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Natalia Velasco Neal 23 May 2012 Research Paper Teens Living in the Dark

Everybody lives trying to avoid sadness and heartache but what if it was sadness so deep you couldnt remember life without it? Thats depression and its the most common psychological problem in America affecting more than 17 million People. About 5 percent of people are depressed during their teen years yet the issue is not often talked about or even mentioned. It has been increasing in the recent decades and appears to be starting earlier in life. Teen Depression can cause serious psychological damage by causing stress, failures and social isolation. Teen Depression can cause levels of stress higher than those in adults with depression because of the major hormonal changes going on at the same time. Since the numbers for young people with depression are lower than those for adults, teen depression is often overlooked or misdiagnosed. All of the Prejudice about depression is what has been keeping it in the dark these past years (Kantrowitz 1). Many depressed teens are dismissed as simply being difficult or delinquent yet it is a serious problem, particularly when one considers the high rate of depression-related suicides among teenagers. It is certain that teen depression must be treated before it seriously disrupts the lives of the teens it affects. Depressed teens often fail in school, become isolated from family and friends, and may fall into drug or alcohol abuse. This differs from adult depression because a 25 years old already studied and grew and got a job so, depression has a minor role in life disturbance but in an 11 year old depression can prevent important skills and experiences from taking place witch could prevent the child from developing in a healthy way (Bostic 1). Teenage boys can turn their depression into anger directed against society and get involved in dangerous or violent behavior and teenage girls who suffer from depression may develop anorexia, a life-threatening eating disorder. And suicide, often resulting from depression, is the cause of one-third of all teen deaths. Yet thanks to recent recognition teen depression is getting easier to spot witch means it will be easier to treat (Kantrowitz 1). Depressed teens tend to become socially isolated. This only worsens their symptoms and makes it harder for them to get help from friends or family members. And recent studies have stated that parents more than peers are key to bringing, kids out of depression (Family Ties 1). Parents can help prevent their teen from becoming depressed by ensuring that they get 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Research shows that teens going to bed at 10pm or sooner are 25% less likely to be depressed and 20% less likely to have suicidal thoughts compared to teens that fall asleep at midnight or later (Early Bedtime


1). Many steps can be taken to bring a teen out of depression but sleep known to [quell] suicidal thoughts is a great place to start (Early Bedtime 1). Everyone feels depressed at times. Illness, the loss of a family member, a breakup, a major move or change at home and many more are natural causes of sadness and mourning. However for many people this sadness can continue for months, years, or even a lifetime. For the affected people, depression is a serious illness and it can have devastating psychological results, but if this issue and can be brought to light more people will understand what it can become and will catch the side effects quicker. No teen should have to suffer through social isolation, failure or high stress levels because of their depression but instead find ways to prevent it and start living in the light.

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