US Capital Partners Provides Multi-Million Dollar Facility for NPACT America US Capital Partners, LLC helps create

jobs for the disabled community and for di sabled veterans by securing expansive financing for a leading non-profit social enterprise. San Francisco, CA, May 22, 2013 -- US Capital Partners, LLC has provided a multi -million dollar accounts receivable line of credit for NPACT America, Inc. ("NPA CT"), headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. US Capital Partners is a private i nvestment bank that makes direct debt investments, participates in debt faciliti es, and arranges equity placements for small to lower middle market companies. In 2011, NPACTâ s largest manufacturer and supplier was acquired by a private company . After the acquisition, the private company donated the entire manufacturing bu siness to NPACT. This resulted in one of the largest partnerships between a forprofit and a non-profit, with NPACT poised to become a major manufacturer of dru g testing equipment. To support its current and future working capital needs, NP ACT approached US Capital Partners to place a scalable accounts receivable line of credit. "We are delighted to have financed this expanding non-profit, thereby helping to create many more jobs for the disabled community and for disabled veterans," sa id Jeffrey Sweeney, CEO and Managing Director at US Capital Partners. "One hundr ed percent of NPACTâ s receivables are with government agencies, with all payments re ceived through a single government entity. The situation is problematic for most traditional lendersâ because of the non-profit structure of the company, the concent ration of receivables, and the government account debtors. Despite this, US Capi tal Partners was able to structure and provide a multi-million dollar revolver t o support NPACTâ s continued growth." About NPACT America, Inc.: Established in 2009, NPACT America is a Florida-based non-profit social enterpri se with a mission to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including service disabled veterans and people who are deaf, visua lly impaired, or have a physical or mental disability. The non-profit provides d rug and alcohol testing equipment to over 200 institutions and state agencies, d esigning products to meet a wide variety of specification needs. Currently, NPAC T is the only provider of drug and alcohol screening products to the State of Fl orida. About US Capital Partners, LLC: Since 1998, US Capital Partners ( has been providing p rompt, innovative, and reliable financing solutions including lending, equity fi nancing, and debt re-structuring to businesses across the United States and abro ad. US Capital Partners is a private investment bank, direct lender, co-lender, and lead financial arranger that specializes in asset-based debt for small to mi ddle market private and public companies. The companyâ s innovative approach allows i t to provide the best financing available, not only for companies in excellent f inancial condition, but also for companies that may have been refused credit by traditional lenders. If you would like to know more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, email Jeffrey Sweeney, CEO and Managing Director, at jsweeney@uscapitalp or call (415) 889-1010. Contact: Hilary Adams US Capital Partners, LLC 555 Montgomery Street, Suite 1501 San Francisco, CA, 94111


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