Dragon Wicca Grimoire

By Jeramie Newman in Dragon Wicca Dragon Wicca Arranged by: Animus Gabryel Dragonsblood Visit our Facebook . Table of Contents Chapter 1 :: Dragon History Chapter 2 :: Dragon Festivals/Holidays Chapter 3 :: Dragon Types Chapter 4 :: The Appearance of Dragons Chapter 5 :: Dragon Elements Chapter 6 :: Dragons - Planetary Correspondence Chapter 7 :: Dragons - Zodiac Correspondence Chapter 8 :: The Draconic Code of Honour Chapter 9 :: What is Draconic Wicca? Chapter 10 :: Dragon Path for beginners Chapter 11 :: Dragon Path for the Experienced Chapter 12 :: Dragon/Draconic Magick Chapter 13 :: Dealing With Dragons Chapter 14 :: Dragon Tarot Card Spread Chapter 15 :: Dragon Runes Chapter 16 :: The Dragon Language Chapter 17 :: Tools of the Draconic Tradition Chapter 18 :: Draconic Circle Casting Chapter 19 :: How to Call your Gaurdian Dragon Chapter 20 :: How to Contact your Gaurdian Dragon

Chapter 1 Dragon History

In almost every culture, in almost every place, there are stories of dragons, most of them too old to know it's origin. Dragons, the gigantic, fast, strong and wise lizards as told in myths. Beasts so fierce that would destroy all near them. Some of them could fly, some with various heads, some could breath fire, all being Dragons. In Greek, draca means serpent meaning also with the same terms of the idea of great visibility, one characteristic common in dragons was born between and within fire and darkness... no other creature had been so powerful and wise.. that's what is known to be a Dragon. In the Babylonian myth the the first dragon was Yaldabaoth, although is also called Tiamat so Yaldabaoth grown up and made some more like her Nagamat, Kaliyat, Orkus, Tarasque and Serpens among others..., that was what Micael Green says, he translated from an old script. Tiamat was a Babylonian Dragon being personification of the sea mainly(salt water), and portrayed as the mother of all Dragons and daugther of Chaos; she appears in the creation myth, Enuma Elish:Tiamat lived in the primordial chaos that existed before the creation of the world. She mingled with Apsu ( a personification of fresh water), and the first generation of gods was born.One of these gods, Enki or Ea killed Apsu.Tiamat wanted to avenge Apsu by destroying the gods. She gathered an army of monsters and 11 Dragons.The older gods were so terrified when they saw Tiamat, and her army, that they accepted the offer of the young god Marduk. He offered to kill Tiamat on the condition that his supremacy was recognized. Marduck killed Tiamat in battle and used her body to make the universe. He used the blood of Kingu, leader of Tiamat's army and her second husband, to make mankind.

The Dragons population grew, they were so much and with so many differences among them that they were divided into various categories.This does not mean that some were better than others; It was a more efficient way to study them. In fact this division, was not the only one... Some divided Dragons into 5 categories based on their location and appearance (draconis teutonica, draconis galli, draconis albionensis, draconis bipedes, draconis cappadociae and draconis sinoensis), some based on the elements (draco flamma, draco glacies, draco terra among others), and some based on their colours. In some cultures (such as Chinese) is also mentioned about celestial heaven Dragons. The oriental Dragons, most of them from the ancient China. There are nine major types of Chinese dragons, attributed to the nine Dragon sons that were worshiped and made into idols. Supposedly this nice, were the sons of the four Dragon kings, Ao Shun, Ao Ch'in, Au Jun and Ao Kuang. The nine type of horned Dragon, the winged Dragon, the celestial Dragon ( which generates wind and rain for the benefit of mankind), the dragon of hidden treasures (which keeps guard over concealed wealth), the coiling Dragon ( which lives in water ), and the yellow Dragon ( which once emerged from water and presented the legendary Emperor Fu Shi with the elements of writing). These Dragons, share the same way of living. They are never changed from one place, staying in their own territory. Most of the Chinese Dragons have different lengths, some legends told about the great Chien-Tang, witch was a red Dragon, his back was fire and his eyes shined as the sun, this wonderful creature, from tail to head was more than 984 feet long. For the chinese people, Dragons were described visually as a composite of parts from nine animals: The horns of a deer; The head of a camel; The eyes of a devil; The neck of a snake; The abdomen of a large cockle; The scales of a carp; The claws of an eagle'The paws of a tiger; And the ears of an ox. The Chinese word for Dragon is spelled out in roman characters as either Lung or Long. In China, the Dragon was credited with having great powers that allowed them to make rain and to control floods (by striking the river with its tail, causing it to open and thus divert the floodwaters) also Dragons are credited for transportation of humans to the celestial realms after death. In China, Dragons are symbols of the natural world, adaptability, and transformation. When two dragons are placed together but turned away, they symbolize eternity via the famous Yin-Yang. The Royal Court Of The Dragon was established in Egypt in 2170 B.C. under Ankhfnkhonsu, and more formally by Queen Sobeknefru in 1783 B.C. to provide an instituation for the pursuit of the work of the Dragon of Al-Khem otherwise known as Thoth or Hermes. From Al-Khem we have alchemy, the Great Work of the Dragon. The most famous books attributed to him are The Emerald Tablets and The Pymander. Part of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth talks about reptiles, specifically shape shifters. Reptilians were/are able to shape-shift between the forms of Humans and Dragons and so forth...Dragons, the oldest living creature, have been here through the human history. There had been many legends and manuscripts about these wonderful creatures. One of the most famous literature about Dragons is Beowulf, the medieval story of a brave Knight and a Fire Dragon. This story of Beowulf and the Dragon was written in old English, Beowulf survives in only one manuscript copied around 1000 A.D. This manuscrip is now at the British Library, London. From the Christians we also got about Saint George and the Dragon.There was a town near the are of Cappadocia, where a Dragon lived. The town people often made sacrifices of their sheep to calm the Dragon; until the sheep ran out and by a lottery the princess of the town was chosen to be the next sacrifice for the Dragon. George took pity on the princess fate and slayed the Dragon. Also there are myths that the dragon which Saint George prevailed over was none other than Dadianus. The ancient texts which related the story of Saint George's miracles, tortue and deaths frequently call Dadianus a serpent or Dragon. Some ancient writers then either over looked the fact that Dadianus was a man, or decided that his treatment of St. George was so infamous that only a picture of the traditional dragon would represent him accurately. As far as the damsel is concerned, it is believed that she represents Queen or Princess Alexandra. She was Dadianus's wife and was also a agan until being converted to Christianity by George. According to Christian legend, when Jehove created life, he also created the great Dragon Leviathan. On Doomsday, God will destroy Leviathan meaning the end of the Earth. Leviathan seems to refer to the Draco Consetellation. There is a suggestion, that the earliest origin of the signs of the zodiac was God's instruction on the gospel in the heavens. If this is correct, then the Dragon leviathan is again the symbol of man's pride and rebelliousness against God. The name leviathan occurs 6 times in the Old Testament.(Psalms 74: 13-14) The Concept of Dragons in Celtic mythology comes directly from the Holy Crocodile, Messeh, from the ancient Egyptians. The Pharaohs were anointed with crocodile fat, and attained the strength of Meseh. The image of

Meseh evolved to become a Dragon, which became the emblem of Kingship.( The world Messeh comes from 'Messiah' that means to anoint ). Also Messeh, the holy crocodile, evolved into what we know as Sobek in Egypt (crocodile god, son of Neith) and Suchos in Greek. In the Mexican culture (just to name one) we find Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Snake. One of the major deities of Aztecs and Toltecs (among other middle-American civilizations). The winged Serpent, or a Dragon that only had wings and his body covered with feathers. Quetzalcoatl is the creator sky-god and organized the original cosmos and participated in the creation and destruction on various world periods. Also for the Aztecs, a symbol of death and resurrection and patron of preists. For one theory of the fire breath of the DragonThe breath of a Dragon is not a magikal think that spread out of nowhere, but had a scientific explanation. When humans eat, their body by digesting create a gas known as Methane, Dragons unlike humans store this gas into another kind of lung that will serve as a bag ( to say it that way ) to hold the gas that will be late mixed with a small amount of Phosphor that has propriety to ignite in fire at the contact of air, O2. When the Dragon wants to breath fire, the methane is released into the lung and when the gas is in the air, the phosphor ignites and also puts the methane in fire.
Chapter 2 Dragon Festivals/Holidays

January 16th - Earth Dragon Day Bronze Dragons originally dwelled in mountan caves or subterranean lairs. They're the source of the mythos about dragon's hoarding treasure, but as with most things it isn't quite what it seems. Bronze dragons love weath but their definition of wealth is the wealth of the abundant land, lush green forests, sparkling waterfalls, flower sprinkled meadows. They are by their very nature ecologists. They can also be ecoterrorists if they feel their land is being destroyed. They can wreck any level of havoc when they're upset but one of their favourite things to do is take back all the gold and silver and jewels they can find. After all it came from either "their" land or the land of a brother or sister dragon if people value those things more highly than nature why what else is a poor dragon to do to get some attention? Feburary 16th - The Dragon parade celebrating Chinese New Year. The Oriental Dragon Nian was a little dragon that came to the Villages of China in the Han times... But just by accident one of the villages discovered the Nian had a few fears of his own. He was afraid of the colour Red. Which is why the Chinese believe red to be the colour of luck, joy and happiness. At midnight of the Chinese new year firecrackers, paper dragons, noise makers and the waving of red ribbons are waved around to help drive away any lingering spirtis of evil dragons like Nian. March 3rd - Alexander Graham Bell - The patron Saint of all Copper Dragons. Copper Dragons are native to the red rocks of Sedona, but unlike humans who now visit to feel the vortex, the coper dragon has moved to the city where they have proliferated in large numbers. Their preferred lair is the wiring closet of any large builing and the largest of them usually take up their residence in the local C.O (Central Switching Office) of the phone company. March 25th - Celtic Flower Day Rainbow dragons are relatively small on the scale of Dragons and are very often mistaken for faeries. They have the special property of being able to breath a cloud of flower scented mist at friends and foe alike (some flowers actually stink which will repel a foe) April 8th - Fire Dragon DayDay of the Fire Dragons. This day always falls on the last Sunday before the sign of Taurus. It's a day to honor the power of fire by lighting a dragon candle or other such thing. May 5th - The feast of the Dragon - Chinese Ch'ien represents what is great, the creative penetration of the correct, the firm and the advantageous. Through heaven above and below we understand the relationship between the beingging and the end. Each of the six lines reaches it's accomplishment at the appointed time. They mount the chariot drawn by these six dragons at the proper hour, and drive across the sky. June 18th - Dragon Boat Day The Dragon boat festival is a Lunar holiday. The boat festivals are traditional customs to atempt to rescue the patriotic poet Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan drowned on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month in 227 B.C. Dragon Boats feature the head and tail of a dragon, a creature regarded by the Chinese to have dominion over the waters and exercising control over rainfall.

