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National Probation Service

Issue 64 13 July 2007

The Bulletin has been improved for easier on-screen reading. It now summaries new content placed on Epic
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156/07 Disclosure of Immigration Information to Victims of Foreign National Offenders

157/07 Community Penalty Enforcement
158/07 Forthcoming Publications
159/07 Issued Recently



A letter providing clarification of what immigration information may be disclosed to victims who have opted in to the
statutory victim contact scheme, has been sent to Chief Officers, it also provides details of the Borders and
Immigration Agency’s new policy on disclosure to victims.

Issued to Chief Officers via the Chief Officer Gateway – 11 July 2007

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A notice to draw attention to important information about community penalty enforcement included in the recently
issued LCJB bulletin: Update 54. In particular, it alerts areas to two documents which have been sent to LCJBs and
which have been put on EPIC to provide probation staff with direct access to this important guidance.

Guidance for areas has been produced on the handling, reviewing and withdrawal of community penalty
warrants. It includes the principles and the practical steps that areas should take to ensure that they are actively
managing their outstanding warrants. This guidance is issued in a final version following extensive consultation with
the Probation Areas, HMCS, Youth Justice Board, LCJBs and the Police. The Community Penalty Enforcement
Group would like to express sincere thanks to all those individuals and agencies that took the time to consider
carefully and thoughtfully the contents of the draft guidance. A number of the comments included a request for a
short summary document and this comes as a separate attachment to the guidance.

The Community Penalty Breach Effective Practice Guide (volume 2) is intended for use by all practitioners
working in the field of Community Penalty enforcement. The document provides practical advice on how to improve

Issue 64 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
July 2007

performance against the end-to-end targets and incorporates the lessons learnt from area support projects
undertaken by the Performance Action Team (PAT), NOMS and HMCS support teams.

Issued to Chief Officers and Chairs via the Chief Officer Gateway – 9 July 2007

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• National Probation Service Annual Report 2006 - 2007

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Probation Circulars 2007:

PC25 Case Transfers – Community Orders, Suspended Sentence Orders and Licences Issued 13 July

This Circular clarifies and reinforces the key principles outlined in PC52/2004 on the
management of case transfers, updating the guidance in light of the implementation of
the Criminal Justice Act 2003 and the NOMS Offender Management Model. As well as
reinforcing key principles, for example that there should be absolute clarity at all times
about who is responsible for the case and that public protection is paramount, the
Circular strengthens the concept that objectives within the sentence plan should drive
decision making about case transfer arrangements. The guidance in this Circular is to be
applied to case transfers both within and between Areas. Further detailed guidance for
specific offender groups/sentences, including DRRs, will be prepared and issued by 1
September 2007.

PC24 Prolific and Other Priority Offender Issues; Drug Testing of PPOs on Licence; Issued 11 July
Drug Testing in Approved Premises

This Circular:

• Reminds Areas of the importance of recording PPO status

• Announces a series of performance visits to Areas relating to PPOs
• Outlines the funding position with respect to drug-testing in 2007/8 and
intentions beyond
• Updates Areas on progress with drug testing procurement

PC23 Reducing the Risk of Drug Related Deaths Issued 29 June

PC22 End of Custody Licence (ECL) Issued 21 June

OASys Messages to Areas – Via Epic

Message 050 07 OASys Unable to send e-mails to Assessors Issued 4 July

Issue 64 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

July 2007
Issue 64 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
July 2007

Message 049 07 Preparation for Deployment of eOASys Release Issued 2 July

Message 048 07 4.2.1c Incident Fix Release Issued 28 June

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Issue 64 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

July 2007