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National Probation Service

Issue 66 27 July 2007

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165/07 OASys Release 4.2.2: Practice Guidance

166/07 Skills for Justice – Development Award
167/07 Partners of Prisoners and Families Support Group (POPS)
168/07 Forthcoming Publications
169/07 Issued Recently


OASys Release 4.2.2 will introduce changes to support Offender Management and will make it easier for probation
assessors to ensure that they have control of OASys when they require it in order to complete assessments on those
who fall within the scope of Phase II and are in custody. During the week beginning 30 July, practice guidance will be
distributed to both probation and prisons in order to give staff ample time to familiarise themselves with the changes
before the release. 4.2.2 is currently in testing and, at present, is scheduled to be released into the live environment
in early October. The practice guidance is accompanied by process maps and a briefing presentation suitable for use
in team meetings. This is an important development in enhancing the suitability of OASys as the foundation of
Offender Management.

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Skills for Justice , the skills council for the justice sector, is developing a qualification (Development Award) for
practitioners who work with offenders or the affects of offending behaviour and who, due to the nature of their work
cannot produce the range of evidence to achieve the full level 3 NVQ in Working with Offending Behaviour.

A Development Award is a nationally recognised qualification consisting of a number of units (in this case five units)
of National Occupational Standards (NOS). Development Awards are assessed in the workplace in the same way as
NVQs and are designed to meet the needs of employers and employees working in a range of occupations.

This Development Award must meet the needs of those who work with offenders or the affects of offending
behaviour and your input is vital in helping us to develop a qualification that is relevant to the sector.

Issue 66 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
July 2007

Please complete the questionnaire to help identify the demand for such a qualification and what it should
cover. The questionnaire can be found on the Skills for Justice Website

The closing date for the consultation is Friday 31st August. Following the consultation, the project steering group
will meet in London on 21st September to review the proposed award prior to taking it forward to QCA. If you are a
key stakeholder and would like to attend this meeting, please contact Pamela Padden (Project Manager) for further details.

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Partners of Prisoners and Families Support Group (POPS) have re-launched their website.

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• Probation Bench Handbook & Probation Bench Guide – Due to be published August 2007

• Offender Management National Standards 2007 – Due to be published September 2007

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Probation Circulars 2007:

PC27 Victim Representation at Parole Board Hearings Issued 26 July

In July 2006 the Criminal Justice Review announced that victims should have the
opportunity to put forward their views to the Parole Board in cases when release or
transfer to open conditions of certain serious offenders is being considered. The new
arrangements will enable victims to make representations to the Board through an
advocate at oral hearings or by way of a written statement in cases where a decision is
made on the basis of the papers. The statement will inform the Board about the impact
of the crime, of any lasting consequences on the victim or their family, or the impact that
the offender’s release might have on the victim or their family. The new arrangements
do not affect victims’ existing statutory right to make representations to the Parole Board
about the conditions to which the offender will be subject on release. VLOs should
continue to submit views on behalf of victims to the offender manager in the existing

PC26 Disclosure and Information Sharing to Inform Parole Board Decisions on Release and Issued 18 July

Issue 66 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

July 2007
Issue 66 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
July 2007

OASys Messages to Areas – Via Epic

Message 054 07 Planned HMPS OASys Outage Issued 17 July

Message 053 07 End of Custody Licence Issued 13 July

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Issue 66 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

July 2007