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To provide areas with information regarding the revised support services 31/2005
which NPD has contracted to be provided by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation
(LFF). The services provided are intended to assist Probation Areas in the ISSUE DATE:
risk management of cases, involving adult males and females who sexually 27 April 2005
offend and who are not eligible for accredited treatment programmes.
Chief Officers to ensure that the contents of this Circular are drawn to the
attention of staff involved in the management of those who sexually offend.
SUMMARY April 2006
PC38/2003 outlined the services provided by the LFF from 1 October 2004.
NPD has conducted a review of the use of the services provided and as a TO:
result has decided to focus the resource on cases which are of high or Chairs of Probation Boards
medium risk but, for whatever reason, are not participating in accredited
treatment programmes. The new National Probation Service agreement, Chief Officers of Probation
covered by this Circular, provides for a specialist support service for complex Secretaries of Probation Boards
cases involving adult male and female offenders who present a particularly
high risk to children in general, or a high contextual risk, e.g. to children CC:
within families. In addition the resource can be used for those who present Board Treasurers
complex challenges in terms of risk management, including Critical Public
Protection Cases. These new arrangements are funded until 31 March 2006. Regional Managers


PC38/2003 - Pilot Project Working With High Risk Male Sex Offenders John Scott, Head of Public
PC20/2005 - Implementation of the National Sex Offender Strategy Protection & Licensed Release

National Probation Directorate

Horseferry House, Dean Ryle Street, London, SW1P 2AW General Enquiries: 020 7217 0659 Fax: 020 7217 0660

Enforcement, rehabilitation and public protection


1. Following the closure of the Wolvercote Clinic the National Probation Directorate considered that it has a strategic
interest in retaining the skills and services of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation staff, whilst new residential treatment facilities
were developed. This has evolved into a contract between the former NPD and LFF to provide a variety of services
including the provision of consultancy and intervention on sex offender cases to Probation Areas, and the provision of
outreach work to former Wolvercote residents. A review of the service provided has been conducted which demonstrates
that the targets for the different work strands were met or exceeded. However, it was also apparent that:

• A relatively low number of Areas were using the service

• A small number of cases which involve intervention work required a disproportionate use of the total resource
• Some Areas were using the service to provide regular team consultancy which involved a disproportionate use of
the resource

2. A representative sample of Probation Areas were contacted and asked to identify the areas of work they would find
most useful from any revision of the LFF agreement. A clear preference was expressed for consultancy work with high
risk sex offenders and with female sex offenders. The previous arrangement provided for attendance by LFF at MAPPA
meetings or Child Protection Case Conferences and there was a consistent feeling that this was no longer a good use of
the resource since this was a key task for Probation Areas.

3. It is worth reflecting that there have been a number of developments since the original LFF agreement was
commissioned which include
• All Probation areas now run an accredited sex offender treatment programme
• Training for work with sex offenders has been extensive
• A number of Probation Areas have developed specialist teams and most Areas have developed expertise in
managing sex offender cases
• Improved risk management through Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements

4. What the new Agreement will provide

Taking these factors into consideration it has been decided that the new agreement will focus the resource on:

• Assistance to Offender Managers who are supervising sex offender cases not eligible for one of the
accredited treatment programmes.
• MAPPA cases level 2 & 3 should receive priority
• Consultancy services to Offender Managers for high and medium risk male sex offenders. Areas
should note that this service is available for work with offenders of 18 years of age who are currently
excluded from treatment programmes, in addition to adult males. Consultancy can be provided via
telephone contact or in face to face meetings. The LFF may be used for limited assessment work with
these cases. However if a full assessment or sustained programme of intervention is required to meet the
needs of the offender, or the protection of the public, the Probation Area will need to fund this work
directly. Probation Areas may consider contracting the services of the LFF to provide this work but are not
restricted to using LFF. It may be more appropriate to contract local service providers or consider other
ways in which the work identified can be managed.
• For Female sex offenders the service will provide consultancy, assessment and limited forms of
intervention. Since this offender group is a smaller proportion of the convicted sex offender caseload, it
may be that Areas have more limited experience of working with such cases and the use of the expertise
from LFF is encouraged.

5. Monitoring and future developments

The Public Protection Unit will continue to monitor the use made by Areas and this will inform any revision of the
agreement towards the end of 2005/2006. There has been no decision taken in relation to the provision of such services
in 2006/2007 or beyond when Regional Offender Managers will have a major commissioning role for services. In addition
work has begun on developing a NOMS strategy for female sex offenders, which will follow the case from court through
custody and into the community and will build on the work already provided through this agreement. The following pages
provide more detail on the existing service and referral procedures. The referral form is attached as an appendix.

PC31/2005 – Support Services for Working with Sexual Offenders 2

Provisions for Male Offenders

Under the agreement, the LFF will be funded to provide 312 days (equivalent to 17 days per month) of staff time to assist
Offender Managers in their work with males who sexually offend.

Referral Criteria

• Male offenders aged 18+

• Subject to Probation supervision, CRO/Licence
• Risk Matrix 2000 high risk of reconviction and/or
• OASys high risk of harm to a child/children
• Managed at MAPPPA level 2 or 3

Priority will be given to those not eligible for groupwork. Offender Mangers should consider initially referring to local
resources if appropriate, e.g., psychologists, mental health units, etc.