November 6th . She is the first mother. October 8th . For some reason that's easier for people to accep. the trick to remaining youthful. One special spell they have is called Cloudburst. wind and rain. Guardian dragons are not attached to watching your home per se. the trick of measuring time in your own manner so that we have a lot more control over our lives.The flaming of the Rose . commemorates the capture of the beast for which the festival is named. They slip easily into either human form or virtual invisibility and people who encounter them are often left with the impression they've just met an angel. Chapter 3 Dragon Types There are so many different types of dragons.Feast of the Musicans . Doesn't sound quite as cuddle as Godzilla or Mothra. And with Laochgael in your heart he will help translate it.Festival of Tarasque Look out! It's the Festival of the Tarasque wherein a man-eating monster charges down the streets of it's name sake city in France snapping at people. Dragons of chaos. While in this form the only form of attack or self protection available to them are spells that are weather or wind based. His body is transparent ruby red.Feast of High places .June 22nd . The old festival. water. Some know her as Tiamat.Fionneal They are a sky dwelling race. a fire. A dragon fload is paraded through the streets of the city and touched by attendants for good luck. the Sword of Truth. Dragons of the winds. November 14th . Coloration depends on surroundings and mood. July 17th . The Nwyvre and his gift lie at the heart of the dragon myths in the west. Once the sword is unsheathed one must do battle with the dragon flame or it will gain control and cause great harm to the knight who so arrogantly drew the blade when he or she wasn't ready.Dragon Mother Day . September 7th . Faery dragons.Feast of the Flame Dragons They are smaller in size than your "typical" dragon and are attracted to the warmth of the hearth and feelings of love and good fellowship. August 15th .Nwyvre He appears in the desert at high noon.St. Oriental Dragons Guardian Dragons These are cute little dragons about the size of a fat cat or of a small dog. Dragons of the mountains. Dragons of the forests. she who existed before all things. encased in a crystal sheath.Claivsolais Air dragons are very often mistaken for angels.. Air Dragon day is to pay homage to these magnificant beings who rule our skies. These are playful dragons and are fascinated with music and happy times.. Cloud dragons look like fringed and frilled gold dragons. Listen to a peice you normally wouldn't be able to understand...Gagreine Gagreine is the one to approach if one wants to understand that nature of time. Celebrate the light and warmth of Gagrenie the Sun dragon. earth. it is very hard to distinguish cloud dragons from the clouds around them because they can take on a cohesive gaseous form at will.Laochgael An annual Druidic festival known as the Feast of the Musicans which in the green rose tradition is dedicated to the dragon Laochgael. Dragons of the valleys. than they've just met a dragon who was a human who was a dragon. Some will make lairs in cloud shrouded caves but most will always have their lairs on floating cloud islands. His gift is a sword of bright flame. This is a day to spend listening to music.Festival of the Sun . October 16th .. ranging from dark gray (angry) to pure white (neutral). Dragons of the seas. Clouds Day . it takes all water from a cloud and compresses it into a mass rain thta can extinguish all magickal and normal fires. Elemental dragons (fire.. Dragons of destruction. and air). In order to master the gift of the Flaming Sword of Truth one must enter into the Way of the Warrior. and his is surrounded by a cloud of fire like the teardrop shape of a candle flame.Dubnos Deep in the Earth the Dragon Mother lives. They generally take up residence in the fireplaces of a home and are often mistaken for Salamanders.Air Dragon Day Oriental dragons control the weather.breathing dragon type thing. Claivsolais teaches a special practise that is associated with two of the nine elements. or golden rose coloured (very pleased). There are: Guardian dragons. . Gagreine can teach many things. December 8th .

I'm not saying it's certain. The hair on dragons has spread wide though as they bread more and more dragons are developing strange features. When a dragon with these features is spotted you'll notice many other differences. those too might differ slightly but are common. Some people see rainbow-coloured dragons. of the valleys. Wyvern ranges from 10 to 30 feet from ground to shoulders in height. and this is a sign of wisdom. Just like faeries. of the forests Oriental Dragons Chapter 4 The Appearance of Dragons Dragons have different shapes and sizes when it comes to their bodies. their main source of food are fish and other sea animals. if it happened at all that would be another possibility to consider as how dragons started to grow hair. of the seas. Not all western dragons have wings. these are an more aquatic dragon so they use the wings as flipper to move through the water. We all know of the common western dragon with 4 legs. They come in different colours depending on their species. Though. These dragons are in no way "evil". but they are generally the youngest. of the mountains. It's even uncommon for clans and species alone to mix. It's still rare to see these types of dragon but it's becoming more common. where they like to sit. The results that they achieve are usually not the ones that you first intended. and air dragons. Here are the basic body shapes and sizes. This too can be a sign of inbreeding. Dragon's aren't born with feathers or hair. water dragons. long neck the length of the body ending at a narrow shaped head with long snout that comes to a point. Dragons that aren't only one colour. and feathers. E. has only two hind legs. they have no visible legs but instead have small wings where legs would be if they had them. Elemental dragons Are just that. they will find the source of the problem and fix it.… A fire dragon would not mate with a water dragon. spikes and barbs. They can be very small to enormous. Amphiptere having a body like that of a snake being from 15 to 45 feet long. There are some characteristics that are common to all Dragons as in all have scales and a tail. Guivre having both front and hind legs. It's uncommon you'll find Blue dragons in a desert. wings as their second set of limbs. You'll even ask yourself if this is a dragon or not… It's very uncommon for dragons to have feathers instead of scales but there's a possibility the reason for this could be magickal. ranging from 5 to 10 feet in height and 12 to 48 feet long. If a fire dragon mated with a mountain dragon you could end up with a pink dragon.they are more attached to you. You see they are not bound by our limited sight. Red + White = Pink.g. it's later developed or usually the result of a magickal act. All magicks performed with them must be very carefully thought out. typically they are a lot like birds in that they use their set of legs to hold down prey and rip it apart with its mouth. and the name of each one. E. I can't see the possibility of a Oriental dragon mating with a Western. the end of the tails are more oval shaped and have skin that comes off of it for directional control. tail. There are fire dragons. These are the tricksters of dragons. they borrow in the . These dragons are not for the novice! Dragons of the winds. they can only be found when they want to be. but most do. typical type of body or an unusual type of body. These dragons can be quite unpredictable at times. These dragons are drawn to flowers. They are very powerful and deserve great respect. I'm just saying it could happen. although it has happened dragons usually like to stick to their own kind.g. There are also dragons that have hair. short necks that end in a boxed shaped head with short snout. scales and sometimes horns. especially roses. The come from the land of negative power. They are not the smallest of dragons. wings that are spiked along the outer edge. habitat and clan. Dragons of chaos and dragons of destruction They are the most unpredictable of the dragons. the body is proportionate to it's height. The Oriental Dragons are known to have hair. Faery dragons Are the smallest of dragons that I know of. If you are having a problem that you need solved. earth dragons. I suppose you could say that they are illusionists. They fend off unwanted visitors and add their magick to your rituals. They take great joy in altering images to fool you. This could be why some dragons aren't all one colour.

tornadoes. they range from 6 to 12 inches in height. wand. ponds and rivers. Its Dragon ruler is Grael (grail). rainstorms. even grey tone of Magick. love. who oversees the Dragons of the sea. Its color is pure blue. caves. bragging. will power & leadership. having a long neck ending in a rectangle shaped head. purpose in life. windstorms. soil. conflicts. responsibility. laziness. the Magick User is able to mix a blend of elements that will bring forth the desired manifestation. gem bowl. It is the same concept. hurricanes and the like. lakes. they have bodies proportionate to their height. the end of its tail has porcupine type quills. lightning. The concept of darkness blending with light makes perfect sense to the experienced magick user. mixing energies with a Chaos Dragon or any other "darkly aligned" Dragon. laser surgery. who oversees the Dragons of mountains. forgetfulnes. Earth Earth rules the northern quarter of the circle. their differences are that they have large wings. optimism. they spend most of their time in deep caverns away from everything else and survive by eating cave dwelling creatures. endurance. peace of mind. stability. Wyvre being similar to both a Wyvern and a Guivre they have hind legs and wings. Positive aspects are: sunset. Its color is pure red and is warm and dry. the sun. peacefulness. minerals. earthquakes and slides. Chapter 6 Dragons – Planetary Correspondence SUN . Its Dragon ruler is Sairys (sayr'-iss). mountains. lack of conscience. anger. stubbornness. Fire is: noon. gemstones. vacillation. Its Dragon ruler is Naelyan (Nail'-yon). volcanoes. jealousy. dragon mirror. Gamers if you will. Its colors are clear and dark green and is cold and dry. and it is cold and moist. Positive aspects are: midnight. forgiveness. Positive aspects are: sunrise. and anywhere from 2 to 5 long necks and heads. Water Water governs the western quarter of the circle. blood. lack of emotional control. ranging from 20 to 60 feet at the shoulders. Its Dragon ruler is Fafnir (faf'-neer) who oversees the Dragons of Fire and the sunbeams. enthusiasm. land. incense. respect. daring. thoroughness. Its color is pure yellow and is thought to be warm and moist. whirlpools. Negative associations are: frivolity. the size of them is from 20 to 60 feet. activity. black and "special" dragons rule the center of the circle and balance all the other elements into a cool. summer. their bodies being enormous in size. breath. insecurity. compassion. instability. winter. this being similar to that of a bat. Some would scoff at the idea of a Dragon of Light. Negative aspects include: floods. Watcher this is the smallest of them all.ground and use their claws to dig and the spikes on their wings to move through the ground. Hydra having a body similar to a Guivre. and moonbeams. unwilingness to change or see another side of a problem. clouds. spring. ritual salt. Negative aspects are: rigidity. Unfortunately. calmness. war. what they differ in is that their wings are attached to front legs that are like arms with hand-like claws on the tips. candles. Fire Fire Rules the south quarter of the circle. dragon bowl. the wine chalice. breezes. Chapter 5 Dragon Elements Air Air governs the eastern quarter of the circle and of the universe. springs. the water chalice. they have both front and hind legs and wings that attach at the shoulders. intuition. indifference. gems. incense burner. those sceptics are usually Role Players. ego. prosperity. autumn. Through invocation of these dragons of light and darkness. mental quickness. Akasha The white. change. passion. inattention. courage. joy. main source of food is any underground creature or easily caught land animal. gossip fickleness. Negative associations are: hate. just as the concept of "tough love" makes perfect sense to a psychologist. intelligence. bell. fear. the dagger and sword. renewing.

pine Incense: Cypress. jasmine. styrax Incense: Cloves. cinnamon. parsley. pearl-white Metal: Silver Zodiac: Cancer Stones: Moonstone. frankincense. cascarilla. beryl. patchouli. alloys Zodiac: Gemini. science. bay laurel. sweet cicely. travel by water. war. generation. lavender. violet. advancement. sandalwood. psychic ability Day: Monday Element: Water Magickal Tool: Chalice Color: Lavender. carnal desires. chamomile. oak. cleverness. struggle. rosemary. creativity. cinnamon. myrtle. ginseng. lily Plants: Calamus. Scorpio Stones: Garnet. growth. lotus. tobacco. sandalwood. fertility. red agate. mastic. pale yellow Metal: Quicksilver. natural power. frankincense. silver. blue. rosemary. camphor. lily of the valley. accidents. thievery Day: Wednesday Element: Air Magickal Tool: Quill pen. red topaz Oils: Allspice. henna. camphor. bloodstone. friendship. fire opal. memory. inspiration. juniper. jasmine. dragon's blood. goldstone. machinery. coriander. aggression. light. styrax. wisteria. Benzoin. frangipani. dittany of Crete. multicolored. steel Zodiac: Aries. rosemary. anger. rosemary. frankincense. clove. magick mirror Color: Orange. business transactions. laurel. ginger. storax JUPITER 5 . ginger. patchouli. mint. caraway. conflict. the sea and tides. lemon. quartz crystal. myrrh Plants: Acacia. intelligence. sandalwood Plants: Anise. pine. cassia. rosemary. clary sage. sandalwood MARS 4 Rules: Strength. jacinth. frangipani. Virgo Stones: Carnelian. yellow diamond. agate Oils: Lavender. poppy. emotions. lust. ginger. club moss. myrrh. pepper. clove. vervain Incense: Storax. civit Plants: Allspice. squill MERCURY 1 Rules: Communication. storax MOON a Rules: The subconscious mind. nutmeg. pearl Oils: Birch. patchouli. healing. rock music Day: Tuesday Element: Fire Magickal Tool: Athame Color: Red Metal: Iron. abundance Day: Sunday Element: Fire Magickal Tool: Scepter Colour: Yellow or gold Metal: Gold Zodiac: Leo Stones: Zircon. jasmine. pine. topaz. joy. mace. success. patchouli. cinnamon. basil. leadership. ruby. sandalwood. brimstone. energy. cassia. intuition. chrysoleth Oils: Bay laurel. ylang ylang Incense: Bay leaf. life. licorice.Rules: The conscious will.

