Probation Circular

To notify areas of: • a correction to National Standards 2005 in relation to the frequency of drug tests for some offenders on DRRs; and • a request from District Judges for a copy of the original PSR for the DRR/DTTO review hearing. REFERENCE NO: 80/2005 ISSUE DATE: 3 November 2005 IMPLEMENTATION DATE: Immediate EXPIRY DATE: November 2010 TO: Chairs of Probation Boards Chief Officers of Probation Secretaries of Probation Boards CC: Board Treasurers Regional Managers AUTHORISED BY: Roger McGarva, Head of Regions & Performance ATTACHED: N/A

Areas should apply the revised standard with immediate effect and meet the request from District Judges where possible.

National Standards The correction relates to National Standard SS8.12 and permits a reduction in the frequency of drug testing in the first 16 weeks of a DRR from a minimum of twice per week to once per week where: • the offender is at the lowest level of the community sentence band or • where the offender is in residential rehabilitation. The revised text of SS8.12 is attached. This is consistent with the guidance issued with PC57/2005 on the effective management of the DRR. There are no changes regarding minimum testing frequencies for offenders in the medium and high community sentence bands. Information for Judges NPD has just completed a series of seminars with District Judges, who were very supportive of the DTTO/DRR. They have, however, asked if they can have a copy of the original PSR when they are given a copy of the report for the review hearing. This was a particular problem for judges reading reports from out of the area. It would be very helpful if areas sending review reports to courts in outside areas could attach a copy of the original PSR.

PC 15/05: National Standards 2005 PC 57/05: The Effective Management of the Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR) and Alcohol Treatment


National Probation Directorate
Horseferry House, Dean Ryle Street, London, SW1P 2AW


Testing Offenders must be tested (and the results recorded) at least twice per week during the first sixteen weeks of the requirement, which may be reduced to once per week thereafter if the offender manager evidences that sufficient progress has been made. Where an offender is at the lowest level of the community sentence band drug testing should be at a minimum frequency of once per week during the first sixteen weeks of the requirement. In addition, where an offender is in residential rehabilitation drug testing may be at a minimum frequency of once per week for the first sixteen weeks of the requirement.

PC80/2005 – Drug Rehabilitation Requirements: (1) National Standards correction; (2) Information for Judges