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National Probation Service

Issue 65 20 July 2007

The Bulletin has been improved for easier on-screen reading. It now summaries new content placed on Epic
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160/07 Probation Area Office Relocation

161/07 Appointments
162/07 Forthcoming Publications
163/07 Recent Publications
164/07 Issued Recently


With effect from the 2nd August 2007, Sussex Probation Area’s Horsham office situated at The Law Courts, Hurst
Road will close and be amalgamated with the Crawley Office, details as follows:

Geoff's Park House

Old Horsham Road
West Sussex
RH11 8PB

Tel: 01293 525215

Fax: 01293 525216

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The appointment of Andrew Bridges CBE as HM Chief Inspector of the National Probation Service for England and
Wales has been extended until 30 September 2008.

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• Probation Bench Handbook & Probation Bench Guide – Due to be published August 2007

Issue 65 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
July 2007

• Offender Management National Standards 2007 – Due to be published September 2007

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• National Probation Service Annual Report 2006 – 2007 – Published 16 July

• 'Cutting Crime - a new partnership' - the Home Office crime strategy – Published 19 July

• Sentencing Guidelines Council, Revised Guideline on the Reduction on Sentence for a Guilty Plea –
Published 20 July
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Probation Circulars 2007:

PC26 Disclosure and Information Sharing to Inform Parole Board Decisions on Release Issued 18 July
and Recall

This Circular is to ensure clear communication and information sharing on offenders

between Areas and the Parole Board. The policies and processes for the disclosure and
withholding of information provided to NOMS in respect of determinate and
indeterminate sentence prisoners at key stages of sentence, including temporary
release, escorted absence, release, recall and re-release are explained in this Circular.

PC25 Case Transfers – Community Orders, Suspended Sentence Orders and Licences Issued 13 July

OASys Messages to Areas – Via Epic

Message 054 07 Planned HMPS OASys Outage Issued 17 July

Message 053 07 End of Custody Licence Issued 13 July

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Issue 65 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

July 2007