To inform Probation Areas and Boards that each Area is required to complete a set of Accreditation papers (the ADS) to facilitate accreditation of the STEPS infrastructure to the GSi Community.

Probation Circular
REFERENCE NO: 11/2005 ISSUE DATE: 15 February 2005 IMPLEMENTATION DATE: Immediate EXPIRY DATE: 9 February 2006 TO: Chairs of Probation Boards Chief Officers of Probation Secretaries of Probation Boards CC: Board Treasurers Regional Managers AUTHORISED BY: Gordon Turnbull, Head of Information Management and Technology Unit (IMTU) ATTACHED: N/A

Chief Officers should ensure that area IT staff: • are aware of the requirement to complete the accreditation paperwork (the ADS) which will be supported by the National Information Security Officer (NISO) for your Area; • engage in dialogue with NISO and complete the ADS. The Chief Officer will ensure that: • the ADS is signed on behalf of the Probation Area, which must be returned to the NISO for your Area for collation and onward transmission to NPD IMTU by 31 March 2005; • the Accreditation Certificate and the Annex E document is completed and returned to Kathryn Perry (NPD IMTU) by 18 March 2005.

In order that the NPS can deliver its information exchange requirements as part of NOMS and in support of its offender management and statutory duties the Service needs to be connected to the main government network, the Government Secure Intranet. To achieve accreditation the NPS needs to provide assurance at a technical and organisational level. To this end we are conducting a technical improvement programme across the Service and also updating a number of organisational policies.

PC45/2003 Information Security Programme PC66/2003 SEM Update PC69/2003 Vetting Protocol

Kathryn Perry, NPD IMTU. 020 7217 0783 information.security@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

National Probation Directorate
Horseferry House, Dean Ryle Street, London, SW1P 2AW General Enquiries: 020 7217 0659 Fax: 020 7217 0660

Enforcement, rehabilitation and public protection

The formal recognition of these requirements is the ADS, which is broken down into several parts including Annex E (Staff Commitment) Statement. Due to the constitutional nature of the NPS (42 legal entities), each Area is required to complete and sign their ADS before the Service can be accredited to join the GSi. If any Area does not return their ADS accreditation will be delayed. The ADS also contains a statement of compliance which identifies your alignment with national policy and commitment to the necessary security controls of a government network.

Your local liaison person has received the ADS. This includes two documents which need to be signed by the Chief Officer. These are the Accreditation Certificate and the Annex E Certificate. 1. The Accreditation certificate is a statement of compliance which confirms alignment with national policy and the required security controls necessary for a government network. Signing the Accreditation Certificate is a statement of the Area’s commitment to policy implementation and security improvements. This does not mean that the Probation Area has completed its entire security improvement plan. The Area Security Improvement Plan (SIP) demonstrates an Area’s ongoing strategy and management approach to security issues. National security policies include: NPS Logical Access Control Policy NPS Clear Desk Policy NPS Communications Policy NPS Community Information Security Policy NPS Business Continuity Policy NPS Virus and Malicious Software Policy IT Asset and IT Media Disposal Policy NPS Data Protection Policy NPS Incident Management Policy NPS IS & Network Monitoring Policy NPS Password Policy NPS Physical Access Control Policy NPS Protective Marking Policy NPS Remote Working Policy NPS Vetting Policy

2. Annex E is a statement of commitment by each Chief Officer that his/her staff will abide by the requirements of the GSi Community (i.e. a series of clauses relating to acceptable use). In order that you may achieve assurance to make this commitment I have commissioned some training material which will be supplied to your liaison person by the NISO. This material was piloted on the NPS Intranet. The Annex E paperwork will be supplied by the NISO team direct to your liaison person.

PC11/2005 – NPS GSi Accreditation Documentation 2