binding. silver Metal: Tin Zodiac: Pisces Stones: Amethyst. sapphire Oils: Anise. star sapphire Oils: Balm of Gilead. liberation. lotus. mugwort. history. crystal wand Color: Black. honeysuckle. cypress. pearl. building. myrrh Plants: Anise. ylang ylang Incense: Benzoin. wealth. time Day: Saturday Element: Water and Earth Magickal Tool: Scythe. jet. coral. jade. turquoise Oils: Ambergris. peridot. lavender. camphor. all salt-water plants. jasmine. yerba buena. light blue. strawberry Incense: Cedar. Pisces Stones: Lapis lazuli. red sandalwood. high John the conqueror. cord Color: Green. friendship. sickle. coral. joy. civet. styrax Incense: Myrrh. frangipani. knowledge. courage. boneset. violet. success. Libra Stones: Amber. oak. cloves. yarrow SATURN 6 Rules: Obstacles. royalty. myrrh. yerba santa VENUS 2 Rules: Love. tuberose. gifts. vetiver. jasmine. harmony. sage. thyme. public acclaim. mint. mauve. expansion Day: Thursday Element: Air and Water Magickal Tool: Robe Color: Blue. limitations. yerba mate NEPTUNE 8 Rules: Victory. fir. all algae's. beryl. ivory Oils: Birch. sensuality Day: Friday Element: Earth and Water Magickal Tool: Chant. blue. crystal ball Color: Sea green. aquamarine. honor. vervain. juniper. jasmine. purple Metal: Tin Zodiac: Sagittarius. deer's tongue. orchid Plants: All mosses. fluctuations Day: Monday Element: Water Magickal Tool: Trident. violet. ylang ylang Incense: Ambergris. rose. betony. nutmeg. beauty. wild cherry. ironwood Plants: Aspen. cinquefoil. wisteria. power. cherry. emerald. death. cedar. storax. pink Metal: Copper Zodiac: Taurus. vanilla Plants: Ambergris. the arts. coffee PLUTO 9 . mint. patchouli. savory. balm of Gilead. mercy. change. catnip. sandalwood. business. malachite. responsibility. indigo Metal: Lead Zodiac: Capricorn. watermelon. cocoa. pale green. lavender. lemon verbena. attraction. turquoise. rose. nutmeg. Aquarius Stones: Onyx. bistort. bergamot. jasmine. pleasure. apple blossom. myrrh. musk. amethyst. politics.Rules: Leadership. mint. orris. rosemary. patchouli.

fertility. royal blue Metal: Iron. sword Color: Blue. harmony Day: Wednesday Element: Fire and Earth Magickal Tool: Hammer. cassia. pewter Zodiac: Scorpio Stones: Garnet. tuberose. plutonium. logic. orange Metal: Iron. mandrake. higher understanding. musk Plants: Indian hemp. cherry. lavender. all resins Plants: Anise. vervain Incense: Fennel. nutmeg. sandalwood. ambergris. assistance. persistence Day: Friday Element: Earth Magickal Tool: Pentacle Color: Maroon. finding lost objects. initiation. wisdom. orris. vulcan Plants: Nettle. vervain Incense: Mandrake.Rituals Involving: Overcoming evil. scullcap Chapter 7 Dragons of the Zodiac Correspondence ARIES Colour: Red . lapis lazuli. storax VULCAN Rules: Manifestation in material form. blasting rod. styrax. emerald. zinc Zodiac: Aquarius Stones: Amber. brass Zodiac: Virgo Stones: Fire opal Oils: Lavender. victory. apple blossom. astral plane. bloodstone. brown Metal: Copper Zodiac: Taurus Stones: Amber. blue. almond EARTH y Rules: Stability. self-preservation. brimstone. lodestone Oils: Lavender. thistle. caution. regeneration Day: Tuesday Element: Water Magickal Tool: Sex Color: Black. attitude. spiritual concepts. sandalwood. valerian. mint. lemon. parsley. lemon. red poppy. caraway. applying knowledge. vervain. prudence. learning. ylang ylang Incense: Aloe. thought processes. illumination. coriander. hibiscus. ambition. platinum. white. blueberry. controlling lower principles. red topaz Oils: Allspice. gentian URANUS X Rules: Sound judgment. gray. lily of the valley. rose. marshmallow. harmony. myrtle. any fungus that grows on trees. lily of the valley. nutmeg. petrified wood Oils: Ambergris. myrrh Plants: Mushrooms. plastic. violet. green. removing depression. material gain. styrax. ruby. pine Incense: Hemlock. faith Day: Wednesday Element: Air Magickal Tool: Key. checked white Metal: Uranium. sandalwood. fungi. uncovering secrets. patchouli. clear thinking. strength. independence. magickal ring Color: Yellow. red agate. sensuality. agate. brown. jacinth. tenacity. asafoetida. licorice.

dependable. dependent. fussy. emotional. changeable. stubborn. dramatic. workaholic LIBRA Colour: Light blues. lazy. retentive memory. analytical. sweet. short tempered. practical. studious. colorful. warm. witty. retiring. egocentric. sharp minded. feisty TAURUS Colour: Pink and blue Planet: Venus Element: Earth Stone: Emerald Flower: Violet Description:Patient. soft rose . organizational. high strung. emotionally stable. superficial. materialistic. changeable. inspiring. sensitive. efficient. communicative CANCER Colour: Silver. lucky. curious. security oriented GEMINI Colour: Multi-colors Planet: Mercury Element: Air Stone: Agate Flower: Lily of the Valley Description: Versatile. determined. optimistic. overprotective. worrier. pastels Planet: Moon Element: Water Stone: Pearl Flower: Larkspur Description: Caring. navy blue Planet: Mercury Element: Earth Stone: Sapphire Flower: Pansy Description: Neat. money oriented LEO Colour: Gold. lacking in foresight. messy. petty. dependable. conservative. receptive. cutting. organized. clinging. plodding. pink. calm. a flirt. generous. logical. demanding. persistent. loyal. moody. fickle. performer VIRGO Colour: Gray. adventuresome. impatient. flamboyant. sarcastic. possessive. scarlet Planet: Sun Element: Fire Stone: Ruby Flower: Marigold Description: Positive. arrogant.Planet: Mars Element: Fire Stone: Diamond Flower: Geranium Description: Energetic. dogmatic. practical. hardworking. anxious. pack rat. nurturing.

efficient. tenacious. methodical SAGITTARIUS Colour: Purple. gentle. organized. shrewd. deep blue Planet: Jupiter Element: Fire Stone: Turquoise Flower: Narcissus Description: Outspoken. independent. con-artist.Planet: Venus Element: Air Stone: Opal Flower: Rose Description: Refined. peace loving SCORPIO Colour: Deep reds such as maroon Planet: Pluto Element: Water Stone: Topaz Flower: Chrysanthemum Description: Secretive. vindictive. social. ruthless. outgoing. vain. resourceful. practical. miserly. nagging. insightful. temperamental. intelligent. diplomatic. pessimistic. athletic. manipulative. spiritually oriented. self-expressive. impressionable. There are sometimes when we can't follow the Codes to the exact word. escapist or drifter. managerial. persistent. stubborn. patient. opinionated. impractical. ambitious AQUARIUS Colour: Iridescent blues Planet: Uranus Element: Air Stone: Amethyst Flower: Orchid Description: Perceptive. prudent. paranoiac. goal oriented. passionate. cold. warm. detached. freedom loving. just. loner. deceitful. Dragons will not work with a practitioner that ignores . It is followed in magickal workings and in everyday life. intuitive Chapter 8 Dragon Code of Honour The Draconic Tradition has Codes of Honor that is followed by all true Dragon Mages. vacillating. psychic. well organized. erratic. dreamer. outgoing. opportunist. but to completely ignore them would be foolish. artistic. gracious. unconventional PISCES Colour: Sea green Planet: Neptune Element: Water Stone: Aquamarine Flower: Water lily Description: Refined. inspiring CAPRICORN Colour: Dark shades Planet: Saturn Element: Earth Stone: Garnet Flower: Carnation Description: Rigid. impersonal. compassionate. ingenious. tactful. unstable. cool. sarcastic sense of humor.

12. and secrets is to be embraced and experienced to the fullest. The Dragon is invoked or evoked during Sabbats and in times when great magick is needed (not when you can not find your keys). For they will assist you in your endeavors if you do. except for the case of 'The Dragon'. or your Clan that which is rightfully and legally yours. your family. The dragons have no real hierarchy other than age. for power over something does not always give you the authority to control it. do so with honesty. Life with all of its joys. and honor is one to be prideful of. friends. 1. To keep one's head in any situation is a virtue. your Clan. Try always to be prepared for whatever the future may bring. 8. or your friends. Pledge friendship and your assistance only to those who are worthy and honorable.them. Dignity. Have respect and honor for all Dragons and the Dragons of the Land. earns the respect of Dragons and will have no problem working with them. 16. your family. in yourself. and your Clan. your Clan. 20. and they will strengthen you. And when you offer forgiveness. strive always to be just. Your duty is always to yourself. Be gracious with self-praise. your family. your appearance. In doing so. 9. Respect yourself as a child of the Dragons. Remember that authority will grow with experience. use it carefully and with wisdom. bring shame or dishonor to your family. and as a Priest/Priestess of a Clan you should exercise it with care and dignity. 5. 7. 6. or. but not arrogance. Do not pass on anything you have not personally witnessed or verified. a gracious manner and a good humor are to be admired and cultivated. 3. and your Clan. and self-forgiveness when warranted. We work with these dragons to achieve the results that we seek. But one. Do your best in all things. and your Clan. 4. Have the fierceness of a Dragon in their defense and always be certain they are provided for before starting any endeavor. When you gain authority. and your Clan. Never give unproven hearsay the weight of truth. your family. and your Clan. your Clan. Be honest with yourself and others and let them know you will not accept anything but honesty in return. respect. without bragging. your family. or friends. Invoking means to call into you the power of the dragon that you name i. Exceptions to this are when keeping the secret would endanger an innocent. What you have hold. for this is how one gains wisdom. 15. 14. You should always be above reproach or criticism in the eyes of the world. For a life lived with dignity. You should always strive to be kind to others. Give your bond only after great consideration as to how it may affect your duties to yourself. for to do so grudgingly is not forgiveness but deceit. your family. we have to deal with the unique personalities of each type of dragon. They will aid you to bring honor to your family. or your friends without permission. but can be given. They are as varied as humans are also. Possession of a wagging tongue marks you as a fool. Be wary of how you use any power given to you. 10. There are as many dragons as there are people. Always remember that the fury and excitement of the moment can play havoc with the truth. In all that you do consider its benefit or harm to yourself. 18. sorrows. Chapter 9 What is Draconic Wicca Draconic Wicca is the utilization of the powers of the dragons. who follows them to the best of their ability. In this matter let common sense prevail. The laws of the land should be obeyed whenever possible and within reason for the protection of yourself. And when you do give your bond it should carry the weight of a signed blood oath. and your Clan. The Dragon is the combined powers of the God and the Goddess. 17. 13.e. 11. and your position in the Clan. Offer forgiveness only to those who are truly repentant of wrongs committed against you. 2. Never reveal the secrets entrusted to you by your family. allow a criminal to go unpunished. Never neglect your family. You ask that this dragon assume . a fire dragon. for in the main they have been chosen with wisdom. should kindness prove impossible. 19. and stand before them with pride. Have pride. Power does not come with authority. or seriously violate the laws of the land. return to the Dragons. not arrogance. bring unjustified dishonor to another. your Clan or your friends. When your time in this life is done. Let no one take from you. Work to strengthen those of your family.

