National Probation Service

Issue 32 March 2006

The Butler Trust aims to reward and encourage exceptional, distinctive and creative work with offenders in custody and in the community through its Annual Award Scheme. In 2005 the Award Scheme was extended to the England and Wales Probation Areas and National Offender Management staff and the following awards were made available to staff working with offenders in the community: Lord Woolf Award – Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Scheme – Dyfed-Powys Probation Area Keith Bromley Award for Education and Skills Training (supported by The Bromley Trust) – Beth Fox, Development Manager – Dorset Probation Area Diversity Award – Re-integration of Offenders (Bradford Rioters) Project – West Yorkshire Probation Area/ Ummid/HIMMAT Project Award for Excellence – Danny Clark, Head of Psychology – National Probation Directorate HRH The Princess Royal will present the 2006 winners with their awards at Buckingham Palace on 31 March.

Dyfed-Powys Probation Area
The Drug Treatment and Testing Order/Drug Rehabilitation Requirement Scheme at Dyfed-Powys Probation Area received the prestigious Lord Woolf Award for its impressive multi-agency work. This group of probation and healthcare staff, local authorities and voluntary agencies provides a range of creative services across half the land mass of Wales, predominantly to long-term drug users convicted of drug-related offences. The process starts immediately following arrest and develops into an individually tailored treatment plan delivering a minimum of 20 hours’ activity and contact per week. A massive logistical exercise across urban and rural areas with teams of volunteer drivers ensures equal access for all offenders. 70-80 at a time can move from a chaotic lifestyle to employment, training and accommodation thanks to the strong relationship between probation and treatment providers.

Dorset Probation Area
Beth Fox, Development Manager for Dorset Probation Area, won the Keith Bromley Award for Education and Skills Training for a number of imaginative initiatives. As leader of the ETE and Accommodation Unit, Beth designed and implemented Cygnet Training as a distinctly separate arm of the Service to encourage offenders to take up classes. The Cygnet branding removed any negative associations connected to the Probation Service and made offenders confident and comfortable with presenting their certificates to future employers. Beth also set up a Learning Café within the probation building where offenders learn life skills together with basic skills of literacy and numeracy. Her dedication and hard work are clearly demonstrated by the astonishing rise in basic skills training from 103 offenders two years ago to 415 this year.

West Yorkshire Probation Area
West Yorkshire Probation Area’s Re-integration of Offenders (Bradford Rioters) Project Team has been awarded the Diversity Award for its extraordinary achievements set against the serious riots in Bradford in 2001. Probation staff and Ummid, (an Asian voluntary organisation) worked in partnership to prevent further offending by the rioters, secure employment for them and build bridges amongst families and communities. Their dedicated work with individual rioters, their families, employers and local communities has resulted in staggering outcomes and long-lasting benefits: a re-offending rate of just 8%, 93% of offenders taking at least one training course in prison and a 70% employment/education rate on release and reduced race tensions in the district.

National Probation Directorate (NPD)
Danny Clark, Head of Psychology at the NPD, won the Award for Excellence for his distinguished work which has made a real difference nationally and internationally to the management of offenders. Danny researched, piloted and implemented the Offender Assessment System (OASys) which provides a national profile of offenders’ needs, improving targeting of interventions for offenders in custody and the community. OASys is a validated system providing a marked change in the consistency and quality of offender assessment. Danny also designed the Enhanced Thinking Skills programmes widely used by prisons and probation throughout Europe.

Criminal justice social work staff in Scotland and probation staff in Northern Ireland will join the scheme for the 2007 Awards. Headquarters staff are also eligible for nomination. Nominations for awards can be made by offenders, ex-offenders, fellow staff or colleagues from associated services. Nominations need to demonstrate the results and outcomes of the nominee(s)’ work and how it has benefited offenders and/or fellow staff. Nomination packs for the 2007 Awards are now available. To request a paper or digital copy please contact: Tel: 020 8688 6062 Email: Or alternatively visit for further information. The closing date for nominations is 31st May 2006.

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