This Circular provides an update on eOASys implementation and explains the preparations areas will need to make for area to area connectivity and for connectivity to the Prison Service.

Probation Circular
REFERENCE NO: 14/2005 ISSUE DATE: 4 March 2005 IMPLEMENTATION DATE: Immediate EXPIRY DATE: 31 December 2005 TO: Chairs of Probation Boards Chief Officers of Probation Secretaries of Probation Boards CC: Board Treasurers Regional Managers AUTHORISED BY: Laura Fairweather Head of OASys ATTACHED: Annex A – Data Cleansing Annex B – Regional Briefing Proforma (before within PC Word file)

Areas should complete and return the application form (Annex B) for attendance at the eOASys briefings in April/May, and commence the preparations required to achieve sign-off prior to receiving the connectivity release.

This Circular announces plans for the delivery and implementation of the forthcoming releases of eOASys, and provides an update on briefing events and the preparatory actions required by areas. Areas are already expecting a CJA release later this month which will ensure that eOASys is compatible with the new sentences in the Criminal Justice Act 2003. A further release will follow in the summer providing full connectivity to the Prison Service.


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National Probation Directorate
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Enforcement, rehabilitation and public protection

1. OASys Implementation All but one probation area is using Release 2 of eOASys. The exception is Cheshire, which began a connectivity pilot with the Prison Service in July 2004. The pilot connected Cheshire with public sector prisons, using Release 3 of eOASys, and concluded successfully in December. It had originally been intended that the next step would be for the other 41 areas to move from Release 2 to Release 3 in a phased roll out. However slippage to ongoing Release 3 work plus the need to make changes to eOASys to support the Criminal Justice Act meant roll out had to be postponed. Implementation of connectivity will not now commence until after the CJA takes effect. A beneficial consequence of the delay has been that it gave us time for a re-evaluation of our proposed approach to achieving connectivity. An alternative option was identified which offers the prospect of an easier and less technically challenging path to connectivity for NPS areas. The benefits to areas will include easier data migration, reduced shutdown time and an overall significant reduction in the time required to implement the new Release. When connectivity implementation is complete, every probation office in England and Wales will be able to exchange OASys assessments with every other office and with all prison establishments. 2. OASys IT Release overview: The CJA Release: eOASys Release 2.24 Briefings for areas were provided in February. Full deployment to the 41 areas that are currently using Release 2 is due this month (March), with a target date of the 23rd. Cheshire will be receiving its own CJA Release in mid-March. The CJA Release will include the facility for area to area (though not NPS to HMPS) connectivity, but this will not be “switched on” until later. The Connectivity Release: eOASys Release 4 Briefings are being held in the weeks commencing 11 April and 2 May for all areas. Connectivity rollout is planned to commence around the beginning of June to ensure that areas have sufficient time following the briefings to make the necessary preparations and achieve sign-off. The first areas in the connectivity roll out will simply have the area to area connectivity in Release 2.24 switched on. Then, we intend from late July, Release 4 will be deployed, enabling connectivity to HMPS as well. All areas should be fully connected by early September 2005. 3. Area Preparations for Release 4 Implementation Before receiving the Connectivity release each area will need to undertake a number of activities in preparation. These activities include the following: • • • • • • Complete OASys Data cleansing Complete Health & Safety Audit Complete Staff training/briefing Develop Data Sharing Protocols Revise OASys operational procedures Develop local support and/or Helpdesk

When all of these activities have been achieved and signed off by the NPD OASys team the area will be scheduled to receive the new Release. Data Cleansing Further details are provided at Annex A. The NPD IMTU will be producing agents to assist with the task of data cleansing. Please contact Gillian Hill for further information. (See the front page of this Circular for her contact details).

PC14/2005 – OASys Implementation and IT Development


Health and Safety Areas are advised to undertake a Health and Safety Audit if this has not already been completed. A general IT H&S template was sent out by the NPD in March 2004. The needs of AT users are included in this process. Training The training needed for Release 4 is not as great as for the previous major releases of eOASys. However, the training will assume that staff have a general competence in basic IT skills. A local audit of the IT skills of staff is recommended to be undertaken and the necessary training put in place if this has not been previously addressed. The lessons learned with Cheshire, the pilot Area, have been of considerable help and the assistance of the Chief Officer and his team is much appreciated Cheshire staff produced a training pack in conjunction with NPD OASys staff which was used with success on the pilot. This is currently being revised to take account of Release 4 functionality and will be made available to areas, together with other key documentation, at the area briefings. It is anticipated that some areas will wish to adapt the pack to meet the particular needs of their staff. Cheshire found that ‘face to face’ contact with staff was essential and chose to deliver a two hour briefing event to teams. This means that it will probably not be sufficient to rely on issuing a briefing document to staff. Briefing events also provide a useful opportunity for refresher training. 4. NPD Regional Briefings for Areas The OASys Team plan to brief key staff from areas no less than two months prior to the scheduled migration date for Release 4. The briefing will include: • • Details of the connectivity release Introduction to the training pack including the key concepts of connectivity: • • • Ownership Readership National Offender register

significant changes to processes and procedures transitional arrangements during the implementation phase Additional functionality, including: PSR template Risk Matrix 2000 SARA

