute, I'm chasing a goon, next minute my head’s pounding, then I wake up here. ZEUS Cobb called me up. Said that some ol' lady going through the trash found you laying there, in an alley and called a beat cop. I didn't think much of it. Sounded normal to me. MCCLANE smiles. MCCLANE Fuck you. ZEUS Anyway, Cobb said that they picked up the guy you were chasing. They have him in central. Cobb said he'd keep him there you till you got out. MCCLANE sips some more water. MCCLANE That's good news. I can't wait. We have some things to talk about. Mainly about where he wants me to stamp "Bad T" onto his ass with my boot. ZEUS laughs heartily. ZEUS Bad T? Oh shit, I know that nigga'. Sorry Doc. I shouldn't be talking like that in here, but it's too damn funny. DR. GRUBER laughs along, completely unfazed.

7. (CONT'D) DR. GRUBER No problem at all. This is Brooklyn. I get called that at least three times a day here. And I'm white.

They all laugh. MCCLANE stretches and yawns. He reaches for a jug of water, baring his butt in the open hospital gown. ZEUS snickers. MCCLANE How long have I been here? DR. GRUBER Two days now. I will be signing the release forms after we discuss a few things, and you can go home with your friend here. MCCLANE looks at the folder in DR. GRUBER'S hands. MCCLANE What's with the file, Doc? DR. GRUBER opens it. He thumbs at the pages looking down and avoiding eye contact. DR. GRUBER Your, uh… results, John. Because of the fall you suffered and apparent condition, we did a standard x-ray to check for broken bones. And we spotted something. Then we followed that up with an MRI. DR. GRUBER leans in to MCCLANE. DR. GRUBER John, this is something I should tell you in private. MCCLANE Go ahead, out with it. DR. GRUBER Very well. After looking at the MRI and taking a biopsy, it appears that you have at least a Grade 3 Supratentorial Glioma. MCCLANE shakes his head and shrugs, throwing his arms up. MCCLANE

8. (CONT'D) Can you speak English please? A glia-what?

DR. GRUBER shuffles the papers in his folder. DR. GRUBER It means that you have a brain tumor, John. MCCLANE is silent and stares past ZEUS and DR. GRUBER. DR. GRUBER holds up an image of MCCLANE’S head. There is a large blemish in black. He points at with his pen. DR. GRUBER You can see the darkened area here. The fact that you are still walking around is quite frankly amazing to me. I have never seen one like this. MCCLANE looks annoyed, and shakes his head. ZEUS looks on, upset but silent. MCCLANE What about surgery? DR. GRUBER Surgery is risky, and there are only two units that specialize with this kind of glioma. I did put you on the waiting list, and that can take up to 60 days. MCCLANE So that’s it? How long do I have? DR. GRUBER pauses, thinking. He sighs. DR. GRUBER It is honestly hard to say. Weeks, a month. It's beyond conventional treatments. ZEUS and MCCLANE exchange sombre glances. MCCLANE then looks to DR. GRUBER. MCCLANE What can I expect? DR. GRUBER Nausea, pain, vomiting, weakness of limbs, dizziness, memory loss. (MORE)

9. (CONT'D) The sheer size of the glioma itself means you could suffer a fatal episode at any given moment. There's more information in this pamphlet.

DR. GRUBER reaches out with a pamphlet. Its title is: “Coping with Cancer". MCCLANE sees it and smacks it out of his hand. MCCLANE Get that fucking thing away from me! ZEUS steps in and puts some distance between DR. GRUBER and MCCLANE. ZEUS picks up the pamphlet and put it in his coat pocket. He speaks quietly to DR. GRUBER. ZEUS I'll look at it later. Thank you. DR. GRUBER nods. He clears his throat. MCCLANE How come I never noticed it? I get a headache every now and again, but I don't feel anything. DR. GRUBER It seems that the cavity in between your brain was large enough to allow the glioma to grow without causing discomfort. (Pauses) You could never have known. Had it been on your spinal cord or your optic nerve, the symptoms would have shown almost immediately. DR. GRUBER While you wait for surgery, the best advice I can give you is to make peace with your family and friends, and to get your affairs in order. I will prescribe you some medicine to help you cope with any pain or discomfort. MCCLANE sits in silence for a moment. MCCLANE Any restrictions on what I can do? DR. GRUBER

10. (CONT'D) To avoid any early episodes, avoid any more falls, hits to the head, or otherwise physically demanding activity. I will be making a recommendation that you be put on indefinite work leave, and that you won't be able to drive a-

MCCLANE Hold on a fucking minute! I can't work or drive? Jesus! What kind of fucking joke is this? MCCLANE kicks his blankets off and stands up, yanking off his IV and aspirator. MCCLANE Where are my fucking clothes? ZEUS quickly grabs a plastic bag and hands them to MCCLANE. MCCLANE snatches them and starts to dress. DR. GRUBER The condition you have increases your risk behind the wheel. Your insurance company will not be able to support any claims made in the event of a stroke or episode while driving. Therefore, it's safer for you- and everyone else - if you don't drive. I'm sorry, John. MCCLANE is wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and an illfitting brown leather jacket. MCCLANE tightens his belt buckle, and has calmed down. MCCLANE It's not your fault. I'm sorry for being an asshole. I didn't expect that kind of news, is all. I just need some time to think... Over a few bottles of Scotch. DR. GRUBER I understand, John. Nobody likes hearing this sort of thing. MCCLANE Zeus. Where the fuck did you get these clothes? MCCLANE tugs at the jacket lapel. ZEUS looks flustered.

11. (CONT'D) ZEUS I grabbed what was clean in that pig pen you call an apartment. Compared to the gown you just had on, I'd say it was improvement.

MCCLANE Yeah? How'd you figure that? ZEUS For one thing, I can't see your lily white ass no more. They all chuckle. MCCLANE puts on his shoes and looks at Dr. GRUBER. MCCLANE Any diet restrictions? DR. GRUBER shakes his head slowly. DR. GRUBER None whatsoever. MCCLANE opens the curtain. MCCLANE Good. Because I need a fucking drink. Come on, Zeus. You're buying. ZEUS scoffs at this, and smiles. ZEUS How you figure that? MCCLANE checks the safety, then straps on his service pistol to his holster, smiling. MCCLANE I'm dying. That's why. ZEUS Shit. This is gonna' get old real quick. DR. GRUBER holds out two small sheets of paper to MCCLANE. DR. GRUBER John, take this with you to the pharmacy before you leave. MCCLANE takes the papers and looks at the writing on them. He holds it up mockingly to the light, then turns them upside down.


DR. GRUBER watches and smiles. DR. GRUBER Trust me. It's to help with the pain. ZEUS We'll figure it out. Come on, let's go McClane. Thank you for everything doctor. ZEUS shakes hands with DR. GRUBER. MCCLANE does the same. MCCLANE I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name, Doctor? DR. GRUBER looks at ZEUS, who shrugs. DR. GRUBER Err… It's James. Dr. James Gruber. MCCLANE is surprised, but tries to not let it show. MCCLANE Thank you, James. DR. GRUBER leaves MCCLANE and ZEUS alone in the ward. MCCLANE scoffs. MCCLANE Gruber? Figures. MCCLANE looks at ZEUS, annoyed. ZEUS laughs. They leave the ward. ZEUS That, my friend is called poetic justice. MCCLANE Blow me. ZEUS Drinks first. CUT TO: INT. MCCLANE'S APARTMENT, NIGHT. MCCLANE and ZEUS sit on a dirty couch in MCCLANE'S messy apartment. ZEUS watches open-mouthed as MCCLANE lights up a very long and thick joint. MCCLANE takes a large drag from it, then splutters and coughs. ZEUS chuckles.

13. (CONT'D) ZEUS Ohhhh! Damn! I didn't think you were that big of a pussy, McClane!

Still coughing, MCCLANE replies, laughing. MCCLANE Fuck you. I haven’t smoked pot in a while. It's a shock to the system. MCCLANE takes another drag, this time not coughing, and then hands the joint to ZEUS. ZEUS takes a drag. ZEUS Look what that did for you. Cancer. Ain't dat' a bitch? Really though, I'm sorry McClane. Just know that I'm- I'm here for you. MCCLANE takes the joint. He takes a large drag and exhales. The joint is halfway done. He smiles. MCCLANE You know, you're almost starting to act like a friend. He laughs, spluttering a little. ZEUS chuckles. ZEUS Don't remind me. MCCLANE laughs a little and then sighs. His smile fades. ZEUS takes a drag. MCCLANE What am I gonna’ tell Lucy? She gets worried when I get a cold. ZEUS Just tell her the truth, John. Ain't no shame in it. MCCLANE nods. He takes the joint back and has a drag. ZEUS Call her. ZEUS hands MCCLANE his house phone. MCCLANE shakes his head. MCCLANE I Can't. ZEUS Why not?


14. (CONT'D)

MCCLANE She's at her Mom's. ZEUS So? MCCLANE She gave me shit last time for calling late. ZEUS scoffs. ZEUS I'm pretty sure you have a legitimate fucking reason to call so late. MCCLANE toes an empty Chinese takeout box surrounded by empty beer bottles. He looks around his crummy, poorly lit apartment. MCCLANE I remember when I had a family, a home. Photos on the fireplace. Visits with the in-laws. How did I get to be here? Divorced and dead in a month- at best. MCCLANE takes a drag from the joint, then stubs it out in an ashtray. ZEUS I'm sure some of it was due to your charming personality. Maybe God had enough of you being A cantankerous asshole. They laugh. ZEUS This is my view: At the end of the day, no-one knows when their number is up. So we waste our lives, then when it’s time to go, all we have is shit we don’t need and regrets. You know what time you have left, use it. Go on a trip. You don’t need to worry about nothing, McClane. Do like the Doc said and make peace. MCCLANE sits, thinking. ZEUS gets off the couch and stretches. He loses balance and laughs, leaning on the couch.

15. (CONT'D) ZEUS This shit is strong. I need a beer. Want one?

ZEUS heads to MCCLANE'S kitchen. MCCLANE calls after him. MCCLANE I thought you were buying? Bottles clink and fizz open as the caps are taken off. ZEUS walks in with two bottles. ZEUS gives a beer to MCCLANE and sits back down. ZEUS I did buy these, you cheap bastard. MCCLANE holds his bottle out to ZEUS. MCCLANE Here's to the great beyond, I guess. CUT TO: INT. DARK ROOM. TIME OF DAY, UNKNOWN. A well dressed unconscious MAN sits handcuffed to a chair. He is in his mid-fifties and wears glasses. There is a single 40 Watt bulb shining above him. Darkness surrounds him. Loud music fills the room. It's the chorus of “Ride of The Valkeries”, by Richard Wagner. A bright light fills the room from all angles, the music volume lowers to silence, and a male VOICE booms from all around him: VOICE(O.S) Rise and Shine! The MAN in the chair- now known as ABRAHAM jolts to life as electric current tears trough his body. His back arches and he writhes in the chair. Instantly, scared and alert. He struggles to be free and screams. VOICE(O.S) Sit still! The current is turned on again, and ABRAHAM yelps in agony. After 5 seconds it stops. ABRAHAM breathless, struggles to gain composure. He winces in the light, he cannot see ahead, but looks down at his arms. They are held with handcuffs. ABRAHAM

16. (CONT'D) Why am I handcuffed to a chair? Who are you?

VOICE(O.S) Who I am is not important, Who I have, is. The lights go out in the room, plunging ABRAHAM into darkness. His rapid breathing echoes throughout the black. Seconds pass. A blinding light shines ahead of ABRAHAM, and a silhouette walks toward them. It is a crying young WOMAN, bound and blindfolded. A MAN holds her with a gun held to her head. ABRAHAM recognizes her and begins to weep. ABRAHAM Jane! No! No! No-no-no-no-no! The WOMAN, now known as JANE is sobbing, and she is pushed forward with her feet tied together. She sniffs back tears and snot as she talks: JANE Daddy! Help me! ABRAHAM screams, the handcuffs cutting his wrists as he tries to get out of the chair. ABRAHAM You cocksuckers! Who are you? What do you want from me? Is it money? The lights go out. JANE screams, and is silenced. ABRAHAM screams. The lights go on, and JANE is no longer there. VOICE(O.S) I don't want the people's money, Senator. It's not your money to give. I want something else. ABRAHAM Anything! Anything! I'll do anything you ask, just let my daughter go! ABRAHAM sobs, his head hangs, slumped to his chest. There is a long period of silence. The VOICE speaks. He sounds older, but energetic. He has a slight Southern drawl. VOICE(O.S) Do you know what is worth more than money in today’s world? ABRAHAM says nothing.

17. (CONT'D) VOICE(O.S) No? Reputation! That's important! And you, Senator have a shining reputation. 98% approval ratings. The bees knees. Some say you will be the next president. I think it’s time to test the people’s fondness of you.

ABRAHAM What do you want me to do? VOICE You will get an earpiece. You will do what I say, when I say it. You failThere is a loud gunshot noise that rips through the room. ABRAHAM yelps. JANE can be heard crying. VOICE(O.S) I kill your daughter. Right after I rape her. ABRAHAM sobs, nodding his head. ABRAHAM Please… Please don't hurt her! I'll do it! I'll do anything you ask! The lights go out- all except the bulb above ABE. He peers into the darkness. ABRAHAM When do you want me to start? A dart hits ABE in the neck. He becomes drowsy, his eyes begin to close. VOICE(O.S) Now. FADE TO BLACK. INT. AIRBUS ECONOMY CLASS, FLYING OVER CONTINENTAL US. DAY MCCLANE and ZEUS are sitting side by side. ZEUS is by the window reading "Nothing Lasts Forever" by Roderick Thorpe. Mild turbulence rocks the cabin sporadically.


MCCLANE, bored and uncomfortable, looks around the cabin. He sees a scared MAN across from him gripping his armrest, his eyes closed. MCCLANE leans over and taps the man on his arm lightly. MCCLANE Hate flying, do you? The MAN opens his eyes and nods his head nervously, giving MCCLANE a nervous smile. MCCLANE smiles. MCCLANE Me too. I always get nervous. But you know what helps me feel better? The plane jumps in a little light turbulence. The MAN shakes his head quickly, saying nothing. He closes his eyes, terrified. MCCLANE Take off your shoes and your socks, and make fists with your toes. The MAN opens his eyes and looks at MCCLANE quizzically. MAN F-fists… With your toes? MCCLANE points to his feet. The MAN looks at them. MCCLANE wiggles his bare toes and smiles. MCCLANE I know it sounds crazy. 30 years ago, I was next to some guy on a plane feeling the same way you are now. 30 years. Time flies, you know? MCCLANE laughs to himself, rubbing his stubbly chin. The MAN nods, smiling nervously as MCCLANE reminisces. MCCLANE I was coming home for Christmas. I had this huge teddy bear for my daughter, Lucy. It took up the whole storage compartment. MCCLANE gestures the size of the bear with his arms. The MAN laughs, calming slightly. MCCLANE Anyway, sorry to keep going on and on. Try that foot thing, pal. It works. Enjoy the rest of your flight.


MCCLANE turns back to the front and looks at ZEUS reading. He taps the book. MCCLANE What's that about? ZEUS lowers the book, sighing. ZEUS A dinosaur. McClane, I'm trying to read here. MCCLANE I see that. How long till we land? ZEUS looks at his watch. ZEUS Another 3 hours. MCCLANE rolls his eyes and hits his head against the head rest. He grunts. ZEUS If I were you, I'd get some sleep. When you see Lucy, she won't even let you take a piss on your own. MCCLANE smirks, puts his seat back, and closes his eyes. ZEUS looks over at him. ZEUS One more thing, McClane. If you are going to sit next to me put your Goddamn socks back on. It smells like a barn over here. MCCLANE smiles, his eyes still closed as he tries to fall asleep. ZEUS raises his book and continues reading. FADE TO BLACK. INT. GENERRO RESIDENCE. DAY MCCLANE and LUCY stand in the living room. MCCLANE is morose looking, trying to block LUCY as she hammers on his chest in rage and sadness. He parries her blows and then pulls her in tight for a long embrace. LUCY weeps in MCCLANE’S arms. LUCY Why you? Why you?


MCCLANE strokes her hair and stares ahead. MCCLANE I asked myself that, too. LUCY Maybe- maybe you’ll get called in for the procedure soon. There’s still time. MCCLANE It doesn’t look that rosy for me. That’s why I came out with Zeus. To spend some time together. LUCY lifts her head from MCCLANE’S shoulder. LUCY Zeus? Where is he? MCCLANE Out in the yard. LUCY Why didn't you let him in? Sighing, she brushes by MCCLANE and heads to the front door. MCCLANE He wanted to let us have a talk in private. LUCY opens the door and waves out to ZEUS. He is standing in the yard, smoking. ZEUS smiles at LUCY. ZEUS Hey there Lucy! Good to see you! LUCY folds her arms. ZEUS can read her body language, and his smile fades. LUCY Get inside, Zeus! ZEUS makes his way inside, avoiding LUCY'S stern look. LUCY closes the door behind him. She hits ZEUS on the back of the head. ZEUS Ow! What was that for? LUCY For not calling me and telling me before coming here! You're supposed to keep an eye on him for me!


