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In gating system, risers used to: feed the shrink In disa system mold, vertically parted, flaskless Standard green sand casting process, outer green sand, inner chemical (TRUE) Which methods are more efficient: vertically parted Chill: used to chill quickly to control grain size Smallest feature: lost wax Cheapest: green sand Once tooling is produced: which has fastest cycle time per part: die casting lost wax method, draft necessary in order to remove pattern? (FALSE) design engr. Never Needs to know design process. (FALSE, will go out of business) precision sand is loosely defined dont use water? (TRUE) precision sand/green sand (TRUE) precision and chemically bonded binder system, age well? (TRUE) green sand only non-ferrous alloys? (FALSE) if precision sand better than green sand: (cost) green sand 3 parts: sand, water, clay green sand walls move because of: steam green sand called green because recyclable (FALSE) caterpillar uses precision sand casting magnesium is good to alloy to pour into green mold (FALSE) precision sand easily reused as green (FALSE) green sand last indefinitely (FALSE) ice cleat(the process was used because of cost) rapid prototyping: (RAPID) precision sand is cheap and easy (FALSE) Housing precision sand used: (internal features) The cavity of the mold - doesnt matter how oriented: (FALSE) gating system function: non turbulent quiet flow ? ? ? both methods (FALSE) ? BMW convert to casting (FALSE) Jet engine combuster (FALSE) Rubber part burned out (FALSE) In some die casting core can be used? (TRUE) No way to prototype, a die cast will give similar tolerance (FALSE) Perm mold high pressure plunger used to deliver metal to mold (FALSE) Perm mold internal (TRUE) Tilt casting, green, x-axis (FALSE) When die casting heat treated (hot, cold chamber)

Aluminum give choice hot chamber (FALSE) Which alloys not used to die cast :steel Expensive to start die cast but then gets cheap (TRUE) Hot chamber: cant use sand cores No rapid prototyping method for engine block (FALSE) Casting, rest way ------ rise up (counter gravity) Usually used for sewer pipe? Spin casting, perm Metal matrix composite, ceramic Design a pattern, may or necessary to make bigger (desired tolerance) Possible to cast as detailed in green sand as lost foam (FALSE) Which process can make biggest casting: Pit Casting Rapid prototyping as accurate to machining (FALSE) Possible to use same tooling as shell core (FALSE) Unlike metal shops, metal foundry facilities can alter the chemistry of the metal (true) Solid flask Can use any metal (FALSE) Precision sand is called that because you control the sand grain by 2% (FALSE) Size of casting limited by the amount of metal you can buy (FALSE) Can make .. Sand defined loosely as refractory material (true) All castings can be forged (FALSE) better use high dont want forged sand (FALSE) most machine sands never use casting (FALSE) tooling bottleneck --- basically have to make production tools to produce prototypes

Michael once tool is made, dye has fast part making time (dont need to make mold again) lost wax method need draft in mold: (FALSE) full mold process = foam Juan design engineer does need to know how to manufacturing process precision sand/chemically bonded loosely defined as the system for binder that doesnt use water (true) green sand is not as precise since it uses water and steam moves the walls of the mold