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National Probation Service

Issue 71 31 August 2007

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186/07 'Accelerate to' Diversity Leadership Programme

187/07 NPS Annual Conference
188/07 Appointments
189/07 Issued Recently


Applications for 'Accelerate to' are now being invited for the next two year cohort (cohort 4) which will commence in
December 2007. 'Accelerate To' is an intensive two-year Positive Action Learning and Development programme
designed for minority ethnic and disabled middle and senior managers.

The programme comprises quarterly two day residential events; action learning set meetings, individual coaching
and mentoring and a work placement. It will be tailored to meet individual requirements, while addressing some
common needs in making the transition to senior management. The application form and guidance information can
be downloaded from Epic, and there is also a briefing note for managers who will need to endorse the application.

Two 'Discovery Days' will take place for interested staff on 19th September 2007 at Manchester Probation HQ and
1st October at the Chadwick Street Recreation Centre, Westminster, London.

For more information please contact:
Email: Tel: 020 7217 5693

Epic: Navigate from Home>Support Service>Diversity>'Accelerate to' Diversity Leadership Programme

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This year’s NPS staff conference will take place on November 21 and 22 at the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham. This
is a very large hotel near the NEC and Birmingham Airport which can accommodate all delegates. The subject of the
conference is offender management. Spaces will be allocated according to the usual format and details of how to
register will be issued in about a month’s time.

UNCLASSIFIED www.probation,
Issue 71 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
August 2007

For more information please contact:
Email: Tel: 020 7217 8445

Sent to Chief Officers via the Chief Officer Gateway – 28 August 2007

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David Griffiths has taken up a new role, on a temporary basis, as Programme Director for System Architecture within
the Commissioning and Partnerships Directorate. This is an important NOMS initiative to address regulation, market
development and accountabilities.

Anton Obholzer is the Acting Programme Director of the Probation Change Programme whilst David is on this

Sent to Chief Officers via the Chief Officer Gateway – 29 August 2007

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Probation Circulars 2007:

PC29 Post Release Enforcement – Licence Conditions Issued 17 August

This circular contains guidance on:

• Standard licence conditions and the application of non-standard additional
licence conditions;
• The use of additional licence conditions, particularly those relating to exclusion
zones, victim contact and electronic monitoring;
• The process for varying additional licence conditions; and
• The process for the cancellation of the supervision element of a life licence.

PC28 Drug Testing on Licence – Revised List of Trigger Offences Issued 16 August

The Fraud Act 2006 made changes to the trigger offences applicable to drug testing
on licence with effect from 15 January 2007. The Act included a technical error that
has now been corrected by means of legislation (the Criminal Justice and Court
Services Act 2000 (Amendment) Order 2007, S.I. 2007/2171) that came into force on
1 August 2007

OASys Messages to Areas – Via Epic

Message 060 07 Assessments Entered in Error Issued 24 August

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Issue 71 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

August 2007
Issue 71 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
August 2007

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Issue 71 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

August 2007