MCCLANE looks at ZEUS. MCCLANE You're a snitch? ZEUS looks down at the carpet. ZEUS Lucy asked me to check in with her from time to time, that's all. She cares about you. MCCLANE looks at LUCY. MCCLANE He did the right thing not telling you. I wanted to do it. LUCY looks at MCCLANE. She looks at his skin, concerned. LUCY You look pale. When did you last eat? MCCLANE sighs. LUCY When? MCCLANE I had some crackerjacks on the flight! LUCY sighs, then rushes to the kitchen. MCCLANE follows her. CUT TO: INT. KITCHEN GENNARO RESIDENCE. DAY LUCY is preparing a salad. She has her back to MCCLANE. She loudly cuts up lettuce with aggressive chops, then puts her hands on the counter, weeping. MCCLANE goes to LUCY and holds her. MCCLANE It's okay, honey. It's okay. LUCY Does Jack know? MCCLANE shakes his head. MCCLANE He's out of the country. (MORE)

22. (CONT'D) I can't get an answer as to where.

LUCY What about Mom? Did you tell her? MCCLANE shakes his head. MCCLANE I didn't think she'd care. Enraged, LUCY drags MCCLANE into the living room and over to the fireplace. CUT TO: INT. GENNARO RESIDENCE LIVING ROOM. DAY. LUCY makes MCCLANE look at a family photo. It is an old Christmas photo. MCCLANE is on the left, HOLLY is on the right, and LUCY and JACK are under them, young. MCCLANE is wearing an awful knitted sweater. He has a thick head of hair, and is smiling. LUCY And this! LUCY points to another framed photograph. This one is of MCCLANE and LUCY in a backyard scene. LUCY is around 5, and is being held from behind by MCCLANE, who, again, is smiling. LUCY You know she didn't remarry, right? MCCLANE walks away from the fireplace. MCCLANE She works a lot. LUCY She didn't even date anyone after you! MCCLANE We grew apart, Lucy. LUCY tears up. LUCY I know what happened! You gave up on her! On us! We were a family. Why didn't you just move to LA?


MCCLANE sighs. MCCLANE I just couldn't. LUCY Couldn't or wouldn't? Don't bullshit me. I'm not a kid anymore. The front door opens behind MCCLANE. HOLLY stands behind him. She draws back from the doorway and silently pulls it closed. ZEUS watches, but says nothing. LUCY see HOLLY, but she does not react. MCCLANE What do you want me to say!? Huh Lucy!? That I'm a shitty parent for leaving? I'm a fuck up! There, I said it! I couldn't move here. I couldn't handle it. I'm sorry! LUCY Why the hell not?! MCCLANE paces around the room. MCCLANE I couldn't leave my job! LUCY Bullshit! It's more than that, isn't it? MCCLANE says nothing, and avoids LUCY’S piercing gaze. LUCY Mom was always saying how you were like this. Behaving like... like some kind of childish asshole! MCCLANE stares at the carpet. LUCY Why won't you look at me?! Say something! MCCLANE takes a deep breath, and looks at LUCY. MCCLANE What’s done is done. As much as I’d like to, I can’t take it back. I’ll be dead in six weeks. So it doesn't matter now, does it?


MCCLANE, and walks morosely and slowly away into the kitchen. He passes by LUCY. ZEUS follows MCCLANE into the kitchen, leaving LUCY in the living room. She wipes her eyes, and walks to the front door. LUCY check to see if MCCLANE is gone, then pulls the door open. HOLLY is in the doorway, crying. LUCY embraces her. A few seconds later, HOLLY lets go of LUCY. HOLLY Come on, I need a drink. LUCY laughs a little, wiping the tears from her eyes with her palms. LUCY walks into the kitchen and HOLLY follows. CUT TO: INT. GENNERO’S RESIDENCE KITCHEN. DAY MCCLANE is talking with ZEUS as they sip on a beer. MCCLANE sees HOLLY. They exchange glances, and are both excited to see each other, yet say nothing. There is electricity in the air. MCCLANE puts his beer down. MCCLANE Sorry for not calling. I'll buy some more beerHOLLY shakes her head, and smiles warmly. HOLLY Don't worry about it. Grab me one, will you? And Lucy, too. MCCLANE gets two beers from the fridge, opens them and hands them out. MCCLANE raises his bottle and smiles. MCCLANE Cheers. MCCLANE looks at HOLLY. Her make up has ran down her cheeks, and there are mascara streaks by her tired eyes. MCCLANE Were you crying? Your eye make up isHOLLY wipes her eyes, then sniffs. HOLLY Allergies, I'm sorry. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Who's your friend?


MCCLANE looks at ZEUS. ZEUS steps in to shake HOLLY'S hand. He shakes it with warmth and enthusiasm, smiling. ZEUS Zeus. Zeus Carver. Nice to meet you. Lucy talks about you a lot. HOLLY looks to MCCLANE and smiles. HOLLY You have friends now, John? Since when? LUCY Daddy hasn't eaten in a while, so I'll fix supper while you catch up, okay? ZEUS Uh… yeah. I'll help Lucy out. You guys catch up. HOLLY stares at MCCLANE and he notices. MCCLANE What? HOLLY approaches MCCLANE, and touches his smooth head. HOLLY Where did all your hair go? They both laugh. CUT TO: INT. INSIDE ABRAHAM'S CAR OUTSIDE ALIZE RESTAURANT. NIGHT. ABRAHAM sits, staring at a photograph of his daughter, JANE. She is smiling, standing with ABRAHAM at Niagara Falls. His phone buzzes, then he hears the VOICE speak into his earpiece. VOICE(O.S) Open the glove box. ABRAHAM opens the glove box. There is a Police service issue Glock 17 Pistol. ABRAHAM gasps. ABRAHAM What do you want me to do with it? VOICE(O.S)

26. (CONT'D) It's a gun, genius. You shoot people with them.

ABRAHAM starts to panic. VOICE(O.S) Don't be such a pussy. It's not that hard. Killing's just like fucking. You always remember your first. Then the rest… it's all a blur... The VOICE laughs. ABRAHAM carefully pulls the gun from the glove box. VOICE(O.S) It’s loaded but the safety is on. Cock it and take the safety off. ABRAHAM struggles to coordinate his shaky hands as he cocks the weapon. VOICE(O.S) Now we are going to start the festivities. Look into the window. Do you see that young man laughing? His name is John Booth and he is my way. You are going to kill him. ABRAHAM W-why do I have to kill him? VOICE(O.S) You know why. Everything you are doing is to keep your daughter alive. Right now, that is your only concern. Do what I say, when I say it, she lives. ABRAHAM stares at JOHN from his car as he raises a glass to toast his date, laughing. ABRAHAM sighs. ABRAHAM What about me? Are you going to kill me? There is a three second pause. ABRAHAM waits for an answer. VOICE(O.S) You have one minute. ABRAHAM hides the gun in his jacket pocket and gets out. CUT TO:


EXT. ALIZE RESTURANT. NIGHT. ABRAHAM jogs over to the entrance. He is instantly recognized by the MAITRE d'hôtel, who smiles. MITRE d'hôtel Senator! I did not know you were dining tonight... Will it be for one tonight, sir? The MAITRE d'hôtel escorts ABRAHAM into the resturant. CUT TO: INT. ALIZE RESTURANT. NIGHT. ABRAHAM is following the MAITRE d'hôtel through a sea of busy tables. The resturant is full. ABRAHAM Yes, for one, please. But I-I need to speak with a friend first, if you don’t mind. VOICE(O.S) We’re watching and listening to everything you’re doing. You know the rules. 45 seconds. ABRAHAM I know! The MAITRE d'hôtel turns around and looks puzzled. MAITRE d'hôtel I’m sorry, sir. What did you say? ABRAHAM laughs. He shakes his head and shrugs. ABRAHAM I didn’t say anything. Must have been one of the tables. The MAITRE d'hôtel nods and they continue through to an open table. VOICE(O.S) 30 seconds. ABRAHAM sees JOHN twenty feet from him. ABRAHAM

28. (CONT'D) I’m just going to see John now if that’s okay. I-I’ll be quick. I’m sorry. It’s important.

The MAITRE d'hôtel smiles and nods. ABRAHAM walks over to JOHN. JOHN sees ABRAHAM as he stands over by his table, silent. JOHN smiles and looks at ABRAHAM. JOHN Can I help you? ABRAHAM says nothing and pulls out the gun in his pocket. The GIRLFRIEND shrieks and the resturant falls silent as everyone waits. JOHN Wh-what are you doing? Who are you? Wh-why are you doing this? ABRAHAM tears up. VOICE(O.S) Five seconds. ABRAHAM shakes, but maintains his aim. JOHN looks into his eyes. ABRAHAM hears JANE screaming in pain over the earpiece. He screams, then pulls the trigger. JOHN is hit in the chest, and falls onto the table, bleeding. Patrons scream and rush for the exit. ABE stands alone in the resturant. VOICE(O.S) Grab his key card. It’s in his left jacket pocket. ABRAHAM quickly rummages through JOHN’S jacket and pulls out the key card. VOICE(O.S) Now if I were you, I’d get the fuck out of there before the cops show up. I have a ride out back inbound. ABRAHAM runs out the front door. CUT TO: EXT. ALIZE RESTURANT. NIGHT. ABRAHAM sees a service van pull up. It’s marked “Las Vegas HVAC Co.” The sliding door opens and he jumps inside. The van wheels squeal as it peels out onto the strip. CUT TO:


INT. GENNARO RESIDENCE. KITCHEN. MORNING. MCCLANE, ZEUS, HOLLY and LUCY are all sitting at the breakfast table as HOLLY cooks. She is wearing a house coat ZEUS cracks his neck, groaning and holding his lower back. HOLLY looks to him, as she serves scrambled eggs. HOLLY I take it the spare room bed was a little soft? ZEUS A little. My neck hurts. MCCLANE smirks as he serves himself some bacon. MCCLANE That bed... I spent many nights in that bed. Always had back pain. Good to know it wasn't just me. ZEUS groans, rubbing his back. HOLLY and MCCLANE exchange glances. HOLLY is a little annoyed at MCCLANE for his comment. MCCLANE shrugs. HOLLY We'll fix you up later. Now, eat up. LUCY is in a better mood. She eats cheerfully. There is a long silence as everyone eats. In between a mouthful of eggs, HOLLY speaks: HOLLY So, John, how much were your medical bills? MCCLANE looks at this plate. He shovels some eggs into his mouth, and looks to HOLLY. MCCLANE Enough. HOLLY How much money do you have left? MCCLANE swallows his food. He seems irked. An awkward tension fills the room. MCCLANE Enough.


HOLLY sighs, flustered. She continues her breakfast. LUCY and ZEUS can see the tension building and exchange glances. ZEUS intervenes. ZEUS I don’t know if he told you, Ms. Gennaro, but John and I, uh, we're going on a trip. Nothing special, but it'll be warmer than New York! LUCY shoots an offended glance at MCCLANE. LUCY You didn’t tell me about any trip, Daddy. MCCLANE quickly glares at ZEUS, who shrugs. MCCLANE kicks ZEUS under the table. ZEUS yelps. MCCLANE I didn’t think you’d be interested, honey. LUCY stares at MCCLANE. He smiles back. HOLLY Zeus, please, call me Holly. Where are you going? ZEUS nods, wiping his mouth with a napkin. MCCLANE looks at ZEUS momentarily, before resuming his meal. ZEUS Well, John had some savings, I chipped in a little, and we got a road trip planned across the desert. First stop: Vegas. HOLLY looks surprised by the answer, but tries to hide it. LUCY laughs. LUCY Vegas, Zeus? ZEUS laughs a little, pointing to MCCLANE ZEUS McClane picked it. LUCY looks over to MCCLANE. LUCY Why Vegas, Daddy? (MORE)

31. (CONT'D) Don't you want to see Niagara Falls, The Eiffel Tower, Rio?

MCCLANE wipes his mouth and smirks. MCCLANE It’s warm. It’s cheap. The food is cheap, the rooms are cheap, there's lots to do. I'm a cop, with a lousy salary, and a modest pension. Best I could do. HOLLY wipes her mouth also, as she is finished her plate. HOLLY You could have askedMCCLANE cuts her off, shaking his head. MCCLANE No, Holly. You know that wouldn't happen. Not that I don't appreciate it, I'mHOLLY Proud and stubborn. I know. HOLLY smiles a little, but there is an echo of sadness behind it. LUCY stands up and starts to clear plates. ZEUS stops her. ZEUS Come on, Lucy, let's go for walk. The grown ups need to talk. ZEUS and LUCY leave the room. The front door can be heard closing. MCCLANE and HOLLY are left alone the kitchen. They sit in silence. HOLLY Cigarette? MCCLANE Sure. MCCLANE lights his smoke and takes a drag. They sit silent for a few seconds as they both muster up the courage to talk. HOLLY What happened to us, John? MCCLANE (Exhaling) I don't know. But it doesn't matter now, does it?


HOLLY nods in acceptance, taking a drag from her cigarette. MCCLANE looks at her. HOLLY (Exhaling) Will I see you again? There is a silence, as MCCLANE thinks of what to say. He looks down at the table. MCCLANE Once the cancer gets worse, IHOLLY reaches over and squeezes MCCLANE'S hand. MCCLANE squeezes it back. HOLLY tears up, letting her grip go. She gets up out of her chair and straightens her housecoat. HOLLY I understand, John. I'm- I'm going to go upstairs and get ready for work. HOLLY holds back tears as she walks away. MCCLANE gets up from the table and stops her as she walks away. He holds her by the hand. MCCLANE It was good to see you again, Holly. HOLLY grabs onto MCCLANE tightly. They embrace and HOLLY cries into his shoulder. HOLLY looks up at MCCLANE. HOLLY Can you come upstairs and talk to me as I get ready? MCCLANE smiles. MCCLANE I'd like that. MCCLANE follows HOLLY as she walks up stairway that leads from the kitchen. MCCLANE Does this mean I'm getting lucky, Ms. Gennaro? MCCLANE smacks HOLLY on the buttocks as he follows her. HOLLY laughs, blushing as she walks up the stairs. HOLLY Don't push your luck, John!


MCCLANE smiles. At the top of the stairs, HOLLY turns around and has a mischievous twinkle in her eye. MCCLANE looks up at her. She leans down and whispers to MCCLANE: HOLLY And for your information, I have been, and always will be, a McClane. HOLLY kisses MCCLANE passionately. MCCLANE reaches the top of the stairs, follows HOLLY to the bedroom, and closes the door. FADE TO BLACK. EXT. GENNARO RESIDENCE. AFTERNOON. A cab is outside HOLLY'S house. MCCLANE and ZEUS are loading suitcases into the trunk. ZEUS (Lifting) You sure you this is a good idea? (Pauses) Pass me that other one. ZEUS gestures to MCCLANE and points to another suitcase that rests by his feet. MCCLANE strains to lift it. MCCLANE Jesus! What's in here, rocks? ZEUS places to suitcase in the trunk. ZEUS You hear what I said? MCCLANE nods and sighs. MCCLANE I heard you. It's a stupid idea. But I gotta' bring her along. If I didn'tZEUS Yeah, I know. She'd track us down. ZEUS lights a cigarette. MCCLANE takes one. ZEUS offers the light to MCCLANE. He shakes his head with the unlit smoke in his mouth. He pulls a Zippo lighter from his jacket pocket. MCCLANE I got old lucky here. (MORE)

34. (CONT'D)

ZEUS A lucky lighter? MCCLANE smiles, exhaling smoke. He stares at his lighter. MCCLANE Cops are superstitious. ZEUS nods, taking a drag from his smoke. ZEUS Fair enough. I got a few ticks myself. (Pause) McClane, you aren’t thinking of doing anything stupid after this trip, are you? MCCLANE takes another drag from his smoke, closing the trunk. MCCLANE Don’t worry. I may end up drinking myself to death before the end of it. ZEUS chuckles. There is a moment of silence. ZEUS Seriously though. If you needMCCLANE I know, I know. Leave it, Zeus. Okay? (Pause) I appreciate your concern. I do. But let me cope my way. I don't want to think about this shit. All I wanna' do right now is get to the god damn airport. MCCLANE looks at his watch, then looks at HOLLY'S house and sighs. MCCLANE This should have been home, you know? ZEUS Why didn't you transfer here? MCCLANE takes a drag from his cigarette. MCCLANE Truth or lies?


ZEUS exhales smoke. ZEUS The truth shall set you free. Lay it on me. MCCLANE looks at the ground and sighs. MCCLANE I couldn't see myself being the stay at home Dad- my Father raised me to believe that the Mom did that shit. Holly was away on business lots- creeps hitting on her all the time. It was only a matter of time beforeZEUS You were jealous? She was your wife McClane. She chose you. MCCLANE What's that got to do with it? ZEUS Everything, stupid. ZEUS finishes his smoke, and drops the butt, crushing it with his shoe. MCCLANE smirks. MCCLANE Asshole. ZEUS Asshole I may be, but one thing I am not is tardy. Where's Lucy? MCCLANE finishes his smoke and steps on the butt. He yells out towards the house. MCCLANE Lucy! Come on! We got a flight to catch! The front door opens up and LUCY comes trotting out. She is dressed in shorts and a body-hugging T-shirt. MCCLANE looks at her as she walks up. MCCLANE What are you wearing? LUCY

36. (CONT'D) Don't give me that look. I'm not 18 anymore. Were you smoking?

MCCLANE and ZEUS exchange glances. LUCY hits MCCLANE hard on his shoulder. LUCY Don't be stupid! A month left to live does not mean you can waste it. MCCLANE Lucy, we're going on a trip. I'm going to enjoy myself. LUCY Daddy, I'm going to help you feel better, we'll exercise, we'llMCCLANE Enough, enough. I'm getting a headache. Get in the cab. MCCLANE opens the cab door. LUCY gets in first, followed by MCCLANE. ZEUS gets in the front. LUCY Do you need to take your medicine? ZEUS splutters into a laugh. MCCLANE LAX please. Domestic Terminal. The CAB leaves the sidewalk and down the street, en route to LAX. CUT TO: INT. WYNN HOTEL MAIN LOBBY, LAS VEGAS, DAY.

