Subjects: School visit; Community Cabinet; Knitting; Federal election; Polls; Sing the next line; Cars

KYLE: Good morning Prime Minister.

JACKIE O: Morning.

PM: Good morning, it’s great to be here in the studio.

JACKIE O: You look lovely.

KYLE: I love when you visit.

PM: The guys were telling me that they cleaned their desk down. There’s a bottle of Ajax spray there. I am very impressed.

JACKIE O: We don’t often do things like that for guests.

KYLE: I thought he said there was, it looked like there was Ajax on the table and I thought you know what the entertainment industry is like. They got to clean their desks up because you know they’re all wild this crew.

JACKIE O: What’s on the agenda today, Prime Minister?

PM: On the agenda today, I’m visiting a school, talking about better school funding, a better deal for our kids and then tonight we’ve got a Community Cabinet which is when members of the local community get to come and ask questions and have a discussion with us about what they think needs to be there.

JACKIE O: Do you like that?

PM: Yeah I do like it. I like getting out and about and it’s just a genuine talk with people.

They can be unpredictable and the hardest, hardest questions always come from children in the audience.

So you know if there’s a ten year old or a 12 year old with their hand up that it’s going to be an absolute zinger of a question, we’ve sort of got to take it if a child wants to ask a question.

JACKIE O: What do you do?

KYLE: Given by their parent or is it really their question do you think?

PM: I think there’s a mix, sometimes they’re there, little shaking hands, reading a question and you think mum and dad’s had a bit of a hand in this. But sometimes they’re obviously just questions the kids have come up with and they’re really hard ones.

KYLE: So you just IQ The Voice when you’re out doing these things at night so you’ve got some TV when you get home or what?

PM: When I get home, well it depends how late it is, sometimes I’ve still got work to do.

The paperwork chases you around so you’ve got to get it done sometime.

Sometimes I’ll flick on the TV, do a little bit of knitting, wind down a bit.

JACKIE O: You knitted the little booties for Fifi’s baby.

PM: I did knit the little booties for Fifi’s baby.

KYLE: That’s nice.

JACKIE O: I was very impressed that you did that.

PM: Thank you.

JACKIE O: That was nice of you to take the time out to do that.

KYLE: Did she really do it or did someone else knit and you just did the photo?

PM: I absolutely knitted the booties.

KYLE: Because you are a knitter!

PM: Yes, I am a knitter. I’m just doing a cardigan at the moment.

My niece Jenna is having a baby in July so I’ve just finished the body of it, actually did the casting off last night.

KYLE: So when do you rest?

JACKIE O: So is that like your meditation, your zoning out, the knitting?

PM: Absolutely, because you come back from a long day and your still, you know, thoughts racing at a million miles an hour.

Often I’ve come in quite late, I’ve got to get up early and if you just chucked yourself into bed like that you’d just be lying there.

Whereas the knitting, it takes enough of your attention that you can’t really be thinking about things at a million miles an hour, but not so much of it that it’s winding you up rather than winding you down.

JACKIE O: What about the day’s press that’s been said about you, do you watch that on TV? Do you take those things, read those things at the end of the day and have a look at what they’ve been saying? No?

PM: Not particularly, I mean I look at the newspapers in the morning of course because I come and do interviews and you might ask me about something that’s in the newspapers.

KYLE: You just look for yourself like I do? Because I flick through that in a heartbeat. I’m like ‘I’m not in it, I’m not watching it’.

PM: I look for you first and then I kind of track the political stories and at the end of the day I’m not normally anywhere where I could watch the news but we do get media summaries so I get a taste of what’s been on the news.

KYLE: You don’t have a TV in the car?

PM: No we don’t. There’s a video thing that would work if the car was stationary rather than moving.

KYLE: I know a bloke down in Leichhardt, he can fix that.

PM: Right.

JACKIE O: He can do a dodgy deal can he?

KYLE: A couple of bucks, yeah.

PM: I’ve never used it.

JACKIE O: We had Tony Abbott on the show, was it yesterday he was on?

KYLE: I don’t know, can’t remember.

JACKIE O: Might have been yesterday and we asked him a couple of yes/no questions and played a little yes/no game with him and, have a listen to how he responded to a couple of our questions.

PM: Okay.

KYLE: Here’s Mr Abbott.

JACKIE O: Have you ever had a dream about being the Prime Minister? Yes or no?

ABBOTT: Not while I’m asleep.

JACKIE O: Right, fair enough. Have you thought about your victory speech if you were to win?

ABBOTT: The truth is yes.

JACKIE O: I will just take that, thank you Mr Abbott

KYLE: That’s when we should play ‘I’m a dreamer, I wouldn’t…’ What do you think?

PM: You’re getting all the hard hitting news scoops, that’s fantastic.

KYLE: Yeah we are.

PM: Call me old fashioned but I just think you probably should let people go and vote and then worry about what sort of speech you’re going to give.