Even the smallest dragons need to be treated with the utmost respect. You can't spend your days waiting for a guardian to come. The elements are: Air. . don't jump to conclusions and think that you have a Guardian Dragon. For those who have been in other astral worlds and saw rouge dragons. A Guardian Dragon is not a "puppy dog. Not all of these dragons are going to be your friend so you'll have to tread carefully. Water. this can at be your Guardian Dragon. She represents all of the blessed races and has a counterpart for each. Hunter. This religion was originally brought to Earth by the blessed races when Atlantis was formed. To wiccans. unless he/she tells you otherwise. And also. Most of us can astral on our own. he is known as the horned god. Earth. Wiccans. Friend. Dragon Magi don't even need guardian dragons. druids. "There are many faces of the one god. this could either mean they have been banned and are solitary. This mostly applies for the God and Goddess aspects. he is Mate. Healing would be Earth for example." However this doesn't apply for the Red Dragon of other guardians of the elements. The spirits God: The god is the male half of the 'divine being'. Not all Dragon Magi have guardians but most do. which any good reference is hard to find. There is a good saying. If for sometime now you have been feeling energies and witnessing items being knocked over. One thing you must remember though is when you do feel a dragon in your house it does not mean that it's "your" Guardian Dragon. Mother. and Crone aspect of the goddess show in the entire universe. Brother. so I can only talk from experience. Red Dragon: The Red Dragon is effectively the goddess of the dragons and very. you can't use magick to 'buy' yourself a guardian either. or they are guardians of some other being. and many more. Fire. The goddess might be invoked as Bast (Egyptian name) for example for healing and another time Athena (Greek) for wisdom. There may be other dragon planes. If you can enter this world with your Guardian Dragon you will find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of dragons that live on this plane. Lover. Law-giver. but to find a Dragon Guide we usually need to be allowed in worlds that consist of dragons. The reason it is called Draconin "Wicca" is because of the similarities to the wiccan religion of today. If you have one. To evoke means to call a dragon to you. The easiest way to find your Guardian Dragon is to wait for them to reveal their presence. You don't have to absolutely adore them. Wanting to be a Dragon Mage is very hard work and should be considered greatly before taking the first step. Dragons/Races of the Elements: Each race has its own head keeper of the elements and/or directions. Consort. you at least have to see them. than the ones that are found in Wiccan religions Chapter 10 The Dragon Path for Beginners The most important thing to know when practicing Dragon Magick is that you've got a connection with dragons.The druids were the descendants of the Old Religion and passed on by mouth. but I myself have only been to the one. so just because there is one in your house or one that's been following you for years. He has many faces and has known many names. The sabbats are more like the old druidic sabbats. the sun god. or just know that they are there. Once you have communicated with your Guardian he/she will be your key to other worlds. Finding your Dragon Guide is very important to follow the Path of the Dragon. Dragons are solitary beings. and Partner. Husband. to join you in your magickal workings. Many names are used to invoke different aspects of the above spirits. I have never seen a dragon disrespect a human but I have seen the opposite. The first step to becoming a Dragon Mage would be to find your Guardian Dragon. very few known her actual name." The younger the dragon the more excited he/she usually is to be the guardian of a human. you'll know. This religion was taken away from the Atlantians and Atlantis destroyed. think about them. Often. God is not just Father. but they do all live together on one plane. She also has had many faces and many names. and the coven all respect the Maiden. Goddess: The goddess is the female half of the 'divine being'. The name of the religion itself cannot be pronounced in present English certainly not spelled. but you must remember that dragons do grow and so do humans. Sometimes it can take years for a dragon to decide to be someone's guardian. Light.himself/herself into your spiritual body. Few people make it to this stage because once they find a Guardian Dragon they think that's all they need to practice Dragon Magick and become a Dragon Mage. Darkness and Spirit These spirits are called in to help with specific elements and what the elements and directions can help with different things.

This is an extremely common tactic. sapping your will to do anything to defend yourself. If you come into conflict with them and you are afraid of small spaces and do not know it. it cannot be bought. you may perceive yourself as suddenly being trapped in a small narrow space. What is the pleasure/ benefit you receive from your actions? This is knowing yourself. During this process you should find out what triggers make you behave the way you do. Fear of probing the hidden areas in your soul. One for magickal purposes and one for spiritual. many entities on other planes of existence routinely use your fears against you. This person can be a . take drugs. do anything that weakens the disciplined life you must lead to be a true dragon mage. The mind is not used to discipline. Accomplish this and you can start living a magickal existence. You must commit yourself to a path of spiritual knowledge and wisdom first. Chapter 11 Dragon Path for the Advanced The Path to be coming a dragon mage for the experienced. Very occasionally a truly exceptional student can define him/herself through the process of learning. unable to move. This can paralyze you with fear. self-control. you will never develop the Will to use Magick effectively.knowing yourself. Self-knowledge allows the practitioner to utilize the most powerful tool available. This is a dangerous stage. and other things. If you fail. but sometimes the only way to heal a deep penetrating wound is to cut it open and let it heal from the inside out instead of outside in. After being in contact with your guardians and you've found yourself a guide on the astral world it's time to work with the inner self. Though I should warn you that the Path of the Dragon is not magickal for the first few stages. Self discovery comes first in any magickal discipline. Without honesty you'll end up in more trouble than you started with. With those triggers known you can start learning the discipline needed to bring magick into your life. helpless panic. or have not over come it. you get the point. it is Will. Control of the mind becomes easy when these techniques are applied. Every spell or process you do in accordance with your True Will will be much more powerful and likely to succeed. Let me repeat this as it is a most critical point. cry and retreat the way you came. molestation. 90% of the accomplishment in the world are done for selfish purposes. Your guide will help you through this processes. but most times you HAVE to learn about yourself first. Unless you truly understand what drives you. If what drives you is selfish that is all right. There will be Trauma in re-living some of the memories and in re-experiencing the actions that caused problems in the first place. and your Guide. but from remembering past traumas. Including the "altruistic" ones. This is your True Will. During this time it is advisable to have someone to help you through the trauma associated with these memories. drink or eat to excess. It takes years. such as abuse. but don't assume it just yet. although it can be "sold". When you know yourself. It is not in a spell book. and be able to apply lessons in a useful manner for the rest of your life. Doing these spells for any reason aside from your True Will dooms it to failure. Once applied. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you are doing something for someone else's benefit when your true motive is to get noticed/praised/patted on the back/revenge/one up a rival/ well.On the astral world you may either feel two things: A force so powerful that you want to cringe. that very quality should show you why knowing yourself is indeed critical to the process. Your guide will set out tests for you just like any other teacher and you will be informed on whether you pass or not. You will gain confidence. Will is the key to magick. I have 2 guides. either into insanity or away from this path altogether. This is not from the study of dark areas of magick. your motives. What till he/she announces it. 1 Self Discovery . For example. So. Like the path of the magician the path of the dragon mage is very similar to start off with. Many loose their nerve here and go never to return. 2. Knowing yourself is the key to Will. you can use your will to very potent effect. and are ready to start the Path of the Dragon. The first Dragon to approach you on this world is most likely your Guide. you now have your Guardian Dragon. If you do pass you go up a level. the discipline will become second nature. Your guide will be like a teacher. caught in a fit of blind. Teaching it is a long process. This is a necessary step in order to know yourself. Or you'll feel a faint calling from one of the Dragons. This journey can be difficult at times but the most important thing to remember is to be honest with yourself. you will NEVER develop the Will to use Magick effectively. How can 'Will' be sold? Easy. While I am sure you are exceptional. you repeat. unless you truly understand what drives you. It cannot be avoided.

Coming to terms with your own personal dark side is important. most notably by setting up the circumstances of your own destruction. your environment your family and even the Gods. You are mucking around with someone else's body.. In order to heal someone. These emotions can grow naturally out of the previous stage. Because of that acceptance the magician is now self-actualized. it is critical that the prospective Dragon magi advance beyond this stage. it will continues to affect you in many ways. Sure. slap you when you are too self-indulgent and self-pitying and so on. It cannot be ignored. to show them the 'way' the path to enligtenment… Healing is a dangerous skill. few are ready to come out and say "Yes. "Better buried than stinking again.concerned friend. Peaceful Acceptance. It is only natural that some of us may decide we are crazy and nothing we are experiencing could have happened on this plane of reality. Your "guard" must to be someone you know and trust implicitly. Acceptance of yourself and the wisdom to over come in this area. Until you break out of a particular cycle of behavior. 3. too much leads to hubris. and that is disconnectedness with normal people. while this stage is normal. Inner Peace is a stillness of soul that many would call "steady". Doubt of yourself. one must not ever think they are less than us. Since few people are brave enough to withstand ridicule or societal destruction. Whomever you choose. My wife was my stability just as I was hers. Self-doubt is a good tool to keep from becoming another Napoleon or Hitler. 5. "As you believe. this is the "gold" that the Alchemists were after. While many are willing to acknowledge that there may be other senses we possess. Dealing with the trauma that happened caused by things that happened is something else entirely." is the attitude many use to keep from getting here. I feel so Olympian and distant from humanity. Acceptance of the dark self. Remember. With two exceptions*. Don't glory in them. they can commiserate with you as you try to deal with different traumas. they will happen." This is NORMAL. Generally. This is one final phase that some magickal practitioners have spoken to me about. While it is normal to pity most of humanity and the fact that they do not understand things as you do. Most never get here. Megalomania and hubris are a part of this too. so will it be". and that they MUST live in a world ruled by sorrow and misery instead of in a world of joy and wonder. I can see into other worlds and interact with the beings there. remember. tipping in neither direction. mind. I am no longer a mere mortal. you must first know how to harm him or her as well. but you need to learn to recognize when a bad experience is affecting your judgment or actions so that you can break out of that cycle. Make no mistake. The concept is self-explanatory. we learn to ignore those things we can't rationally explain. Another instance is the person who has learned not to trust anyone to be reasonable or worthy of trust as the result of mistreatment as a child. Please. The belief that "I am not really doing this. at peace and able to love everyone because s/he is no longer dependant upon others for his/her happiness. Again. 4." Society would brand them as a freak and do it's best to destroy that person for non-conformity. If you believe that you are imagining it all. all of us have been trained by society to disbelieve anything that we cannot verify with our five primary senses . this is the goal of all magickal systems. People want to exculpate themselves from blame. but acknowledge that they have taught you something. Many of us who are attracted to this kind of work have very vivid imaginations. The pattern of behavior can be due to an unresolved problem of the past where the cheater learned that this behavior is "ok". It is related to . An example of this is a person who is married and lying to their spouse about having affairs. They must also know you well enough not to let you fall into any self-deluding or self-pitying traps. why not share this with the rest of the world? A lot of people try to heal others in this type of situation. Able to discover new worlds of connection to everything within him/herself.. or soul. of the Dark. You can do PERMANENT harm to them unless you know exactly what you are doing and why. in which the practitioner finds him/herself and accepts him/herself as s/he is. And while self-confidence is a good thing. When it comes to believing your better than the human race and other people on the planet this is usually where you've taken a wrong turn. a percentage of people will get this far and give up. Learn to live with the scars. It's all in my imagination. and the Light. Part of coming to terms with your self is to look at your confidence problems. THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. your at peace with yourself you understand the ways of life and have accepted who you are. then you will be. The scales must balance between doubt and this condition. 6. a psychologist or a loved one or lover. Different people deal with memories and trauma in different ways. It teaches us.