A friendly, effeminate reception desk CLERK is attending to a well-to-do elderly couple settling their bill. The CLERK slides the invoice over the counter for the MAN to sign and points to the sheet of paper. CLERK If you could just sign here, here and here please. The OLD MAN slowly stoops over to sign the invoice. The CLERK waits patiently with a soft smile.


Muffled screams start echoing down the lobby, as ABRAHAM walks up to the counter with his gun drawn. VOICE(O.S) Jason Marcus is putting on hole 6. Get his keys. You have 7 minutes before the cops show up. ABRAHAM walks up to the desk, breathing raggedly. The OLD MAN has not finished signing and does not notice ABRAHAM. His wife nudges him. OLD MAN In a minute, honey. His wife is too afraid to say anything and pinches her husband. The OLD MAN yelps, raising his head and turning to his wife. OLD MAN (Loudly) What is it, woman?! ABRAHAM is five feet from the two. He nervously taps his gun on is thigh. The MAN'S face drops. ABRAHAM clears his throat. ABRAHAM Excuse me- may I? The OLD MAN shields his wife as they hurry away. ABRAHAM stares at the silent and terrified CLERK. ABRAHAM yells after the couple. ABRAHAM Thank you! ABRAHAM stands at the desk as the CLERK stares back in silence. ABRAHAM Hello. CLERK H-hello. W-welcome the The Wynn Hotel and Casino, Senator. Can I hhelp you sir? ABRAHAM I was wondering if you couldThe VOICE in ABRAHAM'S ear interrupts. VOICE(O.S) What the kind of fucking hit is this? Be mean! Be crazy!


The CLERK stands confused as ABRAHAM seemingly talks to himself. ABRAHAM I-I'm sorry. I haven't done this before! I don't know what to do! VOICE(O.S) First off, point your fucking gun at him! ABRAHAM raises the Glock. The CLERK raises his hands. VOICE(O.S) Now get him to drive you to Hole 8. Your target will be there soon. If you miss your window, your daughter dies. ABRAHAM I-I need you to take me to hole 8. VOICE(O.S) You are fucking terrible at this! You know that? I’ve had enough. I'm going to cut her. ABRAHAM screams loudly. The CLERK flinches. ABRAHAM No! P-please! Please don't! JANE’S screams can be heard. VOICE(O.S) I'm giving you purpose. Don't make me cut her again. She has a beautiful face. The CLERK twitches and closes his eyes. He starts to cry. CLERK I didn't do anything! I swear! Please don't kill me! Jesus! ABRAHAM'S hand is shaking. He takes a breath and collects himself. ABRAHAM Take me to hole 8. Now! The CLERK exits the front desk and leads ABRAHAM down the corridor out through to the golf course. CUT TO:


INT. CAB LAS VEGAS BLVD. TRAFFIC JAM. DAY MCCLANE, ZEUS and LUCY are sitting in the back of an airport shuttle. LUCY is visibly upset. MCCLANE is staring out of the window. ZEUS sighs. ZEUS You two are like a couple of kids. Lucy, it's medicinal. Don't act like you've never smoked any. LUCY huffs through her nose and looks out her side of the window. MCCLANE smiles a little, his point proved. MCCLANE Exactly. ZEUS And McClane- cancer or not, stop being an asshole. ZEUS cleans his glasses with his shirt. The cab crawls slowly onward. The DRIVER is chatting on a hands free headset in Spanish. MCCLANE looks out the windshield and sees smoke rising to the air a few blocks up. He leans forward and taps the DRIVER on the shoulder. The DRIVER stops turns around. MCCLANE What's with the smoke up ahead? CUT TO: EXT. LAS VEGAS BLVD NORTHBOUND. WYNN HOTEL. DAY. FLASHBACK. We see ABRAHAM frantically dousing gasoline on a tractor trailer as it is blocks all traffic northbound. Vehicles honk. People clear the area. He fumbles at a book of matches and lights them. DRIVER(O.S) (Voice over) Some asshole blocked the road up ahead with a truck and set it on fire. MCCLANE(O.S) (Voice over)Anyone hurt? ABRAHAM scrambles away from the tractor trailer as it bursts into flames. ABRAHAM draws his gun and jogs down the Wynn Hotel drive. CUT TO:


INT. CAB LAS VEGAS BLVD. TRAFFIC JAM. PRESENT. DAY DRIVER No se- I mean, I don't know. Cops are on the look out. There’s some people saying it’s a Senator or some shit. Crazy day, huh? MCCLANE looks back at ZEUS and LUCY. ZEUS No. We ain't goin.' MCCLANE What if we just look? ZEUS You and I both know that there's no "just look" for you. LUCY No Daddy. Stay out of it. Not this time. MCCLANE looks at LUCY, relents and sits back down grumpily. CUT TO: EXT. WYNN GOLF COURSE DAY ABRAHAM and the CLERK sit silent. The CLERK is driving. ABRAHAM is tapping the Glock on his thigh nervously. The CLERK, restless and terrified, can't take the silence anymore. CLERK W-what, what are you gonna' do? They are driving quickly up the cart path, as fast as the cart goes. ABRAHAM listens as the VOICE speaks. VOICE(O.S) Don't tell him anything. Wait... Wait... Got it. Say: "God's work" ABRAHAM says nothing. VOICE(O.S) Say it! ABRAHAM flinches at the volume.

41. (CONT'D)

ABRAHAM God's work! The VOICE chuckles. VOICE(O.S) You're almost there. Don't fuck this up, now. The CLERK pulls up to hole 8, behind JASON. He is middle aged, African American, and has an athletic build. JASON puts his ball down on the tee box. ABRAHAM gets out of the cart slowly. He looks back at the CLERK. ABRAHAM Please don't say anything. Or I'll have to shoot you. The CLERK nods rapidly, his hands raised. ABRAHAM silently approaches JAMES from behind. The VOICE chuckles in ABRAHAM’S ear as he approaches JASON. VOICE(O.S) Nice! That gave me chills, Abey! Really did! You're getting into this role a bit! ABRAHAM is less than ten feet away from JASON as he tees off. As he picks up his tee JASON is surprised to see ABRAHAM in a dirty, gasoline stained suit. JASON smiles nervously. JASON Can I help you? The CLERK is watching from the cart as ABRAHAM lifts out the gun from behind his back. ABRAHAM’S hands are shaking the gun, as he hesitates to pull the trigger. JASON Wait! Wait! Please don't do this! Take my wallet! It's in the cart! JASON points over to the cart. ABRAHAM is silent, pointing the gun at him as he looks at the cart. ABRAHAM Walk with me to the cart. Go. The VOICE blasts in ABRAHAM's ear as they walk to the cart. VOICE(O.S) You'd better do this!


To JASON, it appears that ABRAHAM is talking to him. JASON has his hands raised as they stand at the cart. ABRAHAM circles around the cart and looks for the keys. ABRAHAM No more bloodshed. JASON nods confused, his hands raised. JASON No more bloodshed! That’s right! ABRAHAM puts the keys in his pocket. JASON sees what he took. VOICE(O.S) Kill him. Kill him now. ABRAHAM hesitates, the gun in his hand shakes. ABRAHAM can’t pull the trigger. He lowers the gun. ABRAHAM I got what you wanted, so we can let him go free. You can’t weight this man’s life with another! JANE screams in the background over the phone. ABRAHAM hears it and screams, collapsing to his knees. JASON jumps, frightened by the apparent instability of his assailant. VOICE(O.S) Do you like that, bitch? If you don’t kill him, she dies! Do you hear me? Weigh that! JANE(O.S) Daddy… ABRAHAM Janey! No! ABRAHAM tears grass out of the ground, screaming. JASON sprints off down the cart path, running for his life. ABRAHAM watches him and picks up the gun. He purposely aims left and unloads five shots. Bullets sail past JASON, hitting trees and nearby bushes. JASON is suddenly hit several times in the chest and stomach from behind, and tumbles to the ground. ABRAHAM I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!


A MAN in a golf cart drives by ABRAHAM. He has a high powered rifle hidden in a golf bag. He stares at ABRAHAM as he passes, then steers past JASON’S body. VOICE(O.S) We see all. Hear all. You got the keys. So I’m letting you off the hook this time. But this is your last mistake. When I say someone dies, they die. Fail me again and I will kill her. Then I'll kill you. Now get up. ABRAHAM I understand. What next? ABRAHAM gets up, wiping his eyes and nose. The CLERK sees ABRAHAM seemingly talking to himself. He dares not move or speak. ABRAHAM lumbers over to the CLERK. VOICE(O.S) Shoot the clerk. ABRAHAM What? Why? VOICE(O.S) Oh Relax! You obviously can’t shoot straight, so just wing him. And yell "for the south" as you do it. That's going to make a hilarious Witness Statement! ABRAHAM aims at the CLERK. The CLERK cries, shaking his head. CLERK Please. Don't kill me. I did- I did Everything you said. Mercy! ABRAHAM sighs heavily, sniffs and then yells: ABRAHAM For the South! He hesitates, remembering the CLERK was right handed. He adjusts, then pulls the trigger. A bullet hits the CLERK in his left shoulder. He clutches at it and folds up in the seat. The VOICE chuckles loudly. VOICE(O.S) He’ll be fine. Cops are on their way. Now get the fuck out of there. (MORE)

44. (CONT'D) East service door. Your ride is waiting.

ABRAHAM walks over to JASON’S cart. He gets in it, slumping in the seat and out of breath. ABRAHAM looks up to see the helicopter pull away and head north. CUT TO: INT. CAB LAS VEGAS BLVD. TRAFFIC JAM. DAY MCCLANE is irritable. He looks over to the DRIVER- he is still chatting on the phone. In the background, horns honk sporadically. MCCLANE sits forward and taps the DRIVER on his shoulder. The DRIVER looks back. DRIVER (On headset) Uno Momento (Addressing McClane) 'Sup Homes? You need somethin? MCCLANE cracks his neck and stretches. MCCLANE Yeah. A shower. How far away is the hotel? The DRIVER contemplates this, and then answers. DRIVER S'about a ten minute walk up ahead. Can't miss it. Tallest building in de city. ZEUS and LUCY are asleep in their seats. MCCLANE wakes ZEUS up. He jumps slightly, startled. ZEUS McClane? What's up? MCCLANE Wake up the princess. We're walking the rest of the way. ZEUS Walking? MCCLANE smirks. MCCLANE Yep. A nice walk in the desert heat.


MCCLANE turns back to the DRIVER. MCCLANE How much we owe you? DRIVER Fifteen. I shut the meter off a while ago. Mamma’ Didn't raise no crook. MCCLANE pulls his money clip out in the limited space. He slides out a twenty and then another five, handing them to the DRIVER. MCCLANE Appreciate that. Keep the change. 10 minute walk you said, right? DRIVER Thanks homes. Yep, ten minutes or so. Need help with your bags? MCCLANE Nah, we can manage. I could do with some fresh air and exercise. The DRIVER smiles, laughing slightly, shaking his head. DRIVER No fresh air here, my friend! But exercise is always good! CUT TO: EXT. LAS VEGAS BLVD DAY Traffic is at a standstill. The asphalt shimmers as MCCLANE and ZEUS lift the heavy suitcases out of the trunk while LUCY watches. A suitcase catches the edge of the trunk, and ZEUS loses his grip. It falls. LUCY Be careful, Zeus! That's expensive! ZEUS sighs, and bends down to pick it up. He burns his fingers on the asphalt. He yelps, flicking his hand through the air. ZEUS God damn this shit is hot! Why is this... so damn heavy? LUCY I packed the rest of my stuff up from Mom’s. I'm sorry. (MORE)

46. (CONT'D)

ZEUS Never mind. Let's just haul ass Outta here. This heat is nasty. MCCLANE I thought you liked the heat? ZEUS angrily stacks his carry bag on top of the other suitcase. He is visibly irritated. ZEUS Because I'm a black man? Is that it? MCCLANE steps back in surprise, as does LUCY. MCCLANE I wasn’t being racist! I just thought you liked the heat! Now calm the fuck down! ZEUS backs down, looking apologetic. ZEUS Okay. Sorry. I'm tired and haven't adjusted to the heat yet. Let's get this over with. ZEUS turns and leads, moving quickly. MCCLANE and LUCY follow behind him. CUT TO: EXT. LAS VEGAS BLVD. DAY ABRAHAM is in a silver Lexus, weaving in and out of traffic on Vegas Blvd. Northbound. Sirens wail behind him. Above in the distance, a black helicopter follows. CUT TO: INT. LEXUS LAS VEGAS BLVD. DAY ABRAHAM grips the wheel tightly, leaning forward. The gun sits on the passenger seat. His phone rings. VOICE(O.S) Abey, baby. I gotta give it to you. You're one hell of a driver. (Mocking Anchor accent) And now, over to the eye in the sky (MORE)

47. (CONT'D) with the traffic. Artie, what's it looking like up there today for us drivers?

VOICE(O.S) (Southern Accent) Hey there folks, Artie here. Looks like we got ourselves an old timey po-lice barricade up ahead in the North bound lane. ABRAHAM stares head and sees flashing lights a few blocks up. He is closing in fast, and the police are two blocks behind. ABRAHAM Shit! Shit! VOICE(O.S) (Original “anchor” mocking voice) So what would be your advice for Vegas patrons on the road today? VOICE(O.S) (Southern Accent) Well I guess I'd have to say... Drive North. On the Southbound lane Yep. That'd do it. CUT TO: EXT. LAS VEGAS BLVD OUTSIDE IHOP OFF WEST CLEVELAND AVE AND VEGAS BLVD. SOUTHBOUND MCCLANE, LUCY and ZEUS are trudging north on the Southbound side of the Blvd. MCCLANE is sweating, ZEUS looks uncomfortable and LUCY has red cheeks but is otherwise fine. MCCLANE Fucking 10 minutes my ass! They all stop. MCCLANE looks at his surroundings. He sees flashing lights up ahead, no more than a block away. A silver Lexus tear through the meridian. Its back end swings out, tires squealing as ABRAHAM tries to maintain control. The Lexus brushes past an oncoming car and heads towards MCCLANE, LUCY AND ZEUS. MCCLANE yells. MCCLANE Oh shit! Move! Move! Get out of the way, now!


MCCLANE pushes both of them out of the way onto the sidewalk. They all vault over the railing, tumbling safely over the other side. The car misses them by inches, the rear end hits the suitcases, smashing them open into the parking lot of the IHOP. The Lexus screeches to a halt. MCCLANE quickly gets up, shaking off the fall. He hops over the railing at the rear end of the car, keeping crouched. Sirens grow louder. MCCLANE Zeus, Lucy, stay down! Don't move! MCCLANE gets to the car window, peering in. ABRAHAM has is pointing the pistol at MCCLANE. MCCLANE puts his hands up calmly. MCCLANE stares at the gun in ABRAHAM's hand. He can see it trembling. MCCLANE I don’t want any trouble. I just wanted to see if you were okay. No body needs to die today. ABRAHAM stares at MCCLANE. MCCLANE is nervous. The VOICE speaks to ABRAHAM. VOICE(O.S) Get rid of this guy. ABRAHAM How? VOICE(O.S) You almost hit him. You choose. Just do it. Evac is up ahead. 1 minute. Parking lot. Remember...I'm listening. ABRAHAM lowers his pistol. ABRAHAM I'm sorry for hitting your luggage. I'm having a really bad day. MCCLANE raises his hands slightly again, and backs up. ZEUS and LUCY are watching, and stay behind the railing. ABRAHAM rolls up the window and takes the wheel once more. The Lexus tires squeal as he peels out, heading northbound into oncoming traffic. Police cruisers speed by in pursuit. CUT TO:


EXT. LAS VEGAS BLVD NORTHBOUND IN SOUTHBOUND LANE. DAY. The Lexus speeds up the road, and we follow it north as oncoming vehicles swerve to avoid collision. ABRAHAM smashes the Lexus over the median again to meet a landed helicopter wit a manned gun in a parking lot. Four police cruisers pull up behind him and officers take cover formations. ABRAHAM runs toward the chopper. The GUNNER provides cover fire. As ABRAHAM boards, the chopper takes off. CUT TO: EXT. LAS VEGAS BLVD OUTSIDE IHOP OFF WEST CLEVELAND AVE and VEGAS BLVD. SOUTHBOUND The chopper flies southbound passing over MCCLANE, ZEUS and LUCY, who look up at it as breaks east. ZEUS rubs a bruise forming on his elbow, and LUCY re-ties her hair, unscathed. MCCLANE watches the helicopter leave. A police cruiser pulls up to meet them, lights flashing. MCCLANE smirks, then lights a cigarette with old lucky. CUT TO: INT. BUNKER. ARIZONA DESERT. LATE AFTERNOON. ABRAHAM is unconscious, secured to the same chair as earlier. The square room is well lit, and has a table with two apples on it. An empty chair is in front of ABRAHAM, and there is a door with no handle. The door opens, and a MAN enters. The MAN is in his late forties, has longer than average greying hair and wild eyes. He is holding a water canteen. The MAN approaches ABRAHAM, dousing him with water. ABRAHAM stirs. ABRAHAM Where am I? Who are you? The MAN holds the canteen up to ABRAHAM'S lips and lets him drink. ABRAHAM takes big gulps. MAN You know who I am. ABRAHAM matches his voice with that of the VOICE on the phone. ABRAHAM Why are you doing this to me?