KYLE: Right.

PM: I think the Australia people voting, that’s important.

JACKIE O: That’s the important part.

KYLE: When is this thing happening? The election?

PM: It’s happening on 14 September.

KYLE: It’s that close?

PM: It’s that close.

JACKIE O: It’s very close.

KYLE: I saw a poll the other day that said you were even.

JACKIE O: Neck and neck.

PM: Look, there was a poll earlier this week, in fact there were two polls earlier this week. They come, they go, you can’t get too distracted by it.

KYLE: Who does those polls? Are they real do you think or are they fudge?

PM: They’re polling companies that are telephoning to real people, yes.

KYLE: Right. But I’ve realised over the years because we do these internal polls as well where they ring you up and go do you like this song? Or do you like Kyle and Jackie? Or do you like Dicko over at 2UE? And I’ve realised if you’re answering a survey on the phone, you’re a loser. You’ve got better things, normal people we all go no or we make up some lie.

JACKIE O: But Kyle, they are still the people that are voting. So those people will be voting regardless.

KYLE: So losers voting as well.

JACKIE O: Well they will, yeah.

KYLE: All sorts of people.

JACKIE O: The Prime Minister’s not going to agree with you on that.

PM: I want to specifically say I am not endorsing that comment.

JACKIE O: Now Prime Minister, it’s very rare we get you in the studio so we have some options for you to play a game this morning.

KYLE: Don’t look at me; I’ve got no clue what’s happening.

JACKIE O: Yes you do, don’t play dumb.

KYLE: Oh this is what we normally play with movie stars or if Beyoncé was in we’d play a game or something like that.

JACKIE O: And usually we don’t give them a choice but because you’re the Prime Minister, you get the choice this morning.

KYLE: Run through some of the game options for the Prime Minister.

JACKIE O: Okay. One is spin the bottle.

PM: Spin the bottle, right.

KYLE: How long since you’ve done that one?

PM: So long ago I’ve forgotten.

KYLE: Last time that ended up with you kissing the Premier Barry O’Farrell.

PM: I remember that, I actually did something with Barry that day.

KYLE: Oh he came over with the bottle and was like ‘right let’s get this game on.’

JACKIE O: The next one is crack it, which involves cracking eggs on your forehead. Some are raw, some are cooked. Don’t give us your answer yet. Hear me out, hear me out.

PM: Okay. This is like, do you want to be hung, drawn and quartered, boiled in oil, that’s the options.

JACKIE O: Or you can do sing the next line, which is we play you a song and you have to sing the next line. It’s a game. See if you can sing the lyrics.

PM: Yes.

KYLE: Now that’s a good game. It’s easy.

JACKIE O: I really don’t have any more. The only other one I had was rolls of cash but your definitely, you’re not going to want to do that one.

KYLE: Do you want me to explain rolls of cash?

PM: Rolls of cash.

KYLE: We’ve played it before. We get a big inflatable pool, we fill it up with honey and money, people strip down to their undies and roll around and whatever money sticks to them they get to keep.

PM: Okay.

KYLE: There’s a lot of money in there.

PM: Right, I could consult Wayne Swan or I could just say no at this point.

KYLE: Any of those games tickle your fancy?

PM: They all sound very hard.

JACKIE O: Sing the next line will be fun.

PM: Sing the next line, you think?

JACKIE O: Yeah I reckon you’ll be good at it.

PM: I don’t really do much singing, but we’ll do our best.

JACKIE O: Okay, good on you Prime Minister.

KYLE: Now I’ve thought you might choose sing the next line so I’ve made the songs 80s songs.

PM: Okay, there’s some possibility I might know.

JACKIE O: I reckon you will.

KYLE: Imagine when you had the curly hair, you had the tube top on, you were out at the clubs.

PM: The poodle perm, okay.

JACKIE O: Alright, let’s hear the first song.

KYLE: Hang on, we’ve got to start the game properly with the introduction and everything. Here we go. Playing this morning is the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. 80s songs are ready to go.

JACKIE O: The song will play, as soon as it stops you have to continue singing the next line, Ms Gillard here we go.

KYLE: If you don’t know, doesn’t matter, you’ve got plenty of chances.

PM: Okay.

KYLE: Up to 400 chances.

PM: I’m going to be here for a long time.

JACKIE O: You’ve got to try and get as many as you can.

KYLE: Here’s the first song.

[Clip of Freedom, George Michael]

PM: Doesn’t it just repeat, all we have to see?


PM: No? Okay!

JACKIE O: It’s the chorus! Freedom-

KYLE: Don’t give away the clue!

PM: Freedom? Yes.

JACKIE O: Okay go on next song.

KYLE: Let’s go for one that everyone knows.

PM: Just to take the pressure off.

KYLE: You want some of the Feds to come in and back you up?

PM: I wish I had one of those things in my ear now; I could get some answers through.

KYLE: Everyone knows this song.

