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Chief Officers

30 March 2006

Dear Chief Officer

The attached Probation Circular launches an audit of unpaid work provision, which will be useful in helping us all
manage the changing demands on unpaid work in this period of rapid change. I am writing to commend it to

In his recent speeches and publications, the Home Secretary has shown clearly his view that unpaid work
should be at the heart of the future development of offender management. Plans to increase the scale of
unpaid work were prominent in the Five Year Strategy for Protecting the Public and Reducing Re-offending, and
it is seen as an area with real potential for forging alliances with a diverse range of partners.

I attach great importance to the successful delivery of unpaid work, and this audit is vital to achieving this. It
takes the form of a spreadsheet template which, when completed electronically and submitted by all areas, will
provide a “snapshot” of the range of provision in an average month across the whole of England and Wales. It
is intended to be fairly simple to complete, but will enable NPD and Areas to be fully informed about many
aspects of the work we do.

I hope you will all be able to contribute enthusiastically to this audit.

Yours sincerely

Roger Hill
Director of Probation




To initiate an annual audit of unpaid work. This is intended to capture data 30 March 2006
about the nature, source, and outcomes of Areas’ Unpaid Work schemes.
ACTION 13 April 2006
Chief Officers are asked to set up the spreadsheet as soon as possible and
complete it retrospectively with details of all Unpaid Work placements and EXPIRY DATE:
projects used during the month of March 2006. Areas should return the 13 April 2011
spreadsheet, completed electronically, to
by 30 April 2006. TO:
Chairs of Probation Boards
SUMMARY Chief Officers of Probation
The Home Secretary’s recently published Five Year Strategy for Protecting Secretaries of Probation Boards
the Public and Reducing Re-offending places Unpaid Work at the heart of
community sentencing and notes that the amount of unpaid work done by CC:
offenders is expected to double by 2011. There are also expectations that Regional Managers
most of this work will be identified by local communities whose citizens Board Treasurers
should be aware of, or able to see, the ongoing or completed projects. At the
same time, work is ongoing to develop “NOMS alliances” with the corporate AUTHORISED BY:
sector, civic society, and the faith and voluntary and community sector. Sarah Mann
Areas should be able to show that they are forging stronger partnerships with Head of Interventions Unit
agencies from all these areas in the delivery of services to offenders.
Our planning for this ambitious increase in safe, effective and efficient Annex A – Spreadsheet template
Unpaid Work would be helped by a fuller understanding of the profile of for completion
Areas’ schemes. Although Areas provide a lot of routine quantitative data to
NPD, there is much less qualitative information. The attached spreadsheet
(which includes drop down guidance) is intended to capture more information
about the nature, source and outcomes of Areas’ Unpaid Work. The aim is
that, once set up, it can be used to provide an annual snapshot of provision.


PC94/2005; PC66/2005; PC47/2005; PC25/2005

CONTACT FOR ENQUIRIES or 020 7217 8877 or 020 7217 8448

National Probation Directorate

Horseferry House, Dean Ryle Street, London, SW1P 2AW
The attached spreadsheet is intended to give both local Areas and the NPD snapshots of provision on a given date. It will
require an investment of time setting it up initially but it can then be updated regularly. It will enable Areas and the NPD
to provide routine information to a wide range of stakeholders about the source, nature and outcomes of Unpaid Work
schemes. It is anticipated that the information will be required by NPD on an annual basis as part of future self-
assessment audits or quality assurance events.

Any questions about how to complete the audit should be addressed to Seb Falk.

PC11/2006 – Area audit of unpaid work provision 2

Unpaid work: audit of provision
Please ensure you have read the attached PC before completing this template
• Please enter your probation area, and the names and details of all the unpaid work projects and placements in use in March 2006
• Please follow the template, entering a lower-case "x" in all applicable columns except the first two "name" columns and the "delivery time" and "offender hours" column
• In the "delivery time" column please select from the drop-down menu which appears when you click in this column. In the "offender hours" column please enter a whol
• You may put an "x" in all columns that apply. Please only use the "notes" column when directed to do so.
• Column headings with a small red triangle in the top-right corner contain extra guidance/comments - this will appear if you let the mouse pointer rest over the cell
• If you have any queries on completing the template, please contact Seb Falk (; 020 7217 8448)

If a variety of different placements take place at the same location/project, please use a separate line for each to avoid confusion.
The completed template should be returned to by Monday 24 April.

Name of Probation area

Name of body for whom work
Name of project is done Commissioning source Nature of work

Litter removal/recycling

Other (please specify)
Local Authorities

Ethnic minorities
Voluntary Sector


Graffiti removal

Luncheon club
Private Sector


Charity shop
Faith groups

Animal work


Ambridge Womens Action Group Borsetshire Council x x

Public sector support

NPS Workshop

Community safety

whole number.
Other (please specify)

Badged (Community Payback)

Basic skills

Vocational skills

IT skills

Guaranteed interview

Other (please specify)

Opportunities for
Accredited award skills/qualifications




Sexual orientation


Other (please specify)

Disadvantaged groups

Delivery time

Individual Placement

Supervised group (7 or more)


Supervised group (6 or fewer)

Contracted partner

Offender-hours worked in this


project this month


Related Interests