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Diagnose your disease from your horoscope

According to Ayurveda (Indian medical science) and astrology various diseases in our body are the results of our sins performed by us in our this or former births. View Verse of the Harit Sahinta

janmaantarkritampaapm vyaadhi rupen baadhte | tachchhantir aushdhi daanm jap hom sur archna ||
Our acts of sins in this or previous births appear in form of various diseases in our body in present birth which can be treated with proper medicines , balanced and proper diet ,charity,chanting the religious Mantr , prayer and worship of God. There are three kinds of acts called karma;

1 Stored acts (sanchit ) 2 Destiny (praarabdh )

3 Present acts(kriymaan )
According to Ayurved our stored acts of sin of previous births are the main reasons of our diseases part of which is suffered by us today as a destiny. In present time also we invite diseases by taking unhealthy diet and wrong life style. Achaarya Sushrut and Acharya Charak say that serious diseases likeleprosy,piles,fissure,hysteria,diabties, haemorrhoids,paralysis, calculus,ear-eye-speech disorders etc. are caused due to murder of a Brahman,theft, kidnapping, killing innocent people in this or previous births.

knowledge of the disease and its time from Horoscope

It is possible to know when a man may suffer from which disease through his horoscope. Position of planets in the horoscope , transit of planets, the period and sub periods of planets can answer the above questions. Horoscope shows like a lamp in darkness, all the good and evil deeds of human in previous births results of which are to be achieved in this birth . All the diseased can be classified in two parts

1 Innate diseases
Congenital diseases have been classified into spontaneous diseases. Organ inferiority,disability, blindness, dumbness and deafness, insanity, impotence, Polio etc.

Diagnose your disease from your horoscope

spontaneous diseases which are present in baby at time of birth are considered from the presence of weak and malefic planets in 8th house and position of its lord into horoscope . These diseases are often long term and are malignant.

2 After birth diseases

Dieases like Injury, incantation, epidemic, accident, ambush by enemy ,fever, blood
disorders, , stomach disorders, arthritis etc. are caused by direct reasons and are

considered by presence of weak and malefic planets in 6th house and the position of its lord in horoscope

Parts of body and diseases related to twelve houses and signs

The sign or house which is suffering with the presence or aspects of malefics and weak planets in horoscope or lord of house or sign which is situated in sixth or eighths house creates diseases related to that sign or house House sign Parts of body Disease First Aries Head, forehead Brain disease, head pain, dizziness, epilepsy, mania, alopecia, fever, heat,. meningitis. etc Disease related to mouth, eye, face, nose, teeth, tongue, lips, esophagus etc. Cough, asthma, sore throat pain, pain in arms, ear pain etc.. Heart disease, respiratory disease, dementia, rib dysfunction, anorexia, etc.. Abdominal pain, indigestion, liver disease, jaundice, silliness, uterine disorders, jaundice etc. Diarrhea, disorder in intestines, hernia, appendicitis, pain in the groin, accident etc.. kidney disease, bladder disease, diabetes, leucorrhoea, kidney stones, urinary disease etc. Haemorrhoids, fistula-in-ano, venereal disease, monthly problem, accident and so on.



Third Fourth Fifth

Gemini Cancer Leo

Mouth, eye, face, nose, teeth, tongue, lips, esophagus, Throat, ear, hand, arm, shoulder, breathing tube Breast, lung, , heart, mind, ribs Stomach, liver, spleen, stomach, spine Waist, intestines





Bladder, kidney,



Anus, testicles, , penis, vagina

Diagnose your disease from your horoscope

Ninth Tenth Eleventh Sagittarius Thigh, hip Capricorn Aquarius Knees, legs Ankle, Pindlian, feet Vata disorder, hip pain, arthritis, ,bone marrow disease, liver dysfunction, etc. Vata disorder, arthritis, etc. Calf pain, weakness of nerves, etc. Convulsions. Polio, rheumatism, leg pain and more.

Twelveth Pisces

Parts of body and disease related to planets

When the Sun and other planets are in its debilitation sign,enemy sign,weak,conjucted or aspected by malefic planets or situated in 6th or 8th house in horoscope ,a person is suffered by the disease related to that particular planet as given below:-


Parts of body

Effect in body



Eyes, head, heart


Fever, heart disease, bone disease, bile, inflammation, epilepsy, eye diseases, trauma, brain fever




Ascites, eye disease, low blood pressure, anorexia, psychiatric, lack of blood, phlegm, dyspepsia, insomnia, jaundice, cough - cold, distraction Irritation, accident, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, itching, collagen disease, poison fear, helplessness, tumult, incantation karma, fear of power


Muscles, stomach,back

Bone marrow

Diagnose your disease from your horoscope

Mercury Hand,throat,speech skin Tridosha, jaundice, Baham, throat diseases, leprosy, skin disorders, speech disorders, nasal disease,




Typhoid, tumor, hernia, swelling, cough defects, memory loss, ear pain, delirium, etc.


Sex organs



Legs and feet


diabetes, eye disorders, urinary diseases, gonorrhea, increased Prostant Glands, ejaculation, , and including AIDS-related diseases, and reproductive organ Fatigue, gout, joint disease, paralysis, polio, cancer, weakness, leg injury Leprosy, heart disease, fear toxin, smallpox, worm disorder, epilepsy, etc.





Skin disorders, accident, pregnancy ,poison

When we will be effected by the disease

A malefic and weak planet as described earlier shows its ill effect creating disease in its season, day,periods or sub periods and in transit . in addition Sun in22th year,Moon in24th year,Mars in28th year, Mercury in 35th year,Jupiter in16th year,Venus in 25th year ,Saturn in 36th year ,Rahu in 44th yearand Ketu in 48th year also give their auspicious or inauspicious result to a person. So a weak and ill affected planet can produce illness ruled by it or related to that house or sign which is affected by it.

Measures to prevent disease

Diagnose your disease from your horoscope

After examining periods,sub periods and transit of planets in a particular horoscope one can pre judge the time of disease and can take preventive measures to stop or lessen the effect of that disease. Chaity and donation,wearing stone,enchanting Mantr related to that malefic planet can give relief to affected person.According to Prasan-Marg donations of medicine and selfless service to the person suffering from the diseases gives relief a person from serious diseases. Chanting of Rudra Sukta or Sri Maha mrityunjay mantr , charity and Rudraabhisek also proves beneficial in incurable diseases.

Krishna Kant Bhardwaj

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