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Canc frp:

May 2014

OPNAVNOTE 5400 Ser DNS-33/13U102246 17 May 2013 OPNAV NOTICE 5400 From: Subj: Ref: Chief of Naval Operations ESTABLISHMENT OF COMMANDER, U.S. NAVAL FORCES NORTHERN COMMAND, NORFOLK, VA (a) OPNAVINST 5400.44A (b) OPNAVNOTE 5400 Ser DNS-33/13U102228 of 1 Mar 2013 (Canc frp: Mar 2014)

1. Purpose. To implement Secretary of the Navys approval to establish Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Northern Command (COMNAVNORTH), per reference (a). 2. Background. This action establishes a Navy component commander for U.S. Northern Command, which had not previously had a Navy component commander. U.S. Northern Command had assumed many responsibilities of the former joint forces command for which Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (COMUSFLTFORCOM) has served as Navy component commander, and Northern Command is seeking the same type of Navy component commander support. 3. Organizational Changes. Establish COMNAVNORTH as a fleet command effective immediately. The following applies: a. Establishment Commander U.S. Naval Forces Northern Command 1562 Mitscher AVE STE 250 Norfolk VA 23551-2487 (SNDL: 21A7) (UIC: 00058)* (PLA: COMUSNAVNORTH) (PDS: Norfolk, VA) *(SNDL: Standard Navy Distribution List; UIC: Unit Identification Code; PLA: Plain Language Address; PDS: Permanent Duty Station)

OPNAVNOTE 5400 17 May 2013 b. through allied, area of Command. (2) Regional Coordination: Atlantic. Commander, Navy Region MidCOMUSFLTFORCOM. Mission. To contribute to the defense of North America coordination, collaboration, and communication with coalition, and joint forces in the U.S. Northern Command responsibility. (1) Area Coordination: Commander, Naval Installations

(3) Budget Submitting Office:

(4) Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Resource Sponsor: Deputy Chief of Naval Operation for Fleet Readiness and Logistics (N4). c. Chain of Command Echelon 1 2 Command and Support Chief of Naval Operations Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Northern Command (00058) (Dual hat for COMUSFLTFORCOM)


Action a. This is advance change 46-12 to reference (b).

b. Master Update Authority, Honolulu, HI will add the PLA in the Central Directory Component and establish COMNAVNORTH PLA via messaging systems effective immediately upon request to Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command (COMNAVNETWARCOM) (Network Operations 321), Bldg 1265, Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek Fort Story, Virginia Beach, VA 23459-5000 or by calling (757) 322-1149/1150. New commands should be activated via messaging systems upon receipt of this notice. Additional information naval messaging can be obtained at or by contacting COMNAVNETWARCOM at numbers above. (New direction - COMMAND ACTION REGUIRED regarding the PLA.)

OPNAVNOTE 5400 17 May 2013 c. Director, Navy Staff, Organization and Management Branch (DNS-33) will revise reference (b). 5. Cancellation Contingency. This notice will remain in effect for 1 year or until superseded, whichever occurs first. The organization action will remain effective until changed by Director, Navy Staff. R. W. HUNT Vice Admiral, U. S. Navy Director, Navy Staff Distribution: Electronic only, via Department of the Navy Issuances Web site