most likely they are either confusing the mage with the magic.the Salamander. They can see through you and into your spirit so they'll know the progress your making. With that knowledge.the Undine. riders of the storm winds. for my Gods. different Dragons can have an affinity with different elemental energies. that you made a difference and that YOUR spell changed the world in some way that you CAN see. Whenever you hear someone talking about "elemental Dragons. my Dragon friends. or coat it with a substance called "Renaissance Wax" which can be purchased on line at "Museum Replicas" Just do a site search of "Renaissance Wax" and you'll find it. Air. and for best results. and all the Dragons of Air. Step 2: Call upon the Guardian Dragons of each Gate to individually touch the blade with elemental force. The further with these steps you go the further your training as a dragon mage will take you.the Zephyer. open aired porch. Earth. 1995 This ritual should be performed during a thunderstorm. make this blade fly straight and true for the honor and glory of my Gods. whose power is manifested by the lightening bolt. you who swim the ocean currents and bring the cleansing rains. The problem here is "I have some training. etc is sufficient. and my Clan! Great Dragon of the West. "OH BOY! I can do anything I want to do because this stuff REALLY does work!" This is a dangerous stage. I also strongly recommend that the blade be coated with a good quality metal oil or silicon (spray or cloth such as can be found in the gun section of a sporting goods store). Sink the blade 3-6 inches into the ground (if you don't have an area of ground you can safely use. it is not necessary (nor especially advisable) to place the blade you are charging directly out in the storm as this can ruin you blade. garage. as with human magic workers. It is believed by many people that it is impossible to go through all these steps within one life time… some of the eldest people are still dealing with life tramas and accepting the dark. the blade can be placed in a large pot of soil) and pour a circle of salt around it approximately 12 inches in diameter and say: In the name(s) of (personal deity). weavers of Wisdom." What this means is that. Blade to be charged Step 1: take the blade to be charged to a location where it will not be disturbed." Kind of like a beginning student in Martial Arts who is getting an inflated ego.the Gnome. The true metaphysical representation of each element are: Fire. The key is to work on yourself while receiving lessons from your Dragon guides. Placing the blade out on a sheltered. I can do anything I want and no one can stop me. Great Dragon of the East. my dragon friends.knowing that YOU did something that was good and right. Water. I ask the Dragons of the Elements to touch this blade and infuse it with elemental power! May all the forces of power and justice. as close to the full moon as possible The purpose of this ritual is to charge a ritual blade with the elemental forces of nature via the assistance of draconic "elemental mages. and my Clan! . Also. And many times you will find a Dragon who works equally well with all elemental energies. and even those who couldn't tell a salamander from an undine." those that embody the forces of a particular Element. If you have regular Gate guardians and you know their names (or the names they use when working with you) then call their names at the beginning of each invocation. and all the Dragons of Fire. Chapter 12 Dragon / Draconic Magick Draconic Elemental Charging of Blades By Kerowyn SilverDrake. Usually the Master will have to knock them down a few notches to get them to understand that there are bigger and badder things out there. or they are seeing an elemental critter in draconic form. It's always important to know yourself when working with magick. Just as you don't have "elemental humans" you don't have "elemental Dragons…" you simply have those who prefer to work with the energies of one element over another. hold fast the power of transformation within this blade that it may better aid me in my service to my Gods. this is a great place to find that perfect ritual blade!) Needed items: Normal altar equipment. the immediate reaction is usually. my Dragon friends and my Clan! Great Dragon of the South. gazebo. as unstoppable as this storm. (BTW. be drawn into this blade. and all the Dragons of Water. rinse away all doubt and uncertainty of purpose from this steel and she who wields it that both may be as unstoppable as the raging flood in defense of justice and the innocent. A lot of these steps are used for a magickian as well.

don't go overboard and try to do *everything* in one sitting) Perform Draconic Circle Casting Invoke Deity Invite Companion Dragons Step 1: Lift the item high in salute to your deity and your Dragon friends and say: Behold this (item) I present for Your approval. or remain outside. address the Gods and say: (Name(s) of deity). From the materials of the Earth it has come into my possession in the form You now see. the new tool should be guarded against random handling by those who don't share your beliefs. the combined powers of Fire and Air. I vow to always use this item in accordance with my Oath and the Code. ready to serve me in all that I do. Dragons of Might. causing it to glow with power. So mote it be! Lower the item and say: Great Ones.. I thank You for Your blessing and Your assistance.Great Dragon of the North. Lower the item and say: Morrigan and Herne. Once done. Draconic Consecration Ritual (Adapted From Traditional Sources) The purpose of "consecrating" an object is to transform it from an everyday item into a magical tool. lightly touch it in a hidden place with damp fingers). simply cleanse and re-consecrate the item. aiding me as I work in Your service. Continue the chanting until you feel the flow of energy from your guests stop. This is accomplished by cleansing the item of all external energies and influences that attached themselves to the item as a result of being handled or whatnot. I ask that You pour forth Your blessings upon this blade. Step 4: When the charging is complete.. and I ask Your blessings upon it.. it will vanish into the item with flash (don't be surprised if you hear an audible "snap" at this point. Close Circle as usual Anger Claming Spell by Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake . Meditate on the desired effects of the ritual for at least 10-15 minutes. Dragons of Light. Take up the Blade and immediately give it a thorough cleaning and oiling. It is now purified and cleansed. shakers and shapers of the World. visualize the multi-colored energies flowing into you from all directions and then into the item. that it may be a worthy magical weapon. Lend me your magic. all impure or unwanted influences are driven out of this (item). Lend me your guidance as this spell is made! As you chant. and all the Dragons of Earth. Step 3: Anoint the item lightly with the oil (if the oil might stain. lend me your aid. follow same procedure as with the water) while asking your Companions to join their energies with yours as you charge the item by chanting: Dragons of Power. and to my Clan. keepers of mystery and secrets. I have filled this (item) with my own power mixed with that of my Dragon Companion(s). I thank you for your blessings and your energies. Dragons of Wisdom. Step 2: Dip you fingers into the salt water and lightly sprinkle the item (if the water may damage the item. From this day forward it is my desire that is serve me as a magical tool that with it I may better serve You. Earth and Water. When the storm is over give thanks to the Gods and the Dragons for their assistance. but also don't worry if you don't hear one). When the brightness peaks. I now ask that You give it Your blessings and tough it with Your power. "See" this energy thoroughly mixing with yours until it is impossible to tell one from the other. Needed items: 1) Normal altar equipment 2) Consecration oil (or Kerowyn's All-Purpose oil) 3) Consecration incense (or Frankincense & Myrrh) 4) Item(s) to be consecrated (Note: while it is okay to do more than one item at a time. With it may I bring honor and glory to Your names. until the storm has passed. I vow to always use this (item) in Your service. Visualize the power of the Gods pouring in from the cosmos. but anytime you need to do so is fine. Step 4: Go back indoors if you wish.. and that You touch it with Your powers. Should inappropriate handling occur and/or you feel a need to. keep strong this blade and she who wields it that I may be able to see into the heart of mystery and with it's aid discern the truth in any situation for the glory of my Gods. within reason of course. then pass the item through the incense smoke and say: By the powers of the Holy Incense and the Sacred Water. my Dragon friends and my Clan! Step 3: Ask for the blessings of the Gods by saying: (Name(s) of deity) . Consecrations should be done as close to the full moon as possible.

so it can dry. 1998 This is a spell I wrote that was published in my friend Lilith McLelland's book The Salem Witches' Book of Love Spells. Needed Items: 3 light blue (or white) candles (votives are good for this) 3 pieces of light blue (or white) paper Peace Oil (or olive oil or vanilla extract) Peace Incense (or vanilla or sandalwood) A blue ink pen A fireproof receptacle (such as an empty jar with a lid) Step 1: Inscribe each candle with 2 of the following runes: Neid: To help calm distressed emotions Gifu: To restore one's mental equilibrium and perspective Beorc: To bring harmony back into the household Sigel: To bring healing to all effected Kenaz: To renew peace within the family Ing: To bring a positive ending to the situation While carving the candles. so mote it be! Let the candles burn themselves out if possible.. Dragons of home.. Stable as Earth. . lend me your calm Help me to make this magical balm. As I will. so be sure to wash your hands afterwards) 8) One Red. or whenever there is need of it. and later whenever you feel the need for a little extra "boost. Light each piece of paper from a different candle and place it in the fire-proof receptacle.genuine or "synthetic" (if you use genuine cinnamon oil be careful as it burns if gotten onto sensitive body parts. If not. From this anger be set free. It should be performed for the first time near or during the time of the full moon. As you do so. Bay leaf (success) and Catnip (happiness) 4) A 4"x4" black cloth square (black repels negativity) 5) Three feet each of Red.A modified version of this spell. again visualizing the other person and you living in harmony with all quarrels forgiven and forgotten. A Dragon Spell for Self-Confidence By Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake. try to burn the candles for two hours each day/night until they burn out. If you cast a formal circle close it as usual. Dragons of Light. or Gold paint and a brush 7) Dragon's Blood oil or Cinnamon essential oil . Dragons of Might! Lend me your magic. but may be performed if you so desire. Say those qualities out loud if you want. Write the person's name on each piece of paper in blue ink. Lend me your strength.. Lend me your aid Lend me your guidance as this spell is made! Place the candles in their holders and light.(personal power).. choose small stones 3) A small amount of each of the following: Cinnamon-stick or powder. Love I send to follow through. Let no harsh word or ill feeling remain that may could our hearts or minds." Needed Items: 1) Iron Shavings (or a small iron/steel nail) for strength 2) One each of the following: Citrine (self-determination). chant: Dragons of hearth. painted side up. mutual respect and understanding (not necessarily agreement which may not be possible. was published in a book written by my dear friend Lilith McLelland's The Salem Witches Book of Love Spells. See any problems between the two of you as having already been resolved in a way that promotes growth. Purple and Orange thread 6) A Gold paint pen or ink pen (recommended for quick drying). As you light each one. Set the cloth aside. Rose Quartz (self-esteem) and Amethyst (courage). Step 2: Using the gold paint. draw the following Runes on the black cloth square: Sigel: for strength and selfconfidence Lagaz: for increased vitality and life-force Isa: for development of self-will Remember to concentrate fully on the qualities of each Rune. Step 2: Anoint each candle with the Peace Oil. calm and relaxed. Purple--Self-assurance. Orange-Success Anoint each candle with the oil and chant 3 times for each candle: Dragons of Power. Dragons of Wisdom. Stable as stone. In the book this spell can be found on page 79 under the title "Spell to Ease a Family Quarrel" The spell should be done on a Friday night if possible. so does the anger that lies between [name] an me. chant: Peace I send from me to you. just agreeing to disagree and letting the matter drop). be sure to visualize the person who is the object of the spell as being happy. Step 3: Light the peace incense and light the candles. Formal circle casting is not necessary. and pass each one through the smoke of the incense and say: As smoke fades to nothing. Purple and Orange candle 9) Something to carve the candles with 10) Normal altar equipment Perform Clan Circle Casting and Quarter Calls Invite your Dragon friends The Casting: Step1: Inscribe the candles with the following words: Red--Strength. Its purpose is to instill the confidence of a Dragon within the heart and mind of the Caster.

