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Later. The first endowed professorships in basic science and medicine were established in 1546 by Henry VIII. How it works Appointments to the Chairs are made by a committee headed by the Director of IIT Bombay. It is clear why endowed Chairs are an essential constituent of IIT Bombay. It is one of the highest honours awarded in the academic arena and is reserved for the top faculty members at IIT Bombay as an acknowledgment of their signal contributions in research and teaching. The honor of being appointed to an endowed chair has not changed through the years. Selection is based on peer reviews of the overall research achievements and other achievements in the recent past. 3 . It has a rich history and prestige that has remained unchanged over the years.Introduction chair professors c ha i r is the term given to endowed professorships. given to Sir Isaac Newton in 1669. Contributions made to the growth of the institute are given due weightage. private individuals began donating the funds for chairs. It helps to attract the best and brightest young students and investigators thus securing the future of the institution. This is what would be seen in many other outstanding educational institutions worldwide. with field experts and institute functionaries as members and a nominee of the donor as an observer. The prestige of an endowed chair also lends an additional cachet to the departments. with one of the firsts being the Lucasian Chair in Mathematics.

L. Kelkar Chair L&T Chair Forbes Marshall Chair Rahul Bajaj Chair G. Isaac Chair Shailesh Mehta Chair Vijay & Sita Vashi Chair MHRD IPR Chair Dhrumil Gandhi Chair Romesh Wadhwani Chair Madhuri Sinha Chair Chair Professors 2010 In addition. 4 .K.R. Shah Chair for Innovation Pramod Chaudhari Chair Praj Industries Chair S. Nilekani Chair Bajaj Group Chair Major Bhagat Singh Rekhi Chair J.M. The following 20 Chairs have been established with generous donations from alumni and other friends of the institute: 1st Batch (Class of 1962) P. IIT Bombay has also created an equal number of Institute Chairs. Of these. 18 have already been filled.K.chair professors IIT Bombay has 40 Chairs. Devrajulu Chair Kamalnayan Bajaj Chair Ramkrishna Bajaj Chair D.

1972 Research Interests Multi-objective optimization of industrial processes On-line optimizing control of polymerization reactors Modeling of complex polymerization systems Bio-mimetic approaches in genetic algorithm and simulated annealing 6 7 . Santosh Kumar Gupta Chemical Engineering chair professors 2010 L&T Chair Professor About prof. He has been a professor at IIT Bombay since 2008. He has developed experimental methodologies for the on-line state estimation and optimal control of polymerization reactors. and the Indian National Academy of Engineering. He has motivated undergraduates to do outstanding fundamental research resulting in publications in reputed international journals. Indeed. Some of his innovative research has found place in undergraduate-level textbooks. 1970 Ph. Academic Background B. Gupta has made outstanding theoretical and experimental contributions to fundamental understanding in the general area of polymerization reaction engineering. USA. He is a recipient of the Herdillia Award of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers for Excellence in Basic Research in Chemical Engineering. Bangalore. IIT Kanpur. Madison. with almost 200 research papers in high-impact refereed journals. University of Pennsylvania. he is a role model for several generations of students.D. Prof. He has served as Visiting Professor at the University of Notre Dame. USA. Prof. and for the vapor-liquid equilibrium of polymerizing systems.Prof. Gupta was a faculty member at IIT Kanpur from 1973 to 2008. the National University of Singapore and the University of Wisconsin. His teaching acumen combined with his concern for students has led to the publication of six well-recognized and affordable quality-textbooks for students in India.S. New Delhi. India. gu pta is a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences. University of Pennsylvania. and optimization using evolutionary techniques. the National Academy of Sciences. gupta Pro f. 1968 M.Tech.