The MAN walks over to the vacant chair and sits down. MAN Firstly, names don't matter here. We have our relationship, that is all. Secondly, you haven't done anything wrong. You were drafted. A case of bad luck. The MAN laughs a little at ABRAHAM, who glares at him. The MAN shrugs, then puts his feet up on the table. MAN What? If I was God doing this, you'd ask if you were "being tested". How is this any different? It's a test. I am in control. There is a moment of silence as ABRAHAM thinks to himself. ABRAHAM What is it that you are after? The MAN picks the apple off of the table and bites into it. MAN Questions, questions. Again, none of your concern. The door opens, and a GUARD in plain clothes pushes a heavy duty cart with a W88 warhead and timer assembly strapped to it. He stands by it, at attention. As ABRAHAM stares at it, his eyes widen. ABRAHAM What the hell are you going to do? MAN It's not what I am going to do. It's what you are going to do, Abe. Very poetic, you know. The MAN laughs lightly, amused with himself. He gets up from the table and picks up the apple, heading over to ABRAHAM. ABRAHAM Poetic? What is? The MAN unlocks one handcuff and gives ABRAHAM the apple. He eats it eagerly. The MAN sits on the table in front of ABRAHAM and smiles. He bites into his apple. MAN

51. (CONT'D) The whole me being like God, and you being Abe, Abe. Vegas. Sodom. I think it's beautiful. History repeats itself!

ABRAHAM You're insane. MAN Judge not, lest ye be judged. The MAN gets up from the table and walks over to the warhead. He runs his hand affectionately over it, then whispers to the GUARD. The GUARD nods and leaves. The MAN smiles, then approaches ABRAHAM. MAN Abe, I am going to charge you a holy mission. A crusade. You will be arriving at a location yet to be disclosed. You will use this bomb to meet a list of demands that will be given to you. Simple, really. The MAN gently re-cuffs ABRAHAM’S free arm. ABRAHAM does not resist. ABRAHAM WhThe MAN hits ABRAHAM in the face. ABRAHAM recoils, yelping. He drops the rest of his apple. The MAN leans in close to ABRAHAM. MAN No more questions! I am going to beat it into you if I have to! All you need to know is this: fail, and I kill your daughter, then cook you in your skin with the bomb. The MAN strokes ABRAHAM’S hair, then punches him in the face. ABRAHAM'S head cocks back, and he falls unconscious. The MAN licks the blood from his freshly cut knuckles. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE HOTEL LOBBY. NIGHT. MCCLANE is standing at the busy hotel lobby. He is being attended to by an attractive brunette CLERK in her thirties. ZEUS and LUCY are sat down nearby, cooling off. The CLERK slides individual room keys over to MCCLANE.

52. (CONT'D) CLERK Here you go, sir. Rooms all on the 5th floor, consecutive and ready to go. Enjoy your stay with us.

MCCLANE takes the card keys and smirks. He rubs his stubbly chin and then stretches his back. MCCLANE What time is the bar open until? I've had a bad day. The CLERK pouts. CLERK Aww really? That's no good. Everything is open 24 hours, and Room service is also 24 hours. I recommend Images, it's our Sports Bar. Most guys like going there. MCCLANE Thanks. MCCLANE yawns. The CLERK does some fast typing on her computer and clicks her mouse a few times. CLERK Aww… you do look tired. How about I pull some strings and get you all in for a relaxing massage tonight? MCCLANE Well ICLERK Done. It's at 8:30 at the Roni Josef, so it's 6:30 now, so why don't you take your Friend and girlfriend out to dinner? MCCLANE laughs, rubbing his bald head in embarrassment. He looks over to LUCY, then back again. MCCLANE She's my daughter. But thanks. The CLERK laughs. She pushes her hair out of her eyes. CLERK I know. I was just teasing. The CLERK clears her throat and does some typing. MCCLANE blushes slightly and smirks. ZEUS, annoyed, stands up.


ZEUS McClane, I'm tired, hungry and want to go my room. Can you stop trying to get laid and get over here? STACY looks embarrassed. Everyone in the foyer stares at MCCLANE and ZEUS. An older couple stares disapprovingly at ZEUS. He yells at them. ZEUS What are you lookin' at? Go on about your business! MCCLANE looks at ZEUS. From MCCLANE’S perspective, we see LUCY scold ZEUS. MCCLANE smirks, then looks back to the CLERK. MCCLANE Thanks for your help. Sorry about my friend. He’s old. The heat gets to him. The CLERK laughs. MCCLANE turns away from her and walks over to ZEUS and LUCY. MCCLANE hands out room keys, then looks at ZEUS. MCCLANE Done your little temper tantrum now? ZEUS Yes. Now can we go? LUCY laughs and high fives MCCLANE. He smirks. LUCY eyes up the CLERK from a distance, and nods with approval. LUCY She was hot. I'd hit that. ZEUS and MCCLANE exchange glances and look at LUCY. She shrugs, laughing awkwardly. LUCY What? If I was a guy, I mean. ZEUS and MCCLANE still stare at her. MCCLANE Let's go.


LUCY gets up from her seat and leads the way to the elevator. ZEUS and MCCLANE follow. They stand at the elevator. MCCLANE looks at his watch. MCCLANE Let's meet down here at 8:15. I managed to get us some free massages. LUCY sighs in relief. LUCY That's great! I could Really use one! LUCY rubs the back of her neck. ZEUS looks impressed. ZEUS And how, in the grace of God did you manage that? LUCY laughs. MCCLANE smirks. MCCLANE I can be charming. ZEUS chuckles. MCCLANE glares at him. ZEUS When? Why have I never seen it? MCCLANE Maybe you aren't my type. They all laugh. The elevator arrives and the door opens. A few guests get off the elevator, then the three get on. MCCLANE pushes a button. ZEUS. Is the clerk going to be your masseuse? ZEUS stands behind MCCLANE. MCCLANE laughs mischievously, looking ahead. MCCLANE Maybe later. You should see the one I picked for you. I think you're going to like him. LUCY cracks up with laughter, but holds her mouth. ZEUS reacts, frowning. The door closes. CUT TO:


INT. IMAGES BAR STRATOSPHERE HOTEL. NIGHT. MCCLANE and ZEUS are drunk. There are 10 empty beer bottles, 20 empty shot glasses on the table, salt, and chewed limes. MCCLANE looks down, and is pushing a piece of lime on the table in a circle. ZEUS is lazily watching him. MCCLANE Can I tell you a secret? ZEUS Of course you can... Whether I remember it’s a secret or not later is another thing. MCCLANE Just don't judge me if I tell you. ZEUS rases his right hand mockingly. ZEUS I promise. MCCLANE does not smile. He looks depressed. He lights up a smoke and takes a long drag. MCCLANE Yesterday you asked me if I was going to do something stupid after this trip... To tell you the truth... I have thought about eating a bullet... It would save everyone a lot of fucking hassle. MCCLANE looks down. ZEUS' eyes widen. He rabbit punches MCCLANE in the nose. MCCLANE yelps, holding it. MCCLANE I thought you said you wouldn't judge me! ZEUS I guess I lied! MCCLANE sits in silence, rubbing his nose. It isn't bleeding, but it is red and beginning to swell. His eyes are watering. MCCLANE Okay, then Dr. Phil... What would you do? ZEUS thinks. MCCLANE waits impatiently. ZEUS looks down, playing with an empty shot glass.

56. (CONT'D) ZEUS I don’t know... I’m sorry for hitting you. I-I wasn’t thinking...

MCCLANE You hit like an old Asian woman, anyway. They both laugh for a few seconds. ZEUS leans in. ZEUS You can't go out like that, McClane. Think of Lucy, Jack. Think of the damage you'd cause. MCCLANE considers this for a moment. MCCLANE I know. But the thought ofZEUS Think of nothing. Nothing else, but the family you have by your side. Your friends. Singular: friend. Shit... I don't even Know why I still hang out with you. MCCLANE smirks an throws a piece of lime at ZEUS. It bounces off his face. MCCLANE Fuck you. ZEUS Use that anger. Fight. Don't be a pussy. Go down swinging. An attractive young WAITRESS approaches the table with a tray of shooters and assesses ZEUS and MCCLANE. WAITRESS Are you two okay? ZEUS looks at her. ZEUS Ma'am, my friend here just got some awful news recently. I know we're drunk, but can we have one more shot? Then we'll leave. I swear. The WAITRESS looks at them dubiously. MCCLANE grins at her, holding one finger up.


MCCLANE One. Just one. The WAITRESS, won over, laughs. WAITRESS Okay. Just one more! Then you go! The WAITRESS serves them both one more shot, with a lime. ZEUS pays her and she leaves. ZEUS raises his glass. ZEUS How was that for charming? Cheers, you old boot. They chuckle, clink glasses and down the tequila. MCCLANE shudders as it goes down, then smacks his lips. ZEUS drums on the table quickly, grimacing. ZEUS There. Take that, liver! ZEUS chuckles, getting up uneasily. MCCLANE pries himself out of his seat propping himself up. MCCLANE Time for bed, I think. Long day. ZEUS What time is it? MCCLANE lifts his watch up close to his eye. He tries to focus, then gives up. MCCLANE Blur past blurry. ZEUS chuckles. ZEUS You’re right. That is late. They both laugh, then stumble towards the elevator. FADE TO BLACK: FADE IN:


INT. STRATOSPHERE MAIN FLOOR. OFFICE. NIGHT. A stocky Latino MAN dressed in a security guard outfit stands on a chair opening a vent. He opens a valve on a small container. It hisses, leaking Freon. He throws it into the vent and closes it. He exits calmly, whistling and holding a flashlight. CUT TO:

EXT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER OBSERVATION DECK MORNING MCCLANE, ZEUS and LUCY stand by the railing looking over the city. The sun is bright, and there is a light breeze. Other sightseers around them are talking and posing for pictures. MCCLANE is hungover. He is wearing a pants, brown shoes and an open light MCCLANE actively stays away from the camera, and is taking pictures. LUCY pulling him to her. white undershirt, beige blue button up shirt. railing. ZEUS has a grabs MCCLANE'S hand,

LUCY Come on, Daddy. Stand with me. MCCLANE uneasily comes to the railing. LUCY moves him around to get a good pose. MCCLANE Lucy, I’m not into photos. Or heights. LUCY Oh be quiet and smile! LUCY turns his head back to the camera. MCCLANE puts on a smile, and ZEUS snaps a few photos of the pair. LUCY then runs over to ZEUS and takes the camera from him. LUCY Now you guys get a picture! Proof that he has at least one friend. MCCLANE smirks, and ZEUS chuckles, walking over to MCCLANEnow comfortable leaning with his back against the railing. LUCY Smile!


They smile. LUCY laughs. LUCY That's a keeper! LUCY gives the camera back to ZEUS. LUCY holds MCCLANE'S arm, smiling as they walk back inside. LUCY So... Daddy, how are you feeling? MCCLANE I’m alive. LUCY Good! Because I want you to go on a ride with me. MCCLANE shakes his head. MCCLANE I'm not feeling up for rides, Lucy. Take Zeus. ZEUS shakes his head. ZEUS No chance. I’ll watch ‘em but I don’t ride ‘em. LUCY No, Daddy! Just one! You and me. You can pick. Please? MCCLANE Just one? LUCY smiles and kisses MCCLANE on the cheek. LUCY Just one. Come on. LUCY leads MCCLANE over to the ticket booth displaying the rides. The choices are: Big Shot, Insanity, X-Scream and Sky Jump. MCCLANE looks at the board. MCCLANE What's Big Shot like? LUCY You sit in a chair, and it blasts off into the air. It's kind of like an ejector seat.


MCCLANE shakes his head. MCCLANE I did something like that once at work. Wasn't very fun. LUCY Oh. Okay. How about Sky Jump? MCCLANE What's that? MCCLANE points to the Sky Jump. LUCY You get a harness and around you then you jump off the building in a controlled free fall. MCCLANE smiles at LUCY. MCCLANE I did that at work, too. LUCY sighs, flustered. MCCLANE looks at the board. MCCLANE I'll pick Insanity. Two please. LUCY smiles, giggling. MCCLANE sighs. MCCLANE My hangover is going to love this LUCY I'll go get you some water. LUCY leaves, and MCCLANE and ZEUS stand together. ZEUS You're whooped. You know that? MCCLANE smirks. MCCLANE Yeah. I know. I just hope I don't hurl on anyone. CUT TO:


INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN LOBBY. DAY. The stocky Latino MAN, now known as RAOUL, swaggers into the lobby, dressed in his security guard outfit. He approaches the front desk, where a fat, mean looking GUARD sits, staring at him. RAOUL stares back. The GUARD looks at his watch. GUARD You’re late. RAOUL Sorry, Senor. MrGUARD I don't want any excuses, okay? Where's Paulie? CUT TO: INT. DUMPSTER. STRATOSPHERE REAR ENTRANCE An overweight middle aged MAN in the same guard outfit is lying dead. He has a bullet hole in his head. We see his name badge. It reads “Paul”. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN LOBBY. DAY. RAOUL His mother, she isGUARD Fine. Whatever. It would have been nice to get a call, is all. RAOUL drums on the counter with his finger. The GUARD glares at him. RAOUL sees this and stops. RAOUL Anything to report? GUARD Yeah. Besides you being late and me not getting overtime, the fucking Freon alarm went on at three this morning, so I called it in. A service tech is on his way. The GUARD points a fat finger at RAOUL.


GUARD Don't let it take long, because the tower is still open. RAOUL What if he can’tThe GUARD shakes his head slowly, looking RAOUL dead in the eyes. GUARD No can't. He has to fix it. Or you go back to playing in a mariachi band, comprende? RAOUL Si- I mean yes, sir. GUARD Good. Now sign in so I can get out of here. My feet are killing me. The GUARD hands RAOUL a clipboard and a pen. RAOUL signs in. The GUARD peels himself out his chair, and hands keys to RAOUL. The GUARD yawns and waddles to the exit. As the GUARD leaves, a tall lean African American dressed in white coveralls enters the building carrying a large heavy tool bag. He is known as PETERS. The logo on his outfit reads: “Las Vegas HVAC Co.” PETERS smiles at the GUARD and drops his bag. PETERS Ya'll call about da' Freon leak? The GUARD points to RAOUL, now behind the front desk. MAN Talk to whoever the fuck he is over there, I don't care. I'm going home. PETERS watches the GUARD leave, then walks to RAOUL, mimicking the GUARD’S gait. PETERS laughs and hauls the heavy bag onto the desk. PETERS What a fat, mean piece of shit. I'm surprised you didn't knock him out.


RAOUL runs his hands through his thick black hair, but says nothing. RAOUL hands PETERS the bundle of keys. PETERS picks up his tools and heads to maintenance. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK ELEVATOR LOBBY. DAY MCCLANE and LUCY are laughing in arms. The three of them wait at the elevator lobby with a group of TOURISTS. LUCY You should have seen your face! MCCLANE laughs lightly. MCCLANE That was pretty fun, actually. ZEUS Kudos for not throwing up, McClane. MCCLANE It was close... I think I shit my pants, though. ZEUS and MCCLANE laugh. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE MAINTENANCE CONTROL ROOM. DAY. PETERS walks into the room. Two security officers are startled, but see his outfit and relax. PETERS reveals a silenced pistol, quickly shooting the men dead. PETERS locks the door, peels the bodies off the console and sits down. He puts a headset on, looking at several camera feeds. PETERS I'm in. You got some people coming down to you. It’s a slow day. Judging by what's left up top, I'd say there are only 29 people up there, tops. CUT TO:


INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. ELEVATOR LOBBY. DAY. MCCLANE, LUCY and ZEUS are waiting for the elevator still. A small jingle rings out over speakers. They look up at the sound source. PETERS(O.S) (Over PA system) Ladies and Gentlemen... We detected a Freon leak this morning, and we will be clearing the tower for maintenance. All patrons and personnel please make your way to the elevators, where you will be escorted outside to safety. This is not an exercise. MCCLANE I don’t smell anything... ZEUS You won’t. It doesn’t smell strong. The rest of the tourists are now by the elevator and are all having similar conversations. MCCLANE see a frightened BOY in a wheelchair look around. His MOTHER leans in and kisses BOY on the head reassuringly. The speakers overhead chime once more. PETERS(O.S) (Over PA system) Once again all patrons and personnel, we have to clear the tower for maintenance. Please grab your belongings and head downstairs. On staff personnel will help you get to transport outside. Anyone with ride times booked or meal reservations will receive a full refund and a free voucher as compensation. See the front desk manager in the main Hotel Lobby. Thank you for your patronage. The elevator door opens and panicked people push by the CHILD and MOTHER to get on. A STAFF member of the tower tries to make room for the BOY and MOTHER but is pushed aside. There is some room left, but not enough for everyone. MCCLANE gestures for the BOY and MOTHER to go ahead of them. MCCLANE After you. The MOTHER smiles warmly, gently patting MCCLANE on his shoulder as they walk on.


