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May 17, 2013

Why Dynacor Gold Mines is A Top Pick of Mine
The following charts plus commentary within quotes, are taken from information sent by Dynacor to its shareholders. Comments not within quotes are from your editor.
“Bringing the new mill on stream, at full capacity of 600 tonnes per day will increase our total gold production to approximately 130-150,000+ ounces per year from our 2012 production rate of 61,000 ounces. The strategic plan includes further increasing production through our established ore-purchasing network program. It should be noted that the company also produces a growing amount of silver. In 2012 it produced 157,863 as a by product and as such enhances the economics of the company’s business. “As of June 2012, gold grades delivered to the mill have steadily increased which directly coincides with last May’s mining law changes in Peru. The Peruvian government implemented a new policy cracking down on illegal gold ore processors both at the artisanal and semiindustrial levels. Dynacor is one of the very few fully permitted and legal gold processing companies in Peru and is, as such, particularly well positioned in the market to benefit from this new window of opportunity.” Not only is Dynacor fully permitted which gives it an advantage, but under the leadership of Jean Martineau, it has integrated itself thoroughly into the fabric of Peruvian society with employees being almost entirely Peruvian. That integration and knowledge of small scale, high grade privately owned gold mining operations in
TAYLOR HARD MONEY ADVISORS, INC. PO Box 780555, Maspeth, NY 11378 (718) 457-1426 May 17, 2013


Peru has helped Dynacor allocate its capacity toward higher grade, more profitable ore for production. The company’s highly efficient milling facilities have provided higher recovery rates than its competitors and that has afforded Dynacor a competitive advantage in attracting higher grade ores. So a very important part of Dynacor’s success is its integration into Peruvian society.

Profit Margins Remain Strong Despite a Declining Gold Price
“Dynacor is producing gold through its low-risk ore-processing division. The company is not as leveraged to the price of gold as is a pure producer with fixed production costs. The Company’s ore purchase price is discounted to the spot price of gold; therefore, when and if the price of gold drops, it is a moot reflection on the Company’s profit margins. In the past 3 years, Dynacor’s average gross margin is 17% considering the average price of gold which ranged from $1,225 to $1,669 in the same period. In the event of gold rising, the small scale miner’s margins would increase significantly, as well as also benefit Dynacor by means of adjusting its ore-processing fee.”

With margins remaining stable and throughput increasing, profit margins have been rising as illustrated by the chart on the left. But not only have operating profits grown, more importantly from my perspective as a shareholder, earnings per share have been on the rise as the chart to your left illustrates. While operating performance is well documented, management has insisted in growing the company organically such that it does not dilute shareholders’ interest. For eight consecutive quarters, Dynacor has generated rising profits; this during a time in what is coined as the worst junior resource bear market in history. Earnings per share for Dynacor totaled $0.22 in 2012 compared to $0.09 in 2011. And it is off to a good start in 2013 with first quarter profits of $0.08 per share. Almost any metric you care to use whether earnings per share, cash flow per share, book value per share or net worth to share have been on a steady rise. The only metric that has not been on a steady rise, in large part because of the pressure the entire gold
TAYLOR HARD MONEY ADVISORS, INC. PO Box 780555, Maspeth, NY 11378 (718) 457-1426 Copyright @ 2012 TAYLOR HARD MONEY ADVISORS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED May 17, 2013


share market has faced over the past few years, is the company’s share price. In March 31, 2011, Dynacor reported $0.10 cash flow per share from its 2010 year-end financials. In Q1-2011, the junior resource market was considered bullish and at that time, the stock price was trading at a $1.02 to $2.13 a share, or Price/Cash Flow (P/CF) up to 21. Today the junior resource market is in the grips of a 26month long bear. Currently Dynacor is trading at P/CF of 3. Dynacor is on the way, via its oreprocessing division, to almost triple its capacity to 600 tonnes per day from 220 tonnes per day. Cash flow per share will accelerate irrespective of a bear market or a bull market. If we get more normal multiples it is not unreasonable to think we could enjoy a ride upward towards $10 if the company continues to under promise and over perform. I have not even mentioned of course that the company has its Tumipampa skarn target that has the potential to host a major gold-copper deposit. Unlike most other junior companies, Dynacor is able to fund exploration of that project without diluting shareholders’ interest. And one more positive that needs to be mentioned is that Jean Martineau, the company’s president, tends to under promise and over deliver. Thus I have grown more confident over time that management will do what it says it will do. There is always the possibility that some unanticipated event could break that streak of outperforming projections. But history is on this management team’s side. With the company selling at a mere 3 times cash flow now, and with growth of upward to 3 times current levels of production, I think you can see why this is my number one pick for the time being in my own IRA.

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May 17, 2013

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