More recently he is engaged with the solution of very large (of the order of a million nodes) specialized circuits such as those containing diodes and linear static devices. Hari Narayanan Electrical Engineering chair professors 2010 Kamal Nayan Bajaj Chair Professor About prof. he is known to be a compassionate teacher. A recipient of the award for Excellence in Teaching at IIT Bombay in 1998. He is especially concerned with disturbed and disadvantaged students and is involved in counseling and to help them with their problems. Academic Background B. IIT Bombay. system partitioning and for the application of graph theoretical techniques to computer-aided design of Very Large Scale Integrated circuits (VLSI). he is coordinating an institute-wide effort for helping students who face academic problems. He is the author of the monograph. H. IIT Bombay. He was a visiting faculty with the EECS Department at UC Berkeley. Berkeley.D.Prof. submodular functions. Currently. Narayanan Pro f.Tech. 1997). 1974 Research Interests Building large scale circuit simulators. and with dynamical system computations using implicit methods. Na raya n a n is well known for his work on matroids. California during 1983–1985. He has supervised the development of a circuit simulator (BITSIM 1992) particularly suited for the analysis of large circuits through iterative methods. 1969 Ph. Narayanan has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1974. Prof. Large scale system partitioning Combinatorial optimization including submodular function theory 8 9 . He was the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay between 2000 and 2003. Submodular Functions and Electrical Networks (North Holland. He has also applied circuit theoretical solutions to combinatorial optimization problems.

Vasi has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1981.Tech. Prof. Additionally he was awarded the National Sreenivasan Memorial Award of IETE in 1997. K. and the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE). IIT Bombay. M. 1973 Research Interests Nanoelectronics Flash memory devices Nanoscale CMOS devices for ULSI applications Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) MOS devices Reliability of nano-scale CMOS devices Modeling and simulation of nanoscale CMOS devices 10 11 . the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE). Before joining IIT Bombay he taught at IIT Delhi and Johns Hopkins University. He was elected to The Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars in 1993. Prof. 1969 Ph. vasi Pro f. as also the Mathur Award for Excellence in Research. He has been an Editor of the prestigious journal 'IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices' and a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Electron Devices Society.Prof.D. J. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet of the Government of India. Academic Background B. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Vasi Electrical Engineering chair professors 2010 1st Batch (1962) P. Kelkar Chair Professor for Nanotechnology About prof. Vasi has received IIT Bombay’s Award for Excellence in Teaching twice. and the TechnoVisionary Award of the India Semiconductor Association in 2008. Johns Hopkins University. va s i has played an important role in the initiation and growth of Nanoelectronics at IIT Bombay and in the country.

He has also collaborated on the development of personal locket that collects ECG data. Prof. the third prize for Edugame Design competition. Athvankar has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1970. he has focused on areas like ‘product semantics’ and ‘object and culture relationship’. Using cognitive theories as a framework. Besides research publications. in 1973. Academic Background B. spatial intelligence and visual thinking in design problem solving. Prof. In his research. linguistics and design decision. The products he is working on include robotic toys and thinking games for children. Athavankar industrial design centre chair professors 2010 Ramkrishna Bajaj Chair Professor About prof. Prof. table-top small ECG machine. University of Mumbai. Uday A. Unilever. variable frequency light table and night vision goggles for the vision impaired. Athavankar Pro f. and the Best Paper Award.Prof. Athava n k a r received the Award for Excellence in consultancy. Samsung and Nokia. Athavankar has been exploring the relationship between cognitive science. he is on the editorial board of two international journals on design research. Athvankar's current projects are in the field of localization (India and Asia Pacific) of global products from companies such as NCR.Arch. by the President of India in 2004. His present work includes exploring the role of mental imagery. bio-metric authorization device. Israel. Conference in Vienna in 1996. 1966 Research Interests Product design Metal imagery and visualisation Communication theory Design process and methods Product planning Product semantics Design and culture 12 13 .

He has been conducting experiential learning workshops on topics like symmetry. rao Pro f. IIT Bombay. Additionally. he studied bamboo craft in the North East and developed tools and small technologies for it under a UNDP project. College of Engineering. He has authored two books— IDC: A decade of Design and Bamboo Craft Design. 14 15 . Academic Background B. tangram. He is actively engaged in bringing 'experiential education' into school curriculum. rao has been responsible for shaping the M. 1970 Research Interests Product design. Prof. programme at IIT Bombay from its inception.E. Rao has conducted over 30 workshops in Bamboo Craft all over the country and started a ‘Bambu Studio' at IDC. G. He has published several papers in National and International Conferences and is a Member of the International Journal of Bamboo and Rattan.Prof. A. He has also incubated a company ‘AG Bambu Style’ under the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE). Rao has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1970. He has designed over 20 products for industry including the Electronic Voting Machine. He studied Creativity and Problem Solving at MIT (Cambridge) and at other places in USA under a UNESCO fellowship. NID. Rao industrial design centre chair professors 2010 D. L.Des. Anantapur 1961–66 Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Design. He believes that by integrating crafts with other subjects like Mathematics in experiential mode can make school education meaningful to craft communities. golden proportion and bamboo craft with specially designed kits. Shah Chair Professor for Innovation About prof. Creativity and problem solving Bamboo crafts Experiential learning Craft education Prof.

