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LESSON PLAN FORMAT I. INFORMATIVE PART: 1.1. Grade / Section: 3rd and 4th 1.2. Area: English 1.3.

Topic: “Prepositions of place” 1.4. Time: 50 min 1.5. Date: 21/03/13 1.6. Person in charge: Andrea Soberòn Ramirez II.DIDACTIC PART: 2.1. Academic Problem:  Get easily distracted. 2.2 Area Capacities: 2.2.1 Text Comprehension  Recognize the use of prepositions through a listening text. 2.2.2 Text Production  Describe pictures using the correct prepositions. 2.3. Expected learning:  Recognize the use of the prepositions.  Use the prepositions in a correct way. 2.4. Methods:  Communicative approach

and a chimney. Observation Papers and pencils 20’ Group work PROCESS *The teacher . For example: students might draw a knocker on the door. *Then request students to copy your drawing exactly on their own paper. *The students have to make groups to do the sentences. *The teacher draws a simple house on the board with a square house with a triangle roof.5 Lesson Organization MOMENTS ACTIVITIES *The teacher enters to the classroom and greets the students. a door.2. then she instructs to students to write sentences to each preposition. windows. *The teacher asks: How are you today? *Then the teacher distributes some papers to the students. *The teacher makes gives an example of sentence according to the picture. METHODOLOGY STRATEGIES Observation MATERIALS AND AIDS Paper and pencil TIME 15’ Practical examples Drawing supplies Creative imagination Board Markers WARMING UP *Then the teacher writes a preposition on the board. She starts with a simple preposition such as on and the students have to draw something on their picture of the house. or a bird on the chimney. an antenna on the roof.

Sprint *http://www. SCIENTIFIC PAPER: “The Prepositions of Place” VOCABULARY On In Under Next to Behind Between . REFERENCES: *Rebecca Williams Salvador (2001). teacher’s guide. Papers Pencils Colors 15’ VI.shtml VIII. *Don’t make noise. *The teacher plays with the students.educationworld.ENDING distributes a text to the Individual work students and she reads the text. the students listen the text and then the teacher makes some questions about the reading. *Draw objects in the correct place using the prepositions of place. EVALUATION: CRITERIA Texts Comprehension Texts Production Attitude INDICATORS * Name the prepositions of place according to the text. * Participates actively in classroom. INSTRUMENTS Checklist checklist Observation VII. Simon’s says….