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National Probation Service

Issue 76 5 October 2007

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208/07 AT Compliant – OM National Standards 2007

209/07 Boards to Trusts – Probation Change Programme Briefing
210/07 Diversity Accelerate Graduation
211/07 NPS Websites
212/07 Events
213/07 Issued Recently


An AT Compliant Word version and PDF of the Offender Management National Standards 2007 is available on Epic,

Epic: Navigate from Home>Service Delivery

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A briefing on the Probation Change Programme, which goes over the stages of the transition from Probation Boards
to Trusts, is available from Epic,

Epic: Navigate from Home>Support Service>Probation Change Programme> Probation Change Programme
Briefing (October 2007)
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Sixteen graduates recently received their certificates from Helen Edwards when they completed the two year
Accelerate management development programme.

The programme has run since 2004 for black and minority ethnic and disabled managers in the National Probation
and Youth Justice services. It has seen high rates of achievement with 75% participants getting into higher
positions or taking on more senior responsibilities.

UNCLASSIFIED www.probation,
Issue 76 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
October 2007

A successor programme called "Accelerate to" will run from December this year and is currently seeking
applications from the target groups with middle manager experience in the organisations.

For more information please call Omar Ralph in the Equality and Diversity team on 020 7217 5693

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Details of the website address for the 42 Probation Areas can be found on Epic.

Epic: Navigate from Home>Research & Links>NPS Websites

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212/07 EVENTS

Delivering Safer and Confident Communities: 2008 – 2011

The Home Office is hosting a conference. Ministers, Senior Government Officials and leading Practitioners will come
together to chart the future course on tackling crime.

The conference is aimed at those who are:

• CDRP Chair
• Local Authority Chief Executive
• Chief Constable
• Chair of a Police Authority
• Council Leader
• Lead Member for Community Safety.

To book a place visit or call 020 7407 6656
Venue: The QE11 Conference Centre, Westminster, London
Date: 16th October 2007

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Probation Circulars 2007:

PC33 New Accommodation and Support Service for Bail and HDC Issued 26 September

This Probation Circular describes a new accommodation and support service for
bail and Home Detention Curfew. The service is considered appropriate for adults

Issue 76 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

October 2007
Issue 76 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin
October 2007

who are or would be remanded in custody who could be bailed if accommodation

and/or support is made available. It is also available to sentenced prisoners
eligible for Home Detention Curfew.

This PC confirms information on a service that has been available since June. This
is reflected in the immediate implementation.

PC32 Management of Foreign National Prisoners: Licences, bail Hearings, Releases Issued 14 September
from Immigration Detention and Deportation

OASys Messages to Areas – Via Epic

Message 064 07 4.2.1d Incident fix release Issued 2 October

Message 063 07 OASys Assessments requiring countersignatures Issued 2 October

Message 062 07 Creation of a Nil Report Issued 2 October

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Issue 76 UNCLASSIFIED NPS Bulletin

October 2007