maiti Pro f.Sc. 1970 M. Royal Society Commonwealth Bursary for Postdoctoral Research in 1981.Prof.Ds and more than 50 M. and Burdwan University Gold Medal in Mechanical Engineering in 1970.Techs. He received the Postdoctoral Fellowship of Cambridge University in 1982. National Scholarship for Postgraduate Study Abroad in 1972. 1973 Ph.K. Birmingham University. He has guided over a dozen Ph.. India (1994). as a design engineer from 1974 to 1975.E. 1980 Research Interests Linear elastic fracture mechanics Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics Interface fracture Fracture of composites Finite element methods Boundary element methods Crack detection Micro and nano-fracture mechanics 16 17 . earlier named as TELCO Ltd.D. the first prize in the 2nd All India Design Competition for Engineering Students in 1970. Maiti has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1975. Burdwan University. Jamshedpur. Prof. Suriya Kumar Maiti Mechanical Engineering chair professors 2010 G. He has authored over 100 papers in refereed journals. IIT Bombay. Maiti is also a receipient of IIT Bombay's Excellence in Teaching Award (2006). m a i ti is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2008). and the Institution of Engineers. the Indian National Academy of Engineering (1996). Devrajulu Chair Professor About prof. Academic Background B. He moved to the institute after serving at Tata Motors. Prof.

D (DIC). in 2006.E. date Pro f. IIT Bombay. University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. He is the founder and current head of the Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Area (CTARA). Date has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1973. Bombay University. He received the Excellence in Teaching Award. He was also invited to contribute a chapter on CFD in the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (2008 edition). Imperial College of Science and Technology. Date Mechanical Engineering chair professors 2010 Rahul Bajaj Chair Professor About prof. He has made important contributions in the field of rural technology development and has inspired several generations of students to work on problems of rural areas.Sc (Tech. 1969 Ph. Academic Background B. date is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (FNAE). 1967 M. Prof. A. W. 1973 Research Interests Enhanced heat transfer Computational fluid flow and heat/mass transfer Computational solidification and melting Energy systems Choice of technology 18 19 . He has made outstanding contributions to fundamentals of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and has written an important textbook in the area published by Cambridge University Press.Prof.). VJTI. 2001.

1978 Research Interests Magnetic properties of nano-crystalline ferrite thin films Magnetic materials for recording applications Ferromagnetic resonance in magnetic thin films & multilayers Magnetic properties and electrical transport in amorphous magnetic materials 20 21 . Shiva Prasad physics chair professors 2010 Institute Chair Professor About prof. Banaras Hindu University. Prof.Sc.Prof. pra s a d and his co-workers have made significant contribution towards understanding the electrical and magnetic properties of various magnetic materials. His group showed that the magnetic order of Zn ferrite films can be changed from antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic when the grain size is in a particular range. USA during 1979–80. Prof. the texture and magnetic properties can be significantly altered. IIT Delhi.Sc. University of Delhi. After joining IIT Bombay. He also received the Excellence in Teaching award of IIT Bombay twice (in 1999 and in 2003). prasad Pro f. Prasad has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1980. France. Bellevue. during 1977–79 and as IBM Research Fellow at the California Institute of Technology. Pasadena. he became interested in the role played by early 3-d transition metals doping in amorphous magnetic materials. They showed that by changing the deposition parameters. Prasad has more than hundred publications in prestigious journals to his credit. Before joining IIT Bombay. Many important results were obtained by his team in this area. 1973 Ph. CNRS.D. They were also successful in obtaining higher than bulk magnetization in some of the ferrite thin films. Later he changed his interest to magnetic thin films and formed a group which developed the growth facility of ferrite thin films in the institute. 1971 M. he worked as a PostDoctoral researcher at Laboratoire de Magnetisme. Various aspects of magnetic behaviour of these films were studied by them when the grain sizes are in the nano-crystalline range. Academic Background B.

