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National Probation Service

Issue 74 21 September 2007

The Bulletin has been improved for easier on-screen reading. It now summaries new content placed on Epic
( in the previous week and significant messages that have been
circulated on the Chief Officer gateway. Articles can now be read by either scrolling down the page or by clicking the
titles below:

199/07 Nacro Resettlement Information

200/07 Academy for Criminal Justice Commissioning
201/07 Recent Publications
202/07 Events
203/07 Issued Recently


The Nacro website will be unavailable until 2008. As an interim measure the EASI database is available in CD
format. The database is a searchable tool consisting over 14,000 records covering the fields of advice, bail support,
employment, housing and substance misuse.

For a copy of the CD email at NOMS Probation Communications. The CD

needs to be run from a computer with Microsoft Access.

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The first edition of the Academy for Criminal Justice Commissioning Bulletin, along with a flyer providing details of
forthcoming opportunities to attend Academy sponsored ‘open’ seminars on relevant subjects has been issued.

The bulletin explains the aims and objectives of the Academy and contains an interesting selection of relevant
information relating to commissioning in the public sector, including extracts from recently published material.

Issued to Chief Officers & Chairs via the Chief Officer gateway – 21 September

If you would like to discuss any issues relating to the Academy in more detail, contact

Epic: Navigate from Home>Support Service>Probation Change Programme>Academy for Criminal Justice
Commissioning – Bulletin 1
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UNCLASSIFIED www.probation,
Issue 74 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
September 2007


HMIP 'Getting Orders Started' Thematic Inspection Report – Published September 2007

A joint inspection assessing the arrangements for starting Community Orders has been published by HM
Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectorate of Court Administration. The report, entitled 'Getting Orders Started'
is available on Epic

Epic: Navigate from Home>News & Comms>News> HMIP 'Getting Orders Started' Thematic Inspection Report

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202/07 EVENTS

Alcohol Best Practice Conference

The Interventions and Substance Abuse Unit, NOMS, is holding a conference on 11th October 2007 to launch
outputs from the 7 alcohol projects funded under PC31/2006 to support implementation of the alcohol strategy,
Working with Alcohol Misusing Offenders.

The main purpose of the event is to disseminate the best practice learnt from the projects in order to inform the wider
development of alcohol provision across the National Probation Service. Representatives from the probation areas
and partner agencies involved will give presentations and take questions on the key learning points. Reports,
manuals and guidance from the projects will be available for delegates to take away. The event is mainly aimed at
probation managers and practitioners involved in managing or delivering interventions to alcohol misusing offenders
but representatives from the alcohol treatment sector and other stakeholders are also welcome.

Venue: West One, 9-11 Portland Place, London
Date: 11th October 2007

For more information contact

Tel: 020 7217 8003
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Probation Circulars 2007:

PC32 Management of Foreign National Prisoners: Licences, bail Hearings, Issued 14 September
Releases from Immigration Detention and Deportation

This Circular complements revised instructions which have been issued to

caseworkers in the Border and Immigration Agency’s Criminal Casework
Directorate (CCD) setting out a requirement to inform offender managers in all
cases in which FNPs, subject to a custodial sentence of 12 months or more; or

Issue 74 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

September 2007
Issue 74 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
September 2007

where they were sentenced to shorter periods adding up to 12 months or more; or

where they are a Young Adult Offender aged between 18 and 22 years and subject
to supervision, are released from immigration detention in an Immigration Removal
Centre or from detention in prison or directly from an AIT hearing.

Procedures for FNPs who are no longer subject to a licence are summarised in
Section 4. Section 6, together with annexes A and B, provides a revised proforma
and guidance for the provision of information to immigration bail hearings at AITs
(Note that when the proforma is received from CCD it will be AT compliant. Work is
being done at the moment to make it so. This may mean the form received differs
in appearance from the version attached to this PC – the content however will be
the same). Section 10 outlines that CCD case workers are required to inform
offender managers in all cases where an FNP is deported or removed from the UK

PC31 Implementation of Provisions of Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 Issued 6 September

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Issue 74 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

September 2007