MOTHER Bless your heart. MCCLANE nods and smiles back. The MOTHER backs the wheelchair onto the elevator. MCCLANE smiles and waves to the BOY. The BOY waves back, smiling. The elevator doors close. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER LOBBY FRONT DESK. RAOUL is watching the monitors. The Observation Deck, Bars, Restaurants and rides clearing of tourists and staff as they flock to the elevator. CUT TO: EXT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER REAR LOADING ENTRANCE A Pacific Courier van backs up to the rear entrance. The van’s rear door is opened from the inside. Four armed men stand around the bomb cart. They are dressed in casual clothes. They each perform weapon checks and do not talk. ABRAHAM stands among them with. The van ramp unfolds. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE MAINTENANCE CONTROL ROOM. DAY. PETERS is disabling the phone lines with bolt cutters, and sparks fly as he destroys the console with the butt of an MP5. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN LOBBY. DAY. RAOUL watches the camera feeds from the top floors. All the rooms are empty. The elevator is full. MCCLANE, LUCY and ZEUS are on it with the remaining TOURISTS and RIDE STAFF. The building STAFF and SECURITY are directing concerned TOURISTS outside. INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER. ELEVATOR. DAY. MCCLANE, ZEUS and LUCY are huddled in the corner of the elevator. MCCLANE is listening to two employees.

66. (CONT'D) EMPLOYEE 1 Freon leak? That’s never happened before. Why the evac?

EMPLOYEE 2 Better safe than sorry, I guess. You can stay and breathe the toxic fumes, if you like. MCCLANE and ZEUS exchange glances and smirk. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER FRONT LOBBY RAOUL and STAFF continue to direct people outside. Two double decker coaches are parked on the curb, and STAFF are assisting people onto them. A MAN with a badge reading TATE JACOBS, MANAGER walks over to RAOUL hurriedly, blowing a whistle to part the crowd. RAOUL looks at him, and continues. TATE What is going on? Who are you? Where's Paulie? RAOUL Hello sir. My name is Raoul. Paulie... His mother... She is sick. The TATE looks around at the busy lobby, his hands on his hips. TATE I wish I’d been notified, but very well. What is going on? RAOUL The Freon alarms went off. The AC units are leaking into the air ducts. I have a service technician trying to fix them now. I have to clear the tower to ensure patron safety. TATE Okay. Good work, Raoul. Is the tower clear? RAOUL Yes sir. Last group is coming down now. I called a couple of buses to take them to the strip. But I could use a hand getting these people onboard.


The MANAGER walks to RAOUL and shakes him by the hand firmly. MANAGER Great work for responding to a crisis so well! I'm calling in to HR and putting in a raise for you, Raoul! This is just the kind of thinking man we need! I'll go outside and help. The MANAGER shepherds a crowd of people outside, blowing his whistle. As he leaves, RAOUL breathes a sigh of relief. The elevator opens and the last group of people step off. RAOUL approaches the two EMPLOYEES, smiling. RAOUL Hey guys. Can you get these people out to bus outside? I have to go lock the back. And when I get back, I'll do a sweep and make sure there is no-one else in the building. The EMPLOYEES nod and RAOUL jogs away.. MCCLANE is pale. His nose starts to bleed. MCCLANE buckles to one knee. MCCLANE I… I don't feel so good. ZEUS and LUCY turn back. EMPLOYEE 1 hangs back while EMPLOYEE 2 leaves with the other TOURISTS. EMPLOYEE 1 kneels by MCCLANE, gently touching his back. EMPLOYEE 1 Are you okay, sir? My name is Nathan. Can you hear me? MCCLANE nods, spitting onto the floor. LUCY panics. LUCY He's sick! We need to get him to a doctor! MCCLANE shakes his head and holds his arm out. EMPLOYEE 1 and LUCY help him stand up. MCCLANE No, I'm okay. I'll just go to the bathroom. Feels like I’m gonna’ throw up. Go on ahead. ZEUS helps MCCLANE walk to the mens room. LUCY and EMPLOYEE 1 head to the front door. MCCLANE yells out to LUCY.

68. (CONT'D) MCCLANE We'll be out in a minute, okay?

CUT TO: EXT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER REAR LOADING ENTRANCE RAOUL opens the rear entrance doors. The team members jump off the van and unload the bomb cart and crates. One reads “RPG”. ABRAHAM is nudged forward by a large brutish man with Georgian Features and slick hair. They enter the building. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN FLOOR MENS ROOM MCCLANE is throwing up in a stall. ZEUS waits outside, watching television. The news is on. An attractive blonde female ANCHOR reads. ANCHOR LVPD are still baffled by the attacks made by what appears to be Senator Abraham Marcus, who has assassinated two people in the last twenty four hours. The first victim was security guard John Boothe, 31 and casino caretaker Michael Harnessy, 29. The deaths are so far unrelated, and police have not issued a statement. Shaky cellphone footage of a ABRAHAM starting a gasoline fire is played as the ANCHOR continues. ANCHOR The assailant was captured by a local citizen in this video performing this random act of terror, before making a daring escape in a helicopter just minutes later. A warrant has been issued for the Senator’s arrest. Stay tuned for when we talk to the man who spoke with the unknown assailant as he was held at gunpoint. ZEUS looks over to the stall. ZEUS Is this from last night? (MORE)

69. (CONT'D)

MCCLANE No. This ain't no hangover, pal. It's from that tumour in my fucking head! ZEUS (Pauses) Hurry up in there. We're supposed to be outside. MCCLANE Keep your shirt on. MCCLANE flushes, then opens the stall. He has more color, but is sweaty. He walks to the sink and washes up. MCCLANE If Lucy asks, it's the booze, okay? ZEUS Sure thing. MCCLANE dries himself off with paper towel, then throws it in the garbage as he heads to the door. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE. TOWER OFFICES. GROUND FLOOR. DAY. An armed MAN goes from room to room, clearing them. He finds no-one. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER. VARIOUS EXITS. GROUND FLOOR. DAY. Another armed MAN is setting up proximity charges on exit doors. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE MAIN LOBBY. DAY. RAOUL is sitting behind the desk with his feet up. The brutish Georgian MAN is now known as TURK. He pushes ABRAHAM onto the elevator. A second armed MAN wearing a headset gets on with the bomb cart. He is Asian American, and has slender shoulders and feminine features. He is known as LI. The elevator doors close. RAOUL talks into his headset.


RAOUL (On Radio) Peters, package heading up, doors are sealed and lined. What’s your status? CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE MAINTENANCE CONTROL ROOM. DAY. PETERS is packing his gear up back into his tool bag. The elevator Junction Boxes have been disabled, and wires hang loose from the cabinet. PETERS Fire Alarms and AC fans are down. I’ll kill the elevator when they get topside. Be there in 5. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. ELEVATOR LOBBY. DAY. The group have just stepped out of the elevator. LI clears each room. TURK dials a speed dial number on a smart phone, turns on the speaker phone and hands it to ABRAHAM. TURK sets up the bomb cart and unpacks the RPG. TURK Do not fail. ABRAHAM I understand. ABRAHAM sits by the phone. CUT TO: INT. EMERGENCY 911 CALL CENTRE, LAS VEGAS. DAY. An overweight African American in her mid thirties sits at her desk wearing a head set and sipping on coffee. Her line rings. PHONE OPERATOR 911, what is your emergency? CUT TO:


INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. ABRAHAM reads from a small piece of paper. TURK activates the speakerphone. ABRAHAM I-I have a tactical Nuke on top of the Stratosphere tower. If my demands are n-not met within two hours, I will detonate it. 911 OPERATOR Sir it is a Federal Crime to commit False calls to the emergency line. ABRAHAM looks at the bomb timer. It starts counting down. ABRAHAM I assure you this is no false call, madam. CUT TO:

INT. EMERGENCY 911 CALL CENTRE, LAS VEGAS. The OPERATOR is concerned, but maintains her professionalism. She pushes a red button by her console. It activates a flashing light above her. 911 OPERATOR So you are going on record that you Possess a nuclear weapon and wish to have the proper authorities speak with you? ABRAHAM Correct. The OPERATOR'S floor supervisor limps over. He is overweight but friendly looking, and is hungrily finishing a Danish. SUPERVISOR What's up, Rita? RITA'S eyes are wide and she motions for him to be silent. 911 OPERATOR Can I get your name again please, sir? ABRAHAM My name is Abraham Marcus. (MORE)

72. (CONT'D)

911 OPERATOR Please hold, sir. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. ABRAHAM shrugs and look to TURK. ABRAHAM They-they put me on hold. TURK chuckles. CUT TO: INT. EMERGENCY 911 CALL CENTRE, LAS VEGAS. RITA starts panicking. GLEN, her SUPERVISOR tires to calm here. RITA Oh Lord Jesus, Jesus! It's the end of days! GLEN Calm down, calm down! What's he saying? Put him on speaker. RITA First off, he says he’s the Senator. You know... The one on the news muderin’ folks? Says he has a nuclear weapon on top of the Stratosphere. GLEN laughs. GLEN Probably some nut job. Put him back on. RITA takes ABRAHAM off hold, and on speaker phone. RITA Hello, sir? ABRAHAM Yes? RITA

73. (CONT'D) Just what kind of details can you give me?

ABRAHAM About what? RITA The bomb you have. What kind is it? ABRAHAM W88. GLEN Sir, my name is Glen, I'm Rita's Supervisor. I served as in the forces. I'm going to need more than that. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER OBSERVATION DECK DAY ABRAHAM sighs exasperated, and looks at TURK. ABRAHAM Please hold. ABRAHAM pushes the mute button. TURK glares at ABRAHAM. TURK What now?! ABRAHAM They want more information... TURK grabs the phone from ABRAHAM, takes it off mute, and holds it by his rifle. He pulls the trigger, shooting the ceiling. ABRAHAM flinches. TURK smiles, hanging up. TURK There. More information. CUT TO: INT. EMERGENCY 911 CALL CENTRE, LAS VEGAS. GLEN and RITA jump at the gunshots, screaming. RITA I'm gonna’ call my kids! CUT TO:


INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN LOBBY MCCLANE opens the door to the men's room and sees an armed GUARD facing away from him, patrolling. Undetected, MCCLANE surveys the area, and then quickly pushes ZEUS back into the washroom. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN FLOOR MENS ROOM. DAY. ZEUS and MCCLANE stand by the door. ZEUS What the hell are you doing, McClane? MCCLANE gestures ZEUS to be quiet. MCCLANE Armed guard outside. ZEUS Who is he? MCCLANE How the fuck should I know? I didn’t ask him! ZEUS Maybe he is clearing the building. MCCLANE With automatic weapons? He’s not a cop, I can tell you that. ZEUS How do you know that? MCCLANE Plain clothes, no badge, MP5. ZEUS glares at MCCLANE, shaking his head. MCCLANE Why are you looking at me like that? This isn't my fault, Godammit! ZEUS (Mimicking McClane) Come on a vacation with me, (MORE)

75. (CONT'D) we’ll get together, have a few laughs…

MCCLANE hears footsteps outside the door. MCCLANE Shh! Someone's coming! MCCLANE signals him to go into a stall on the far side of the room. MCCLANE takes a middle stall. They both each climb up on a toilet, hiding their feet from view. The GUARD opens the door and enters the room, gun ready. He checks the urinals, then cautiously proceeds to the stalls. GUARD If there is anyone in here, come out. I promise I won't hurt you. The GUARD kicks the first stall open. It is empty. He moves to the second and kicks it open. It's empty. He gets to MCCLANE'S stall and is about to kick it when ZEUS speaks up. ZEUS Don't shoot! I'm coming out! GUARD Come out with your hands up, Slowly, or I will fire! ZEUS flushes, then unlocks the stall door and slowly steps out, his hands up. The GUARD advances on him. GUARD What are you doing in here? ZEUS Taking a shit... I haven't been feeling too good. Must have ate somGUARD Enough! ZEUS falls silent. The GUARD looks around the room suspiciously. GUARD Are you alone? ZEUS laughs. ZEUS

76. (CONT'D) No, I shit with my friend. Of course I’m alone!

The GUARD hits ZEUS in the stomach with his rifle. ZEUS buckles, coughing. MCCLANE watches through a gap in the stall door. The GUARD uses his headset. GUARD Unit 2 checking in. Got a live civilian. Area is now clear. Bringing him out. The GUARD motions ZEUS ahead with his gun. ZEUS obeys, holding his stomach. MCCLANE watches the two leave, then lets out a breath. MCCLANE (Whispering to himself) Zeus, you stupid son of a bitch! Think, God Dammit! Think! MCCLANE paces around and sees a fire alarm handle on the wall. He pulls it. Then jiggles it. Nothing happens. MCCLANE looks around the room and see an A ventilation shaft above a stall. He climbs up, pries the cover off and climbs into the shaft. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN LOBBY. DAY. The GUARD swaggers triumphantly out with ZEUS. RAOUL walks up to them both, looking less than impressed. GUARD He was in the bathroom. RAOUL slaps the GUARD hard in the face. The GUARD recoils. RAOUL How the fuck did you not see him before?! Do you know what a sweep is? ZEUS shakes his head. ZEUS I didn't see nothing, guys. Ain't nobody need to die here. RAOUL looks to the GUARD. RAOUL

77. (CONT'D) Fuck-tard, tie his hands and feet, and put him behind the desk. I'm going to call this in.

RAOUL then looks at ZEUS, and taps his gun on ZEUS’ chest. RAOUL You are lucky I follow orders, homes. Keep quiet and maybe you’ll live. But that’s not up to me. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. ABRAHAM and TURK stand side by side in the main room. LI is having a drink, bored. The VOICE speaks in ABRAHAM’S ear. VOICE(O.S) (Singing) Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything is going my way! CUT TO: EXT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER. DAY. A black Tahoe with a spinning blue light drives up to the tower and parks by a trailer marked: “Mobile Command”. The MAN, (aka VOICE) gets out, looking up at the tower, shielding his eyes. He as a phone to his ear. VOICE We're on schedule. That means I'm happy. And when I'm happy, Jane lives to see another hour. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. ABRAHAM paces nervously around the observation deck, staring down at the streets below. TURK stands with him, his rifle over his shoulder. ABRAHAM What do I do now? VOICE(O.S)

78. (CONT'D) You wait. Press will be here, feds, military- a real feeding frenzy now you chummed the water!

ABRAHAM H-how will you stop the authorities from blowing up the place and killing me? CUT TO: EXT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER BASE. DAY. The MAN puts on a black cap and jacket and badge. It reads HOMELAND SECURITY. He checks his firearm and holsters his weapon and smiles. VOICE I'll think of something. CUT TO: INT. VENTILATION DUCT STRATOSPHERE TOWER GROUND FLOOR MCCLANE is prone, slowly crawling through the air duct. He is sweaty, and dirty. He stops, lights his Zippo and looks around. MCCLANE You’re an idiot, John. You’re too old to be doing this shit! (Pauses) At least I have shoes this time. MCCLANE continues crawling. He can hear muffled voices below him. There is ceiling vent and MCCLANE gets into position to watch. We see through the vent. RAOUL paces up and down quickly, on the phone. PETERS is out of view and the GUARDS are not in sight. MCCLANE overhears RAOUL. RAOUL We can't let him go, the charges are primed. I know. I know, Heffe. It wasn't my- yes. Okay. Will do. CUT TO: INT. VENTILATION DUCT STRATOSPHERE TOWER GROUND FLOOR. DAY. MCCLANE loses sight of RAOUL. He crawls ahead. CUT TO:


EXT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN ENTRANCE. DAY. The building perimeter is now tied off with police tape and multiple officers are guarding the line. Men with BOMB SQUAD coats are using test equipment around the perimeter. We pan across several anchors delivering reports. ANCHOR 1 What is believed to be a domestic nuclear terrorist threat ANCHOR 2 No details have yet been given, And no contact has been made With the group. ANCHOR 3 AL-Quaeda is not taking responsibility for the attack, though they CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. LOBBY. DAY. ABRAHAM is watching the report over a large flat screen whilst sat in a chair. An Anchor stands by the perimeter as various civil servants work behind her. ANCHOR 4 -if the threat is credible, then an official city evacuation will begin. I'm Suzy Black, Stratosphere Tower. TURK gets a message over his earpiece. He pulls ABRAHAM up out of the chair by his collar. TURK Come on. Let's go. TURK grabs an RPG and nudges ABRAHAM outside. A press helicopter flies around the tower. ABRAHAM looks back on the television. He sees himself, then the reaction of the newscaster. VOICE(O.S) Don't do anything stupid. I can see you. The whole world can see you. Tell Turk to shoot the chopper. ABRAHAM Why me?


80. (CONT'D)

VOICE(O.S) Because you are in charge, remember? (Pauses) Do it! ABRAHAM jumps, then points to the chopper. He taps TURK on the shoulder. TURK nods, raising the RPG. ABRAHAM goes back inside and watches the newscast. NEWSCASTER IN CHOPPER This is coming to you live! Senator Abraham Marcus is In command of the group! Hold on, something's happening. I think it's a- Holy shit! RPG! RPG! Get the fuck out of here! Go! Go! TURK fires a rocket at the chopper. It is a direct hit. It explodes, bursting into flames and spirals out of the sky to the strip below. ABRAHAM watches the chopper go down, then the news feed end on the television, and weeps. CUT TO: EXT. LAS VEGAS STRIP. DAY. Helicopter debris comes crashing down on multiple cars. Chaos spreads as vehicles swerve into each other to avoid the burning metal. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. We are looking at the newscast feed again. The news anchor is emotional, tearing up. ANCHOR The unimaginable has happened. We have just lost our crew to a terrorist attack. Our hearts and prayers go with the crew and families during this dark, dark day for America. I need a moment. The newscast ends and goes to commercial break. ABRAHAM holds his head in his hands, sobbing deeply. CUT TO:


INT. STRATOSPHERE MAINTENANCE CONTROL ROOM. DAY. MCCLANE kicks the vents cover off and drops into the room. He sees the two dead bodies of the GUARDS in the corner. MCCLANE Jesus Christ! MCCLANE approaches the bodies, and searches them. They both have Tazers, but no pistols. He grabs a security key card from one of them. MCCLANE Tazers... Okay. Better than nothing, I guess. MCCLANE finds a smart phone on the body, also. He puts it in his pocket. MCCLANE leaves the room, holding both Tazers. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER OFFICE CORRIDOR. DAY. Two GUARDS are walking together, talking and checking the doors in a service and office corridor of the tower. CUT TO: INT. MEDIUM SIZED OFFICE MCCLANE is crouched down behind a desk in an office with large windows and several desks. He hears the GUARDS walk past and ducks down quickly. The phone in MCCLANE’S pocket starts to ring. MCCLANE fumbles at it to try and shut it off. MCCLANE (Whispering) Fucking phone! Shut up! MCCLANE puts it on the office desk and quickly hides underneath it. CUT TO: INT. OUTSIDE MEDIUM SIZED OFFICE. DAY. GUARD 2 silently points to the office door. GUARD 2 In there. I heard a phone.