Protection oil (or Dragon's blood oil). bullied. Dragons of Might! Lend me your magic. So mote it be! Add more incense if necessary. Needed items: Normal altar equipment. Supplicant candle (white or astrological). . Perform Circle Casting and invite Companion Dragons Step 1: Inscribe the candle with the following runes: Hagall: protection Raidho: justice Thurisaz: neutralization of enemies Uraz: to bring positive change Tir: victory Isa: halting unwanted forces Eolh: protection from evil and enemies Eihwaz: removal of obstacles Jera: bringing positive events to pass Be sure to concentrate on the need for protection as you carve the runes. "Feel" yourself filling with the strength and confidence of a Dragon. Return the new amulet to the supplicant.Step 3: Charge the iron.. Gather the four corners of the cloth together and tie into a bag using the red orange and purple thread. lend me your aid. infuse this (object) with your protective magic that (supplicant) may be safeguarded at all times. I ask that you spread your wings of protection over (supplicant). then turn the (hopefully dry) cloth square painted side down and place each charged item into the center of the square. For example if someone at work has decided they want *your* job and starts spreading malicious rumors. Commune with your Dragon friends for a while if you want. This can also by done as a house protection rite using a magic cord in place of the personal items and substituting the phrase "this house" and "those within" in the appropriate places. Remember to thank all the Dragons for their assistance and bid them safe journey as they return from whence they came. or cinnamon incense). Dragons of Wisdom. or otherwise harassed. Step 4: Pick up the personal item and pass it through the candle flame (carefully) and through the smoke from the incense and say at least 4 times: Great Dragons of Magic and Wisdom. 1994 This ritual is to be used when someone has decided (unjustly) to make your life miserable. Why waste any remaining confidence-filled energy? Draconic Protection Ritual Copyrighted Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake. With your all consuming fire. Step 4: Pass the bag carefully *over* each candle in turn and say: (Red) Strength (Orange) Success (Purple) Self-assurance At each utterance visualize Dragon Fire of the corresponding color streaming from those Dragons who have answered your request for assistance and enveloping both the bag and you.. Lend me your magic. Personal item from supplicant to be used as a talisman. or you "see" the stream of Dragon Fire slowly ease up until it has stopped. herbs and crystals according to the indicated qualities by concentrating on each item in turn while chanting: Dragons of Power. Dragons of Light. With your great magic surround (supplicant) with protective energy. Dragons of Light. Add more incense if necessary. Dragons of Might. I then recommend "pushing" the Circle energy out to meld with the energies of your house protections. Lend me your aid. etc. Repeat the Empowerment Chant until you feel and internal signal to stop. It can *help* dealing with these types of situations. Allow the candles to burn themselves out or down to the socket and hang your talisman bag where it will be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Dragons of Wisdom. The purpose of this ritual is to confound their ability to cause you injury or distress. sever all connections with those who bring harm or despair. or if someone at school is talking about you behind your back. Lend me your guidance as this spell is made! Step 3: Light the protection incense and pass the candle through the smoke and say 4 times: Might Dragons of Magic and Wisdom. Replace the candle and light. but as in all things let your own common sense prevail. Protection incense (or frankincense & myrrh. Let those who would do (supplicant) harm be confounded by smoke and let their harmful intentions and energies be consumed by Fire. Lend me your guidance as this spell is made! Continue chanting until each item "feels" as if it can hold no more energy. stalked. then end the ritual. This ritual is *NOT* intended to substitute for taking sound legal action if you are being physically threatened. Step 2: Anoint the candle with the protection oil and chant at least 4 times or until you feel an internal signal to stop: Dragons of Power. then leave all the items on the altar until the candle has burned itself out. "See" each rune as a layer of protection that nothing unwanted can penetrate.

You should also be sure that the final room has an outside exit. Needed Items: 1) a nice bell or chime 2) purification incense or sage smudge stick (if you use a smudge stick. window and mirror (also: vents. you won't be casting a formal Circle. Dragons of Might! Lend me your magic. forces and influences from this space! . etc. As you move about the room say: By Dragon magic and Dragon's Breath. Trace a pentacle before each door. Following the same path as before. floor and ceiling to form a permanent protective barrier. and behind/under the furniture. spirits. etc. in any closets. taking the came care as you did with the purification incense fanning the smoke to be sure it reaches all the corners. Cast a formal Circle and "push" the Circle's perimeter so that it matches the exact dimensions of your room. Step 3: pick up the purification incense or smudge stick and walk around the room . wand. purification and protection incenses and burner (or smudge stick and ashtray) and fan on the tray and set it all by the door of the room you are currently working in. If you will be moving about your entire dwelling. By Dragon magic and the tones of the sacred bell. 8) a dish of salt water 9) Normal altar equipment If you are just doing a single room. etc. Step 4: Return to your work station and pick up the bell. in any closets.. window and mirror with the incense to seal it.Draconic House protection by Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake. also use a heavy. it's one-way: bad stuff goes out but can't come back in) you started from. and then shield it from "re-infestation. It should definitely be done before moving into a new home. paying special attention to the door. When you feel ready say: Dragons of Power. or after remodeling your present home as any structural modifications will break any already established protective seals. windows and mirrors. It is a pretty standard magical format used in a variety of different traditions. ring the bell continuously as you walk the room. place the water bowl. my property or my person! In the name(s) of (deity) and my Dragon allies. fireplace openings.) with the incense to seal it. fanning the smoke to be sure it reaches all the corners. The Ritual: Step 1: Stand for a moment and commune with those whom you have called to assist you to let them know what you are planning on doing. still call the Dragons of the Quarters. As you move about the room say: By Dragon magic and the power of Fire and Air. lend me your aid! Lend me your guidance as this spell is made! Step 2: Hold your hands over the salt water and say: As salt dissolves in water. invite your Dragon companion(s). and behind/under the furniture. I seal this place for all time any unwelcome or unwanted energies. I banish for all time any unwelcome or unwanted energies.* preferably new ashtray lined with sand to place it on) 3) small hand fan 4) protection incense 5) small. Dragons of Light! Dragons of Wisdom. start at the door and drive drive the stuff before you as you circle the room and then out the door into the next room. forces and influences from this space! Let this place be Purified and sealed! Step 5: pick up the protection incense and make a final pass around the room. You should. etc. I banish for all time any unwelcome or unwanted energies. *clean. 1994 The purpose of this ritual is to cleanse your personal space of unwanted energies. Visualize the smoke driving all the unwanted stuff into the burning perimeter of the Circle to be consumed by Dragon Fire. Trace a pentacle before each door. but it can be done anytime you feel there is a need for it." It's generally a good idea to do this ritual at least once a year. Seal the door with a pentagram to keep the stuff from getting back in. If you are in an apartment and your main door leads to a hallway. Visualize the sound of the bell driving any goop that may have escaped the smoke either into the Dragon Fire of the Circle's boundary or out the door (don't worry about the seal already at the door. sturdy tray table if you are doing more than one room 6) small hand bell or chime 7) a consecrated string of bells to hang on your inner door knob of each exterior leading door if doing an entire house or apartment.. so too shall the hold of any unwelcome and unwanted influences and forces that may be attached to my place. emotions. and by my will so mote it be! If you are going to be doing multiple rooms. however. forces and influences from this space! Let this place be Purified and sealed! If you are doing multiple rooms. make sure there is an open window to the outside available in the last room you intend to cleanse. Visualize the smoke permeating the walls. drains.

Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with them. Dragon Friendship Potion This Friendship Potion can be found in the book Spellcraft: A Primer for the Young Magician 1/2 tsp. 1/4 tsp. 1. It allows you to charge tools and/or spell components for magical purposes by combining your personal energies with those of your Dragon friend(s). For as long as I Will it only that which is beneficial and invited may enter here. Treat them like you like to be treated. If they detect any fear whatsoever they wont respect you as an equal and consider anything you do a waist of time and energy on their part. the combined powers of Earth and Water. stubborn. Lend me your aid Lend me your guidance as this spell is made! Chapter 13 Dealing with Dragons Dragons can be very difficult to deal with at times. Place the sting of bells on your front door (mine hang from the door knob) where the sound of the bells will keep any unwanted "visitors" from following anyone inside. friendships true and friendships bold More precious now than gold or gem May friendships never see an end! (you can use this you charge the friendship potion listed above as well if you want) Draconic Empowerment Chant by: Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake. Friendship Oil This is a little more complex. 1/2 vanilla bean Put all ingredients into a ceramic cup (like a large coffee cup) and pour in a cup of hot water like you were making tea. By my will and under the vigilant protection of my Dragon allies.Step 6 Sprinkle the room generously with the salt water (being mindful of things that shouldn't be splashed with water) while walking the same path as before saying: By Dragon Tears. The Chant: Dragons of Power. forces and influences. Dragons of Wisdom. By doing so. I invite in only those spirits. Don't ever call a Dragon into your circle and start ordering them around. Let it sit for a day or so. Don't show them that you fear them. and they will work with you. I here by banish for all time any unwelcome and unwanted energies. and all mighty. Since they have come to be very cautious of humans. Thank those Dragons who came to your assistance. It was designed for the Companion Dragon ritual and also wound up in my friend's love spell book as an aid to re-establishing contact with distant loved ones: 1 dram of almond oil as a base 10 drops geranium oil 10 drops vanilla 10 Drops ylang ylang oil 2 whole cloves 1 small piece of turquoise Empower by chanting 7 times: Friendships new and friendships old. you will end up with a great relationship with them. This place is not forever barred under pain of Dragon Fire to any spirits. my desires and my purpose. earning their trust and respect are the first things you need to do. cinnamon. pour any remaining salt water down the drain. so mote it be! When you are finished. and then "push" the protective energy of the circle (if you cast one) into your new house protections to help strengthen them by adding another layer. They have very heightened sense and can actually smell fear. I consecrate and bless this space according to my will and for the good of my family and my Clan. energies and forces that are in accord with my Will. and at other times very nice. The cold incense ash can be placed in a decorative bottle or in a sachet and hung next to the door as a protection talisman. They can be very arrogant. Give them the respect as equals and not servants. co-operative. energies or influences that may try to enter for the purpose of doing harm. . 1994 This Chant is designed specifically for use with a Dragon Partner and draconic energies. beings. and respectful. It will all depend on how you approach a Dragon how they will react to you. dry place away from sunlight. lemon peel or orange peel. Dragons of Light. The ritual is over. While you are chanting (or in between repeats) you should visualize your own energies flowing into the "target" object as well as energy coming in from those Dragons who have answered your call for assistance. Dragons of Might! Lend me your magic. This chant should be repeated at least 9 times or until you "feel" and internal signal to stop. then strain and place the resulting potion into a nice bottle and store in a cool. 2. beings.

