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National Probation Service

Issue 57 25 May 2007

The Bulletin has been improved for easier on-screen reading. It now summaries new content placed on Epic
( in the previous week and significant messages that have been
circulated on the Chief Officer gateway. Articles can now be read by either scrolling down the page or by clicking the
titles below:

114/07 Offender Management implementation – FAQs

115/07 Support for Women’s Safety Work 2007/2008
116/07 Probation Centenary – Multi-faith Service
117/07 Probation Centenary – Moments in Probation
118/07 PS Plus Case Studies
119/07 Offender Feedback Questionnaire
120/07 Issued Recently


A sheet of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on implementing Offender Management has been published. Some
are necessarily rather technical. Queries not answered by the FAQ can be directed to the Offender Management
enquiry line (020 7217 5951) or via

Epic: Navigate from Home>Service Delivery>Offender Management

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In recognition of the need for probation areas to build capacity in accredited domestic abuse programmes, additional
funding has been made available for a second year to increase capacity for Women’s Safety Work. This grant is not
guaranteed for future years.

The money can only be spent by local probation areas to pay for Women’s Safety Work provided in house or through
a partnership arrangement, as part of the accredited domestic abuse programmes.

Capacity must include supporting Women’s Safety Work where the victim(s) live out of the area where the
perpetrator is attending the groupwork programme (out of area Women’s Safety Work) and where the programme is
being provided in a prison setting.

Contact: Ruth Taylor - 0207 217 1779

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Issue 57 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
May 2007


Areas will shortly be receiving their allocation of tickets for the Centenary Multi-faith Service at Westminster Abbey
for the 11 June. You need to be in your seat prior to the commencement of the Service at 12 noon. Colleagues
NOT working in the NPS can request a ticket via . Tickets have already been
made available to CAFCASS colleagues. NPS staff need to contact their head office if they want a ticket.

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A selection of Moments in Probation, short essays on particular events in the history of the probation, written by
those have a personal insight or involvement, have been posted on EPIC. The Hallam Centre for Community
Justice’s Century of Probation website carries the full set, and there are regular additions. The site features
memories and reflections from former and current Probation staff on a wide variety of probation related topics.
Staff that are on the GSI network can access all of the 'Moments' via this link, they will need to register to gain access to the site,
and may also be interested in the Century of Probation website


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PS Plus is a major European Social Fund project with the aim of getting eligible prisoners into employment and
accommodation on release. Case studies have been posted on Epic.

Epic: Navigate from Home>Service Delivery>Interventions>NOMS Probation Interventions and Substance Abuse
Unit> Community Reintegration Team
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Devon and Cornwall probation have surveyed offenders views on an annual basis for three years. A copy of the
questionnaire will be available on Epic. It has proven to be useful in obtaining feedback on offenders' perceptions
and is a valuable tool to monitor performance.

Epic: Navigate from Home>Support Service>Communications Resources

Contact: Rebecca Mandeville-Norden, Devon and Cornwall, 01392 474139

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Issue 57 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

May 2007
Issue 57 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
May 2007


Probation Circulars 2007:

PC15 April 2007 Sub-Contracting Return Issued 25 May

PC14 Annual Reports and Accounts 2006-07 Issued 23 May

PC13 Introduction of a New Skills Screening Tool: First Move – Initial Skills Checker Issued 18 May

PC12 Pre-Sentence Report Decision Tool Issued 17 May

PC11 Deportation of European Economic Area National Prisoners Issued 16 May

PC10 Offender Engagement Good Practice Guide Issued 15 May

OASys Messages to Areas – Via Epic

Message 041/07 CCR Forms Issued 23 May

Message 040/07 4.2.1b Incident Fix Release Issued 22 May
Message 037/07 Arrangements for Access to LAOs Issued 18 May
Message 036/07 Further to OASys message 034/07 Issued 17 May
Message 035/07 Printed problem identified Issued 17 May
Message 034/07 Outage of OASys and e-OASys Services Issued 4 May

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Issue 57 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

May 2007