82. (CONT'D) GUARD 1 (On Radio) Unit 1 and 2, Checking an office. Heard a phone go off. Could be another civilian.

INT. MEDIUM SIZED OFFICE. DAY. The door beeps as the key card opens it. MCCLANE hides under the desk, Tazers in each hand. The GUARDS look around the room. The phone on the desk rings again. GUARD 1 It's just a phone, look. GUARD 1 (On radio) Unit 1 and 2 checking in. Area is clear. Continuing sweep. The GUARDS turn around. MCCLANE pops up and shoots at the GUARDS. Both darts hit them in the neck. GUARD 1 drops to his knees, then hits the floor twitching. The second Tazer does not work, and GUARD 2 pulls the dart out from his neck. MCCLANE dives behind the desk and GUARD 2 opens fire with his MP5. GUARD 2 cautiously approaches the desk. MCCLANE crawls from one to another desk. GUARD 2 Nice try, fucker! Come on out! GUARD 2 jumps around the desk and instantly starts shooting. MCCLANE is not there, and bullets destroy the wall and chair. GUARD 2 runs to the next desk and MCCLANE crawls away, avoiding detection. GUARD 2 approaches another desk, MCCLANE is not there. MCCLANE hides behind a desk across from GUARD 2. He slowly takes a mug from the desk and throws it away into the corner. GUARD 2 runs to the noise. MCCLANE stands up, rips the phone off the desk and swings it by the cord at GUARD 2. MCCLANE It's for you! The phone hits GUARD 2 in the head, stunning him. MCCLANE follows this with a punch to the throat. GUARD 2 falls, gasping for air. The back of his head hits a corner of the desk and cracks his skull. He lies unconscious, bleeding.


MCCLANE hears rustling behind him. GUARD 1 grabs his MP5. MCCLANE snatches the MP5 from GUARD 2 and dives into cover. GUARD 1 shoots high, hitting the lights. They burst. MCCLANE pops out from and shoots GUARD 1 center mass. MCCLANE walks over the body and lights a smoke. MCCLANE Sorry, pal. It was you or me. MCCLANE takes ammunition for the MP5. MCCLANE Now, who are you? No name, no ID, no tags. You're nobody. A dead nobody. RAOUL(O.S) Unit 1 and 2 check in. What's your status? We heard gunshots. MCCLANE puts on the radio headset, reloading the MP5. MCCLANE (Mimicking GUARD voice) Unit 1 and 2 checking in. Civilian is down. He was armed, and very, very dangerous. RAOUL(O.S) (Over radio) Good. Lock up and head back. MCCLANE 10-4. CUT TO: INT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND CENTRE. DAY. The MAN, now known as DAVID is sitting at a desk in a trailer full of federal agents and police, writing an email on his phone. It reads: “Phase two, one hour. Make contact.” An AGENT, known as RICHARDS approaches DAVID. DAVID hits “send”. DAVID Richards. What's up?


RICHARDS looks nervous. He is mid thirties and spectacled, but looks friendly. He has a file folder in his hands. RICHARDS The phone lines are dead. We can’t make contact, sir. The MAN stands up at his desk, stretches and yawns. MAN Shit. What do we know so far? Walk with me. The MAN grabs an apple from his desk and eats it as he walks. They push through people and leave the trailer.

RICHARDS Recon teams say the front access doors are wired with explosives. It’s safe bet the others are wired, too. CUT TO: EXT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER BASE CRIME SCENE The MAN and RICHARDS walk through the crowds of police, demolition experts, paramedics and other Homeland Security staff. The MAN takes a bite from his apple. MAN No attempts to call out? RICHARDS None, sir. MAN I’m sure they call soon enough. (Pauses) What would make a man like that do something so, so deranged? It's baffles me, Richards. A Senator... RICHARDS I don’t know, sir. Bomb techs are sweeping the area for traces of radioactive material. If they find any, thenMAN Then we know he's not bluffing. (MORE)

85. (CONT'D) Then we evac. If there isn't any, then... Then we light up the sons of bitches. Any sign of hostages?

RICHARDS thumbs through a file he is carrying and reads from it. RICHARDS Going from head counts and ticket sales... there is at least one person that may still be inside. McClane. First name John. Ex-cop. Served for NYPD and LAPD. Brain Cancer. He's on indefinite medical leave. There were reports of gunfire. There is a strong chance he is already dead. His daughter, Lucy is in the city, but we don’t have a fix on her, yet. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE HOTEL. LUCY’S ROOM. DAY LUCY sits on her bed, watching television. She is crying as she watches the news. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER. DOOR TO MAIN LOBBY. DAY. MCCLANE silently opens the door and surveys the scene. He sees PETERS and RAOUL. He slips back inside the door. MCCLANE I hope this works... MCCLANE fires his MP5 into the wall, then screams. He sprints up the corridor to the maintenance room. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN LOBBY. DAY. ZEUS turns his head, hearing gunfire. PETERS looks at the door, MP5 aimed. RAOUL snaps his head back to the door in surprise. CUT TO:


INT. STRATOSPHERE MAINTENANCE CONTROL ROOM. DAY. MCCLANE climbs back into the ventilation shaft. MCCLANE Some fucking vacation this is! CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN LOBBY RAOUL runs his hands through his hair and takes a breath. He heads to the front desk. ZEUS has worked one hand free, but hides it when RAOUL comes over. ZEUS What’s going on? Why is there all that shooting? RAOUL glares at ZEUS and hits him with his rifle. ZEUS passes out. RAOUL Shut the fuck up! RAOUL walks over to PETERS. RAOUL I'll head down the corridor to the control room and flush that little cock sucker out this way. PETERS He's killed two guys already! What's to say you won't get killed? RAOUL It's simple. I'm not a Fucking moron like those guys. RAOUL shows PETERS an M84 stun grenade, then runs out of view. PETERS checks on ZEUS. MCCLANE pops out of the men’s room and sneaks up behind PETERS. MCCLANE pushes the MP5 into PETERS' back. MCCLANE Drop it, dick-head. PETERS, annoyed but not scared, drops his rifle and slowly raises his hands. MCCLANE pats him down from behind, throwing his pistol and combat knife on the floor across the room. PETERS You killed some of my crew. (MORE)

87. (CONT'D)

MCCLANE Yeah? Sue me. They started it. MCCLANE looks at ZEUS. PETERS disarms MCCLANE and kicks him to the ground. MCCLANE scrambles to his feet. MCCLANE grapples PETERS, slamming PETERS into the counter, then smashes his head into it. PETERS reverses this, then throws MCCLANE onto the floor. MCCLANE groans. PETERS kicks MCCLANE in the stomach. Then in the head. MCCLANE rolls around on the floor, his head ringing. PETERS goes for the MP5. MCCLANE kicks at his feet, tripping him. MCCLANE jumps at PETERS. MCCLANE points the MP5 away from himself and ZEUS. Shots go off, hitting the wall. MCCLANE beats the gun out of PETERS' grip and punches PETERS repeatedly in the face until PETERS passes out. MCCLANE rolls off PETERS onto his back, out of breath. RAOUL runs into the room, firing his MP5 at MCCLANE. MCCLANE rolls PETERS' body up, using it as a shield. Bullets tear into PETERS. MCCLANE grabs the MP5. RAOUL hides behind a planter as cover. MCCLANE exchanges shots with RAOUL. Click. MCCLANE is out of ammo. RAOUL hears this and laughs. MCCLANE hides behind PETERS as bullets slam into the body, spraying MCCLANE with blood. RAOUL stands up, advancing. RAOUL Nice try, asshole! But you're out of ammo! ZEUS, now awake, sees the bag on the desk. He rummages through the it and throws an M84 grenade to MCCLANE. ZEUS McClane! Catch! MCCLANE catches it, pulls the pin and throws it at RAOUL. MCCLANE and ZEUS close their eyes and cover their ears. RAOUL is too slow and the M84 goes off mid air, blinding him. RAOUL stumbles around, feeling for cover. RAOUL Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! MCCLANE runs to the pistol he threw away and dives for it. He shoots RAOUL several times in the chest. RAOUL drops to his knees and dies. MCCLANE unties ZEUS.


MCCLANE You okay? ZEUS Do I look okay to you? MCCLANE Thanks. ZEUS Forget it. Let's just get the fuck out of here. MCCLANE Sure MCCLANE helps ZEUS up. MCCLANE puts another M84 in his back pocket. They head to the front door. MCCLANE sees a wad of C4 and a blinking red light. He pulls ZEUS' arm. MCCLANE Wait! Shit! They've rigged the doors! ZEUS Now what? MCCLANE We go up, I guess. They run to the elevator, but it is dead. MCCLANE and ZEUS look at a television above them. A newscast is on. ANCHOR We have an exclusive interview with a hostage who survived during the assassination of Jason Marcus. Thank you for being here. You are very brave. The ANCHOR turns to a screen. The effeminate CLERK is on it, looking nervous. His arm is in a sling. CLERK Thank you. ANCHOR What was going through your mind at the time of the incident? CLERK I guess I was just scared. I didn't know what was going to (MORE)

89. (CONT'D)

happen. ANCHOR How did the senator act towards you? Was he hostile? Did he say anything? CLERK H-he was skittish. You know, nervous. He seems almost as Scared as I did. ANCHOR Go on... CLERK Well he said the strangest thing to me as he shot me. He said: "for the south." ANCHOR For the south? CLERK Yes. And that was it. ANCHOR Thank you very much for your time, sir. We all hope you make a speedy recovery. CLERK Thank you. The ANCHOR turns back to the camera. ANCHOR It is unclear what his motives are right now, as no demands have been made, but stay tuned as we follow the story that has shook the nation. We'll be right back. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. ABE is sitting in a chair, looking sullen. LI approaches him with a piece of paper and a phone. LI Be convincing.


ABRAHAM takes the items then picks up the phone and dials a number. TURK stands silently. CUT TO: INT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND CENTRE. DAY. DAVID is sitting with RICHARDS and a group of federal agents. Tactics and plans are all over the walls. An agent approaches DAVID. AGENT Sir, we have a call on line 4. It's him. DAVID answers, and puts it on speaker. DAVID Hello? ABRAHAM Who am I speaking with? DAVID Homeland Security Intelligence Officer David Ross. Who am I speaking with? Agents in the room are recording the call and analyzing voice patterns. ABRAHAM You know who I am. I know you are recording this, so I will only say it once. Don't try anything stupid, Or Las Vegas will be no more. The righteous hand of the Lord will... (more) CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. ABRAHAM (cont) Lay this town of Sodom to waste as it was once before. (MORE)

91. (CONT'D) My demands are as follows: 100 Million Dollars is to be wired to the CSA, as it is they who share in my radical vision.

CUT TO: INT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND CENTRE. DAY. AGENTS are typing and researching as ABRAHAM speaks. DAVID smacks the mute button. He looks at RICHARDS. DAVID I'm a little rusty. Richards, who the hell are the CSA? RICHARDS The Covenant, The Sword, The Power, sir. They had ties to the Oklahoma bombing. DAVID Great! A fucking religious nut! Perfect. This will end well... ABRAHAM continues. ABRAHAM Several of my revolutionary CSA brothers languish in jail cells. I wish them released by 5pm. DAVID, shocked, puts the phone off mute. DAVID It's 4 o clock now, there's simply not enough time! ABRAHAM Think of the time you waste just arguing with me, David. You have 1 hour. The call ends. AGENTS move around in a frenzy, making calls, going through files. DAVID kicks a garbage can over. DAVID A fucking hour? Jesus Christ! Do we know if he's bluffing about the nuke? RICHARDS hands a sheet of paper to DAVID. He snatches it.

92. (CONT'D) RICHARDS Traces of SNM's have been found in a van around the rear entrance to the tower, sir. Patterns are consistent with a nuclear device. I did some checking, and no intel has come back on where it came from. The only things reported stolen in the last few days were some cars from Barret Jackson, Liquid Nitrogen and some experimental EMP emit-

DAVID Stay on task, Richards. Watch my lips: The nu-cle-ar bomb. Where did it come from?

RICHARDS There are no reports of missing warheads from any military installations. But it seems that the senator is not bluffing. DAVID lowers his head. DAVID Shit! Shit! DAVID stands up and looks at the group of agents in the trailer. DAVID Alright people, listen up! The threat is real! I say again, the threat is real! If we don't find a way to stop this maniac, then it will be our last. I need a crew working on the treasury- yes the country is broke like my brother-in -law, but try anyway. In the mean time, I want logistics, damage projections- the works. Evac teams are considered scrambled. All local PD, Sheriffs even the Goddamn librarians on this! We have almost a half a million people to clear of the blast zone of three miles, and only 1 hour to do it in! There’s no back up! We are the back up! (MORE)

93. (CONT'D) Minimal staff will stay with me at what is now ground zero. The rest of you will liaise with local PD and FBI to make this work! As for the press, run the cock sucker through the dirt! I want him burned hard! Maybe we can get under his skin before we all cook. And if you see any looters, shoot 'em on sight! I don't tolerate that kind of behavior.

DAVID looks at his watch. DAVID You now have 55 minutes. Move! All agents scramble and leave the trailer. RICHARDS stands by DAVID. DAVID lights a cigarette, and sighs.

DAVID Jesus fucking Christ! Get on the phone get me the secretary of defense. I'm going to call my wife. RICHARDS dives to a free desk and dials frantically. DAVID leaves the trailer. CUT TO: EXT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND CENTRE. DAY. DAVID holds his phone to his ear, smoke in the other hand. All around him is chaos. AGENTS and POLICE are running and directing traffic. Helicopters fly overhead. DAVID is alone in a crowd of people. DAVID Hey Honey! CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. ABRAHAM is sitting in a chair, pale and defeated. The speakerphone is on. ABRAHAM What now?

94. (CONT'D) DAVID We wait for the cash.

ABRAHAM What makes you think they will give you the money? You know the stance government has on terrorists. DAVID Have faith in your God, Abey. For he will provide. ABRAHAM You aren't my God! You are nothing to me! When I get out of thisLI walks over to ABRAHAM, with his pistol out. ABRAHAM widens his eyes in fear. CUT TO: EXT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND CENTRE. DAY. DAVID paces around the personnel, patting people on the back and smiling as he works through the crowd. DAVID You see, that’s the thing. I wasn’t lying about letting your daughter go. But you’ve seen my face. You’ve seen my men’s faces. I am your God. And I have forsaken you. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. LI shoots ABRAHAM in the stomach. ABRAHAM grasps his abdomen, dropping the phone. TURK frowns at LI, but says nothing. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER MAIN LOBBY. DAY. MCCLANE and ZEUS are watching the news. The ticker reads: "NUCLEAR THREAT: CHRISTIAN EXTREMIST ABRAHAM MARCUS DEMANDS $100 MILLION BY 6PM OR VEGAS IS "LAID TO WASTE". EVAC UNDERWAY." The same brunette ANCHOR from before reports.


ANCHOR The Senator has given his impossible list of demands. The US terrorist group known as the CSA are involved with this attack. 100 Million dollars is to be wired to the CSA, and he wants several of his "brothers" to be released, all of this, in less than an hour. A raid on his Las Vegas home house earlier by Homeland Security's team leader David Ross, revealed the beloved Nevada Senators' darkest secrets. Footage of letters, manifestos and bank records fill the screen as the ANCHOR continues. DAVID is holding up evidence.

ANCHOR Passionate letters to the CSA, a manifesto on his laptop and several unregistered weapons, as well as small amounts of heroin and drug paraphernalia. The current leader of the CSA, John Millar, has denied any and all involvement with the Senator, and refuses to comment. In a press conference earlier today, President Obama had this to say: Footage cuts to a White House press conference. PRESIDENT OBAMA All that can be done is being done right now. We do not wish to test the patience of what seems to be an already unstable man. If possible, we would like this day to end with no more blood shed. Thank you. MCCLANE turns the TV off. They walk over to the staircase and start climbing. ZEUS This is the weirdest fucking day I've ever had. Good guy senator is a secret Christian extremist? MCCLANE

96. (CONT'D) 100 Million Dollars in an hour? It doesn't make sense! It’s impossible!

ZEUS You saw what he did To that chopper! He is clearly is charge, McClane. MCCLANE Yeah, well... Terrorist or not, he's about to get a beat down from a cancer patient And an electrician. MCCLANE smirks. ZEUS shakes his head. ZEUS When you say it like that, I can't help but ask "what the fuck am I doing here?" MCCLANE I ask myself that every day. CUT TO: EXT. MGM GRAND CASINO. DAY. SECURITY and POLICE are ushering crowds of crying and panicked people onto several buses parked on the strip. The CASINO MANAGER looks scared and stands watching. A POLICE OFFICER approaches him. POLICE OFFICER Is the building clear? CASINO MANAGER Yes. All guests and patrons are out. All ped ways and access has been sealed off. All vaults and chips have been secured. All our fire doors are sealed. No-one is getting in. POLICE OFFICER Good work. This whole town is a going to hell. Command says we are to stay here and watch for looters until we pull out. He points to two other Police cruisers parked on the curb.

