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1 Introduction A+B: Attention Getter/Tie To The Audience: In God We Trust.

A nation built on the values and morals of the Christian church. A nation you were born into, a nation you love, a nation you fight for, a nation you live for, a nation that defines you. C: Thesis Statement: Despite laws of justification and social acceptance, killing a person is not morally acceptable as a Christian if you can understand the difference between moral acceptability and social acceptability and if you live by Christian principals such as the ten commandments. 2 Body Paragraph A: Topic Sentence: Morals are principals and beliefs witch you live by and though they are

usually socially accepted they dont have to be. B: Claim one: War is necessary and it is accepted in society but that doesnt make it morally acceptable for the two concepts are different. They can be completely opposite at times like in divorce often times necessary but in many religions strictly unacceptable. This particular example shows the difference between the religious aspects in our lives and how our daily decisions contrast with it. C: Claim two: Who are we to judge the value of someones life? How can you justify the taking of someones life purely on your own judgment? You hear a creak coming from down stairs, you fear for the worst and grab you gun from the bedside table down stairs you see a shadow move across the living room and

shoot! Youve killed a man. You convince yourself that it was necessary, he was robbing your house, and he could have hurt your family. But what if that man had a family to feed and was desperately using the last resort he could think of to put food on the table. If you have a gun your going to use it and justified or not youll have to live with yourself knowing you took a life. D: Claim three: The taking of someone elses life can never be justified. As it is stated in the bible we are to love out neighbours, it is our urge to play God that has put in our minds that we have the authority to take somebody elses life. The simple truth being we are not God, we dont have that authority despite the situation. As 1 Timothy Chapter one verses 8-9 state, 8We know that the

law is good when used correctly. 9For the law was not intended for people who do what is right. It is for people who are lawless and rebellious, (people) who are sinful, who consider nothing sacred, who kill their family and commit other murders, this verse states that as a general principal a virtuous person doesnt need law. E: Concluding Statement: For Christians a righteous life results from faith apart from the law. 3 Concluding Paragraph A: Restate Thesis: If you see yourself as a Christian and plan to live a life honouring God then you cannot see killing as morally acceptable. B: Review Body: Killing is unacceptable in Christian principles, no matter what

circumstance you are put in and no matter what justification law applies, as you should be living your life by the bible. C: Final Statement: Jesus loved the children just as much as he loved the sinners, a nation built on his love for all should follow in his footsteps.