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Media Campaign Liger Security (Pvt)Ltd.


In this era where security is very big factor for everyone. Every person wants to be safe at every second to utilize his/her life to achieve more and more goals, and with less time, people want the better facilities and in short time.

When security is the factor, people choose that how best, they can be secure, what facilities they can get and how much time and money they can save.


Our project deals with how organization can improve their sales through media. What are the issues organization facing regarding their sales and how can they can overcome their issues through media. In this project we visited personally to Liger Security Private Limited Islamabad and analyzed the issues towards their security services.

Media Campaign Liger Security (Pvt)Ltd.



Liger Security (Pvt) Ltd was established at Islamabad during 2008 and is successfully operating at Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Faisalabad. Where it is providing security services to our valuable clients up to their full satisfaction. The Company provides best security under highly dedicated and professional management at affordable rates, which gives us an edge over other security companies in the market.

The business will provide security guards, security audits, and referrals to equipment providers to commercial buildings, retail businesses, and, eventually special event venues and other clients. The business seeks to acquire capital from an angel investor and will expand to additional cities in Our state and beyond if successful.


Delivering innovative products and services. Best possible security solutions for your needs.

Media Campaign Liger Security (Pvt)Ltd.

Providing excellent customer service. Regular reviews that give you the information you need. Making sound commercial decisions. Excellence protection to our clients. We strive to keep a first class customer service satisfaction rate to meet our targets.

Mission & Vision


Providing protection on priority basis and security needs of our venerable customers and their property by integrated solutions and invigorating equipments of international standards.

Media Campaign Liger Security (Pvt)Ltd.

Liger Securitys four fundamental values are Integrity, Vision, Vigilance and Helpfulness. They serve as guidance for all of our employees in building trust with customers, colleagues and the surrounding community.


LIGER Securitys employee is honest and therefore trusted to work unsupervised at customers premises. LIGER SECURITY never compromises on its demand for integrity, which includes, openly expressing ones opinion, reporting impropriety and not withholding information .

Professionalism entails seeing, hearing and evaluating. Our employees are always attentive and often notice things that others do not. Their vigilance is necessary in order to preempt potential risks or incidents that may take place on our customer premises.


When needed, LIGER employee will lend assistance, even if it is not related to his or her job. As part of an ongoing effort To make life safer, our employee will always help if an incident occurs that requires intervention.

Our vision is to be the most professional, dedicated, efficient and modern private security services provider in Pakistan by being most concerned, vigilant, honest and hard working.

Media Campaign Liger Security (Pvt)Ltd.

GOALS OF THE COMPANY Committed employees who are proud of our company making sound and valuable decisions. Totally accountable service with regular assessment of deliverance. Analysis and measurement of our security effectiveness. Continuous improvement and review programs. Meticulous security screening of all staff. Assessing the requirement of the proposal.
Management who fulfill your and our exacting standards.

1- Well trained uniformed Armed and Un-Armed Guards. 2- High level protection, Escort Services & Body Guards. 3- Security consultancy. 4- Home security systems. 5- Walk through gates. 6- Executive protection. 7- Road blockers, parking barriers, high security doors. 8- Employee Verification.

Media Campaign Liger Security (Pvt)Ltd.

After detail study and discussion with the senior management of Liger security we came across with some problems mainly faced by organization.

1. Unable to cater the desired market as they planned to cover most of the urban areas of Pakistan. Clients think that this security service belongs to only low salaried families. They prefer to move to other companies that give them prestige and value .Clients claim that the service of the employees is sometimes not manageable and they are less trained when compared to the other highly profiled companies like Marine security and Zim security.

2- Facing difficulty in spreading the message to the people.

In last few months Liger security has introduced their luxury services for royal customers, but people are unaware regarding their new service. They need to promote and advertise their new service.

3- Most of the clients are on PR basis.

Most of the clients of the Liger Security are on the PR basis. They float their clients on the basis of their relations. They dont do any sort of marketing activities.

Media Campaign Liger Security (Pvt)Ltd.

4- Unaware of the new trend

Social media i.e Facebook and Twitter. They are unaware of the social media of which they can take the advantage to build up their clientage.


To reach its target markets of building management companies and large retail businesses, Liger Security will use the following tactics:

Development of a basic "brochure" website with services and contact information Advertising in trade publications read by managers in these two industries Advertising online with Google Ad Words around keywords for security services and security guards, especially associated with these two types of customers

Business cards and brochures to distribute on appointments and while networking with business networking groups.

Direct selling work based on purchasing or developing target lists Direct mail of brochures and letters to these target lists of potential clients . To make attractive banners which are to be displayed on the places where different business personnel visit.

To make an add which is to be run on the social media like televisions through the help of cable operators.