Bhabha Atomic Research Center. 1967 Ph. he has worked on various topics of condensed matter physics such as Energy band structures of Ce. atom or molecule and metal surface. resistivity of liquid metals. 1973 Research Interests Magnon bound states. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. impurities in semiconductors. At IIT Bombay. He was a Senior Solid State Fellow for two years at ICTP (1985–87).D. Sweden(1973–78). He also received Associateship of ICTP for five years (1980–85). Prof. G. Calcutta University. Scottish Church College. Mukhopadhyay has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1978. VdW interaction between molecule and metal surface. Academic Background B. he has supervised many students for Ph. He has more than 100 publications in prestigious journals and conference proceedings. Italy (1972). 1966 BARC Training School.Sc degrees. dielectric and magnetic nano-particles.D. superconductivity. Semiconductors. Mukhopadhyay Pro f. Since 1967. Superconductivity Magnetic materials and Rare Earth Iron Garnets (RIG s) Carbon Nano-tubes and Nanoparticles Electronic energy band structure and related properties of crystalline solids 22 23 . magnon bound states in 1.Tech. 2 and 3-dimensions.Sc. Gothenburg. Prior to that he was a Guest Scientist in Chalmers University of Technology. Fullerenes and carbon nanotubes. IIT Kharagpur. exo-electron emissions. thermodynamic and magneto-optic properties of RIG s. Bombay. and M. resistivity of liquid metals Dynamic response of uniform & non-uniform electron systems EM radiation fields at interfaces Exo-emission. Mu k ho pa d hyay is the recipient of an IAEA Fellowship at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Trieste. semiconductors. Mukhopadhyay physics chair professors 2010 Institute Chair Professor About prof. Van der Waals (VdW) interactions between particles and voids. and scattering and absorption of em radiation by metal. B.Sc. 1964 M. dynamic image potentials.Prof.

H. IIT Bombay. Life Member of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and is a Life Member of the Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers. The Aircraft Production and High Velocity Impact Test Laboratories at Aerospace Engineering Department are the outcome of the singular efforts of Prof. he has been elected as a Fellow of the Aeronautical Society of India and the Institution of Engineering (India) and.A. Cambridge. published by Professional Engineering Publishing Limited. USA. naik Pro f. London. Uk. Further. He is also a recipient of the Aerospace Engineering Division Gold Medal of the Institution of Engineers (India) for 1992–93.E. India and the Indian National Academy of Engineering. Naik has completed several sponsored and industrial projects of national importance.. He holds a patent with invention title 'Strength Enhancing Insert Assemblies'. Research Interests Impact / ballistic impact behavior of composites Strain rate effects on the mechanical behavior of composites Honeycomb sandwich structures with composite inserts Hybrid composites Fatigue and fracture behavior of composites Carbon nanotube – polymer composites Thermomechanical analysis of 2D/3D woven/braided composites 24 25 .M. 1971 Ph. Prof. K. IIT Bombay. 1968 M. New York and Woodhead Publishing Limited. Naik has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1976. M.Prof. Woven Fabric Composites published by Technomic. Mathur award for Excellence in Research in Applied Sciences in 2006 by IIT Bombay. Naik E m e r i t u s F e l lo w. Naik. 1984 Prof. H. N. He is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design. Academic Background B. granted to him. A e r o s pac e E n g i n e r i n g chair professors 2010 Institute Chair Professor About prof.Tech. London. He has been awarded the Excellence in Aerospace Education Award 2008 by the Aeronautical Society of India. He has also contributed chapters to the books published by Blackie Academic and Professional. Inc. He has received the Prof.D. He has written a book. College of Engineering. Naik's research papers have been published in many international archived journals. Marcel Dekker. Prof. n a i k is a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences.

