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Remote Display/Control Module (RDCM)

• • • • 80-Character LCD Display Up to 15 Modules per Chemetron System May be located up to 4,000 Feet from Control Unit Full Complement of Functional Keys and LEDs

Effective: May 2011

The Remote Display/Control Module (RDCM) provides an additional point of event reporting and operator intervention/control for a MICRO SLX system. It features an 80-character LCD display that duplicates all the information on the main-control-unit display. The RDCM contains the following functional keys: • • • • Event Acknowledgement Alarm Silence System Reset Display Scroll

There are twelve digit/navigation keys that enable full menu functionality. The six system-level LEDs correspond to the following general conditions: • • • • • • Module Power Alarm Pre-Alarm Alarm Silence Supervisory Trouble

The RDCM is supplied in an enclosure that is suitable for surface or semi-flush mounting. Refer to Figure 1 for module-mounting dimensions.

Network Wiring: Wire Type: Style 4, Supervised and Power-Limited Twisted Shielded, LowCapacitance, Fire-Alarm Wire (Recommended) #18 AWG (minimum) 4,000 Feet Per RS-485 Standard 24 VDC (nominal) 0.064 A 0.085 A 15

The RDCM communicates with the Control Unit via an external RS-485 communications circuit, with the most remote module capable of being located up to 4,000 feet from the control unit. Up to 15 RDCMs can be connected in a bus configuration to the RS-485 communications circuit. The RDCM can be powered from the MICRO SLX's power supply, or from an external, regulated, and powerlimited power supply Listed for use with fire-protective signaling systems, depending upon the total load of the remote outputs. A typical external power supply is Chemetron S/N 70101114.

Wire Size: Maximum Network Wiring Distance: Communications: Operating Voltage: Standby Current: Alarm Current: Maximum RDCM: (per control unit)

19 9.06 Figure 1.50 5.88 7. H x 2. The product must be properly applied to work correctly. Matteson. RDCM Mounting Dimensions MECHANICAL Dimensions: Weight: 12.50 .25 9. D Twisted Shielded. This literature is provided for informational purposes only.chemetron. 3rd Floor Matteson. Low-Capacitance.00 1. or if you have a particular question.00 1.9 in. If you need more information on this product.19 7.33 12.33 in. IL 60443. Inc. Telephone: (708) 748-1503. W x 7. MICRO SLX is a trademark of Chemetron Fire Systems. Chemetron Fire Systems assumes no responsibility for the product’s suitability for a particular application.25 1.06 2. contact Chemetron Fire Systems. IL 60443 Ph: 708-748-1503 Fax: 708-748-2847 www.19 in. Fire-Alarm Wire (Recommended) ORDERING INFORMATION Stock Number 70101340 70101342 70101776 70101777 Description RDCM in Red Enclosure) Red Trim Ring RDCM PC Board and Display RDCM Enclosure (Red) ENVIRONMENTAL Operational Temperature: Relative Humidity: 32°F (0°C) to 120°F (49°C) 85% at 90°F (non-condensing) Chemetron and Chemetron Fire Systems are trademarks of Kidde-Fenwal. C-65-601 Rev AB © 2011 Chemetron 4801 Southwick Drive.12.