97. (CONT'D) POLICE OFFICER The other cars will escort you through traffic to a safe distance. Climb aboard, and may God be with you.

The CASINO MANAGER gives the POLICE OFFICER a warm smile. CASINO MANAGER You guys are very brave. Thank you, officer. The CASINO MANAGER climbs aboard a nearby bus. Now full, it drives off. The POLICE OFFICER waves the bus off, then walks to the casino doors with JASON’S keys and unlocks the door. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE STAIRCASE GOING UP. DAY. MCCLANE and ZEUS jog up the stairs at a good pace, breaking a heavy sweat. They are on floor 32. MCCLANE How many stairs we gotta’ go up? ZEUS 1455. MCCLANE Fuck me! How long does it take? ZEUS Athletes? 7 and a half minutes. With us, double that. MCCLANE Yeah. Then add 10. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. LI is behind the ride ticket booth watching security camera feeds. He flicks to the staircase feed and sees MCCLANE and ZEUS jogging up a flight of stairs. LI Shit! (On radio)


98. (CONT'D) RAOUL, come in. PETERS, do you have a copy?

CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE MAIN LOBBY. DAY. LI's voice spills out of PETERS' radio headset, his blood is pooled around him. But RAOUL'S is missing. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE STAIRCASE GOING UP MCCLANE and ZEUS are jogging up slowly and with labored breath. They are on floor 45. MCCLANE This... was a bad idea! ZEUS I never said it was good in the first place. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. LI dials a number on his phone. CUT TO: INT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND UNIT. DAY. DAVID is sitting at his computer. RICHARDS is with him. His phone rings. DAVID answers, turning the speaker volume down with his finger. DAVID Hey honey. DAVID holds up a finger, gesturing for one minute alone. RICHARDS nods and then walks towards the door. DAVID I miss you too, honey. Yeah, I know. The trailer door closes. DAVID’S friendly face turns to a grimace.


DAVID What the fuck do you want? Make it quick. LI(O.S) We got problems. I can't raise RAOUL or PETERS. They may be dead. I can’t see them moving around on the cameras. Two armed guys are coming up the stairs. DAVID leaps up from his chair and frantically searches for the file on MCCLANE. He finds it and opens it. DAVID These guys. Is one of them bald? LI(O.S) Yeah. DAVID thumbs through the file and sees New York Black Out 1979, Nakatomi Plaza, Dulles Airport, New York, Washington and Russia report files. He reads a flight manifest from MCCLANE’S last flight. ZEUS’ name is on it. DAVID looks at the New York file. ZEUS’ photograph is in it. DAVID He's… going to be a handful. Excop. Hero cop. Diagnosed with cancer. And the other man? Is he a black man? LI(O.S) How did you know that? DAVID smiles. DAVID I'm an intelligence officer. It's My job to know things. LI(O.S) They're coming up the stairs. DAVID (Singing) In two by two, hurrah, hurrah. LI(O.S) Funny. DAVID We have a tight window, here Li. (MORE)

100. (CONT'D) We pop the cherry in a half hour.

LI(O.S) So whDAVID So handle it! If you die, you don't get anything. Keep them busy until it’s time to go. Then they're dead. Got it? RICHARDS comes back in. DAVID puts on a smile. DAVID I love you, too, honey. I'll be home as soon as this is over, okay? Bye-bye. DAVID hangs up his cellphone and places it on the table, sighing. RICHARDS Sorry, sir. I know you're wife must Be worried sick. DAVID She is. But it's not the first time. How about you, Richards? You got a wife and kids? RICHARDS looks a little hurt. RICHARDS No, sir. My wife, she, she died of cancer last month. DAVID I'm sorry to hear that, Richards. You're a damn fine man! Take a load off! RICHARDS Thank you, sir. RICHARDS sits down. DAVID How are we looking out there? RICHARDS It’s tight. We can only move so fast. As soon as we get the all clear, an F-16 will scramble from Nellis and take out the tower. (MORE)

101. (CONT'D) The president does not want them moving in until the all clear is given.

DAVID It's the only way To ensure that no more innocent people get hurt. RICHARDS Sir, whilst you were on the phone with your wife, Agent Johnson phoned in. Our transport will be in here in 10 minutes. DAVID So it's just you and me, then? RICHARDS Yes sir. You and me. And a terrorist with a nuclear bomb above us, sir. RICHARDS laughs. DAVID chuckles with him. DAVID opens his desk drawer and looks inside. There is a pistol beside a bottle of whiskey. DAVID takes the Whiskey and smiles, leaving the drawer open. RICHARDS hands him a coffee mug. DAVID Grab yourself one Richards, my boy! You earned it! DAVID laughs. RICHARDS smiles and obliges. DAVID pours RICHARDS a drink, then himself. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE STAIRCASE GOING UP MCCLANE and ZEUS are slowly heading up the stairs. On floor 96, MCCLANE loses balance and grabs onto the railing. ZEUS steadies him. ZEUS You okay? MCCLANE My head hurts like a mother fucker and I can't see straight! Give me a minute. MCCLANE wipes the blood from his nose and breathes deeply. ZEUS McClane, we don’t have to do this. (MORE)

102. (CONT'D) It’s not our fight.

MCCLANE Well I ain't about to turn around now! If I'm going to die, I'm going out swinging, like you said. Not in some shitty hospital bed! If we don't stop this asshole, then we're both dead anyway! ZEUS pulls MCCLANE up and they continue up the stairs. CUT TO:

INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK LI waits, dug in behind the ticket booth counter. He puts on a parachute pack and checks his weapon. ABRAHAM lies on the floor, pale, weak and bleeding. TURK, behind cover, has his pack on and cocks his weapon. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER STAIRCASE FLOOR 108. DAY. MCCLANE and ZEUS are ducked behind a door, catching their breath. MCCLANE reloads the MP5’s, and lights a cigarette. MCCLANE They're going to be waiting for us. ZEUS So what's the plan? MCCLANE Don’t get shot. ZEUS What if there are too many of them? MCCLANE Then we get shot. Just lay down cover fire. I’ll do the rest.


MCCLANE gives ZEUS an MP5 and MCCLANE puts the Glock in the back of his pants. MCCLANE silently counts to three with his fingers. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. ELEVATOR LOBBY. DAY. MCCLANE leads, strafing across to nearby cover, squeezing off shots. TURK and LI remain behind cover as glass smashes and bullets hit walls. ABRAHAM jumps in fright, and crawls to the Sky Bar. MCCLANE looks to ZEUS, who is in cover across from him. He signals ZEUS to move right. MCCLANE yells out as he reloads. MCCLANE I just want your boss! Nobody else has to die! LI peeks over the counter. MCCLANE spots LI and shoots at him. LI quickly ducks down, bullets smashing into the counter above him. LI shoots at the windows. They shatter, sucking in the hot desert air. LI stands up, shooting in MCCLANE'S direction, then sprints to the window, jumping out. MCCLANE gives chase, sliding to the window edge. LI free falls and pulls his chute. MCCLANE takes aim and unloads the MP5 at LI'S parachute. It tears. LI spirals and smashes into the tower halfway down, before falling to his death. CUT TO: EXT. STRATOSPHERE TOWER BASE CRIME SCENE. DAY. LI’s body comes smashing down onto the pavement. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. MCCLANE carefully looks around the room moving from cover to cover. He sees the warhead. Beside it, a timer is counting down. 6 minutes remain. CUT TO: INT. WHITEHOUSE CRISIS CENTRE. DAY. The CHIEF OF STAFF OF ARMY, (CSA) and SEC. OF DEFENSE sit at a table full of paperwork. The SEC.


OF DEFENSE, a large-jowelled republican looks at a piece of paper, then at the CHIEF OF STAFF, a slender weasly-looking spectacled man. SEC. OF DEFENSE Status report. CSA POTUS and VP are secure. We are waiting on Agent Ross to confirm 100% evac. The an F-16 scrambles from Nellis. It is fuelled and on stand by. SEC. OF DEFENSE Any news on how the evac is going? CSA We were at estimated 60% twenty minutes ago of evac from initial blast radius, sir. The SEC. OF DEFENSE looks at a wall clock. It’s 5:54. SEC. OF DEFENSE. We're cutting it close. Call Ross. CUT TO: INT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND CENTRE DAVID and RICHARDS sit, drinking. DAVID Do you know the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, Richards? RICHARDS By tricking everyone into thinking he wasn't there, sir. DAVID A learned man! I like that! Cheers! You're a Yale man, right? The cups clink together and they both sip whiskey. RICHARDS Yes, sir. Why the line about the devil? Penny for your thoughts? DAVID

105. (CONT'D) Richards, I've been in this business for Twenty years. Two zero! It's no secret that we are the Most despised of all the task forces of US government. After 911, We were a true laughing stock. (Pauses) We delude ourselves into thinking that we are the most powerful nation with the most powerful military, blah, blah. We are kidding ourselves. Sure, we have men and machines, missiles and nukes. But that isn’t power. True power over the masses comes from the ability to make them afraid.

RICHARDS I'm not sure I follow, sir. DAVID To make someone act out of fear. The imminent threat of danger. It's animal instinct. Fight or flight. The city for instance, chose flight... RICHARDS Forgive me sir, but the nuclear Weapon 108 floors up is a pretty good reason to take flight. DAVID You're right. Absolutely right! Consider this: with the right amount of resources, anything is achievable. Is that a false statement? RICHARDS No. In fact it's very true. DAVID slowly reaches into the drawer and pulls out his pistol. RICHARDS looks at DAVID, but DAVID just calmly puts it on the desk. DAVID I'm tired. Tired and getting old, fast. There's no place in the world for a fucked up guy like me anymore... This will be my last hurrah. Cheers to that.


They clink cups once more. DAVID puts his badge on the table next to his gun. RICHARDS You're retiring? DAVID After today, I don't think they'd let me back. I wouldn't. RICHARDS What are you talking about? You're the reason we are going to save 95% of the city from burning up! DAVID downs his whiskey and stands up. He pours himself another drink and tops up RICHARDS' cup. The gun has disappeared from the desk, but RICHARDS does not notice. DAVID What did I say earlier? That with the right amount of resources… RICHARDS Anything is possible. I heard. DAVID You hear, but you do not yet see. Let me help. DAVID shoots RICHARDS in the stomach and chest. RICHARDS drops his cup. DAVID laughs and does a small jig. DAVID God! That felt amazing! Nothing against you, RICHARDS. I like you! I really do! DAVID smacks RICHARDS lightly on the cheek and sits back down as RICHARDS is bleeding out. DAVID You know when someone has a Big secret that they can't tell anyone? Guess what? I have one! (Pauses) Not only, am I in charge of this Case down here, but I am controlling the show upstairs! I know, I know, this classifies as a big conflict of interest. But I'm willing to take that risk!


DAVID laughs, spinning in his office chair as RICHARDS slowly dies. DAVID They say that the villain isn't supposed to give away his plan. Bad luck, apparently. But Vegas is all about luck, and I’m feeling good! And Richards, my man... you just crapped out. DAVID picks up his cell phone. DAVID Agent Ross checking in. Just got the all clear from Evac teams. We’re the last on scene. Transport is inbound. Light it up! CUT TO:

INT. WHITEHOUSE CRISIS ROOM. DAY. The CSA and SECRETARY OF DEFENSE sit at a conference phone. CSA Good work, Agent Ross! Hell of a job done out there! DAVID(O.S) I can't take all the credit, sir. Even though I'd like to! CSA You need to get yourself and the rest of your guys out of there. CUT TO: EXT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND UNIT DAVID locks up the trailer. He has his gun and badge in hand. DAVID(O.S) Just locking up now. The transport is arriving shortly. As soon as it gets here-


A Red 1968 Dodge Charger pulls up outside the empty streets of Las Vegas. DAVID walks towards it, smiling. DAVID (Faking concern) What are you doing here? This is a restricted area! Stand down or I will fire! CUT TO: INT. WHITEHOUSE CRISIS ROOM. DAY. The staff in the room listen intently. CSA What's happening down there? Ross, can you hear me? Gun shots can be heard through the phone. CSA Agent Ross! David! Shallow breathing can be heard on the other end of the line. DAVID speaks hoarsely. DAVID(O.S) T-tell my wife, that, ThatThe line goes dead. Heads hang low in the crisis room. SEC. OF DEFENSE Get the president. CUT TO: EXT. HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILE COMMAND UNIT. DAY. DAVID ends his call and laughs. Agent JOHNSON is driving the car. He smiles. JOHNSON is Caucasian, with blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. His smile is unnerving. JOHNSON You died well, sir! DAVID takes a bow, laughing. DAVID Thank you, Johnson, thank you. I just felt it, you know? (MORE)

109. (CONT'D) The energy! Now, Let's go rob that casino, my boy!

CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE SKY BAR. DAY. ZEUS creeps out of cover and starts looking through the rooms. ZEUS follows a blood trail streaked on the floor, ZEUS peeks over and sees ABRAHAM bleeding. TURK grabs ZEUS from behind. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. MCCLANE sees TURK walking into the room with ZEUS, who is bleeding and struggling in TURK'S massive arms. MCCLANE raises his weapon. TURK Drop your weapon. Or your friend dies. MCCLANE Not happening! ZEUS Forget about me, McClane! Get the other asshole! TURK Your friend is brave. But I will kill him if I have to. TURK shoots ZEUS in the shoulder. ZEUS yelps, his knee buckling. Blood pumps from his shoulder. MCCLANE Okay. Okay, Goddammit! MCCLANE puts his MP5 down, and raises his hands. TURK falls forward stunned, as a bottle is smashed over his head. TURK lets go of ZEUS, who falls to the floor, clutching his shoulder. MCCLANE pulls out the Glock and shoots TURK three times in the chest. TURK falls forward, revealing a pale ABRAHAM, holding the other half of a broken bottle in his hand- his bleeding stomach in the other. MCCLANE aims at him. MCCLANE

110. (CONT'D) Don't move! Who else is up here with you?!

ABRAHAM Just those two... ABRAHAM collapses, clutching his stomach. MCCLANE helps ZEUS up, and kicks away TURK'S weapon. ABRAHAM removes his earpiece and throws it away. MCCLANE stands over ABRAHAM, gun drawn. MCCLANE Get over there and shut down that bomb! ABRAHAM I can't! I'm- I'm not in charge! II’m a hostage! They, they made me do it! They have my daughter! MCCLANE looks at ZEUS. MCCLANE You’re an electrician, right? ZEUS limps over to the bomb and begins tracing wires. MCCLANE looks at ABRAHAM. MCCLANE Start talking. CUT TO: INT. MGM GRAND CASINO VAULT. DAY. Metal braided hoses are being mounted around the vault by another large MAN with Georgian features in plain clothes, and a lean older man wearing a Lynard Skynard T-shirt. The lean man answers his ringing phone. DAVID(O.S) Lenny! My main man! How goes our little business venture? LENNY chuckles, rubbing his bearded chin. LENNY(O.S) It's hardly little, but it's going well. We’ll have it open in no time. CUT TO:


INT. 1968 DODGE CHARGER. Day. JOHNSON drives up the strip, weaving in and out of abandoned vehicles. DAVID is on the phone. DAVID That's great to hear. Is everything set up for evac? LENNY You bet. They're all ready to go. CUT TO: INT. MGM GRAND VAULT EXTERIOR. DAY. As LENNY talks, a big hand taps him on the shoulder. It is the MAN with Georgian features, named TANK. TANK Where you want dis? He is carrying a large vacuum flask of liquid nitrogen on his back. LENNY Give me a sec, Tank. I'll show you when I'm off the phone. TANK Okay. TANK waits, holding the container. DAVID(O.S) Jets are scrambled. Will you be ready to fire? LENNY You bet your ass. DAVID(O.S) See you soon. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK ZEUS pulls wires from the bomb. Nothing happens. MCCLANE stands behind him, looking at the timer. ABRAHAM is sitting with his back propped against a nearby wall. MCCLANE

112. (CONT'D) Shit, we got less than 30 seconds! Pull everything!

ZEUS You can't just pull out every wire you see, dumbass! God knows how many booby traps it has! MCCLANE Then I'll do it! MCCLANE pushes ZEUS out of the way and yanks wires out of the bomb cart. The timer still counts down. MCCLANE Run! Get the fuck out of here! ZEUS Where are we going to go? It's a nuke, dumbass! Face it, we're dead! ABRAHAM Oh Jesus. Jesus! Janey, I love you! The three men close their eyes, expecting death. The timer reaches zero. The bomb beeps, then falls silent. MCCLANE cautiously approaches the bomb. ABRAHAM gets up from the floor and limps over. ZEUS follows. MCCLANE What the fuck is going on? ZEUS shrugs, wincing and clutching his shoulder. ZEUS Maybe it's a dud. MCCLANE taps it with his pistol. It sounds hollow. MCCLANE uses some broken glass to scratch the paint. It flakes off. MCCLANE It's a fake. It's a fucking fake! God dammit! MCCLANE boots the cart, it careens ahead, then falls through the broken glass to the strip below. LI'S phone rings at the ticket booth counter. MCCLANE runs to it up, covering the microphone. DAVID(O.S) Why didn't you check in? Jets are inbound. ETA two minutes. Get the fuck out of there!