Jeffrey (University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. D. UK) resulted in definitive theoretical developments and their applications to several physical situations. such as acceleration waves. 1968 Ph.D theses. modifying and generalizing several known results in the literature. Chandna Mathematics Research Award in 1999. sharma Pro f. group theoretic methods. He is a recipient of UGC-Hari-Om Ashram Trust National Award for Theoretical Sciences and the C. University of Allahabad. Sharma’s collaboration with scholars like Prof. Sharma M at h e m at i c s chair professors 2010 Institute Chair Professor About prof. providing a complete characterization of weak nonlinear waves. This constitutes a major scientific contribution that has impacted many subsequent works in this area. Academic Background B.L. University of Allahabad. most of which have been published in wellknown and widely respected journals.Sc. Prof. Pai (University of Maryland. A. Sharma has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1988. dynamics of relaxing Radiating and electrically conducting fluids. simple waves and shock waves. 1966 M. India (NASI) and the Indian National Science Academy (INSA). Banaras Hindu University. Sharma has supervised 25 M.I.Sc dissertations. He and his co-workers obtained valuable insight into the role of non-uniformities and weak dissipative mechanisms.D. V. S. Prof. s ha rm a is the Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences. spanning about 35 years. He has received the Award for Excellence in Teaching twice from IIT Bombay (1998 and 2003). USA) and Prof. and has contributed as many as 84 research papers.Sc.Prof. 1972 Research Interests Quasilinear systems of partial differential equations Nonlinear gasdynamic waves Water waves. and two-phase flows 26 27 . Prof. 12 Ph. During his active research career.

Pune. The Scientific Research Society. University of Pune. the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Prof. Princeton. Academic Background B.D (Mathematics). ku lk a rn i is a Foreign Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences. Ravi S. Allahabad. National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM). Michigan. Harvard. He is the Director of ATM schools. Phi Beta Kappa. M at h e m at i c s chair professors 2010 Institute Chair Professor About prof. Kulkarni has published extensively in leading journals of Mathematics and is widely cited by other scholars in his field. and a Visiting Professor at the Department of Mathematics.) at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana. He has served in many high level academic committees of Government of India. Columbia. 1967 Research Interests Differential geometry Riemann surfaces Discontinuous groups 28 29 .Prof. Prof.A. He has been a visiting professor at many premier universities of the world— Harvard. the Sigma Xi. He is currently a distinguished Guest Professor at IIT Bombay and a Distinguished Professor (Hon. Kulkarni is an Emeritus Professor at City University of New York. Max-Planck Institute and others. kulkarni Pro f. He is a member of the American Mathematical Society (AMS). USA. Asian American Higher Educational Council. and the Society of Indian Academic in America. University of Pune. Kulkarni D i s t i n g u i s h e d V i s i t i n g P r o f e s s o r . 1962 Ph.

IIT Bombay. He also researches in operating systems and control algorithms for use in distributed systems.psu. Dhamdhere has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1972. Dhamdhere Computer Science and Engineering chair professors 2010 Institute Chair Professor About Stanford University. He has been listed in the Citeseer Index (for example citeseer. a total of nine distinct titles and editions excluding international editions and translations in Chinese and Spanish. He has also taught at US universities for three years. 1979 Research Interests Optimizing compilers Operating systems Distributed systems 30 31 . Academic Background B. M. He has authored many research papers and delivered invited talks at reputed research centers and universities such as the IBM Watson Research Labs. Princeton. dhamdhere Pro f. Prof. d ha m d here's research in program optimization by partial redundancy elimination and strength reduction has found its way in production compilers of programming languages. 1970 M.Prof. Dhamdhere has been an excellent teacher in a career that spans 38 years.Tech. Microsoft Research at Redmond.Tech. IIT Bombay. Prof. and the University of New South Wales. This is a significant accomplishment for someone who has done essentially all his research in India and is unique among the faculty of his generation. D. 1972 Ph. University of California. Berkeley. The transfer of the technology for automatic generation of program analyzers developed in his research group to an IT company was one of the first technology transfers at IIT Bombay.html) of most cited researchers developed by NEC Research Lab. IIT He has authored several textbooks on various aspects of system software.

D.Prof. C i v i l E n g i n e e r i n g chair professors 2010 Institute Chair Professor About prof. expert systems. in Yokohama. Punjab University. England. 1981 Research Interests Transportation systems engineering Digital simulation Highway and traffic engineering Railways and airport engineering Economic evaluation of transportation projects GIS and Fuzzy set theory in transportation modelling Landuse-transport modelling. He received the IBC Top 100 Engineers Medal in 2009. Urban Development Department. artificial intelligence. He has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1985 and was Emeritus Fellow between October 2007 and December 2009. He has also received the International Benefits Evaluation and Costs Management Committee Membership (IBEC-ITS May–June 2009). Dhingra has been teaching since 1966 and continues to do so with fresh fervor every day. He has been the recipient of the Visvesvaraiya Award in the category 'Eminent Professor' for the year 2006. Punjab University. S. He has been awarded the Fellowship of the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) to participate in the 5th WCTR. IIT Kanpur. Dhingra E m e r i t u s F e l lo w. 1968 Ph. Academic Background B. 1966 M. microsimulation 32 33 . and an independent director on the Board of Directors of Pratibha Industries Ltd. Government of Karnataka. Prof. He received IIT Bombay's award for Excellence in Teaching in 2002. d hi n g ra has been nominated as an International Engineer of the Year 2010–The International Biographical Centre (IBC) in Cambridge. dhingra Pro f. Japan. L.Sc. He is a member of the Advisory Board Directorate of Urban Land Transport.Sc.