Dragons are very intelligent. Before rejecting a Dragons help or presence. they take things literally and without mercy. Pretty straight forward. Well. Be sensitive and extra aware of what is occurring around you for if there is anything that would endanger them they wont make their presence known. 6. OUTSIDE INFLUENCES: Where placement #3 usually represents the questioner's own influences (or obstacles) on the question. These cards (considered to be the Dragon's Eyes. 8. 11. THE PRESENT: This shows how the person feels about the question and how it relates to their life now. 9. carefully and politely explain your wishes and desires concerning them. 8. YOUR FEARS: And here on the other wing (the Wing of Shadows) we begin with the person's fears towards the question or situation. YOUR HOPES: Now we move onto the Wings of the Dragon. THE FOUNDATION: Why this objective (the question) is even present in your life. Don't try and pull a fast one over on them. WHAT CROSSES THE QUESTION: This cards placement represents obstacles that may manifest themselves to oppose your objective. Take heed! This card is to show you the problem in obtaining your objective. consciously or unconsciously. 3. THE SHADOWTAIL CARD: Here.3. or perhaps the Dragon's Horns) are to be read together. THE FUTURE: Here we have two cards to represent the most likely outcome of the posed question. 2. Chapter 15 Dragon Runes Dragon Rune Definitions . Here is where the Dragon as an antagonist raises its mighty head. 4. 1. Watch what you ask for. 5. 4. giving a more detailed. here we have any possible influences that may pertain to the question. This card can be almost harder to accept then #2. They wont do something for nothing. 7. but they fail to realize that they are more often then not the cause of such obstacles. The card in this placement should clarify this. Most people want to know why things are happening (or not happening) to them in their life. You called them. whether they are realistic or not (and usually are not in both cases). 10. THE HEART OF THE QUESTION: This cards placement is the one that represents the core of the question or problem posed to you. More times then not. unseen events surrounding the question are made known (possibly for the first time). 11. 9. 6. One wing (the Wing of Light) starts with the person's deep felt hopes regarding the question. Don't ever attack a Dragon you have called. Don't leave any loopholes in any petition you present to them. Dragons tend to speak in riddles and symbolism. If you don't see it here. Most people's greatest fear is the worst thing that could happen. The only tool a Dragon respects (not fears) is the Athame/Sword. here it is. Sometimes this can be a comforting card. Recognize it! Understand it! That is the only way you can overcome what the card is showing you. 12. THE PAST: This card will show the questioner's past that has bearing on the question and may be influencing it. At least until you have worked with them for a while. They wont hang around where they are not wanted. THE WING OF LIGHT: This position reveals the best possible solution the question could ever hope to receive. unknown. Chapter 14 Dragon Tarot Card Spread The actual spread begins much like a standard Celtic Cross. 10. &13. Usually a very surprising card for the person. the final outcome usually falls somewhat in-between what the two wing cards have shown. Both placement 6 and 7 should be regarded as the questioner's feelings on the matter. but adds more cards for more clarification. Both position 8 and 9 represent the spectrum of the outcome that will be revealed in the remaining cards.Isedon Goldwing Rune . Usually this card is never as bad as most people think. 5. THE WING OF DARKNESS: This card will reveal the worst possible solution the situation can offer. 7. firstly find out what they have to show or teach you. Most Dragons tend to be subtle in their first few contacts with you. in-depth view towards the question. If you feel uncomfortable with a certain Dragons presence. but only when wielded by a confident practitioner who is prepared to stand his ground. They will understand you and either work along with you or leave you be. they didn't call you. it isn't going to happen. Always give them an offering.

Cloud Cycle. Time created as a byproduct of conciousness is represented in this rune. Contemplation and protection. Chaos and Order are equal here.Fire. Rune of Crystal Dragons. is. Ta'kaya represents the cycles in nature. Phonetic value "b" Thaenrathi . Knowledge forged through the many.Water. Rune of Darkness Dragons.Dream Forge. Growth and living things. Rune of White Mountain clan of dragons.Great Fire.Flowing Knowledge. Phonetic value "n" Thaan . Phonetic value "d" Sh'oren . Phonetic value "r" Ninathan . and the existance can thrive. but is only pure knowledge and on its own can be dangerous to use without wisdom. Rune of creation and calling the first dragons called from the mists. Phonetic value "m" Li . but often lack precision control. Rune of the Spirit and Astral Dragons that exist on the higher planes. The once chaotic mists are deeply forged into the stiffness of law and order. The quiet brought by Athanen gives time for many to reflect and ponder on the vast knowledges and experiences that have gone before them. Swiftness and social interaction. Ratanen is the substance of dreams and can be called upon and shaped by those with the knowledge to do so to create or destroy anything. Healing and deep understanding through curiosity.Earth Kin. Phonetic value "w" Liwaen . Illumination of secrets. Phonetic value "ng" Athinan . By shaping the chaos by knowledge of will. Rune of Forest Dragons. and justice.Fog Dream. Represents the mists of all that was. Shoren . Phonetic value "a" Kaegos . Phonetic value "o" Shaan .Great Knowledge. Drakani is useful for taping into Ratanen and glimpsing into the chaos for answers. the champion of Thaenrathi governs justly and the presence of this leader makes room for the time of order to take place. Phonetic value "h" Li'aan . Energies are strong.Frozen Stones. or will be. Passion. twisting and warping the minds of those who come in contact with its energies. and attempting to shape it to thier will. Phonetic value "th" Waethan .Tainted Storm.Purity and Taint. Many thrive in times of peace and justice. meditation on the individual runes is suggested for best understanding] Ma'erhen . Most of the ideas associated are basic ideas. Rune of Ocean Deep clan of dragons. and loyalty. Rune of Red Chasm clan of dragons. or to request an audience with Tiamat. The rune of the champion. goddess whose body creates the sky and the earth and ruler of dragons.Dragon Queen.Dream Dancing.Phonetic value "k" Drakani .Strong Leader/King.Storm. but little new is discovered. Phonetic value "z" Athanen .Dance of Blades. Wisdom develops quickly and many are enlightened through these events. A product of balance. Guidance through the chaos and the rune to weave existance from dream material. Meditate on this rune with a question in mind to assist access to the Akasha. Kaegos is the balance that rises from the ashes of the conflicts in Athinan. Phonetic value "sh" Deigomah . Phonetic value "i" [Note: the following dragon types listed. created.Flowing Wisdom.Free Storm. Rune of the Akasha. Understanding this rune comes over time. are not all that exist. Deigomah leads the beings in existance to Athinan. These are the fogs between times. Phonetic value "p" Ta'kaya . The next nine runes are of the more common dragons that were formed. and made of raw chaotic energies. fury. Rune of Light Dragons. The increase in the use of magic in a chaotic environment attracts yet more chaos. Deigomah is necessary for the development of the fresh existance. Filled with newfound knowledge. Phonetic value "y" . Athinan is the rune of wars and conflicts neccessary to carve and shape the populace so that balance might finally take hold. The year rune. she creates times and those who inhabit the times.Mountain. Still in times where chaos is very prominant. Phonetic value "t" Mah . Phonetic value "f" Ra . Rune of Tiamat. and the underlaying force that keeps a time from stagnating and fading away. Phonetic value "s" Ihanen .Ratanen . Best used in conjunction with Drakani or Shoren to understand the Chaos in the mists. bringing with it change and creativity. Rune of Rolling Thunder clan of dragons. Ideas and thoughts manifesting with guidance. the way things operate from year to year and repeat themselves. the "Mage" rune is that of beings just learning to understand the ways of magic. but are listed to portray a developmental cycle with base elements as dragons. holding all knowledge. or found.Cold Fire.

Cycles of Action. Abdek Law/Order Nuglar Darkness or Shadow Ahn Perception Augury and Detection Nilg Hydromancy Krrez Chaos/Change Nageg Druidry (animal) Bal Harm/Evil Feez Druidry (Plant) Org Necromancy Gor Magical Power/ Mana pure magic Then Control . some will carry over to the next incarnation. until they are ready to incarnate once more.. lessons are dealt. Those that still retain a spark of the chaos within themselves may yet experince passion tempered by wisdom. and grant the dragon insight to find and experience the purpose in thier lives that they were meant for. or direct manifestion on a seperate plane than the current one. Phonetic value "ei" Drakaneal . and they pair together with each other as companions during thier walk through life. The plane is wiped clear. and ready for the next being to shape it to thier will. for good or ill. The passion of Ionali often comes to those that did not pair during Nanen.Hurricanes Dance. Phonetic value "g" Satihan .Sky Dream. Phonetic value "v" Zhukaya . All who have experienced Nanen or Ionali. and many work and live together in unity. for many are begining to prepare for the coming times of transition. The results of the lives of all return to them. rewards enjoyed. Many of the enlightened find others along a similar path. Dragons rarely speak but when they do they use this language. Magically Significant Terms GorLahkan = Power Weaver Core menemes which have been at times used in classifying the magics of Ea. yeilding a fullness of life. but much is resolved here.Dragon Beauty. and a reason to remain on thier current plane of existance. It is used by many mages who consider it a universal language of magic.. once more making it part of the timeless fogs. Despite the tiny amounts of chaos still around. Zhukaya. A time of nostalgia. Those dragons joined during Nanen often find thier way back to each other over many incarnations time and again. The progression to the astral plane. the dragons co-existing during Drakaneal achieve much creativity in that which they do. The long subdued chaos begins to seep out. Phonetic value "u" Chapter 16 Dragon Language Introduction This language is rumored to be the oldest of all languages or the one true language from which all others descend. and eventually the next incarnation. share a bond with each other.Powerful Heart Fire. Phonetic value "j" Abanen . and roils forth to consume the order it finds so distasteful.Hearts Dream.Nanen . the rune of justice manifests strongly during this time. others will contemplate this life on the astral for a time. many who experienced Nanen will meet again. Phonetic value "l" Ionali . each providing as they can to the community. but this is in all likelihood merely poetic license. cleaning up many of the unresolved issues. The remaining sparks of chaos are shared and nurtured by all united in the state of bliss and relaxation while they can.

Eyangor = Natural magic A few more Gresa = Brother/Comrade Daragahn = Great/Perceptive People Suffixes:          present tense>sahg past tense>sig indirect objects> a objects> ser subjects> seth/sith edibles> eg name> an pluralization> t emphasis> s (added indiscriminately) A few Basics The dragon language uses a phonetic alphabet which I have tried to translate to an English equivalent. Dragons can take a long time to say things but when one is virtually immortal it is more important to be perfectly understood than concise. Dragon Runes Fragmentary Vocabulary . Gorabdekser = Magic of law. entirely by use of a suffix. The language specifies the part of speech for a given root meaning. Its runes appear quite similar in form to the commonly known Futhark Runes. The dragon language often combines multiple basic word meanings to form new words. Hence the word for spider might literally translate as many legged weaver. Abdekgorser = law magic.illusions and lies Eg Food actual usage might be something on the order of the following.Ahp Aether/Aeromancy Mah Aid/Enhance Trahg Flesh/Body Kaerr Protect or Sheild Luv Life Lus Pyromancy Strah Mind/Mystical Glin Terramancy Serahk Soul Glar light Dar Person Thrag Deceptions.

English Dragon language equivalent sharp grahd enemy gadkehn spider klarglahkashagt magic gora weave lahksahg walk sagsahg fast strel slow nugstrel speed strela run sagstrelsahg sharpen sagstrela light glar an affirmation nuga a negation guna fire lusa burn lusahg grow gansahg dead org die orgsahg web klarg leg shag eye vahza to control thansahg last ro person dara skin nahga .

