Introduction of a new assessment tool for offenders convicted of offences related to possession, making or distribution of indecent images of children.

Probation Circular
REFERENCE NO: 04/2004 ISSUE DATE: 13 January 2004 IMPLEMENTATION DATE: Immediate EXPIRY DATE: 1 January 2006 TO: Chairs of Probation Boards Chief Officers of Probation Secretaries of Probation Boards CC: Board Treasurers Regional Managers AUTHORISED BY: Liz Hill, Head of Public Protection Unit ATTACHED: Annex A – The IBAQ

Chief Officers to circulate to Managers with responsibility for staff who compile PSRs and assessments on offenders convicted of internetrelated offences. All Areas are required to add this questionnaire to the psychometric battery used with sex offenders. Areas to enter the data on the electronic scoring spreadsheet for the sex offender psychometrics and send to the NPD nominated data custodian. If used as a stand-alone assessment, or at PSR stage, hard copies of the completed IBAQ should be sent to the NPD nominated data custodian.

The IBAQ has been developed jointly between HMPS and NPS for use in the assessment and management of offenders convicted of internet-related crimes. The collection of data on a large sample is essential before the instrument can be further developed to assist in risk management and treatment decisions.

PC 14/2003

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Introduction 1. The three accredited community sex offender programmes (C-SOGP, TV-SOGP & N-SOGP) have a number a psychometric assessments which are used to determine a deviance profile and assessment of treatment needs. These tests are useful in identifying known dynamic risk factors for child sexual offenders and they should continue to be used for offenders convicted of offences related to indecent images of children. However the increased number of individuals convicted for internet-related offences and the range of behaviours engaged in by the offender, requires further research and the development of more specific assessment measures. PC14/2003 gave advice on assessment based on current research literature. The IBAQ (attached at Annex A) is an assessment tool in development, which should be used in conjunction with the advice already given in PC14/2003. Description of the Questionnaire 2. The Prison Service and National Probation Directorate have developed the “Internet Behaviour and Attitudes Questionnaire” (IBAQ) to meet this need. The IBAQ contains 43 items concerned with internet behaviours and 48 items designed to assess attitudes towards the offence behaviour. In addition there are sections on the offender background characteristics and the Paulhus Deception Scale to assess for socially desirable answering. The IBAQ also contains a section which explains the purpose of the questionnaire and asks for demographic information about the offender. How the Questionnaire should be used 3. The IBAQ should be completed by all offenders convicted of offences of possession, making and distributing indecent images of children. It should be used: with the other sex offender psychometric measures, which are required to be completed on all sex offenders prior to entering a treatment programme PSR writers may wish to consider using it pre-sentence, to quickly obtain from the offender an indication of the range of offence behaviours and offence attitudes relevant to the individual. This use is optional in recognition of the short time-scale involved in preparing pre-sentence reports. At the post-sentence stage as a single questionnaire during the supervision process Existing relevant cases should complete the questionnaire in addition to new cases. This should be done at the next routine supervision session. 4. Data should be collected using the electronic spreadsheet (available as an Excel programme) which is used for data entry of the other sex offender psychometrics. Areas have been circulated with Version 2 of this programme. Version 3 will be issued to all Areas following this PC. Completed spreadsheets should be sent to Rebecca Mandeville-Norden as is current practice. ( 5. If the Excel programme is for some reason not available, a copy of the completed questionnaire should be sent to Rebecca Mandeville-Norden as the NPD nominated data custodian, who will collate responses from Areas. Areas who currently contract out the scoring and assessment of psychometrics must make arrangements with the service provider for the data to be forwarded to Rebecca Mandeville-Norden (this applies to all psychometric data in addition to the IBAQ, since this data is required for national evaluation of programme effectiveness) 6. There is no analysis or scoring required for the questionnaire at this stage. Once a sufficiently large sample has been collected, a factor analysis will be conducted by NPD and HMPS, which in due course will enable the different items to be given a weighted score. At this stage the questionnaire will be able to identify different categories of offender for assessment purposes. 7. The results of the analysis will be made available to Areas as soon as it has been completed. Obviously the speed at which areas respond by sending completed IBAQ results for collation will influence how quickly the benefits of this evidenced based assessment can be put to greater use. 8. Further advice and enquiries For advice on inputting data contact Rebecca Mandeville-Norden (Tel: 01392 474139) or e-mail as above For advice on other issues relating to the IBAQ contact David Middleton (e-mail and telephone number on frontsheet)
PC04/2004 - Introduction of Internet Behaviour & Attitudes Questionnaire (IBAQ) 2