finite element and other numerical methods. in recognition of his outstanding work in the area of Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures. the Indian Academy of Sciences (IASc) in 2004. Prof. shells. He also received the H. He has Research & Citation Standing in terms of H-factor of 18 on Web of Science. Tarun Kant Civil Engineering chair professors 2010 Institute Chair Professor About prof. During his tenure he has supervised 24 Ph. refined higher-order theories. IIT Bombay. fibre reinforced polymer composites. 1969 Ph. 1977 Research Interests Structural Engineering: solid mechanics. k a n t was elected Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) in 1999. mechanics of composite materials and structures and computational mechanics 34 35 .H. Academic Background B. 1962 B.D. He has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1971.Prof. He is a Member of International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) and Life Member of The Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISTAM) and the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and Founder Life Member of International Society for Computational Engineering and Science (ISCES). the 1992–93 European Commission (EC) Senior Faculty Exchange Fellowship.Tech dissertations. Kant has received the Burmah-Shell Best Paper Prize and was awarded the 1979 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust (UK) Scholarship.Tech. transient dynamics.Sc. Prof. He is also a nominated Fellow of The World Innovation Foundation.D theses and over 68 M. IIT Kanpur. Allahabad University. thermal stresses. uk. He has published more than 120 research papers in refereed journals and about 140 in conference proceedings in diverse areas of computational structural mechanics. the Indian Association for Computational Mechanics (IndACM) and the Indian Association for Structural Engineering (IASE).Tech. use of polymer composites in construction. Mathur Award for Excellence in Research in Applied Sciences in 2006. 1967 M. Kant received the Khosla National Award in 2009 given by IIT Roorkee for his lifetime achievement in the field of engineering. plates. He is also a Fellow of The Institution of Engineers and The Aeronautical Society of India (Ae SI). kant Pro f. IIT Bombay. and the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) in 2007.

Chair Professors 2009 .

Tech. Isaac Chair Professor About prof. IEEE Network and the founding Editor of the IEEE ComSoc ONTC’s newsletter Prism. He has also worked with Cisco Systems in the Optical Networking Group (ONG). MPLS-TP.. Ashwin Gumaste Computer Science and Engineering chair professors 2009 James R. 2003 Research Interests Metro and access optical networks. NGPON. Gumaste has also authored three books in broadband networks called DWDM Network Designs and Engineering Solutions (a networking bestseller). In 2009 he also held an appointment of Associate Professor (Research) at Iowa State University.D (EE).in/gnl. His work on light-trails has been widely referred. iitb. Globecom. Gumaste has been with IIT Bombay since 2005 where he convenes the Gigabit Networking Laboratory: www. He is also a guest editor for IEEE Communications Magazine. ICCCN. gum a s te was a Visiting Scientist and a Visiting Scholar with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). telepresence Prof. Dallas. University of Texas. USA. as a Member of Research Staff in the Photonics Networking Laboratory (2001–05). Prof. Prof. 100 Gigabit Ethernet. cloud computing. He has served as program Gumaste has published about 120 papers in refereed conferences and journals. 2000 Ph. Academic Background B. First-Mile Access Networks and Enabling Technologies and Broadband Services: Business Case and Technology for Community Networks. gumaste Pro f. PBB-TE. Gridnets etc. multi-degree ROADMs GPON. data centers. 38 39 . He was previously with Fujitsu Laboratories (USA) Inc. Bombay University. co-chair. University of Louisiana. Cambridge. OFC.Prof. deployed and recognized by both industry and academia. in the Research Laboratory for Electronics–Claude-E-Shannon group from 2007 to 2009. He has 17 granted US patents and has over 30 pending patent applications. publicity chair and workshop chair for IEEE conferences and as program committee member for IEEE ICC. 1998 M.S. He is the Secretary of the IEEE Communication Society's Technical Committee on High Speed Networks (TCHSN).

