Discovery School

Student’s Name: Freddy Gálvez

Teacher’s Name: Mr. Osuna

Signature: Grammar

Topic: Story (The Last Chance)

Date: 04/March/2013

El Progreso, Yoro

The Last Chance
Do you think that a school-soccer team, that has been losing 4 tournaments in a 2 years consecutive period, can win the last tournament of their lives in High-school? I’m about to tell you a story of a school-soccer team and you’ll get amazed of their achievement.

It was Monday, 3 weeks before the tournament; we were excited because our coach told us that we’ll go to a soccer tournament in Luis Landa’s School in February 8th. We have been preparing before, having friendly matches with other schools, we beated up all the schools of Progreso, just Agape beated up us 2-1. We were sure that we could win that tournament, after losing 4 consecutive tournaments. Nobody had faith on us, no one believed on us, just ourselves and our coach. Every training day, we used to give the best of us. Our classmates use to say, “Do not go to that tournament, you’ll lose anyways... “But, our auto esteem was high; we didn’t care about what others say. Finally, the tournament’s day came; no one could sleep thinking about the tournament, the night before. Nobody wanted to eat before the tournament, we were feeling excited, we were sure of winning the tournament; we were decided to give everything on that day.

At 9 am, we arrived to Luis Landa School, we were ready to play. Six schools were the ones that would play that day, and those schools were: Luis Landa, Kings & Queens, Best American School, Eternity School, Holly Spirit and, Discovery School. We were going against Eternity and Kings & Queens, the best two teams were going to the semi-finals. We were the first ones to play against Eternity, we thought they were the easiest team that we could beat up but, we underestimated them and in the first half of the match they were beating up us 1-0. In the second half of the match our Forward scored a goal and we tied the game 1-1. Frustration was shown in our faces, our coach was disappointed. He began to scold us, he was yelling at us so angry, and then he gave us a speech, that we could beat everyone on the field. Before starting the second match against Kings & Queens, Gino an ex-student of Discovery School, that is in Luis Landa, told me that he would get in charge of eliminating us of the tournament. The second match had begun, I was on the defense, we were playing great, but the referee whistled and indicated a nonexisting penalty in favor of Kings & Queens, and they scored the goal. We were losing 1-0 but, we still had faith on us. In the second half our forward, Carlos, scored a goal and we were tied. Then, 1 minute was missing for the game to end but, I gave a pass to Carlos and he scored the second goal on the last second and we won the game 2-1, we were on the semi-finals. In semi-finals we were playing sharply against Best American School (BAS), we were tired but, we needed to win that tournament, it was our dream. We beated up BAS 4-1, we were on the final, our coach was proud of us. Before playing the final our coach gave us an amazing speech, he told us that it didn’t matter to him if we lose the tournament because he saw our effort, our persistence, and he was proud of us. We were extremely tired, our legs were cramping but, we still had faith on winning.

The final was Discovery School against Luis Landa. The final game finally started, we were tough. They played sharply but, we were giving everything we had, our force of will was strong as threehundred men. Luis Landa’s fans were shouting but, we made them stood in Silence when we scored goal, we were winning 1-0, Carlos scored the goal and he got injured. Javier entered to the field and Carlos left the field because he was injured. Everybody was in Silence; the referee whistled the end of the game. No one could believe that we won the tournament. Suddenly, our fans began to shout. Tears were falling off from us, for happiness. We could feel the Frustration and Sadness of Luis Landa’s players, it was the best feeling we could ever felt. Everybody stood in Silence that day, for our achievement. Our coach was proud, he called us and he said, “I knew you could win, you just had to discover it by yourselves. “ I recommend you that never give up on your dreams, never give up on having faith for your desires just as these guys did it, they had faith on every moment and look, they won the tournament as they dreamed it.

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