Probation Circular


To notify areas of: • The availability of a small amount of money to support projects related to the implementation of the NPS alcohol strategy • The process for applying for funding • The criteria by which bids for funding will be assessed

REFERENCE NO: 31/2006 ISSUE DATE: 23 August 2006 IMPLEMENTATION DATE: 6 September 2006 EXPIRY DATE: 31 March 2007 TO: Chairs of Probation Boards Chief Officers of Probation Secretaries of Probation Boards CC: Board Treasurers Regional Managers AUTHORISED BY: Sarah Mann, Head of Interventions Unit ATTACHED: Annex A – Proforma for expressions of interest

Chief Officers are asked to: • Note the contents of the circular • Ensure that the circular is drawn to the attention of all staff with responsibility for commissioning, managing or delivering interventions to alcohol misusing offenders • Authorise bids prior to submission to NPD.

Areas are invited to bid for small one-off payments (approximately £15k each) to support projects related to the implementation of the NPS alcohol strategy. Bids can be made to support projects already underway but areas must be able to spend all of the money allocated by NPD for the project by 31 March 2007. The funding is intended to supplement but must not replace funding for existing alcohol provision. NPD is looking to support a range of different projects and to achieve a reasonable geographical spread of successful bids. These factors will be taken into consideration by the panel convened to assess bids, alongside a number of other criteria set out in this PC. Areas that wish to apply should complete the proforma attached at Annex A and return it to Robert Stanbury at the address below by 29 September.

PC58/2003, PC57/2005, PC21/2006

CONTACT FOR ENQUIRIES or 020 7217 0767

National Probation Directorate
Abell House, John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4LH

Introduction NPD Interventions Unit will provide limited funding to support a selection of specific projects relating to the implementation of the NPS Alcohol Strategy, Working with Alcohol Misusing Offenders – a strategy for delivery. This funding will be allocated to 5-6 projects across NPS, based upon the outcome of a bidding process with a maximum of approximately £15k available for each project. Aims and objectives The purpose of the funding is to help to identify, develop and spread good practice relating to the aims and objectives of the alcohol strategy. Areas are reminded that the over-arching aim of the strategy is to reduce re-offending and alcohol related harm and protect the public by meeting the following objectives: • • • • • To identify alcohol misuse and offending needs at an early stage of contact with the NPS and refer offenders to appropriate interventions. To ensure that staff are fully competent to deliver brief advice and support to alcohol misusing offenders under their supervision. To improve the advice and information provided to offenders about the risks of alcohol misuse and about help that is available locally. To develop and promote the delivery of evidence based interventions to meet the needs of the full range of alcohol misusing offenders. To increase the consistency of what is delivered across the Service based upon evidence of best practice.

Eligibility To be eligible for funding, projects must demonstrate a link between their bid and: • • at least one of the aims and objectives of the strategy and The implementation of one or more of the recommendations in the strategy.

Projects can but do not necessarily have to relate specifically to the alcohol treatment requirement (ATR). Bids can be made for work already in progress or for entirely new projects. These projects can be ongoing after 2006-07 or one-off items of work. They may be entirely probation based or undertaken in partnership with other agencies. Conditions All areas must agree to adhere to the following conditions as part of their bid: • • • • Criteria NPD is looking to support a range of different projects across the aims, objectives and recommendations of the strategy and to achieve a geographical (area/regional) spread of successful bids. Other criteria which will be taken into consideration when bids are assessed include: Consistency with national priorities Extent to which the project will add value over existing provision Projected outcomes Involvement of local partners Addressing the needs of any under served groups e.g. women, black and ethnic minority offenders, individuals with dual diagnosis, young people • Endorsement of key stakeholders/partners, where relevant e.g. drug (and alcohol) action teams (D(A)ATs)/crime and disorder reduction partnerships (CDRPs) 2 PC31/2006 – Invitation to Bid for Funding to Support Alcohol Projects in 2006-07 • • • • • All of the money allocated by NPD to support the projects must be spent by 31 March 2007 irrespective of the project start or end dates. The funding allocated must supplement not replace funding for existing alcohol related provision. To produce one interim progress report (one side of A4) detailing milestones achieved and key learning points and a final report at the termination of the project. To share data/reports with NPD and with other areas.