Tech. Warren B. He co-chairs an annual workshop in High Performance Computational Biology and has edited a comprehensive handbook. 1994 Research Interests Parallel algorithms and applications String data Combinatorial scientific computing: spatial domain decomposition methods. 1991 Ph. computational electromagnetics. Academic Background B.D. and materials informatics Bioinformatics and computational biology: computational genomics. This work has led to very serious use of parallel computing in the Bio-informatics arena. aluru Pro f. Prof. and high performance/parallel computational biology 40 41 . Srinivas Aluru Computer Science and Engineering chair professors 2009 Bajaj Group Chair Professor About prof.Prof. Prof. Boast Undergraduate Teaching Award (2005). fast multi-pole method. and two best paper finalist recognitions (SC 2007 and SC 2002). Computational Molecular Biology published in 2006. Aluru has published two books and more than 90 technical papers in journals and peer-reviewed conferences. a lu ru is a recipient of the NSF Career Award (1997). He has also developed collaborations with Biologists to the extent that he has several papers in the Biology literature and teaches course with solid Biological content. Iowa State University.S. He is one of a very small group of people who has used massively parallel computers to solve complex problems with innovative algorithms and data structures. two best paper awards (IPDPS 2006 and CSB 2005). systems biology. Aluru is a well-known authority in two major fields: Parallel Computing and Bio-informatics. Aluru has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 2009. 1989 M. Prof. Iowa State University. IBM Faculty Award (2002). IIT Madras. Iowa State University Foundation Award for Mid-career Achievement in Research (2006).

Chair Professors prior to 2009 .

Academic Background B. 1981 Research Interests Data base management systems Software engineering. IIT Bombay. He served as the first Dean of Resource Development for IIT Bombay from 1995 to 1998. He currently leads the Smart Card research group in KRe SIT working on future multi-application smart cards. He was invited to work on the Saraf Committee to plan induction of modern Information Technology in the National Payment Systems. system performance evaluation Distributed client server information systems 44 45 . D.Prof. IIT Bombay. He had chaired a SEBI Committee to evolve similar technical standards for internet trading. He has developed a tutoring environment for a maintenance-training simulator now being used as a product for training engineers and technicians for maintaining large and complex engineering systems. 1971 Ph. phata k's primary research inclinations are in technology application and deployment areas. B. Indore. SGSITS.E. He has been involved in the development of an authoring environment for creating interactive computer-based tutoring systems. Nilekani Chair Professor About prof.D. He created the benchmark-toolset ‘PARIKSHAK’ that was used by several Indian organizations for system performance evaluation before the advent of TPC benchmarks. He has coordinated a large pilot project on campus to introduce smart card based payment systems in the country. He has been with IIT Bombay since 1971. He is actively involved with the new initiative on Smart Cards by the Ministry of Information Technology. 1969 M. He was the founding head of Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology set up in October 1998 at the institute. phatak Pro f. Phatak Computer Science and Engineering chair professors Prior to 2009 Subrao M.Tech.

His research explores timeliness and consistency issues in computer systems. IIT Madras. University of Utah. Australia and IBM Faculty Awards. and distributed applications. real-time systems.Prof. embedded systems. ra m a m ri tha m has received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Madras. the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE). 1978 Ph.D.Tech. the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Prof. Krithi Ramamritham Computer Science and Engineering chair professors Prior to 2009 Vijay & Sita Vashee Chair Professor About prof. mobile environments and the web. 1976 M. 1981 For the last few years he has been interested in the use of Information and Communication Technologies for creating tools aimed at socio-economic development. Prof. Ramamritham has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1998. Ramamritham is a Fellow of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). in particular databases. IIT Madras. Research Interests Real time systems Databases Distributed applications 46 47 .Tech. Academic Background B. and the Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS). Doctor of Science (honoris causa) from the University of Sydney. ramamritham Pro f. His recent work addresses these issues in the context of Dynamic Data in sensor networks.

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The most preeminent among them are recognised and aided by the institute by appointing them as Chair Professors. mumbai 4000 76 . Indian Institute of Technology Bombay powai.chair professors at iit bombay The cornerstone of IIT Bombay's Tryst with Excellence are faculty members with an excellent record of teaching and research who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields.

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