The briefings will provide an opportunity for representatives from areas to: • • • Consider the implications of the release strategy for their Area Engage in a dialogue with NPD OASys staff on relevant implementation issues Commence preliminary action planning for implementation in their Area.

Areas can have up to five places, and the following might be suitable to attend: ACO OASys Leads, OASys Implementation Manager, Training Manager, Information Systems manager, IT Managers, eOASys Helpdesk staff, OASys & eOASys trainers, OASys “champions”.

PC14/2005 – OASys Implementation and IT Development


Details of the briefings are as follows: Date Mon 11 April Tue 12 April Thur 5 May Fri 6 May Location York Manchester Bristol London Hotel Moat House Palace Jurys Victoria Plaza

All briefings commence at 10am and end at 4pm. ACTION – Areas should complete the proforma at Annex B and email it to the address on the form by Thursday 24th March. Allocation of places will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

PC14/2005 – OASys Implementation and IT Development


eOASys Data Cleansing The following information was originally issued to areas in April 2004. In order to ensure that all data is suitable for migration, Release 2 must be fully ‘bedded in’ in an area and being completed appropriately and consistently. The need to commence data cleansing at the earliest opportunity should not be under-estimated. Data cleansing should be completed six weeks prior to the rollout date to allow for data migration testing. The quality of data in OASys prior to migration to Release 4 must be consistently high. In particular: • • • • • • • • Duplicate cases – need to be removed Incomplete assessments – ensure that PSR assessor and case manager details are correct Incomplete assessments – need to be locked Supervising Officer – ensure that the current supervising officer is updated, as otherwise the ‘To Do’ lists will be shown against the original assessor Concurrent orders – need to be managed in OASys as one order, with one sentence plan. Terminations Reviews only required on completion of all orders Signatures and countersignatures – assessments need to be appropriately signed and countersigned. In Release 4 an assessment is not considered complete until it is fully countersigned where applicable Terminations, Reviews and Transfers – these need to be completed REM data – Recent monitoring of Race and Ethnic Monitoring (REM) codes within OASys by ODEAT shows some areas with high percentages of missing data. Areas are advised to audit and complete as necessary any missing REM codes Missing PNC numbers The PNC number is the single most important identifying data for an offender. Probation Circular 62/03 advised areas of the need to obtain PNC numbers for as many offenders as possible, both current and historic. It will be mandatory to complete the PNC field in Release 4. A ‘dummy PNC number’ can be used to assist areas where it is impossible to obtain a PNC number and/or where one would not be available due to the nature of the offence(s) The dummy PNC number is: 33/993399H N.B. Areas are advised to use the ‘dummy’ PNC with caution. Cheshire found very few cases where the PNC number was genuinely missing. The police and defence solicitors proved helpful in trying to obtain the missing PNC numbers.

PC14/2005 – OASys Implementation and IT Development


Briefings to Probation Areas – e-OASys Release 4 PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM, NO LATER THAN 4p.m. Thursday 24 MARCH 2005 VIA EMAIL TO: Pauline Hill, OASys Team, NPD, Horseferry House, Dean Ryle Street, London Email address: pauline.hill2@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk Please copy the form to Marjorie.Baker@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk Thank You AREA:………………………………. Please list names of staff attending Below: York 11 April 05** 10am – 4pm MANCHESTER 12 APRIL 05** 10am – 4pm BRISTOL 5 May 05 ** 10am – 4pm LONDON 6 MAY 05 ** 10am – 4pm

** PLEASE INDICATE PREFERRED EVENT IN ORDER OF CHOICE (1st, 2nd etc.) Lunch is included. Accommodation is NOT included. Please make your own arrangements if required. Please indicate number of lunches required…………………………………… Any special dietary requirements (include name)?…………………………………………………………………………. AREA CONTACT NAME and ADDRESS (for all correspondence) …………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………………………….. Equal Opportunities If any participant anticipates that they may experience any difficulty, for example in entering the building, hearing or seeing the presentation, please contact Pauline Hill (020 7217 0696) or Marjorie Baker (020 7217 0700)

PC14/2005 – OASys Implementation and IT Development