What the Service Provides

The type of work will be discussed and agreed with the referrer on a case-by-case basis and delivered in partnership with
the Offender Manager.

The work can include:

Case Consultancy

• Advice on risk management to Offender Managers

• Advice to assist with child protection issues
• Advice on intervention with partners or external monitors where appropriate
• Case consultancy
• Telephone support
• Advice/support to assess and develop supervision/intervention plans
• Advice/support to assess and develop risk management plans

How to Refer

• Offender Manager checks suitability against criteria set out in PC

• Offender Manager discusses case with line manager to agree suitability of referral
• Offender Manager contacts LFF Epsom office for initial case discussion regarding the suitability/scope of work and
• Offender Manager completes LFF referral form and sends to LFF Epsom offices with covering letter and supporting

Referrals of male offenders can be made by contacting the LFF at the Wolvercote Centre (Epsom offices)
Tel: 0870 774 6354 Fax: 01372 847162

PC31/2005 – Support Services for Working with Sexual Offenders 3

Provision for Female Offenders

Under the 18-month agreement the LFF will be funded to provide 104 days of staff time to assist Offender Managers in
their work with females who sexually offend (equivalent to 5.75 days per month).

Referral Criteria

• Female offenders aged 18+

• Subject to probation supervision, in custody or on CRO/Licence
• Convicted of offences against children or vulnerable adults with a sexual element

What the Service Provides

As structured risk assessment, intervention and risk management are relatively underdeveloped in work with females who
sexually offend, the service provided can include:

• Assessment delivered either through individual, co-work or consultancy supported by psychometrics designed for use
with females who sexually offend
• Consultancy/limited co-working to support a structured programme of intervention in the community
• Consultancy/advice on risk management to Offender Managers and MAPPA level 2 or 3
• Advice to Offender Managers to assist with child protection cases
• Advice to PSR authors on interview techniques and risk management

The type of work will be discussed and agreed with the referrer on a case-by-case basis.

How to Refer

• Offender Manager considers referral to LFF with reference to PC

• Offender Manager discusses case with line manager to agree suitability of referral
• Offender Manager contacts LFF at Bordesley Hall for initial case discussion regarding suitability/scope of work and
timescale (01527 591922).
• Offender Manager completes LFF referral form and sends to LFF Bordesley office with covering letter and supporting


The funding agreement to deliver the services to both, male and female offenders, includes travelling time incurred by
LFF staff. For male offenders, LFF have staff located in London and neighbouring areas, Hampshire and East Dorset,
East and West Midlands and South Yorkshire. Specialist staff for female offenders are situated in the North West, West
Midlands and London areas. There is funding available to enable LFF staff to travel outside these areas. Each case will
be decided on its merits however the preference is to restrict travel time wherever possible since this restricts the amount
of time spent in service delivery.

Other Information

There is limited funding for this service to both, male and female offenders. This means that LFF will have to prioritise
and restrict their support to those cases that most closely match the funding criteria. Cases in which the match is
uncertain will be referred to PPU for decision.

LFF will provide PPU with quarterly information regarding referrals and accepted cases for monitoring and funding

PC31/2005 – Support Services for Working with Sexual Offenders 4


Name of offender

Reports and other documentation attached:-

(please tick appropriate box/es)

Pre Sentence Report

Psychologists Report

Psychiatric Report

Recent MAPPA minutes

Prison Sex Offender Treatment Programme

feedback/sentence planning

Community Sex Offender Groupwork Programme

assessment, module/block reports, new life plan, psychometrics

Depositions relating to the most recent offence

Details of Criminal Record

OASys, including Risk Management Plan

Other relevant




Date of Birth

Current address

Name of referrer

Name, address, tel. no.,

fax no., e-mail address
of referring agency

Does offender meet referral criteria as defined in the Probation Circular

Yes / No

Female Referral Criteria:

• Female offender subject to probation supervision CRO
Male Referral Criteria:
• Male offender 17+
• Subject to probation supervision, CRO/Licence.
• Risk Matrix 2000 high risk of re conviction and/or
• OASys high risk of harm to a child / children

Referral status of client Remand/ Licence/CRO /other (please specify)

Date and details of next

court hearing/licence
Commencement/end of
Order etc.

Race and Ethnic Group Black: Caribean Indian

(Monitoring information)
African Pakistani
Please tick relevant box
Other Bangladeshi
White Chinese
Not disclosed Other ethnic group



To include:

- reason for referral

- current charges/
- current concerns
- level of risk etc

- How can LFF help with

the management of
this case

Please attach list

Previous convictions, date,
offence, sentence, court

Plus any allegations/concerns

Sex Offender Registration Yes No

Subject to MAPPA Yes No Level

CRO/Licence conditions

Does offender have a history Yes / No

of, or present a current risk of
harm to staff?

If yes can suitable interview

facilities be provided Yes / No


RETURN TO: The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, Nightingale House, 46-48 East Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 1HB
Tel: 01372 847160 Fax: 01372 847162 (Jan 05)