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To provide guidance to all Chief Officers on the action to be taken as a result 19 June 2006
of the decision to restrict admission policies to approved premises
immediately adjacent to schools or nurseries. (See Annex A). IMPLEMENTATION DATE:
From 19 June 2006
Chief Officers should ensure that arrangements are made for the planned EXPIRY DATE:
transfer to appropriate accommodation of those offenders falling into the 20 June 2007
“restricted” categories. This task should be seen as a high priority but the
protection of the public must not be jeopardised by decisions being made in TO:
an unconsidered way. Chairs of Probation Boards
Chief Officers of Probation
SUMMARY Secretaries of Probation Boards
Areas with hostels, subject to the new restrictions, should ensure that each
offender subject to this PC is risk assessed, reviewed through the MAPPA CC:
arrangements (if applicable) and then transferred appropriately. If subject to Board Treasurers
parole or life licence the Parole/Home Office Lifer Unit must be informed to Regional Managers
ensure that the new arrangements are satisfactory. If the offender is on ACR
the governor of the relevant Prison must be informed. Where relevant, the AUTHORISED BY:
victim/s of the original offence must be notified through the victim contact Roger McGarva
arrangements. Head of Regions and
Areas with hostels, subject to the new restrictions, must allocate an ACO to
oversee the implementation of this new policy and notify the NPD of the
Annexes A & B
name by close of business on 20/6/06. The NPD must be provided with the
completed Excel spreadsheet (Annex B) by the areas with hostels affected
by close of business on 20/6/06.




Roger McGarva – Head of Regions and Performance – 0207 217 0657
Bettina Crossick – Head of Casework – 0207 217 0746
Tim Bryan – National MAPPA coordinator – 0207 217 0747

National Probation Directorate

Abell House, John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4LH

This PC applies to those offenders who have committed sex offences against children under 16 and includes offenders
convicted of child related internet offences. The hostels subject to the restrictions on admission are listed in Annex 1,


All the areas listed in Annex 1 with a hostel subject to the new restrictions must provide the NPD by close of business on
20/06/06 with the name of an ACO to oversee the implementation of this policy. Please send to

Annex 2 summarises the data being collected by the NPD from the areas with hostels where the admissions criteria are
being restricted. These areas [i.e. those in annex 1] must audit their current resident population and provide the NPD with
a completed proforma by close of business on 20/06/06. [Completed forms to be sent to or] If any “field” in the proforma cannot be
completed within the timescale, it should be marked as not available but provided by close of business on 22/06/06. The
NPD is aware that it is currently seeking some of this information direct from areas, but this proforma is intended to be a
definitive record.

All the relevant offenders identified in the audit must be subject to a new risk assessment and where applicable
discussion within the local MAPPA levels 2 or 3. Decisions on the relocation of offenders should be subject to careful inter
agency consideration. If there is concern that moving an offender will reduce the level of protection afforded to the public
this should be minuted together with an appropriate explanation. There should also be a clear plan to “manage” and
reduce the risk of harm identified.

It is recognised that it will not always be possible to accommodate offenders either within their existing area or region.
The NPD will offer advice and support. It must be emphasised that the normal transfer policies must be followed

If the offender is subject to Parole or Life Licence, the offender manager must notify the Parole Board/Home Office and
obtain authorisation for any variation of the licence condition. If the offender is on ACR licence, the governor of the
relevant prison must be notified.

Where there is an identified victim to be taken into account, the offender manager must liaise with the victim contact
officer to ensure that relevant information is provided in accordance with normal policy.

It is essential that areas ensure that a clear “audit” trail is maintained in relation to the management of those offenders
subject to the requirements of this PC.

PC26/2006 – Changes to Admission Policy for Approved Premises 2

Annex A

Luton Hostel - Bedfordshire

Bunbury House - Cheshire
Haworth House - Lancashire
Kirk Lodge - Leicestershire and Rutland
Wordsworth House - Lincolnshire
Camden House - London
Norfolk Park - South Yorkshire
Staitheford House - Staffordshire
Clerks House - Thames Valley
McIntyre House - Warwickshire
Elliott House - West Midlands
St John's - West Yorkshire
Information from Areas Annex 2

Name of offender
Indicate whether child sexual offence* is
index offence Y/N
Indicate whether a child sexual offence is
part of the antecedent? Y/N

What is the nature of the relationship with Stranger: Y/N

the victim of the child sexual offending? Familial or other known person?: Y/N

Is the offender a registered sex offender? Y/N

Does the offender come within the MAPPA
framework? Y/N
Is the offender currently being managed at
MAPPA Level 2? Y/N
Is the offender currently being managed at
MAPPA Level 3 (MAPPP)? Y/N
Has a risk assessment been undertaken in
preparation for transfer? Y/N

What significant obstacles are there to the

offender's removal to another AP? e.g. Are
specialist services that are being provided at
the current AP also available elsewhere?

*Child sexual offence includes sexual

offending with child under sixteen or
relevent internet offence

Please email completed form back to:

Chris Potter: 020 7217 0692
Information from Areas Annex 2

Jas Bansal: 020 7217 8547