Walk in the Woods By Mima www.mimawithin.

com 11/2008 They walked through the silent woods like blundering monstrosities, snow squeaking under their boots, layers of winter clothes rustling with synthetic scrapings. The scarf that gathered her misting breath had iced over with a fluffy hoarfrost. She was topped by a giant furry hat with requisite hick earflaps. “Are you in love with Canada yet?” he asked over his shoulder.

She stared at his ass, hiding beneath a parka. She was going to beat it until it turned hot, the hard muscle swollen. “What do you think?” she snarked, glaring at the red pinprick of a cardinal chipping at them. He laughed. “Winter hiking might not have been our best idea.” Fumbling on the next step, he sank in snow up to his thigh. She hauled him out, and they both ended up sprawled. Lying on her back, she stared at the bare branches against the gray sky. It was pretty. Just as pretty as from the lodge. She curled her fingers up to the small box she wore on her wrist. Found the cold button beyond the edge of her mitten. Pushed it. It was so quiet in the snow-swaddled forest, she heard the hitch in his breath. She smiled. “You wore it. Good boy.” “Of course I wore it,” he said quietly. Her throat ached from the beauty of his words, the promise in them, the commitment. Or possibly the subzero air. She rolled over and scrambled on top of him. He was a great soft lump of clothes beneath her. He smiled, relaxed despite the small egg buzzing in his ass. “Want to return?” She pressed the other button, and the ring on his cock jumped to life. She knew it did by his breath puffing in ragged bursts. His smile disappeared, blue eyes dilating, darkening. She loved making them look like that. “Yes, we’re returning. I want cocoa.” She stood, helped him up.

He began to follow their footprints back through the devilish white drifts. He was walking too easily. She pressed the first button, which would increase the speed of the pulses the egg gave off. His shoulders tightened, but he continued with his long, steady strides in the calf-deep snow. She hurried, swishing and huffing and squeaking. “I deserve marshmallows for this. The big ones.” Chuckling, he stopped and looked at her. “Do I deserve some, too?” She pressed the first button again, and watched his body arch, face tightening. “You’ll get marshmallows. But first you’ll take your punishment for failing to stop this ridiculous trek.” “Keep walking,” she ordered, heart pounding. Turning, he walked, haltingly. She followed easily at this pace. When they crested the rise that revealed the lodge in the distance, she said, “Stop.” Walking around to face him, she pressed the second button, speeding the rhythm of the ring. He was big, strong, smart. And he stood there while she controlled his cock and ass. “Are you hard?” “Yes.” “Do you want to come?” “No. I want you.” She smiled. Taking off her mittens, she unzipped his parka, unlatched his snowpants. She drew them down, then opened the gap in his long underwear to reveal his straining cock. He always gave her such a rush. She

pulled him out into the frigid air, his skin tight, his length swollen. The ring gripped his base tightly. She could hear the little motor humming. “Tighten your ass. Close your eyes.” Her voice betrayed none of her excitement. She reached into the snow and scooped up two handfuls. Watching his clenched jaw, she slammed her hands around his cock, encasing him in snow. He wavered, but didn’t call out. She stroked his cock with her snowy grip until it melted. Pressing both buttons to their highest setting, she knelt in the snow and stared at his beauty. His skin was red now, the veins stark, the tip gaping open. Angled from his body, the fat head of him lifted high, she listened to his breath came in fast, hard bursts. “Look at me,” she said softly, kindly. A shudder wrenched through him, then his blue gaze struck her. He struggled to focus on her, blinking hard. The harsh, high-pitch whine of two frantic devices rode the air. “Bring yourself to my mouth.” His stiff black glove surrounded his cock and forced it to bend down toward her lips. She didn’t move an inch to meet him. When he’d pushed his erection to her mouth, she opened her lips and just breathed on him, the white vapor rolling across his flared head. A low, scraping sound seeped from his throat, and thick white cream crested out of him. She licked it up, the tip of him cold and soft beneath her tongue. The taste of him always undid her. She ripped off the cock ring, prying it from his base. Turning it, she shoved the square motor under his balls, driving him up onto his toes. Holding it there firmly, she laved the head and rim of

him, nipping, sucking, until his flesh warmed and his taste was in her throat. When she was satisfied he couldn’t get any harder, she lifted her head away. Silencing the two vibrators, she pocketed the ring she held. She knelt, admiring how the icy air must sting the saliva she’d marked him with. When his penis stopped steaming up the air from their moisture, she sighed, rose to her feet, and put her gloves back on, shaking her cold hands. She could smell the wood smoke from the lodge. Looking around the woods, she noticed the cardinal again, his crest tall and tail flicking. “Put yourself away. Let’s get going.” She led the way now. When they were almost to the lodge, she ignited the vibrator in his ass again. When they reached the porch, she climbed the three steps and whirled to look down at him. His eyes were slits, his mouth a thin, grim slash. Joy swept from her heart and gushed down her cunt. “That was more fun than I thought it would be.” She laughed down at him. He stood in the snow below her. “You are gorgeous. I will do anything to put that look in your eyes.” She threw her arms around his shoulders, leaning on his strength. She buried her frozen nose in the hollow behind his ear. He waited. Such a good man. “Come.” She whispered the word, lingered on it. Taking his earlobe into her mouth, she rolled it with her lips, chewed it and twisted it, flicked it, then sucked hard. Popping it free she whispered the words he needed. “I want you to.”

He shook, his hands grabbing at her, his breath scalding her cheek. When he finished, she helped him up onto the porch. “Hot cocoa now?” she asked brightly. He nodded. “The only way to finish a walk in the woods.” Slanting a hot gaze at her he added, “I get marshmallows, but I reserve the right to use them how I want.” Giggling, she ran for the entrance.