JACKIE O: You will know it, I promise you.

KYLE: Chuck the actions in if need be.

[Clip of YMCA, Village People]

PM: It’s fun to stay at the YMCA.

KYLE: Sing it.

JACKIE O: Sing it Julia.

PM: That was as close to singing as I get!

KYLE: That was very good.

PM: I could do the hand actions, but no.

JACKIE O: Okay, next one Kyle. Julia, I want to really hear your singing voice.

KYLE: She’s shy. What if we all sung?

JACKIE O: What if we sung with you?

PM: Alright.

JACKIE O: Okay, let’s go, next one then.

[Clip of Like a Virgin, Madonna]

JACKIE O: What are you playing this for?

KYLE: Ready, ready.

PM: Like Madonna singing a really old song.

JACKIE O: You’re not going to say it!

KYLE: She’s too good!

JACKIE O: Making sure you’re being clever.

KYLE: Okay hang on, one more.

[Clip of Bad, Michael Jackson]

PM: Oh, that was it?

KYLE: Remember, cause I’m bad.

PM: Yeah, I’m bad, et cetera.

JACKIE O: Are you worried they’re going to get a grab of you saying ‘because I’m bad, I’m bad’. Is that what she’s worried about?

KYLE: No and I agree, that would be bad. Okay, one more song.

Yeah, you know that channel Nine News is going to put that sort of song montage together and then they come back and go ‘mmm’.

We’ll do one more song. I can’t think of anything they can do to make this look dodgy.


PM: Okay.

[Clip of Livin’ On A Prayer, Bon Jovi]

PM: I’m halfway there.

KYLE: Do not come to Australia’s Got Talent, all I’m saying.

PM: No I won’t!

KYLE: You can come and sit in the audience but if you walk on stage I’m going to go errr.

PM: This is a deep seated Gillard family fear, singing in public.

JACKIE O: Is it really?

PM: Yes it is, like this is very dangerous terrain for me. We’re Welsh originally, we migrated from Wales, the Welsh are supposed to be fantastic singers, and the only Welsh people on the planet who can’t sing are me and my family.


PM: One of my earliest memories is of being in church with my mother elbowing my father going ‘quieter John, quieter’ because he’s singing a hymn out of tune with the rest of the congregation. So this is actually psychologically very difficult for me.

KYLE: I love that.

JACKIE O: Oh god, it’s bringing back terrible memories.

KYLE: Where’s Timmy?

PM: Timmy’s not here today.

KYLE: Where is he? PM: Well he’s been away in the States; he’s on his way back today so he’ll be in Canberra.

KYLE: Boys trip, lucky thing.

JACKIE O: While you’re here are you going to stay in Kirribilli House tonight?

PM: I will be.

JACKIE O: I love that place.

PM: You love that place?

JACKIE O: I love it!

KYLE: Don’t tell the people where the Prime Minister is!

JACKIE O: I’m assuming because she’s in Sydney she would be staying there.

PM: I am staying there, but there’s no racing down the hill, eggs rolling, no games on the grass.

KYLE: It’s all quiet on the home front tonight.

PM: It’s all quiet, I’ll get back there quite late, there’s a Community Cabinet.

KYLE: One last thing I wanted to offer you because I saw that clunker you’re in. That old car, that old commodore thing.

PM: Are you insulting C1?

KYLE: How old is it? It’s got some age on it Prime Minister.

PM: Yeah, I saw a news report. I never know anything about cars but I saw a news report saying something like it was 14 years old or 16 years old or something like that.

KYLE: How do the rest of us go out and buy a new car when you’ve got the clunker there. But I suppose it’s quite expensive because it’s bullet proof and all that stuff.

PM: Well it does have some special powers.

JACKIE O: So what are you offering?

KYLE: I’ve got a surprise for you down in the car park.

PM: A surprise in the car park?

KYLE: I’m going to play the ad, I’m going to walk you downstairs to your fleet, the clunker fleet, and I’ve got something there that’s going to blow your socks off.

JACKIE O: I don’t even know about this.

KYLE: No you don’t. I’ve just decided on the spare of the moment.


PM: Okay.

JACKIE O: So when we cross to you when you’re downstairs?

KYLE: I’ll be on the phone. But today, you are really going to be like Queen Elizabeth.

JACKIE O: Are you offering your car?

KYLE: You ruin everything!

JACKIE O: I think we all connected the dots on that one.

KYLE: No, no, we’ll go downstairs, just see what you think.

PM: Okay.

KYLE: Got the flags on it ready to go.

PM: I was actually talking to someone this morning who saw you putting petrol in your car yesterday.

KYLE: Nothing escapes you!

PM: I have people everywhere.

KYLE: How did they see that?

PM: Nothing escapes me.

KYLE: The Prime Minister and I will be from the garage – oh the police don’t want me to say exactly where we are! We’ll be back straight after this. Thank you for coming in.

PM: Thank you.


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