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Sample of Application for Search Warrant

REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES REGIONAL TRIAL COURT NATIONAL CAPITAL JUDICIAL REGION BRANCH ____, MANILA PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES Plaintiff SEARCH WARRANT NO._____ -versusx------------------------------------------x APPLICATION FOR SEARCH WARRANT The Applicant, ____________________ of the ________________________, ____________________, after having been duly sworn, states: That on _________., __________ personally appeared to the office of ________________ and reported that SUBJECT OF S.W, located at __________________________________ is engaged in the illegal operation of _______________________________; (See Photos and Sketch as Annex A). That relative to the said information, at around ________, the informer and _________ together with the undersigned conducted investigation and surveillance operation at ___________________, located at _____________________________, __________. The undersigned together with ____________ and _____________ inquires to the said office about _______________. That on the said occasions, SUBJECT OF S.W, disclosed that they are (illegal activities). (See photos & sketch and See Attached Calling Card, List of Requirements, Studio Romano Job Order Form & MTC Job Information as Annexes B - C) (modus operandi). Further, investigation conducted disclosed that _________________________ . FOR:

On the ensuing investigation, SUBJECT OF SW, ________________found to be engaged in the operation of illegal activities; That on the said investigation and surveillance operation the undersigned confirmed and believes that SUBJECT OF SW and/or any of its Officer, Agents, employees of _____________________________________, __________ is indeed engaged in ________________________despite the fact that the said office is ________________and is not licensed to __________________. The properties, articles, objects and items which are used and/or intended to be used in the commission of the afore-stated offense in the possession of the SUBJECT OF S.W includes the following: a. Leads b. .... The undersigned has personally verified the report thru surveillance and investigation activities together with _________________ and _______________, to ascertain the veracity thereof and found the same to be true and correct; PRAYER WHEREFORE, the Undersigned respectfully prays: a. that the Honorable Court include in the Search Warrant and express authority to conduct the raid of the above-mentioned premises at any time of the day or night including SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS considering that these are the days when the customer traffic are at its peak and to break open the premises to be searched should the owner thereof refuse entry in the premises or is absent therein. b. that this Honorable Court cause the immediate issuance of a Search Warrant commanding any Peace Officer to conduct a search on the above-described premises and to seize the above-described items to be dealt with as the law directs; (Date), (Place). ________________ Applicant SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this _______ day of _____________, ______ ______________________ Presiding Judge

CERTIFICATION AND VERIFICATION I, THE UNDERSIGNED, under oath, depose and say that: 1. 2. I am the applicant in the above-entitled application for Search Warrant; I personally caused the preparation of the foregoing application for Search Warrant and have read its content and the allegations therein, which are true and correct to my own personal knowledge and belief. I further certify that (a) I have not therefore commenced or filed any application for a Search Warrant involving the same issues in any court, tribunal or quasi-judicial agency and to the best of my knowledge, no such other application for Search Warrant is pending therein; (b) If there is such other pending Application for Search Warrant, I will therefore inform this Honorable Court of the present status thereof; (c) If I should thereafter learn that the same and similar application for Search Warrant has been filed or its pending , I shall report that fact within five (5) days there from to this Honorable Court, wherein the aforesaid application for Search Warrant has been filed. ____________________ Applicant Date: ___________________