These listed are the basic tools and are in no particular order.Fire. Athame': Element .Fire Traditionally it is a black hilted. The mind works magic and the tools enhance the power of a trained mind. they are very important.Water Holds wine for the ritual libations Brass should not be used for wine unless it's sealed . aggressive.hot greb heat greba darkness sulg darken sulgsahg what? gere human kwagega at (place) gat when? og to be / exist nalgsahg liquid nilg solid glin natural order abdeka beneath gog air ahp full nolg eat egsahg edible eg hunger egahna first or Chapter 17 Tools of the Trade A ritual tool is a psychological aid to concentration. Still. petitions. but also Air from the vapors given off and Earth from the residue left Used to burn incense. direct energy & fiery energy Used to invoke Dragons Used to evoke & banish elements and draw the boundary of a circle Aggressive rather then assertive Always held in right hand Never used to cut Thurible or Censer: Element . double-edged blade Projects force of will. as such. It is the tangible representation of unseen forces. masculine principle. etc… Chalice: Element .

to summon Dragons. Cups . herbs. and second. or loose herb. and to dismiss Usually rung 3 times .Water and Earth Used to hold water for cleansing and consecrations Sword: Element . the purpose of which is two-fold: first.Earth Traditionally a black bound.Used as an amulet for protection All tools are consecrated upon the Pentacle Wand: Element . 1994 This pretty much your standard Circle casting. matches or lighter (preferred).Fire Traditionally it is a black hilted.Fire or Air. such as Green for an Earth or money ritual. etc… Altar Candles: Element . also tallest candles on the altar Used as sentinels and to bring blessings to the altar They are the first candles you light and the last to be extinguished Always light from left to right and extinguish from right to left They can be reused each time . incense-specific charcoal (for loose incense). to keep the energies you are raising contained until you are ready to release them. staff. Disks . and few "authority types" will have a problem with a nicely decorated "stick").should be cotton and washable Can be other colors for particular purposes.Earth) Used to aid in meditation.always re-anoint the candle with Oil before relighting them Bell: Element . unlined book Used to record spells.Air Traditionally made from natural woods . athame.Willow for women and Oak for men Held in left hand while invoking Dragons Assertive rather than aggressive A symbol of knowledge Boline: Element . 3) Dish of clean water . we all have memories of finding a "Magic Wand" as a child. divination.Fire Traditionally there are two and they are red in color. sword. Chapter 18 The Draconic Circle Step 1: Casting the Circle By Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake. etc… Robe: Element . in representing elements. invocations.Air Traditionally made from natural woods . single edge blade Used for cutting wands. inscribe on candles.Spirit Used to represent the Dragons being invoked on the altar Should represent both the masculine and feminine aspects Bowl: Element .Water.Fire but also Earth Used in thurible or censer to burn powdered incense Use self-lighting coal not barbequing coal Candle Snuffer: Element .ring once then wait for the tone to stop before ringing again Charcoal: Element .Spirit but also Air Used to attract the attention of the Dragons. etc… Grimoire: Element .All four (Wands . magical & herbal recipes. to keep out any unwanted energies and/or entities that may be attracted to your magical workings.Earth Traditionally a white handled. in concentration during spells. etc… Statues: Element . incense holder. or just the index finger* of your dominant hand (I prefer a wand myself. Swords . which is aggressive for power Should be consecrated during the hour of Mercury Inks are mixed with three drops of your own blood to link them to you.stick.All six elements Traditionally black .Earth Traditionally black with hood made from natural materials Some traditions work "skyclad" (nude) Pen & Ink: Element . Coins.Earth Used to determine the circumference of the circle Helps keep you grounded during rituals Also shows your rank in the Draconic Tradition by the color Made from natural materials and hemmed at the end and edges to keep from fraying Should measure nine feet long and three inches thick.Pentacle: Element . cone.Air Traditionally a quill pen Inks . if I'm going to use a tool. powdered.Willow for women and Oak for men Used in place of the Wand when working in a group Sash: Element . *Note: unless you have consecrated all of your tools already.Earth Used to extinguish candles (NEVER BLOW THEM OUT) Altar Cloth: Element . The items you will need are: 1) A wand. & Pentacles. as it is easy to make one yourself.Air or Fire.Earth Used as a diary or journal Tarot Cards: Element .Dragons Blood. but no one else can use the ink if you do this Book of Shadows (BOS): Element . double-edged blade Used in place of the Athame' when working in a group Staff: Element . use your finger to direct the energies 2) Incense -.Earth but also all six elements in balance Can be used to insulate altar from the heat caused by Thurible Personal pentacle .

which can usually be found in the "ethnic foods" and/or baking section of your local grocery store but regular table salt is just as good). if possible. "Tie" the circle off using the symbol for infinity. 1994 When calling the Dragons of the Quarters. By Dragon magic I call you purified. As you move "see" the smoke driving all unwanted energies from the circle to be consumed by the Dragon Fire and say: By Dragon's Breath and the combined powers of fire and air. hail and welcome! South: From the lands of the Dragons of the South. Eventually. Come watch over this circle that I (we) may have the strength . you'll know!). Lend me (us) mastery of the powers of Air.4) Dish of salt (sea salt preferred. If/when this happens. liberally sprinkle the circle while visualizing the combined powers of earth and water destroying any remaining unwanted energy within the circle. you can then substitute those names for the phrases "One who is willing" and "Great ______ Dragon" at the appropriate quarter. let the circle be purified and sealed. Step 2: Light the incense and again move from the East. "Tie" the circle off using the symbol for infinity. "Tie" the circle off using the symbol for infinity. Lend me (us) mastery of the powers of Fire. but the above list are the basics used in tool-based ritual workings. using the tool of your choice move around the circle South. or a nice figurine. if you pick a name the Dragon doesn't like.) The Casting: Step 1: Begin in the East. 5) Quarter candles and holders in the following colors: East. From the lands of the Dragons of the West. mind and spirit. Project the Dragon energy into the water until you "know" the water is pure and say: The sacred salt now destroys all harmful and unwanted energies from this water. So Mote It Be! The circle is now cast and you are ready for the next step: Calling the Guardians of the Quarters Step 2: Calling the Dragons of the Quarters By Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake. South. you are asking for a willing Dragon to watch over and direct the elemental energies associated with that particular quarter/direction. Beginning in the east. East: From the lands of the Eastern Dragons comes the glorious powers of Air! I call upon One Who Is Willing to guard the Eastern Gate. comes the purifying power of Water! I call upon One Who Is Willing to guard the Western Gate! Lend me (us) mastery of the powers of Water. Aid me (us) in developing my (our) free-will and creativity. Aid me (us) in developing my (our) intellect and wisdom. let the circle be consecrated and sealed! Repeat 4 times until you return to the East. Repeat 4 times or until you return to the East. Many Dragons actually prefer to work this latter way. or you can choose a name by which you will call each one (don't worry. West. Come watch over this circle that I (we) may have the courage to listen to my inner voice and act as needed! (trace invoking pentagram then raise you hand in salute with) Great Western Dragon. By Dragon Magic and the power of my will. Come watch over this circle that I (we) may create joy and beauty! (trace invoking pentagram then raise you hand in salute with) Great Southern Dragon. comes cleansing power of Fire! I call upon One Who Is Willing to guard the Southern Gate. Step 3: Stir sea salt into the water dish and visualize the salt destroying any unwanted energies in the water. Come watch over this circle that there may be wisdom in all that I (we) do! (trace invoking pentagram then raise your hand in salute) Great Eastern Dragon. Lend me (us) mastery over the powers of Earth. taking the name as a gift. North and back to East visualize red/orange Dragon fire erupting from the tool to form a flaming perimeter around the circle and say: By Dragon Fire and the power of my will let the circle be sealed! Repeat 4 times or until your return to the East. hail and welcome! West. North 6) A special candle. you can either wait until the Dragon chooses to reveal his or her name. Aid me (us) in developing strength of body. Step 4: Return to the altar and say out loud: Now is the circle sealed and the boundary made. Aid me (us) in developing my (our) intuition and control over my (our) emotions. you may find that the same four are answering your call each time (you'll be able to tell by the "feel" of the energy each brings). West. comes the sustaining power of Earth! I call upon One Who Is Willing to guard the Northern Gate. As you traverse the Circle. hail and welcome! North: From the lands of the Dragons of the North. say: By Dragon Tears and the combined powers of earth and water. let nothing but beneficial energy enter in and nothing but beneficial energy emerge for the betterment of myself and my Clan. In either case. At first you will probably get several different Dragons standing in as Quarter Guards each time you cast a circle. or picture to represent your Dragon friends (Other rituals and/or spells may require additional tools.

. Introduce yourself to this Dragon. picture. legs. it can be a good idea to eat a little something to help "ground" you back into the regular swing of things. With that in mind. here is the Draconic Tradition's Circle Closing: Step 1: Thank your Dragon friends for their participation. Begin walking through this cave. drawing. I prefer the simple. feeling all the stones on your feet. and the dim light coming from the other end. there are several things you can do with the energy of the Circle's boundary... strong in your actions.. want not!). short. Out 1. feel confident in your decisions. or place in nature)? How do they want to communicate (meditation. Step 2: In reverse order. spines? What do they want to help with? What can you do for them? How can you connect with them better (necklace. Hail and farewell! West. Hail and farewell! East: From the lands of the Dragons of the East. dreaming. thank your new Dragon Guide for their time and wisdom. Hail and farewell! Now. it is a good idea to formally close the circle and release any residual energies that may still be lingering about. What is his\her name? Description: color.to delve into the mysteries of the universe! (trace invoking pentagram then raise you hand in salute with) Great Northern Dragon. Others like to visualize it dissipating on the winds and returning to the cosmos. you came to my Call and I thank you with all my heart! As you return from whence you came. Chapter 20 How to Call your Guardian Dragon Calling the Dragons ~ Guided Meditation Close your eyes and begin to take long deep breaths to the count of 5. I wish you farewell and safe journey until we meet again. you came to my Call and I thank you with all my heart! As you return from whence you came. Thus. Hail and farewell! South: From the lands of the Dragons of the South. you came to my Call and I thank you with all my heart! As you return from whence you came. at this time. I wish you farewell and safe journey until we meet again. As you reach the other side you enter into a different land. Great Dragon. hail and welcome! Step 3: Closing the Circle By Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake. and powerful in your wisdom.. Thank the Dragons of the Quarters for their assistance: North: From the lands of the Dragons of the North. Return back to the beginning feeling refreshed and powerful knowing this loving Dragon guide is here to help you. it is not uncommon to feel a little disconnected from the "mundane" or every day world. My personal choice is to "grab" hold of the energies and "push" them out until they merge with the energies of my house shields.3.2. wings.. When you are done.2. This entails visualizing the energy sinking into the ground to be reabsorbed into the Earth. eyes. I wish you farewell and safe journey until we meet again. Great Dragon.. This is just good magical housekeeping. Over time. Chapter 21 How to Contact your Guardian Dragon Making friends with your Guardian Dragon . Repeat this until a dragon appears in front of you. What does this look like? What kind of dragon would live here? Is there lava and flames? Huge ocean and rocky cliffs? Mountain tops and steep ravines? Deep forests and misty trees? Walk to a clearing in this environment. Use whatever words you feel best expresses your gratitude for their aid and friendship. As you walk back to the entrance of the cave. writing. coldness in the air.. ask them to take you to the one who will guide you.3. Great Dragon. From the lands of the Dragons of the West. Ask it three times if it is the one who is here to guide you. I wish you farewell and safe journey until we meet again. tall. you came to my Call and I thank you with all my heart! As you return from whence you came. The closing of a circle can be as fancy or simple as you like. If they say no. you can build up such strong protections that nothing short of a major god can ever breach them. Call out 'Please reveal to me what Dragon is here to help me'. etc. long. 1994 When you are done with your ritual. stone. Great Dragon. See yourself at the entrance of a huge cave. adding another layer of protection on my personal space (waste not. Some people "ground" it. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. statue. walking in nature. In 1.)? After talking with this Dragon and you feel done.

com/Dragons. http://www.htm . http://www. http://anthalus.reddragonc.com/~anthalus/index-13. Give them and yourself time to learn about each other. Send good wishes to us all. Burn the spicy or sweet incense.com/DW.tripod.angelfire. Good friends of this family. You have to earn there trust and with enough time you might catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye.ravenmedium. Conway.com/index8. While awake or while asleep. and Information found at http://members. http://www. Through your love and vigilance. Set out a few crystals and/or shiny rocks to draw their attention. Credits All material Contained here within is Copyright Cryn Dragonsight.Items you will need    A candle of any color(for this ritual.com/spells/love_spells/friendship_spells/5020/page.html . an edited version.html . Draconic Tradition Magick Yahoo Group .html .spellsofmagic.com/roleplay/dragonlanguage. Join our rituals merrily. Or feel the presence of one around or maybe even a low growl sound.J.HTM . Protect us through each day and night. By D. Chant: Little dragons. Now don't think your going to see dragons all over the place now.com/al/dragonfyreweyr/main/mainframes.html . http://www.dyasdesigns. . Do this family safely keep.tripod. rainbow bright. candle color associates with dragon's element) Sweet or spicy incense A few crystals and/or shiny rocks Casting Instructions for ' How to Make Friends With Your Guardian Dragon' Spell time: May's full moon Burn a candle of any color.html . and http://www. don't use black if you don't want to call a chaos dragon.

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