MCCLANE looks panicked, then puts on a thick Russian accent. MCCLANE The Asian man did not make it. Where we meet up again? CUT TO: EXT. MGM GRAND MAIN ENTRANCE. DAY. DAVID and JOHNSON are out of the car. DAVID is pacing the parking lot. DAVID The MGM! You moron! I don't know why I called! I should have let you burn. I hope your parachute fails, you stupid cock sucker! If it weren't for your brotherThe call ends. DAVID looks at the phone. DAVID He just hung up on me. He just fucking hung up on me! Enraged, DAVID throws the phone away. It smashes into pieces. He takes a breath then slicks his hair back. DAVID It's fine, I'm cool. I'm cool. Let's go. CUT TO: INT. STRATOSPHERE OBSERVATION DECK. DAY. MCCLANE drops the phone, looking around. MCCLANE Parachute, parachute... He runs over to TURK’S body and flips him over, ripping the parachute pack off. ZEUS yells after him. ZEUS What now? MCCLANE We have to get off the tower! (MORE)

114. (CONT'D) The place is going to be shot to shit in less than two minutes.

MCCLANE puts the pack on ZEUS. They stand by the broken observation windows. MCCLANE grabs the rip cord on the pack. MCCLANE See this handle? Pull it as soon as you jump out. Use the hand controls to steer. Got it? ZEUS nods. MCCLANE help ABRAHAM up and ties him to ZEUS’ pack strap with his belt. MCCLANE Get out of here, go! Senator, you hang on to him tight, okay? ABRAHAM nods his head, then shakes MCCLANE’S hand. ABRAHAM I never did get to ask your name. MCCLANE Call me Roy. ABRAHAM Thank you, Roy. MCCLANE I'll find your daughter, One way or another. MCCLANE and ZEUS shake hands. MCCLANE smirks. MCCLANE Now that we're about to die, I've decided that I want to live. ZEUS Good. Took you long enough. MCCLANE Thanks. For everything. I’ll see you on the bottom. Now Go! ABE hangs on tight as ZEUS takes a breath, then steps off through the window frame. MCCLANE watches. ZEUS opens the chute and they glide away. MCCLANE runs to the Sky Jump and quickly puts on the harness, talking to himself. MCCLANE

115. (CONT'D) Oh, John. What the fuck are you doing up here?

CUT TO: INT. F-16 JET PILOT is ten seconds away from the target. His HUD is locked on. He flips the missile release safety catch up on his stick. PILOT Permission to fire OFFICER (O.S) Fire away. PILOT Roger, roger. Missiles away. Repeat, Missiles away. Two missile launch from each side of the JET. CUT TO: EXT. STRATOSPHERE SKY JUMP FRAME. DAY. MCCLANE has the harness on and sees the missiles head toward the tower. MCCLANE This is a bad idea! MCCLANE jumps off the tower. Five seconds after he jumps, the missiles hit. MCCLANE is in a steady free fall. He hits the landing pad, then detaches the harness, looking up. He sprints to safety as the top of the tower falls behind him. MCCLANE disappears in a cloud of dust and smoke. A high pitched blast follows, and all the lights on the strip go out. CUT TO: INT. MGM GRAND VAULT EXTERIOR. DAY. The EMP generator fires, sending a shock wave through the building. All the lights go out. CUT TO:


EXT. LAS VEGAS STRIP. DAY. MCCLANE emerges from the smoke, coughing. He starts to jog south. Cars litter the lifeless street. MCCLANE tries to start a few modern cars. They won't turn over. MCCLANE taps on the dashboard. He looks at his watch. It has stopped. MCCLANE Electronics are fried... They're all dead... MCCLANE looks around him and sees that the lights are out on the strip. MCCLANE sees an old muscle car- a 1970 GSX Buick in the road. He chuckles. MCCLANE Come to papa! I bet you don't have Any electronics, do you? After a few attempts, MCCLANE jump starts the Buick and drives off. CUT TO: INT. MGM GRAND VAULT EXTERIOR. DAY. LENNY laughs as he turns on a coal miners lamp. LENNY opens a Faraday Cage and turns on a flashlight stored within it. LENNY Tank! Open the valve! A second miner's lamp turns on in the darkness. TANK is standing by a tank of liquid Nitrogen. He opens the gate valve. LENNY attaches some sticky LED lights to the main vault enclosure and turns them on. DAVID watches, biting into an apple. Liquid nitrogen sprays out of the hoses around the door. LENNY wears insulated gloves and adjusts the hoses. As the metal freezes and crackles, clouds of nitrogen vapor fall in the air. LENNY That's good, Tank! TANK shuts the valve. LENNY takes some explosive charges and attaches them to one side of the vault door. JOHNSON puts on gloves and helps. They find cover. LENNY Fire in the hole!


LENNY pushes a detonator. The force from the explosion pushes the door in on one side. The frozen metal fractures, and the vault door bursts open. DAVID lights a red glow stick and throws it into the vault. Carts of cash sit in a row. The red flare light flickers on DAVID'S wide smile. DAVID Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? JOHNSON looks at DAVID as they stand at the entrance. JOHNSON Are you sure this is going to be Enough? They all start laughing and enter the vault with empty bags, quickly filling them with cash. TANK walks in. TANK Where is my brother? DAVID ignores TANK. TANK picks DAVID up by the collar. TANK I said where is my brother? DAVID Now you know that his job Had a certain degree of risk… CUT TO: EXT. MGM GRAND CASINO. DAY. MCCLANE pulls up in his Buick. He stops next to two other restored muscle cars- a 1968 Mustang, and a 1968 Pontiac. He looks at the cars. DAVID’S gun and badge are resting on the seat of the Mustang. MCCLANE I guess I'm in the right place. CUT TO: INT. MGM VAULT. DAY. TANK drops DAVID to the floor, enraged. JOHNSON and LENNY have a full bag, and make for the exit, leaving DAVID and TANK inside the vault.


TANK Who killed him!? DAVID You can have his share! TANK I do not care about fucking money! I want blood! There are two gunshots in the darkness, then sounds of bags dropping. DAVID jumps. TANK does not. DAVID Did you hear that? Dollars to donuts that's the man who killed Your brother! TANK Do not lie to me! TANK punches DAVID. He stumbles, falling backwards over a cash trolley. TANK walks around to DAVID. DAVID Wait! Wait! I-I know what he Looks like! He's bald! He-he's old! Go and see for yourself! TANK leans in close to DAVID, snarling. TANK Remember this: If you are lying to me I will find you and rip out your spine. DAVID smiles. DAVID We have a deal! Put it there, pal! DAVID shakes TANK by the hand. TANK turns around and disappears into the darkness. Ten seconds later, MCCLANE sneaks up to the vault and sees DAVID in the safe, piling cash up quickly into a bag. MCCLANE Hi there. DAVID jumps, then turns to see MCCLANE aiming his pistol. He smiles again in the red light, raising his hands.


DAVID Ah, the famous John McClane. David Ross, at your service! DAVID bows. MCCLANE looks around at the money being piled up. MCCLANE throws DAVID’S Badge ID onto the vault floor. MCCLANE Agent Ross. It looks like you've been moonlighting. DAVID laughs. DAVID Indeed so. You of all people can sympathize. MCCLANE What’s the matter? Government doesn't pay you enough? DAVID laughs again, shaking his head.

DAVID Sadly, the pension for a Man like myself will not support the lifestyle I wish to live... MCCLANE Yeah... I hear real estate on Fire Island is expensive these days. DAVID laughs, slapping his knee. MCCLANE laughs with him. MCCLANE You know, I could just shoot you... I’d be doing you a favour. There’s less rape that way. DAVID smiles. DAVID Less? MCCLANE laughs, looking around the vault. MCCLANE You big men are all the same, all talk. Puffing out your chest, strutting around... (MORE)

120. (CONT'D) Making everyone dance to your tune. In the end… all you want is money.

MCCLANE knocks a stack of bills with his hand and watches them fall. MCCLANE Now the old me would have just Ignored this massive pile of money... But, medical bills are expensive... MCCLANE puts several money wads in his pant pocket. DAVID gasps, mockingly. DAVID A cop? Stealing? MCCLANE I'm retired. DAVID Cancer is an expensive lifestyle to live. MCCLANE laughs. MCCLANE That's funny. DAVID One tries. MCCLANE looks around the vault and sees cans on gasoline in the corner. He smiles. MCCLANE Very smart. Burn the rest. No-one knows what was taken. No prints. DAVID You’re sharp, John. Like a tack. Now why didn't you answer my posting on Craig's list? MCCLANE I don't have a computer. DAVID laughs. MCCLANE joins in. DAVID sees TANK standing silently behind MCCLANE. He does not react. DAVID I hate to leave you, John... (MORE)

121. (CONT'D) But I very much doubt you'll Survive the next five minutes.

MCCLANE Oh, and why's that? DAVID nods slightly, and TANK grabs MCCLANE by the wrist, smashing his hand into the vault wall. MCCLANE yells, dropping the gun. MCCLANE turns to see TANK. MCCLANE’s head is the height of TANK'S chest. TANK punches MCCLANE in the face, sending him to the floor. DAVID leans in to MCCLANE. DAVID Do you remember the big man that was in the tower? The man that you probably killed? Meet his older, meaner brother, Tank. TANK snarls and picks MCCLANE up by his neck. He throws him in the wall. MCCLANE hits the gasoline canisters. They spill onto the vault floor. DAVID Goodbye, John! It was nice to meet you! DAVID leaves, carrying a bag of money. MCCLANE struggles to get up, and spits out gasoline. TANK bear hugs MCCLANE. MCCLANE tries to break his grip, but fails. MCCLANE reaches into his pocket and grabs ol’ lucky. He lights it and drops it onto the gasoline puddle at TANK’S feet. Flames lick up around TANK. He drops MCCLANE, screaming. MCCLANE stumbles out of the vault and hides. Light flickers into the darkness onto the Vacuum flask. It reads, “Liquid Nitrogen”. MCCLANE looks at the hoses heading to the door. He sees TANK at the door, screaming. TANK Where are you, little man?! MCCLANE runs to the tank and turns the valve, spraying TANK in the eyes. He screams, falling to his knees. MCCLANE shuts the valve off, then runs at TANK, drop kicking him in the chest. TANK falls onto his back, winded. MCCLANE takes the M84 from his pocket and puts it in TANK’s mouth, pulling the pin. MCCLANE dives for cover. TANK yells as the grenade goes off. TANK’S head bursts into flames, killing him in a blinding flash of light.


MCCLANE looks inside the vault. The remaining cash is burning, but his gun is untouched by the flames. He grabs it and leaves. CUT TO: EXT. MGM GRAND CASINO. SUNSET. DAVID has finished loading his bags of money into the trunk. He has three bags. He closes the trunk and is singing the chorus to Frank Sinatra's "I'm an Old Cow Hand". MCCLANE emerges from the building, his gun drawn. MCCLANE I like that song. DAVID jumps a little, then turns to face MCCLANE. DAVID John! It's been forever Since we last spoke. How are things? MCCLANE closes in on DAVID. MCCLANE I want to play a game with you. DAVID A game? MCCLANE High stakes. Winner takes all. You in? DAVID laughs, shrugging. DAVID You know me, I'm a gambler! MCCLANE I want an old fashioned duel. You and me. No tricks. Just skill. DAVID I really like you! You're crazy. Like me. Fuck it! Sure! Why not? The sun is setting. We're in a desert. It's… Poetic. MCCLANE points to the street.

123. (CONT'D)

MCCLANE 50 yards. MCCLANE grabs DAVID’s gun from the car seat, and shows DAVID that it is loaded and has a full clip. MCCLANE hands it to DAVID, the safety is on. DAVID tucks it in the back of his jeans. DAVID I love it! I'll lead the way. You wouldn't shoot me in the back now, would you? MCCLANE follows DAVID out into the strip. MCCLANE and DAVID face each other and back up until 50 yards has been set. DAVID places his hand on his pistol, and turns the safety off. MCCLANE'S fingers twitch over his pistol- at his back also. MCCLANE On the count of three! DAVID Ready! One… Two… Three! MCCLANE draws his pistol, but DAVID is faster. DAVID pulls the trigger. It does nothing. His eyes widen. MCCLANE steadies his aim. MCCLANE Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucker! MCCLANE shoots DAVID in the chest and shoulder. DAVID wheezes, holding his chest and then falls to the road. MCCLANE walks over, chuckling. MCCLANE Now I bet you are wondering: What in the Sam Hill just happened? MCCLANE kneels by DAVID, who is lying on his back, bleeding. MCCLANE I saw your badge and gun in the car earlier, and... well... I removed the firing pin. MCCLANE chuckles. DAVID coughs up blood, smiling and wagging his finger at MCCLANE. DAVID You crafty devil... MCCLANE looks off into the distance. He can see flashing lights approaching as the sun sets on the strip.


MCCLANE Now, I'll make you a deal. And this time, I won't cheat. Look behind me. The cavalry is coming. DAVID struggles to raise his head, but sees flashing lights. MCCLANE When they show up, they'll put you on a stretcher, dig those bullets out and get you all better. Then, they'll start asking questions. Questions you don't want to answer. DAVID Please… MCCLANE And that's where the prison rape comes in. So I'll make you a deal: Tell me where the girl is, and I'll kill you quick. DAVID coughs up blood. MCCLANE Relax... That's just a lung. They can pop that thing up in no time. So what do you say? Deal? DAVID nods slowly, and reaches into his pocket. He gives MCCLANE a piece of paper with coordinates on it. MCCLANE Thank you. MCCLANE stands back, then shoots DAVID in the head. MCCLANE throws two cash bags from DAVID’S Mustang and drives away as the sun sets on the strip. CUT TO: INT. NEWSROOM STUDIO. NIGHT. An ANCHOR sits and reports the story. ANCHOR In a stunning turnaround, authorities looking for the Senator were surprised when he surrendered unconditionally earlier today. (MORE)

125. (CONT'D) In quite possible the largest hoax in US history- perhaps even the world, as the Nuclear threat turned out to be a decoy for one of the most daring heists the world has ever seen. We now go live to the scene:

CUT TO: EXT. STRATOSPHERE HOTEL CRIME SCENE. NIGHT. ZEUS stands huddled in a blanket, wearing a sling as he stands next to an attractive female reporter. REPORTER I'm standing here with Zeus Carver. He and a retired policeman uncovered the scheme. Zeus, what do you have to say that this is all over? ZEUS If John wasn't around, I'd be dead. He's an asshole- can I say that? REPORTER You just did. Go on. ZEUS Yeah like I said. He's an asshole, but he's my friend. I just want to say that if you're alive out there John... Come home to us. REPORTER Thank you. Back to you in the studio. CUT TO: INT. NEWSROOM STUDIO The ANCHOR smiles. ANCHOR Thank you. Although two bags of money were found outside the casino in what looked like deal gone sour, MGM has estimated a loss of over 100 million dollars so far. (MORE)

126. (CONT'D) High tech EMP emitters were used to cripple communications and electrical systems for hundreds of homes in the area. We will have more details soon. And to anyone offended by the bad language, apologies folks... He's had a rough day.

CUT TO: INT. BUNKER. NIGHT. JANE is tied to a chair in a swelteringly hot room. She is alive, but sleeping. MCCLANE kicks the door in and sees her. She stirs, her voice hoarse. JANE Hello? Is someone there? MCCLANE unites her. MCCLANE Lets get you out of here. Come on. MCCLANE helps her walk as they leave the room. JANE Who are you? Where's my Dad? Is he okay? CUT TO: EXT. BUNKER. NIGHT Floodlights from a helicopter light the night, as MCCLANE and JANE emerge from the bunker. ABRAHAM sees them approach. He is pale, and medics stand by him with a blood pack. JANE shields her eyes from the light and sees her father. JANE runs to him and they embrace. ABRAHAM kisses her head as she sobs in his arms. ABRAHAM looks to MCCLANE as he walks up to them. ABRAHAM I'll never forget this, Roy. Anything you need, ask for it. MCCLANE smiles. CUT TO:


TWO WEEKS LATER FADE IN: INT. HOSPITAL WARD. DAY. MCCLANE wakes up in a hospital bed. He is groggy. LUCY and ZEUS are beside him. LUCY Hi Daddy! LUCY kisses MCCLANE on his head. He hugs her. ZEUS How you feeling? MCCLANE Hungover. Only without the fun part. ZEUS That's to be expected. An older African American DOCTOR walks in with a folder. He is friendly looking. MCCLANE sits up. DOCTOR Hello, John. My name is Dr. Powell. MCCLANE Hello, Doc. How did it go? DOCTOR It was tricky. But it went well. We removed an estimated 95% of the tumour. The rest we can treat with conventional methods. We expect a full recovery. Congratulations, John! You're a very lucky man. (pauses) I can see you are busy, so I’ll come back with the forms later. The DOCTOR leaves, smiling. LUCY kisses MCCLANE. MCCLANE shakes ZEUS' hand and smiles. MCCLANE Does that mean I can go back to work?


LUCY frowns at MCCLANE. He smiles. MCCLANE Just kidding. LUCY So? Daddy, with this new lease on life, what are you going to do? MCCLANE I was thinking of buying a house somewhere tropical. LUCY With what money? MCCLANE I have some stashed away. CUT TO:

EXT. DESERT. DAY. A black bag is tucked under a rock in the desert. The zipper is not fully closed, and we see that it is full of money with MGM tags on the wrappers. MCCLANE(O.S) (Voice over) After all, it's only money, right? FADE OUT THE END.

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