• • • • • • Links with local area agreements (LAAs)/regional reducing re-offending strategies Fit with locally commissioned alcohol treatment systems and care pathways under Models of Care for Alcohol Misusers (MoCAM) Nature and extent of alcohol treatment provision locally (taking into account the findings of the Alcohol Needs Assessment Research Project (ANARP)) Extent of ATR provision Value for money Links with prolific and other priority offenders (PPOs) and/or young adult offenders (YAOs)

Suggestions for projects suitable for funding Whilst not intended to be exclusive, areas may wish to consider bids based around one or more of the following options: • • • • • • • • • • • Regional events supporting alcohol strategy implementation Piloting different types of ATR provision Development of a targeting matrix for alcohol related interventions Development of alcohol information e.g. leaflets, CD Roms, inter-active materials Addressing diversity – what are the specific needs of diverse groups; how do we overcome barriers; effectiveness of different approaches Support of alcohol users on other interventions e.g. programmes Alcohol research projects Development of an alcohol training package for staff – to be able to use alcohol screening tools, deliver brief advice, refer into treatment, where necessary, and linked to Drugs and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) Analysis of use and effectiveness of additional licence condition to address alcohol problems A package to support a specialist alcohol liaison worker in the team Provision of mentoring or support to alcohol misusing offenders

Bidding and allocation process Areas wishing to apply should submit bids on the template attached at Annex A. All sections must be completed in full and a single point of contact must be identified for all future correspondence. Before submission to NPD, areas must make sure that their bids meet the aforementioned eligibility criteria and all bids must be endorsed by the Chief Officer. Bids must be received by 29 September. Selection will be via a small panel using the above criteria. Successful areas will be notified of the decision by 20 October. Successful bidders will receive the full sum at the outset of the project or if the project is already underway as soon as possible after notification. Areas will be updated regarding progress at the Alcohol Strategy Implementation Events in Bath on October 12th and Sheffield on October 18th.

PC31/2006 – Invitation to Bid for Funding to Support Alcohol Projects in 2006-07



Alcohol Funding 2006/07: Expressions of interest proforma 1. Applicant details: Probation Area: Lead contact for all correspondence: Address: Office tel: Mobile: E-mail:

Annex A

2. Links with Aims & Objectives of the NPS Alcohol Strategy Please state which aims and objectives of the strategy the project is linked to and briefly explain how it will contribute towards their achievement:

3. Links with Strategy Recommendations Please specify which strategy recommendations the project is linked to and briefly explain how it will help with their implementation:

4. Project Summary Please provide a short summary of the project (no more than 150 words):

5. Added Value Please briefly explain how the project will add value over existing provision:

6. Milestones & Outcomes Please outline the main draft milestones and projected outcomes for the project and give approximate timescales: Milestones Outcomes Delivery Date

7. Strategic Local Partnerships & Agreements If the project is to be delivered in partnership, please indicate that the project has the approval of the local drug (and alcohol) action team (D(A)AT), crime and disorder reduction partnership (CDRP) and/or local strategic partnership (LSP):

Please briefly explain how the project fits with locally commissioned alcohol treatment systems/care pathways, local area agreements (LAAs) and/or reducing re-offending strategies:

8. Partnership working Please specify which partner agencies (including if voluntary or statutory), if any, will be involved in the project and explain what their role will be:

9. Underserved Groups If relevant, please explain how, the project will address the needs of specific groups for whom there is evidence of under-provision of alcohol services and identify the groups who will benefit:

10. Funding Please indicate how much money is requested in total from this bidding process to support the project. Please give a breakdown of how this money will be spent.

Please indicate any other ways in which this project will be funded and the amounts involved:

11. Consent of Chief Officer I confirm that I support this application for funding made under the terms set out in the PC. Signature : Date: